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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 6, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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't is making news at this hour. a rally swells to its highest numbers yet with 18,000 people taking to the streets. angela merkel has denounced the protest as racist. a major hit. the greek could end up leaving the eurozone. there has been clashes in bahrain between protesters and police.
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also coming up, we will be telling you what the -- had to say about the massive cyber attack about embarrassing internal e-mails being published online. introducing the ultimate selfie. a drone that follows you while filming. ♪ we began in germany where marches against immigration swelled to 18,000 people, the biggest rally so far. the demonstrations are angry about the growing influence. the counter protests have spread
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out across the country. the group has been condemned by chancellor angela merkel. we have more. >> the gothic cathedral plunged into darkness, a sign of solidarity with demonstrators who took to the streets to denounced a movement. >> today we're sending a democratic message. we do not want to have anything to do with right wing extremists. >> from stuttgart to berlin, protesters outnumbered those they called racist, and received a sign of support from chancellor angela merkel. "we have to show the flag and that anti-semitism can find no place in a society. even in parts of the country where it is much more present
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than we would wish. thank you for that." pegida an acronym for patriotic europeans against the islamization of the west first began their rallies in october. a record 18,000 people turned out, decrying the influence of islam. a vision they say is perfectly justified. >> we are openly called racist and not seen by the mainstream political parties and media. all because of the criticism of the german asylum policy. >> germany has some of the most liberal asylum policies in the european union. >> we're joined now from berlin by jessica. how much support does pegida
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have among german people? >> it is difficult to measure. the breath of these protests change week by week. 11,002 part in pegida last week. there were counter protests as well. it was founded in october. dresden, a city with a history of right wing activity. 'pegida protest came to a stuttering halt in berlin and cologne. it is hard to measure the number of pegida supporters. it is hard to get information because they do not speak to press or media. they have a strong online support. what is -- we're used to associating far right wing
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protests with young thugs. we look at these protests across the country it is family and students taking part. they are attracting a cross-section of the population. >> you have read their manifesto. what does it say? >> to have been called racist and anti-immigrant. it doesn't seem to be. pegida says they are accepting of germany who have faced war or persecution to germany. this should be done in a controlled manner. a stance against migrants in germany, or not what they call the well integrated in germany. the language does become looser
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when they describe islam. they speak out against what they call a misogynistic and violent ideology that is threatening the christian judeo-dominated culture. the manifesto i not be entirely cohesive. scare tactics and by often exaggerating claims how far islam is affecting german culture. the rhetoric tends to be empathetic. members of the community do not feel at home in germany anymore. dresden has one million population. about 5% of the german population is muslim. very exaggerated claims. many coming forward to speak out against pegida.
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pegida has shown they are a force to be reckoned with. >> jessica reporting from berlin, thank you. greece could end up leaving the eurozone following elections later this month. market seemed to steady after opening on tuesday. stocks fell more than 5%. the euro hit a nine-year low. we have more on how greeks are reacting. >> shopping is usual on the streets of athens, despite uncertainty about the country's further. >> i think greece should remain
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in the euro and keep its promises. greece should not get out of the euro. >> i wouldn't have any problem going back. my products are imported. of course prices would go up. let's just leave. >> the current front runner is a left-wing syriza party. the leaders said it will not push for greece to exit the eurozone. taxes and cut public spending. the proposal has angered the european creditors who say greece must stick to its current obligations. the votes will be cast on the 25th of january. >> the opposition should be
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careful about their statements on their range and the depth of negotiations, which would start after the new government will have been formed. >> berlin's sgreek exit is almost inevitable should alexis tsipras win. the german government denies the report but it wasn't enough to quell speculation. >> in other news, fresh classes in the tiny gulf state of bahrain. there want to extend -- there was violence breaking out between security forces and protesters. this is a continuation of long-standing disagreement with the mainly shia population. we have more. ♪ >> the island of bahrain is a
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tiny gulf kingdom. not as oil rich as other states. it has diversified into banking and finance. it has close links with the united states. the navy's fifth fleet is based in my rain. there was an uprising and they became a monarchy into 2001. ongoing tensions erupted during the arab spring. protesters gathered for the first time in february, 2011, and demanded a dissolution of the government. there was a crackdown which ensued.
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protest almost four years are ongoing. freedom house in october designated bahrain as an authoritarian state. >> hundreds of palestinians -- a crisis in the coastal territory. the men generation was damaged in a conflict last july. the company says it is struggling to bridge the gap between supply and demand. >> the only power station decreases its production from six hours a day to just four. protesters took to the streets to demand this latest twist which has lasted for more than seven years. >> we organize these protests to put pressure on those responsible.
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israel and the blockade they impose on us. then the palestinian government and their inaction. and divisions of this crisis which have been brought upon us. >> his family lost two children in a fire which broke out in their home. they used candles for lighting which could have caused the blaze. >> our children are dying because of the blockade. this is no way to live. >> families was fine alternate ways to keep their homes lit. risky methods have caused the deaths of 26 people since 2010. >> officials say a suicide -- and classes with militants have now killed at least 23 troops in
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the embattled western province of anbar. a suicide bomber first rock near outback daddy on tuesday -- al baghdaddi. we will bring you more details as they come to hand. officials have expanded the search area of the hine for the missing air asia flight. the flight to singapore crashed into the sea on december 28. so far 37 bodies have been recovered. poor weather has been hindering the recovery efforts. australia has experienced its third hottest year on record, in 2014. the figures were released as
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hundreds of firefighters continue to battle blazes in three states. the biggest concern is the bushfire in adelaide hills. we have more. >> outside one of the worst hit villages in the adelaide hills dave miller surveys the the winds of his home. he has been left with nothing. >> [indiscernible] went to put some water on that and the winter just exploded on us. i could not get to the back door. >> but most locals insist they will rebuild and stay, even as fires continue to rage along the perimeter.
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firefighters are equally stoic. after five days they are winning the battle against the infernos. >> of the next couple of days, the winds about 25-30 kilometers per hour, which are still challenging, but not as severe as they were on friday and saturday. >> significant progress has been made in securing an outer perimeter for the fire. the work to try to save 1000 houses inside the fire zone. >> an anti-immigration rally in dresden has flowed to its highest numbers get with 18,000 people taking to the streets. european markets steady on tuesday after taking a hit on
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monday. there have been fresh classes in bahrain between protesters and police after a court decision to extend the custody of the leading shiek. time now for today's business news. the european markets which took a big hit. how have they been fearing so far today? >> a little bit of a mixed picture at this point of the trading day. london is in the red. paris and germany seeing slight gains. a big change from yesterday. markets closed down about 3%. worries over greece investors and the falling price of oil and gas.
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slight gains since yesterday. let's have a look at the price of oil. london, a barrel of oil $52 a barrel. we have seen oil prices falling dramatically by some 50% because of a glut in supply. let's check in on how the euro is trading against the dollar. not quite at that level of the nine-year low we saw early on monday. the euro doing slightly better against the dollar today. sony's chief executive has defended against a hack attack since november. he condemned the attack on the company as one of the most vicious in recent history.
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personal details of workers were leaked online in november. investigators say pyongyang was behind the attack. authorities there has denied the attack. >> defending his company after a massive attack. he thanked his employees for the courage in the face of hackers. the movie centers around a fictional plot to assassinate kim jong young. >> former employees and current employees were unfortunately the victim of one of the most vicious and malicious cyber attacks we have known in recent history. >> sony was forced to delay the release of the film opened the the interview."
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john yang denies this. sony was struggling with bigger financial problems. it was already facing weak sales of their smartphones. the company expects to lose $2 billion in this financial year. the bright spot is the excess of the video games and their newest playstation console. >> playstation 4 sold more than 4.1 million units during this holiday season. the total sellthrough has reached more than 18.5 million units since its launch. >> sony is hoping to build on the success at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. they are in valley a digital -- they are unveiling an upgrade of its walkman. >> htc sales were boosted by its
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new midrange phone and a tablet. they have been suffering from shrinking market share in the wake of increased competition. morgan stanley has fired a financial advisor. the american investment bank says the former employee downloaded about 10% of their client database. there is no evidence any clients lost any money. jpmorgan settling civil lawsuits. they have to pay around $100 million to settle a claim. they have agreed to pay over $1 billion in a deal with regulators. more concerned over the security over bitcoin.
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the largest exchange went off-line after losing $5 million of virtual currency in an apparent cyber attack. almost 19,000 bitcoins were stolen. this attack coming a year after the collapse of the exchange and concern about how secure bitcoin is. >> now it is time for the press review. welcome back and it is time to take a look at what is making headlines around the world. papers around the world focusing on the historic drop in the euro admits the political crisis in greece. >> we start with a business daily here in france. the euro has slipped to a nine
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year low against the dollar. focusing on this historic drop. you can see the downward spiral of europe. 'the wall street journal" talking about how the eu is showing new signs of week this. you can see this euro coin drowning on the front page. france and germany have raised pressure on greek politicians ahead of an election later this month. they are talking about the return to signature brinkmanship in europe over this crisis. what is this political pressure? francois hollande and angela merkel have raised the possibility of what has been dubbed a greek exit from the eurozone. should the far left party have a
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win in the election and should it demand concession. very hypothetical situation. a lot of papers saying it is a clear departure from the traditional stance, that euro membership is a remarkable -- is a revocable. >> papers have been focusing over rival rallies in islam. >> berlin cologne, dresden are punishing pegida with darkness. pegida is a group, patriotic europeans against the islamization of the west. they had been staging weekly protest since october. now we are seeing counter protests. that was taken in cologne where authorities switched off the lights to protest against this
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extremist group. another article applauds this move. 'lights out, spot on," says this article. they want nothing to do with pegida. the church is showing some edge here. >> papers are focusing in france once again on presley home loan's -- francois hollande's private life and we see a certain individual in the headline. >> she is back on the front page, the former first lady. y are we talking about her? after the book, the film was marked by her bestseller. a tell all book about her relationship with francois
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hollande and her time at the palace. it sold 570,000 copies in france and now will be made into a film and directed by one of her friends. this film will come out after the presidential election. >> who is going to play her? >> who is going to play him? it will create a lot of buzz . it is a headache for the palace as the new year starts. you can see hollande talking to his new labrador. you can see him saying, if i catch you with a pen and paper i am kicking you out immediately. >> a nonprofit organization is trying to raise money for the first african moon mission.
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>> i pulled out an article from "the guardian." organizers have turned online to crowdfunding in a it to raise $150,000 for the first phase of this mission. they hope to educate a new generation of engineers to sta op the brain drain to u.s. africa is
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