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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 28, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> life from dw here in berlin, this is your world news. welcome. >> good to have you with us. here's what's coming up on the program -- is britain one step closer to leaving the eu? the british prime minister unveils an immigration reform package that goes against eu laws. >> pope francis urges muslim leaders to condemn the barbaric violence being committed in the name of islam as he starts a mideast tour in turkey. >> and a rare discovery -- a french librarian finds a shakespearean first edition worth millions in his mobile archives.
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can britain radically change the way that it deals with immigration from other eu nations and still remain a member state? >> the british prime minister, david cameron, thinks so. he says it is possible as he laid out a major immigration reform program just hours ago. >> he also made it clear that if brussels prevents the changes, he would "rule nothing out," the strongest hint today that he could envision the u.k. actually leaving the eu. >> conservatives are under pressure from the growing skeptic party, and polls show a majority of voters want immigration levels cut. >> the british prime minister gave his speech at the headquarters of a heavy equipment manufacturer, and heavy political lifting is what he is likely to need to
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negotiate his plans with britain's eu partners. david cameron made it very clear he wants to limit immigration from the eu. >> immigration benefits britain, but it needs to be controlled. it needs to be fair. it needs to be centered around our national interests. >> figures released this week show more eu citizens than ever before have moved to britain this year. cameron's plans aim to stop that trend. he wants employed migrants to have to wait four years before being eligible for welfare benefits. unemployed migrants would not be eligible at all. if they did not find work within six months, they would be sent back home. it could have been a coincidence, as cameron lifted off his plans, alarm bells went off. >> i appear to have set off alarm bells in the european commission, which has a direct impact here. i'm glad it has that effect.
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>> it almost summed up the british prime ministers message -- his migration plans are what he called an absolute requirement of his continued membership of the eu. >> if our concerns fall on deaf ears and we cannot put our relationship with the eu on better footing, then, of course, i rule nothing out. >> the plans outlined today seem carefully calculated. recent polls show immigration is the top concern of british voters, and national elections are due next year. >> for more, let's cross over to london where our correspondent is standing by. first off, how are people responding to this speech? what are you hearing? >> reactions have been viewed it so far -- reactions have been muted so far. the labor leader -- the labour leader said in parliament today that cameron had lost all credibility with immigration so
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far. the leader of the eurosceptic ukip party predictable he said that cameron was behind the curve, out of touch, and that the only way to control eu immigration was actually to leave the eu. from inside the tory party, only rumblings. one member said that the speech went into the right direction but not far enough. >> the eu said it is willing to talk with britain about some of cameron's proposals, but do they have any chance with the eu? chancellor merkel in germany has already drawn a red line. >> i think there is some sympathy for some measures, especially a around northern european countries like germany or the netherlands. they all have trouble with the abuse of the welfare system and all that, so there is some sympathy there, but then there is a redline, and that is treaty change. some of the measures suggested today would require that, and
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that is a pandora's box that nobody in europe is willing to open at the moment. >> cameron knows that. he knows his position potentially breaks some treaties with the eu. nonetheless, the general mood in britain is changing. what is it like right now? >> it is difficult. cameron feels he has to sharpen his tone. ukip, the eurosceptic party which is breathing down his neck, was very successful in european elections, and cameron was holding this speech today in front of a member who defected recently from the tories to ukip , and when his election. there seems to be a general undercurrent at the moment of skepticism, worries about immigration in this country, and the fact that also the opposition leader did not say anything pro-european, pro-immigration shows you that you cannot win with a
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pro-european message in this country at the moment. >> a sea change on immigration in britain right now. thank you so much. to nigeria now -- the country has seen another bloody attack on civilians apparently by the islamist boko haram. at least 35 people have been killed at the central mosque in a northern city. some reports put the death toll as high as 120. >> police say two suicide bombers set off three bombs in the courtyard, and several gunmen opened fire on worshipers. no one has claimed responsibility, but boko haram is suspected. >> let's get more on this developing story. we're joined live on the live by our correspondent in abuja. what's the latest? >> the latest is the security situation.
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it's quite difficult for hospitals to cope with the number of victims and the rush looking for attention. up until now, there is no official confirmation of how many people might have died because it is a mosque which has over one million people usually praying there every friday. >> looks like we can expect the casualty toll to rise. this mosque is next to the palace of the amir. can you tell us why boko haram might want to attack him? >> he came out to say that people should be on to defend themselves against any attack by boko haram. analysts say this might be the reason.
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because that mosque is where he usually prays every friday. this friday, he happens to be out of the country. it is not common for him to say something that has political connotations. people are still determining the reasons why he might be a attack by boko haram, but it's not clear he was the subject of the attack. >> more than one million nigerians have been displaced by boko haram up until now. what is the government doing? it is absent from the battlefield. does it need outside help? >> the government has been claiming to do quite a lot. the president set up a team three or four months ago, which they say they have started doing
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something by different government agencies. on the ground, a lot of people complain they are yet to see that intervention. there are a lot of internally displaced people who ran away from the boko haram attacks. even yesterday, they had a protest in abuja to show their anger that the government has yet to do anything for them. on one side, yes, the government needs assistance from outside to come and take care of the internally displaced persons. >> we need to leave it there. thanks so much. it looks like the government needs some help there against boko haram as it attacks more mosques across the country. pope francis has encouraged turkish leaders to take a more prominent stand in condemning the violence committed in the
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name of islam. in a car -- omin ankara, he reached out to muslim leaders. >> this is his first trip to the phenomenally muslim country since becoming pontiff, part of his goal to promote greater dialogue between religions. >> the pope's visit is a delicate balancing act. he'll be highlighting turkeys long christian heritage while also seeking to reach out to the moderate muslim world. >> the turkish president received the pope as his first official guest in the new presidential palace. the move is unpopular with many in turkey where the building remains highly controversial. a court ruled the massive structure built on a former nature reserve was constructed illegally, but pope francis accepted the invitation from his host. he's expected to interest the issues of religious freedom and freedom of speech. christianity still lacks
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official legal status and predominantly muslim turkey. >> the pope said it is essential that all citizens -- muslim, jewish, christian -- both in the provision of practice of the law enjoying the same rights -- enjoy the same rights and respect the same duties. the pope said he wanted to see pdialogue and reconciliation between the different religions to combat religious fundamentalism. president erdogan criticized what he called rapidly growing anti-islamic summit, appealing also for more solidarity against intolerance, racism, and scrimmage nation. -- president erdogan criticized what he called rapidly growing anti-islamic sentiment. the papal visit comes as a critical time for turkey as it weighs how to cope with militants on its southern
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border. pope francis expressly thanked ankara for admitting refugees from the conflict in iraq and syria, and he said it was a moral duty to help turkey cope with the refugees. >> with winter setting in, the plight of refugees in turkey and elsewhere is especially difficult. >> although they are no longer at risk from the violence and threat of death at home, their world remains uncertain. >> the situation for many syrians in refugee camps is difficult. temperatures are dropping across the middle east as winter approaches. here in jordan, it has been raining. >> the situation is really awful . there's no heating, electricity, or anything. we are a family of six and only received one blanket. what will one blanket do for a family of six? it will do nothing. >> at least these children are not in kobani.
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the syrian town on the turkish border has been a target for islamic state since september. most civilians seem to have left. what remains of its streets are now being contested by kurdish soldiers and i.s. fighters. americans say they have led 18 airstrikes on islamic state writers nearby over the last few days aimed to bolster kurdish efforts on the ground -- americans say they have led 15 airstrikes on islamic state fighters. >> over the last week, we have entered a new phase. we can tell everyone, not just those on the frontlines, that we are drying up the necessary tactics and plans to liberate the city. >> they may be making progress, but it will be sometime before anyone wants to come back.
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the violence across the region is forcing people to flee, taking their families to the safety of refugee camps, despite the hardship and uncertainty they face. the greek island of crete is now the temporary home to these children who have fled the violence in syria. their fate is now in the hands of those dealing with refugees in europe. >> france says it is prepared to recognize palestine as a state if middle east peace talks between the palestinians and israelis fail. >> the french government is pushing to revive talks as pressure to find a solution grows in europe. lawmakers in paris have been debating whether to recognize an independent palestinian state. they will vote on a symbolic measure next week, but freds -- president francois hollande's government will have the final say. british and spanish parliamentarians recently passed similar symbol of votes. in october, sweden became the
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first country to grant palestine formal recognition. >> we have to take a short one-minute break, but when we come back, when a balanced budget is controversial. we'll tell you why. we'll tell you why. >> welcome back to the show. for months now, german politicians and community leaders have been urging greater citizen involvement to stem a disturbing growth in youth violence in public places. >> today, that violence claimed another victim -- a promising and attractive young woman who did zac lee that -- confronting a group of men who work her passing young girls -- today would have been her 23rd birthday -- a promising and attractive young woman who did exact link -- exactly that. >> the german woman of turkish descent was seriously injured in
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front of this mcdonald's. she reportedly stepped in to help teed of young women as they were being harassed by men in the fast food restaurant -- she reportedly stepped in to help two young women. >> the men were in the restroom bothering the girls. she told them to stop and leave the girls alone. >> the men confronted her outside the restaurant. police say one of them threw her to the ground. >> there was a confrontation in the parking lot. a young woman was apparently hit and fell down. we're still investigating the facts to determine exactly how she was injured. >> the suspect was arrested and remains in detention. he's charged with assault and second-degree manslaughter as the victim was declared brain dead. friday on her 23rd birthday, doctors made decide to turn off
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life support. the young women she intervened to help have not yet made statements to police. >> we're going to stick in germany, but on a different note, with sluggish economic growth over the eurozone, germany's announcement today that it has balanced its budget has been controversial. >> the news received a mixed reception outside germany because some in the eu would like berlin to loosen its austerity policy and get spending to spur growth in other eu countries. >> but there are still dark clouds hovering over the eu. members like france, italy, belgium, and brussels has given these countries until march to fix their budgets. >> if it's up to germany, zero remains a magic number. >> the budget vote was a mere formality as a result of the merkel government's huge majority. coalition politicians are calling it an historic vote, the first time in 46 years that a german budget does not contain new debt. for the finance, not a one-off
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event. >> this is a commitment to the future. let us be under no illusions -- the success we are aiming for today is a commitment to tomorrow. >> following the global economic crisis, germany gradually reduced its borrowing. berlin is keen to set an example to troubled euro zone economies. the german economy has cooled markedly, but other factors including increased consumer spending have boosted overall tax receipts. that means the finance minister has been able to reduce borrowing without making any real spending cuts. but the opposition bemoans a lack of targeted investments for long-term growth. >> right now, the budget is balanced, but if you look more closely, the future has been neglected. >> other critics of the plan say germany urgently needs to invest more in maintaining and upgrading its infrastructure, and down the line, that will likely require new debt.
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>> time now for a check on how the markets have been rounding out the week. we have a summary of friday's trading from the frank at stock exchange. >> traders on the floor in frankfurt face a difficult question going into the weekends -- was it a bad day or a good day? the dax not very impressive. for most of the day, it was losing, but in the end, it was a plus, which makes it the 12th day in a row the dax has gained -- an impressive series. it was not enough to push it over 10,000 points, but people think because of the general good mood in the market, that that could come next week. a lot of people say it will come , at least because the european central bank is expected to buy up sovereign debt. that from words from ecb officials this week. the business climate in germany rising for november. that also a piece of news from this week.
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>> let's get a closer look at those market numbers for you. we stick in europe where the dax climbed ever so slightly on the day, closing at 9980. the euro right -- the euro stoxx 50 also getting a slight bump. in new york, there is a shortened trading day for the dow jones industrial average, and there tends to be light volume because it's right after the thanksgiving holiday. it settled flat on the day. as for the euro-dollar, one euro will currently get you $1.24. france is struggling to get its finances back on track. through the coming year, paris forecasts a 4.4 percent budget deficit, a far cry from brussels ' binding debt limit of 3% gdp. >> the french economy is flat lining, an official data shows unemployment is at an all-time high. french woes are also weighing on the eurozone as a whole.
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>> most forests only know france's sunnyside, but for citizens, the overall situation is getting worse. some analysts say french products are simply too expensive, so more and more companies are losing orders and forced to lay off workers. and france is part of the general trend of high unemployment in the eurozone. in october, average eurozone unemployment was stable at 11.i percent. -- 11.5%. it is highest in spain. overall, young people are hardest hit by the lack of jobs in the eu. almost one in four under the age of 25 is out of work. the eurozone has launched a number of initiatives aimed at creating work for young people, but so far, with little noticeable success. eurozone joblessness is lowest in germany and austria.
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>> we are on to mexico now, where the country's president is trying to push through important reforms that would overhaul the country's security forces in response to growing public outrage over corruption at the various -- the very highest levels of governments. >> nieto's plans come after the protests over the disappearance and near certain massacre of 43 students back in september. >> two months on, people still fill the streets mending answers about the disappearance of 43 students who went missing during a demonstration. the mayor is said to have told local police to give them to gangsters, who then killed them. it's not just these furious mexicans that the president was addressing. he needs to show everyone he is serious about cleaning up local authorities corrupted by the wealth and violence of drug gangs.
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he acknowledged huge problems and promised action. he even said the city had been out of control. >> municipal authorities were part of the very structure of the criminal organization. municipal police were in reality criminals under the orders of criminals. >> his proposed law would mean local police forces would be completely disbanded in 32 regions and their duties taken on by state forces. central authorities would also take over from municipal governments found to be corrupt. >> i assume responsibility for heading all the necessary forces to free mexico from crime and to combat corruption and impunity. >> anger at the students' disappearance has broadened recently into fury at the violence from all sides, which still dominates much of the country. now those demonstrating for cleanup are being arrested, prompting further protests.
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the difficulties of stopping the violence in mexico were starkly illustrated again on thursday by the discovery of 11 decapitated and burned bodies not far from where the students disappeared two months ago. >> a change of pace now and an accidental discovery in a small library in northern france reminds us that you just cannot spend enough time rummaging through those old stacks of books. >> and original first folio of shakespeare's plays has been discovered, and it appears it was actually used for performances. the find has thrilled shakespeare lovers and scholars all over the world. >> not only them -- auctioneers are also picking up there in years. folios like this are worth about 5 million euros. >> when he started combing through the archives in northern france for material this autumn, he was not expecting any big surprises. he was planning an exhibition on english literature, so the
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librarian was stunned when he unearthed a rare and well preserved first edition of shakespeare's plays. known as a first folio, it was published in 1623. >> trying to identify the addition, we used several catalogs, etc., to compared with identified examples, and rapidly, we realized it was probably a first folio. >> it features 36 of shakespeare's plays including "romeo and juliet," "the tempest," and "hamlet." some 231st folios are known to exist worldwide -- some 230 first leos are known to exist worldwide. >> the first edition of his complete works with the earlier the oldest source, so it is very
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important. >> experts say the book had likely been hidden away in the library's collection for centuries. that exhibition on english literature has just gotten a lot more interesting. >> before we go, one of the largest volcanoes in the world has erupted, shooting smoke and lava into the sky in southern japan. clouds of ash about a kilometer high have been seen. >> residents have been warned to remain alert, and dozens of flights in nearby cities have been canceled. it's the first eruption of its kind in 22 years. >> that's all we have time for. thanks so much for being with us. >> we'll see you next time. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> hello and thanks for watching live from paris. here on "france 24." i am claire murphy. >> scores are feared dead. worshipers in a north nigerian mosque have been targeted. the incident baring all the hallmarks of boko haram and its latest targeting of civilians. hope is -- the pope is in turkey, where he has condemned religious extremist.


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