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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 5, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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marathon bombing suspects zero carbs are not have. 12 -- dzhokhar tsarnaev. 12 men and women will decide whether or not he is guilty, and if he is, whether or not he will face the death penalty. >> it was the worst bomb attack in the u.s. and 9/11.
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three people died in more than 260 were injured when two bombs went off new the finish line of the boston marathon. one of the suspected bombers dzhokhar tsarnaev stands trial. >> it can be painful to relive something so traumatic, but i think we can handle it better than the citizens of boston. >> it is going to be difficult to follow, but a good thing in my opinion. get this over with and get it in the past and start over. >> the 21-year-old has been indicted on 30 charges and could face the death penalty. and ethnic check chin -- chechen, and naturalized citizen, he is the record of carrying out the bomb attacks with his older brother tamerlan , and fatally shooting a police officer while on the run. tamerlan died while in in in fan -- an intense gunbattle with police.
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the trial is expected to last up to five months. the judges selecting -- just selecting a panel of jurists could take several weeks. they are selecting from some 1200 candidates. the defensive saying it is impossible to have impartial jurist in the city where it took place. >> i'm joined by a charismatic bird and senior fellow. thank you for joining us. a lot of americans are completely perplexed as well as coming up short. why would two brothers who are seemingly embraced as refugees and seem to thrive in american society go on to attack it? a lot of people will be looking for answers in this trial. >> they may be looking for answers, but as i think the
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people who were interviewed in boston said, from the point of view of the american people and even the people of boston, it is sort of been there, done that, it's over and we want to put it behind us. the lack of questioning is probably a bad thing in the sense that it doesn't really answer your question, and your question is a valid one. how do we deal with the fact that we might now have enemies within in the united states? this is something americans are not at all accustomed to, the concept that somebody could actually be a enemy of the state -- an enemy of the state inside the united states. i think it is being glossed over because of the predictions about what will happen at trial and whether he gets the death penalty and it will become a corporate drama. -- courtroom drama. but at the center of this trial there seems to be -- >> at the
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center of this trial, there seems to be some struggle between the prosecution who wanted to paint him as wanting to reach havoc in the u.s., and the defensive saying he was brainwashed by his rather. -- by his brother. >> the other thing that is important to understand about this is that in no sense compared to what might happen in other countries, in no sense will this be a political trial. this is not about his politics or the united states seeking revenge. the justice system in the united states is genuinely highly independent and will seek to give this man a fair trial. from there, the prosecution will attempt pretty much everything and the defense will attempt pretty much everything, as you just said also -- as you just said. this is a very adversarial kind
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of system. it's not about just finding evidence and then at achieving a judgment. it is about winning a case. >> thank you very much, indeed. >> thank you. >> now, search teams looking for the wreckage of the air asia jet that crashed on sunday leave they may have found the plane's tail. this section contains the black box voice and data recorders, which could unveil well -- why the crash happened. 162 people were on board when it crashed. 37 bodies have so far been recovered. and indonesia has announced it is tightening the rules on preflight procedures. for the first time in its history, lebanon is imposing restrictions on syrians hoping to enter the country. lebanon is home to 4 million
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people and is struggling to cope with one million syrian refugees that have fled the country next-door. here is the story. >> no reset, no entry, for syrians wishing to cross the border into lebanon. and he says will not be available at the lebanese embassy in syria. they will be issued at the crossing point. unclear what the role will mean for the many syrians already in the country and not registered as refugees. before, they could stay in lebanon for up to six month automatically. now they will need one of these recess, either for tourism, a medical student, or transit. many say they are confused by the new rules. >> i don't understand this thing about a visa. i think it will last for three months year with no obstruction. and then hopefully, all will be fine. >> since both countries gained
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their independence in the 1940's, their citizens have been allowed to cross freely. a simple id was deemed to -- was deemed sufficient. but with the level of syrians to me across the border, the government says it is reaching a breaking point. syrians in lebanon said it will complicate their lives further. >> some have been working here for 20 years. of course, they will be affected by this decision. i will have a paper to get in but then i will have to go back to syria. it is stressful and not easy. >> according to the u.n. refugee agency, at least half of the 5 million who have fled the civil war are in lebanon, meaning one in every five people in the country is syrian.
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it is putting stress on the infrastructure. >> the internationally recognized government in tripoli has apologized after it set -- sent more bombs on a tanker to a country now under the control of islamists. three people died in an attack which the greek government has condemned as cowardly. livia said it believed the ship was transporting islamists. the taliban has claimed credit for an attack in kabul. at least one person was killed and five injured in a suicide bombing. this is just days after the nato combat mission ended. >> the eu police vehicle was traveling along the jalalabad road in the eastern outskirts of the capital when he was caught in the blast. it is understood that an attacker detonated a car laden
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with explosives as the convoy passed. it was civilians in this vicinity that fared worst in the explosions. >> i heard a big blast. there was a lot of dust. pieces of debris were flying everywhere. i was scared. i'm still scared. but the incident occurred near the headquarters of the eu police academy in kabul. earlier on monday, an explosion detonated new the city's international airport. attacks by taliban led militants surged in the latter half of 2014 as nato troops and their 13 year con that and thousands of troops withdrew. last week my the f -- last week, the afghan president announced his own security forces had officially assumed full control. >> in southern australia
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battling to contain wildfires that have destroyed dozens of homes. a forecast of strong winds and a heat wave is making the situation more urgent. about 30 people have been hospitalized, many with breathing difficulties. this time last year, 173 people were killed in fires in the state of victoria. the death of a tiny baby has begun -- become the the source of a serious conversation about racism and the treatment of minorities here in france after a load -- after a local man refused a roma couple bearing their child in the cemetery. the child has finally been laid to rest elsewhere. the men in question insists it's all a big lender stan in -- a big misunderstanding. >> a small coffin arrives at the church in shampoo on -- in
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champaign. the scandal over the burial continued. >> i was shocked to find out that a roma went rejected like that especially when dad. it is just horrible. >> we are sad. >> maria francesca was two months old when she died from sudden infant death syndrome also known as caught death --cot death a day after christmas. her parents said they were denied to have the right to have their baby buried in the town cemetery. it caused an outcry among many champagne residents. a day later, the mayor expressed his shock on twitter, saying that refusing to bury the child was an insult to the child's
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memory and an insult to france. the cemetery said this -- chris i never refuse the baby's role -- >> i never refuse the babies role in our cemetery. but in my role as mayor, i take full response ability for the ministry of errors which were committed. >> they accepted burial in a nearby town. there will be an investigation into the scandal. moving to the latest crisis in the eurozone now the -- a nine-year low amid lyrical turmoil in greece. greeks will head to the polls at the end of this month. and the anti-austerity party is a -- it's it to take power. it is the first pay -- the first day back.
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>> it is up to greece alone to decide. at the same time, they were quick -- there were commitments made and requirements laid down, and they must be respected. >> the left-wing anti-austerity party is leading in opinion falls -- opinion polls ahead of elections on january 26. friends said they have no intention of pulling greece out of the eurozone -- the current president said he has no intention of pulling greece out of the eurozone. on monday, the eu commission refused to speculate on future negotiations over greece's debt payments. >> there will be no further statement from the commission for some we are waiting for the vote on the 25th.
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>> germany insists it does not want greece to leave the eurozone. >> the policy of the german government and its european partners is to stabilize and strengthen the eurozone, meaning that members of the eurozone including greece. and that has not changed. >> angela merkel believes the eurozone would cope without greece. >> it was a bit of a blood last -- bloodbath. >> that is right, seeing some of the worst figures in a week. all indices are down by over 1%. figures from u.s. carmakers that were more were encouraging -- that were encouraging, but not able to stay bostick lines. the s&p 500 down by nearly 2%.
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along with legal uncertainty in greece, the other major factor is falling oil prices brent crude fell to its lowest level and oil companies were down. it may harm the oil giants, their bosses and subcontractors, but it is helping americans get cheaper gas. earlier this year, an advisor to barack obama compared it to the falling prices of the tax cut. >> we have talked before about why we believe that falling in a matter -- falling oil prices as
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a general manner, when they go to the pump and see that they are dollar cheaper than they were last year, that means a lot to the middle-class families. that is good for the middle class families the president believes are so successful to the -- are so critical to the successful economy. >> the euro fell to $1.19 lowest level since 2006. the drop is being driven by fears that greece could exit the eurozone and the prospect of the european central bank eyeing massive amounts of government bonds in what is known as quantitative easing. let's listen to what one expert has to stay -- has to say about the measure. >> the decline is down for a couple of reasons. first, that the european central bank will flood the market with euro liquidity. and also concerns in greece about the possibility of an election that will go the way
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europe wanted to go and could precipitate an exit. >> a bad day for the euro, but a good day for the dollar. major currencies except for the japanese yen lost ground. charlotte hawkins reports. >> they wheels of the u.s. economy are turning, going from strength to strength. it outperformed europe and asia last year, bringing with it a strong dollar. it is a good sign for u.s. domestic recovery, but a strong dollar doesn't benefit everyone. it is bad news for u.s. companies that export many of their products. the comparative weakness of other currencies means the return lower, decreasing their profits. experts have already flooded los
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angeles and long beach, and in the meantime, they can cash in on a favorable exchange rate. the cost to visit the u.s. is rising with the dollar, putting pressure on the tourism industry. holiday may choose to go elsewhere. although americans are keen to travel and will see their options widen as they get more bang for their back. emerging markets will have a hard time to. many will see their debts rise. venezuela, for example risks defaulting on its bonds this year ethics currency continues to drop. experts say the dollar's rise is set to continue. >> morgan stanley was a victim of data theft i one of its own
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employees. up to 10% of its mill -- its wealth management client had their account information stolen. the employee has since been fired in the incident reported to law enforcement. morgan stanley shares were down more than 3% earlier in the day. fiat chrysler headed 20% jump of sales in the u.s. demand for the chrysler sedan increased by almost 200% for the month. it capped the -- a successful end to the year. mccormick karmic or had its best year since precrisis, 2006. and dunkin' donuts is headed to mexico. the world's largest doughnut chain has plans to develop more than 100 restaurants in the country. there are more than 11,000
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restaurants in more than 33 countries. the united states is asking europe where's the beef? the u.s. will once again opened stores to european beef exports this month. they had banned them following the how -- the cow crisis in the 1990's. thousands of cows had died from the disease. the european community welcoming the u.s. decision to open up its markets. >> we hope the american authorities will very soon open also two other member states. though i won't -- i will remind you that more than 70% of you access spurts were coming through island. -- exports were coming through ireland.
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>> americans opening up the beef market. it sounds like it is a good mooove. >> you get better every time. now we have the best of the internet the past 24 hours. extra low and welcome to the web news. -- >> hello and welcome to the web news. coming up, free speech demonstrations. targets over fresh controversy. and fireworks over manila to bring in the new year. performance artist tania o'gara was planning to stage a public event to urge other cubans to openly voice their demand to the
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government. hoping to get a platform to discuss their views on cuba's future. the authorities were not pleased and the artist was arrested. and this 3 -- this free speech demonstration did not go ahead. they want to see changes among the regime and greater freedom. some are using lyrics and music as a vehicle to express their food political views. -- their political views. one artist who grew up in cuba has and this blistering critique of the cuban authorities. >> ♪ [wrapping in spanish] ♪
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>> others have signed a petition demanding her release. the cuban authorities did eventually let her go on saturday, but have held onto her passport. american retail chain target is at the center of lively debate online. its new and a seemed clothing line inspired by the movie of the same name was released across the u.s. a few days ago. it's being advertised with white models. but as a lot of people on social networker -- on social network has pointed out, the film is played by an african-american girl. many have taken to twitter voicing their outrage. many are wondering why they didn't use the girl who played annie in the movie and have accused the company of racism. many are demanding the ads be
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pulled from stores. but others have spoken out in defense of the in stores lays saying people are overreacting. a representative for target has responded via the new york magazine website saying "girls from a variety of backgrounds were featured within the campaign, reflecting that anyone can embody the spirit and character of any -- annie." transgender 17-year-old mila took her life on december 8 and called for better education and awareness, saying her christian parents refuse to accept her
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transgender status and tried to put her through confusion therapy. many are calling for a ban on these therapies, which are said to have dangerous psychological impact on young people. a petition has already gotten 263,000 signatures. an american blogger is combining thousands of photos of anonymous men and women across the globe to reflect the average male and female face for every country in the world. you can take a closer look at this ambitious project. you can look at his project at the website. german photographer jurgen novotny imagined what would happen if they turn the lens on themselves.
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m pacifica this is democracy now! >> many of you used to ask me over the months and the weeks when are you going to join the icc? i was telling you soon. and very soon. and it has happened. >> the palestinian authority has launched against the state of israel and we will not


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