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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 9, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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' s. read terrorists who seized hostages at separate locations and triggered a wave -- three terrorists who seized hostages at separate locations and triggered a wave of fear were killed. they died in a shootout with police. the hostages reported to be freed. there is some dispute over whether they had a hostage at
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all. almost simultaneously another gunman took at least five hostages at a kosher supermarket and paris -- in paris and was killed. three officers are reported to have died. let's look at the main event. first, a car chase. the brothers entered a printing plant to the northeast of paris. it is about 10 minutes away by car from the main paris airport charles de gaulle. the other event at the kosher grocery store unfolded to the eastern edge of the french capital. there are four suspects whose identity was made public in the last 24 hours. two sets of hostage takers officials say new each other. the younger of the two brothers,
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cherif, told the television channel he was hired by people from yemen. it remains unclear what happened to one of them. the french president took to the airwaves a little while ago. he was keen to stress the french people must stand united at this difficult time. >> we are a free people. we don't give in under pressure. we are not afraid. our ideal is bigger than us. we will defend it wherever pieces under threat. once again i pray the soldiers will protect us against terrorists. >> the french president taking to the airwaves this evening.
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standing by on the edge of paris, which was the scene of the kosher grocery store raid. tell us what you saw and what is happening right now. >> behind me you have got the kosher store about 150 meters or so. that's how close we are to the kosher store and the scene of this afternoon's drama. you may be able to see behind me there are forensic officers on site, forensic vehicles as well, and a police officer has told us this evening the bodies of the victims are still present on site as police officers are sifting through the evidence. they are trying to piece together all the evidence and all the details at this stage. just to bring you up to date
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with what we have learned about the raid itself and about this hostage drama, it started around 1:00. police sources tell us the dead man arrived at the scene started shooting outside of the store, and it is possible many of the victims, if not all, were killed at this stage as he rushed into the store shooting. then there was a hostage drama four hours. the police started their assault around 5 p.m. local time here in paris. it started with three or four loud explosions, and then we heard gunfire, i hail of gunfire go off, and this is how this drama ended, tom. >> the scene behind you couldn't be more different than the pictures we were looking at a couple hours ago of the same
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area of town. things looked chaotic. it appears things have remarkably can't -- calmed now. >> life in this area of paris is starting to come back to normal. the place where i am at the moment is completely shut down by police a few hours ago. now the police started opening the roads along this area once again. they are starting to let people come back to their homes because for a long time people weren't able to access this area at all as police locked it down completely. that being said, we are still seeing this area behind me still under lockdown and once again police officers are trying to get to grips with what happened and trying to piece together all the evidence. families are being let back into
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the area as well, but each individual family is being escorted by police officers back into their homes. >> thank you so much for the update. here in the studio with me is the founder of layer cake, and he is a specialist in negotiations. we were talking about the process of negotiating with those brothers who said they wanted to die. there was a slightly different situation. there were many more hostages and many more risks of public and human casualties. do you think the negotiation process would have been extremely different talking to the dead man -- god man --
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gunman versus the two brothers? >> first, it was not just any grocery store. it was a jewish kosher grocery store, which was targeted. right now it is very hard to go to a jewish school, for example, to a synagogue but it is no doubt the choice of the grocery store being kosher, being jewish was completely in the mind of the attacker. he came in shooting. it is a different negotiation situation when you have a live hostage and you are trying to negotiate his or her release rather than to have somebody killing people when he entered. it is clear from the offset it can only end badly. what is noted is it ended very badly for the hostages themselves, and most of the people present at the scene were
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the civilians of the victims eating -- were freed by the brilliance of the french decorated forces. >> i don't think anybody could have imagined when we woke up that there would be another assault like that, another tragic hostagetaking incident and more gunmen, yet by now and even by 5 p.m. local time, those incredible events reached the conclusion that was remarkably quick. >> you can remember three years ago it took 30 hours of negotiation, plus before that six or seven days on the run before locating him and neutralizing him, so it was a brilliant show of force. you have to imagine one of those kidnapping situations happens every three to five years in a country like this.
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to have three at the same time is brilliant and to see the elite forces, who are always said to be bickering around one another, to be in competition to work so well together and to managed to and those kidnapping situations in such a short time was a brilliant operation. >> they had to do it in unison, didn't they? what they did in one place was going to directly affect what was happening and the other. >> you have to imagine the kidnappers on both sides were following the news, much like we are doing right now. obviously, the outcome in one space was going to affect the other. >> thank you very much indeed. let's go to josh, who is standing by about 45 kilometers
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from the center of paris. this was the scene of the first of those incidents we found out about today. those brothers hold up -- holed up inside a printing facility. tell me how it came there in the first place. >> it has been a dramatic and 10 stay. -- tends day -- tense day. it started a few kilometers down the road where the brothers were apparently hiding overnight. that was the last time they had been seen. there were reports they were heading for paris. they apparently saw a police roadblock and like to carry on on foot and ended up in this town with about 8000 residents and they took a printer hostage
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they entered a prison -- printer shop and that is how everything played out today, ending at 5:00 with their debts. >> what happened immediately after that, after the announcement was made that they died? was there a flurry of police activity? reasonably vehicles were there to take the bodies away and treat anyone who had been injured. >> there has been an enormous police presence in the region. the area was covered by police and when the news came that they had come to the town, the entire town was blocked off. it became a siege and apparently a hostage situation. now we know the hostage was someone locked into a back room in the print shop. over the day the police have kept a huge presence in the town. the entire town was locked down.
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there was no one on the streets. no shops were open. the only people in the town were journalists and police and military police. schools were closed. there was a dramatic moment later in the day where schools were starting to be evacuated under a huge police presence. at least 50 or 60 officers for each school making sure the children were safe. towards the end of the day they started opening up the town, and now things seem to be almost back to normal. >> thank you very much for the update. thank you again. let's have a look at the profile of those brothers we were looking at, cherif and said kouachi. they were the prime suspects in this attack. they spent two nights on the run before being tracked down and cornered.
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>> they wanted to die as martyrs. but brothers said and cherif will be room number for the bloodiest attack on french soil in 50 years. they were the chief suspect on the wednesday massacre at the weekly charlie hebdo. cherif, the younger before he was radicalized. a year later a plan to fight in iraq was ported when he was arrested. his lawyer insisted he was more of a pot smoker from the project than an islamist. at this point he met the leader of a parisian jihadist network. >> [indiscernible] >> in 2010 cherif was
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charged for his role trying to break a terrorist out of ricin charges which relate are dropped. the older brother site he -- out of prison, charges which were later dropped. the older brother was placed on the no-fly list. the organization they claim to represent when they killed 12 people on wednesday. >> one of the witnesses who opened the door to the terrorist s. the head of al qaeda designated charlie hebdo as a target. >> the columnist had been on an al qaeda hit list. he was one of the attackers prime targets. on the run since wednesday, the brothers were killed by the elite french police on friday,
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when they stormed the print works where the suspect had been cornered hours before. >> our report on those brothers, who were killed earlier today by the french security forces. we are joined by someone from the french jewish organization. thank you for coming to speak to us. can i start by asking what you believe was the message behind the attack and the choice of a kosher grocery store for the attack? >> it's suspiciously a good choice. the attack friday morning for instance. you know it is a family dinner that is a very important moment in the jewish mentality.
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not only religious. the bot -- about -- it is like a holy thing. to destroy the jewish people in this attack, it is against jews. the government said it is an anti-semitic attack. i have to say, i feel a jew. i am educated like a jew. my family was a jew. i am a real jew. my name, my life, and my education, but i am a french man since 2000 years. 2000 years i am in this country.
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200 years i am a citizen. there was no frenchman before two centuries. i am like everybody, most like everybody because jews are in france since 200 years. i explained myself like a jew, but i feel what every french citizen feels. i could say the same words in better english. you expected to go to the french . >> can i ask you, you mentioned you are responsible for relations with muslim people. the authorities are hearing there is a rise in anti-semitism. they are also hearing there is a rise in islam a phobia in
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france. -- islam a phobia -- islamopho bia in france. what should they do about it? what if you try to have a good solution between jews and muslims, i think most of the problem would be the solution. that is part of the problem. it's between jews and muslims. it's a historic problem. it is one of the most important events in france, but unfortunately not the only one who are afraid that what happens today is not the end of the story. i'm afraid to think perhaps tomorrow we have the same
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situation. how is your wife? they hate that civilization. it is the time of the crusaders. >> you are talking about a small minority of muslim people. not all muslim people hate us. >> we are very lucky because everybody said it's very sad but we don't see that. in gaza for instance, we shoot in the sky because we won.
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we have a victory. there is a big difference between what we said, what we think and what they said. the french are in north africa. with many families individually you could have the most sympathetic -- i met a few minutes ago my friend. we work together. we think of problems together but it's not the relationship between countries, between
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cultures. >> let's look at today's events more specifically. it can religious leaders christian, jewish, and muslim -- what can religious leaders -- christian, jewish, and muslim -- do to stop this again? what can they do? >> everybody has to be themselves. i am a jew, so i have to be a jew. the value of my tradition has to be known, not imposed. you have your tradition. you have your culture. it's not mine. sharia is not my culture. no problem. where what you want on your head. you eat how you want. -- wear what you want on your head. no problem. but please don't choose for me. that's a problem. to impose a culture which is not mine. >> we are going to have to cut you short.
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thank you for that. a very powerful message from the french jewish organization. thank you again. turkey's top muslim cleric called the attack unacceptable, adding that islamic values are being used for a pretext for violence. let's look at these events in france. >> the power of the pen plunges the un into silence. >> today we honor the victims but we will honor the memory by speaking up and speaking out because true courage lies in an open exchange of views and understanding comes from dialogue. >> the french ambassadors were on hand to meet prince harry. the royal gave his condolences to the victims of the charlie hebdo massacre.
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the prime minister shared in the heartbreak at the french embassy in madrid. opening old wounds for the thousands who flocked to vigils across sydney and melbourne, the terror strike served as a painful reminder of last month's deadly cafés siege and a chance to reaffirm freedom. >> we should not stop the cousin of this type of attack. if we do engage in self-censorship -- because of this type of attack. if we do engage in self-censorship, if we change the way we think, that gives terrorists the victory. the last thing we should do is give these people fanatics any type of victory. >> a meeting with the french ambassador, the israeli prime minister netanyahu took a stand of solidarity with the french while condemning the attack. he expressed concerns about a possible backlash against islam. >> that was some of the international reaction of these
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events here in france the last three or four days. we can listen to barack obama, who made an address a short while ago when he said france and america were two of the worlds oldest allies. >> france is our oldest ally. i want the people of france to know the united states stands with you today stands with you tomorrow. our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been directly impacted. he grieves with you. we fight along -- we grieve with you. we fight to uphold our values, values we share, universal values. >> u.s. president barack obama saying he stands side-by-side with the french people at its time of mourning and we were clearly looking at a reaction from across the world in the previous report. i am joined by someone from the organization layer cake.
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also an expert in negotiations. we talked about the negotiations in the grocery store and print works. those negotiations are now over. you also have some insights into the operation and how police and security forces coordinated amongst themselves to execute the plan, that strategy. it was a plan during which every second counted. >> you have to understand the rules of engagement of the french police forces are very different from those of other countries. in russia if you want to take out terrorists you have to take out the people in the theater, so you show you're not talking to terrorists. most countries think talking to terrorists, by negotiating with them is proof of witness. we think it is proof to try to
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talk to people barricaded. only as a last resort to provoke an assault. here the situation
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m pacifica this is democracy now! >> it should never be seen [indiscernible] it is an assault on our common humanity, designed to terrify and insight. >> the united nations condemns the attack on the charlie


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