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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 6, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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ó ♪ e heart of the istanbul tourist district, and one officer was killed, another injured during an attack, and no one has claimed responsibility. we have this report. >> the first attack of its kind in turkey. on tuesday, a female suicide bomber louver self up in at his temple police station. the district is home to several popular tourist attractions, including the blue mosque and the museum. the identity of the suicide bomber is still unknown.
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>> a female suicide bomber entered the police station and blew herself up. they are working on the identity of the attacker. she asked a question in english when she entered the station but it is not clear if she is a turkish citizen or not. >> the attack comes less than a week after a man affiliated with a revolutionary group threw grenades and fired at police near the turkish prime minister's office. whether the two incidents are linked is unclear, but tuesday's bomber is the first-ever am a costly attack in turkey. >> moving to iraq and the battle for control of an anbar province, 23 soldiers were killed by members of the islamic state. those loyal have been trying to take back territory after the stunning victory of the islamic group over the summer.
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they say forces will retake all areas under control of the islamists. and seizing control of 80% of the town of kobani in syria according to the center for human rights, and they overran much of kobani in september but have since been pushed back by kurdish fighters backed by u.s. airstrikes. the man who play in the abduction and murder of three is really teenagers have been jailed for life. a court in jerusalem handed down three life sentences to hossam qawasme for the killing of eyal yifrach, gilad shaer, and naftali raenkel. their deaths sparked an escalation in violence that led to this summer's war in gaza. we are in jerusalem and and we hear now on how the families of the boys reacted. >> the father of one of the jewish teenagers that was killed he expressed relief.
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he said the law should punish the killers with all severity. as we know, hossam qawasme was sentenced to three life sentences today after he was convicted last week for the planning and financing of the kidnapping and killing of three jewish teenagers outside an israeli settlement in the west bank. hossam qawasme was convicted of receiving money from hamas, something around $50,000 that was used to buy weapons and to dairy the victims. as we all know on june 12, three israeli teenagers went missing in the occupied palestinian territories near a settlement. 18 days later, their bodies were found dairy in a land that belonged to hossam qawasme, so
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this is the situation right now. he was sentenced for three life sentences. he was ordered by the judge to pay each of the big dumb's families a sum of $63,000 u.s. -- each of the victims families a sum of $63,000 u.s. >> as claire williams reports, tensions are high in a disputed region. >> in the firing line once again. 6000 people in the indian controlled part of kashmir have fled their homes in the last 24 hours. fighting between india and pakistan on the 200 kilometer border stretch is this time spreading into civilian areas. >> they started firing just effort your kilometers away from my village. people are leaving their homes
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and moving to safer places because they are scared. we are farmers. our cattle has been lost. where will we go? >> since 1947, india and pakistan have both claimed cashmere as theirs. they have blamed each other for on and off fighting. tensions have been particularly high since india called off peace talks in august. livestock and businesses have been caught in the crossfire. taking away vital income for the residents of cashmere -- kashmire. >> nobody is helping us. whenever people gather in large numbers, firing starts. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is planning to visit india this weekend, and president barack obama is scheduled to also visit later in the month. they are expected to urge them to settle this dispute.
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some are criticizing the u.s. military and financial aid to pakistan, arguing that islamabad is not serious about defeating islamic groups, and argument denied by the leaders. and this could define the last two years of the obama presidency, the republican party now officially controlling all of congress, both the senate and the house of representatives and speaker of the house john boehner has been reelected for a third term. tense battles on the horizon. >> barack obama returned from vacation this week knowing all had changed up on the hill. as he gears up for his state of the union address on january 20 he will face a republican-run congress that convenes for the first time on tuesday, and this is the man the president will have to learn to deal with senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> the problem is the president
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continues to send signals that he has no intention of moving towards the middle. >> with both men trying to position their parties for the 2016 presidential election, they will have to find a way to work together if they want to overcome governmental gridlock, and congressional members and leaders scenes set at chipping away on the obama signature health care law his recent executive actions on immigration, and environmental regulations. republicans also seem intent to push through the legislation for the keystone pipeline from canada, although the president retains the veto. despite the looming clashes though, republican leaders and the white house have indicated there is potential for cooperation, notably in areas like tax reform, infrastructure spending, and trade deals. >> and the showdown has already begun.
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president obama says if congress passes that build to build the keystone pipeline, he will indeed, use his veto. and some are signing a petition calling to an end of xenophobia in response to another night of huge rallies in several cities, what they say is the islamifi zation of germany. german chancellor angela merkel has warned that hatred of foreigners has no place in modern germany, but the group insists that they are not not seize or racists. -- not nazis or racists. >> organizers call them the evening strong, asking participants not to be violent or drink alcohol and to walk in silence. they say germany has become too islamized,. taking a 200 last
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year and most were refugees fleeing conflict in iraq and syria. dresden is the epicenter of the movement, and yet, immigrants make up 2.8% of the population in the region. a large percentage are muslims. there were neo-nazi symbols and slogans. they say they are against creatures of hate, regardless of their religion. >> we are insulted. we are openly called racists and nazis, and this is because of our legitimate criticism of the german asylum seeker policy and the lax immigration policy. but several known groups have praised them, and chancellor angela merkel call them
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prejudiced and with hatred in their hearts. and on monday, the protesters were outnumbered in cologne. if they grow, it is suggested that opposition to it will also. >> now, speculation that greece could leave the euro. it is not all about political turmoil. freaky christians along to the orthodox community -- greek christians belong to the orthodox community and this is epiphany. >> greeks took time out from election fever to celebrate the tiffany. -- the epiphany. blessed by the country's archbishop the cross is to bring good luck for the year ahead to those who retrieve it.
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the main opposition leader released a white dove into the sky. >> today is an important day for the orthodox people, a bright day for the greek people, and i shall wish for the light of truth and justice for our country for now on. >> the january 25 election marked a showdown between the prime minister's conservative party, which has presided over deeply unpopular budget cuts and tax hikes, as part of the greek bailout deal, and the far left party. if elected he is promising to roll back austerity measures. the prospect of their leading the government has set financial markets on edge and reignited the debate over a possible greek exit from the eurozone. >> looking for the next big trend in technology now, the
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consumer electronics show has opened in las vegas, and manufactures their are pushing their latest creations, and it is all about smart tv responding to consumer demand for better images and the rise of online viewing as opposed to people watching via traditional tv networks, and to discuss what is going on, i enjoyed by our guest. thanks for being here with us on "france 24." one of the things i mentioned, and with all of those smartphones, and now it is about smart televisions, but what else have you had your eye on this year? >> there are many trends. first of all, everything about connected houses, security systems is one of the big
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trends. >> and how are french companies doing this year? >> doing pretty good. 100 20 french companies. >> is that a record? >> is that what? >> is that a record? >> i cannot hear you pretty much. >> all right, we're going to have to leave it there. thank you very much, indeed. well, we can get more now on the consumer electronics show. markus karlsson is here. the state of the future. >> yes, as you have been saying, smart television and ultrahigh definition televisions. it is at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. the tv makers are hoping to
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break ground in las vegas but ultimately to join the crowds in show rooms and to have consumers actually pick up these television screens. the question is whether ultrahigh definition television or four k television as it is also known, will also work with televisions. the experts are thinking perhaps not now, at least not while these screens are pretty pricey. >> this is just a very, very clear image on your screen isn't it? >> pretty much. maybe not enough to make people fork out for some of the sometimes quite steep prices. some of these cost up to 1000 euros or even more than 1000 euros, i should say. charlotte was taking a closer look and they are pretty much in convinced -- unconvinced that four k will work with consumers. >> the future of television,
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also manufacturing hope. at the consumer electronics show in las vegas, unveiling several ultrahigh definition television's. >> samsung is advancing uhd. >> lg is the only company that is able to put this in people's hands today. >> television manufacturers are crossing their fingers that the technology will revive a flagging industry. ultra hd has been around for some time, and as prices start to come down, the sales of these so-called 4k tv's have come down. netflix and amazon announced they would deliver more 4k content, but some are not convinced it is what consumers want. >> if people are not replacing the hardware on their tv's, there is no need for content
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providers to scale up. it is fun to look at these really expensive televisions but most people are not buying one right now. >> television sales were up but value was down, suggesting people are not yet wanting to buy into the more expensive 4k market. >> we will get an idea of how well the cell perhaps in 2015 and extending losses from yesterday, tuesday's session in new york just under $48 a barrel for oil, and brent crude fell, $50.55 per barrel, and these are prices we had not seen since april 2009, and remember, this time last year we saw these prices above the $100 a barrel mark, though it has been a pretty sharp drop over the past three months or so.
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and in the meantime, from saudi arabia, one of the biggest oil exporters, the king gave no reason to believe that the saudi's would cut production in an attempt to actually bring those prices up again or at least to provide some sort of support for prices. we do not know when these price falls will actually stop. now, the lower oil prices are weighing on stock markets and one of the major reasons we're seeing the american indexes in negative territory, although we have seen u.s. shares actually coming off their session lows, the dow jones industrial average trading down about half of 1% this hour. we have seen the dow jones industrial average down more than 1% this tuesday. we are also getting some disappointing economic data on top of the falling oil prices, and that is putting pressure on shares. it is suggested the growth in this sector is slowing, and we will also bring you the european figures.
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we have got a negative close for european markets, and once again, we saw concerns about greece and its election. a lot of questions on whether the european central bank will engage in so-called quantitative easing or monetary easing towards the end of the month. remember, ecb officials will be meeting on the 22nd to talk more about the stimulus and whether or not it will be needed to avoid deflation in the euro zone. let's bring you up-to-date with a few other stores we are for you. american plane maker boeing was flying high in 2014, delivering 723 planes altogether, a short rise from the deliveries it carried out in 2013. boeing also took orders for more than 14 hundred passenger planes worth nearly $233 billion at catalog prices. airbus will unveil its 2014 figures next tuesday.
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the news agency reuters was told that they had a strong year. british luxury carmaker rolls-royce had a record-breaking 2014, as well. the company sold more than 4000 cars throughout the year. it is the first time in their 100-year-old history that rolls-royce sold as many cars. economic sales in europe did particularly well, climbing by as much as 14%, and fresh tension at the heart of the eurozone. france is pushing on germany to help bring europe out of its funk, and an economy minister says germany has an urgent responsibility, and this is before a meeting with angela merkel and françois hollande on monday. it is interesting day. a story we will continue to follow.
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i am guessing that the french are going to keep this pressure on germany to hike up investments and spending from the german side in order to help the eurozone along. at the same time, germany will probably be pushing france to do more when it comes to structural reforms to make the market in france work better. >> and it was the lowest against the dollar, the euro, in a decade. >> the eurozone is under a pressure. >> all right, markus karlsson with business, thank you. and it is time for world news. ♪ >> hello there, and welcome to the web news. the stories making the online headlines. coming up on today's show, u.s. comment on the opening of the boston bombing trial.
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australian online reports of the devastating bushfires, and a bird's-eye view of new york city. the trial process for boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev opened, over 20 months now since two bombs exploded just meters away from the boston marathon finish line. there is commentary online. countless users have taken to the social media networks with their thoughts on the trial. it was more than 1.5 years since the double blast in apple 2013, and many have posted tributes to the victims of the bombing that killed some and injured others. justice will finally be done. and many have shared their sorrow and bewildering over the
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attacks of 2013, and others voiced anger. some are urging the american authorities to hand over the death sentence. some are saying he does not deserve clemency and that he should pay for his crime. but not everybody shares the same sentiment. some say he should be sentenced to life in prison. lethal injection is not the answer, and they would like to seize up our son nailed rot in jail for the rest of his life -- would like to see dzhokhar sarin a of -- tsarnaev rot in jail for the rest of his life. and this video was posted online to illustrate the scale of bushfires tearing through southern australia over the past few days.
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a lot of people have been showing images of the disaster on social media. others showed the damage caused. dozens of homes have been destroyed by the fire, and 13,000 hectares of shrub land have been burnt to ashes. and with local authorities and evacuating thousands, residents are trying to coordinate help and assistance. individuals are being encouraged to fill out this form on twitter , offering emergency shelter. people are also trying to help the wild animals caught up in the forest fire. they shared this video on facebook, helping a koala bear that had come to seek refuge in her garden. and firefighters have also been making use of social networks updating maps on where the fires are spreading and sharing photos
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of them battling the flames. hundreds are being deployed to tackle the blazes, the worst to hit this part of australia in 30 years. and make your gloves touchscreen compatible with the help of a little thread, and turn your webcam into it infrared camera using a negative. these are just some of the scientific experiments you can carry out at home with a little help from the royal institution with videos a few weeks ago. and we showed you this video last week posted online by an american who claimed it was a hidden camera social experiment that he had given a man $100 was homeless, and he spent it all on
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food. he is raising $130,000 to get this generous man off the street. it turns out it was a hoax and that it was staged, and the homeless man's brother also suggested it was nothing more than a scam. and images of everyday life in central china. these pictures were taken by a 32-year-old who works for a local utilities company and one day decided to take his camera along with him. he began showing his work on social media, and it turned out to be hugely popular, but this was despite a number of offers but he said he is not ready to leave his job to focus on photography. and these stunning images were filmed using a drone.
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parts of new york city scene like never before.
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m pacifica this is democracy now. >> they're going to have to answer for themselves whether or not elevating summit who describes himself as david duke without the baggage is a reinforcement of the kind of message they want to project. >> as the 114th congress kicks off in washington, republican house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana admits he once addressed a white supremacist organization founded by former klan leader david duke.


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