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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 12, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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in a defiant march against terror. 17 people were killed last week in an attack on the capital. france is still at its highest possible security alert. some 10,000 forces are now on the street. and according egypt a 26 man arrested in a televised raid by police, looking for gays and a public bathhouse. also coming up for you america's car industry bounces back at the motor show in detroit. we will find out how carmakers are cashing in on the following
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price of gas. in hollywood, movie stars use their clout at the golden globes to pay tribute. we will start with that incredible march here in the french capital on sunday, which has been described as the biggest public rally in french history. an estimated 3 million or more all around france rallied to march for unity. that was after three days of terror left 70 people dead and the nation in shock. -- 17 people in debt and the nation in shock. police officers were shot dead in the aftermath, and the four hostages killed at a jewish supermarket. in paris, so many people turned
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out, authorities finally gave up counting. william hillyer brand -- william holden explains. >> one of the great symbols of france arrived. demonstrators in paris paid tribute to the journalists, the jews, and police killed in the attack. the attacks shook the country then brought it together. >> we are here to prove to people that france is a welcoming country, that we are free to express our joy or whatever we want to. >> there is a feeling of unity serenity calm. everyone is united, regardless of their religion or color of skin. it is incredible. >> the march was supposed to kick off at -- but massive crowds gathered quickly filling
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sidestreets and paralyzing much of the eastern side of the capital. >> this is what france is. it is us. it is everyone. all we want is to be together. >> messages of unity and thanks. demonstrators applauded french security forces as they moved through the crowds. >> they are always there. they risk their lives doing everything they can. we are profoundly grateful for them. >> it is unity beyond the borders. an israeli and palestinian man share and embrace. a chance for people to come together. >> they are extremists, cowards. what they did i was ashamed of. >> there are three things we are defending today. the liberty of expression with what happened with charlie hebdo, the freedom of religion and to defend and honor the
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police, who do a great job of protecting. >> atheists, muslims christians, buddhists, j ews, we are all for freedom of expression. >> they sing the national anthem with one voice. >> over 40 heads of state and foreign leaders were also at the frontlines of the march. it was an incredible show of solidarity thrown together in just 48 hours. >> walking arm in arm at a unity rally at the french capital with france all hollande -- with francois hollande at the center. benjamin netanyahu, mahmoud abbas, and david cameron all playing tribute -- all paying tribute. it is the first time that world
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leaders have joined forces on the streets of paris to observe a minute of silence. some hours earlier, the vip's are transported to the capitals 's 11th district with security high. some even set aside their historic differences for the day with a common rallying message. >> friends -- france has always been a beacon of freedom for the entire world. today we rally together around france. we are one with the french. we all want the same thing -- freedom. >> the sentiments of the greek prime minister were echoed by his british counterparts. >> the importance of today is to show solidarity with the french people and the french government
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after the appalling attacks in paris. we are here to demonstrate that we all stand for the values of democracy, freedom, freedom of expression, tolerance. >> a day late with emotion, for many, the terrorists want to to bring france to its knees. instead, they brought europe to its feet. >> the common-law wife of the man behind the attack on the jewish supermarket has been -- is being hunted down. turkey has confirmed that she had arrived in turkey on january 2 before the attacks took place and that she has probably now traveled on to syria. the prime minister has more now on other accomplices who could still be at large, and he hinted at an additional attack on a jogger. >> we believe that there are probably other accomplices.
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i want to remind you of the details released by the public prosecutor. the jogger is still fighting for his life, and he was shot by a bullet which is linked to this affair. we cannot say for sure if it was fired by -- it demonstrates the magnitude of the attack. >> four of the victims in paris last week were shot dead at a jewish kosher deli in eastern paris, and after the march in paris yesterday, the french president, prime minister, and other government officials joined the israeli prime minister at a synagogue. today the israeli prime minister is going to visit that kosher deli where those attacks took place. even on is there. we are seeing mr. netanyahu, who is there. tell us what is happening there.
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>> indeed, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu arrived at the kosher market at 1:00 local time along with the minister of foreign affairs. when they arrived here, their convoys stopped just in front of the kosher supermarket. they met with the local mayor and spoke with the president of the local jewish community. since then they have been quietly walking up and down a few minutes in front of the market. in honor of the four members who lost their lives in the hostage situation on friday. hundreds of people have been coming out and gathering as close as they could to the supermarket. as you can see a heavy police presence was armored vehicles cordoning off the entire area. behind the police, you can see scores of people chanting as
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president netanyahu got out of his car. anthems and hymns are being sung, saying that france will live on. it goes with a lot of the posters we see lying around here. the tributes, as they say "i am charlie, i am jewish, i am the police, and i am not afraid." the people who were victims to the terrorists. again, a showing of unity. benjamin netanyahu, i believe, is about to start speaking. we can see the media friendly -- we can see the media frenzy. we will bring you exactly what he says as soon as possible. we are expecting the israeli delegation to head back to israel. >> thank you for that.
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eve reporting from the site of the kosher deli, where four jewish french hostages were killed friday as part of the terror attacks. we will go back to eve a little bit later in the broadcast. five days after the first attack on charlie hebdo, france austerity for me as thai fund ever. authorities are bolstering security across the country with the help of the army to ensure that the deadly attacks do not happen again. more now on what france is doing to protect itself. >> french armed forces have started moving across the country on a scale never seen before to help other security personnel in protecting france's streets and buildings. >> we decided to mobilize 10,000 men who will protect all sensitive locations across the country.
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they will all be deployed by tuesday evening. >> still shaken by friday's attack on a kosher supermarket jewish community leaders called on the french president to take major steps to ensure their security. a call that has now been answered during a visit to a jewish school in southern paris. the minister announced who will be specifically in charge of coordinating the protection of the jewish community. french troops will join the 5000 security forces in charge of detecting the 700 jewish schools and synagogues across the country. >> we must protect all institutions that could be attacked and more specifically synagogues, jewish schools, at mosques, because we have not talked about it as much, but these past few days there have been several attacks, whether it's simple deterioration or actual shots fired at mosques. >> the terror threat will remain
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at its highest level until further notice. all sensitive public locations as well as official buildings and media headquarters will be heavily guarded. >> in a massive show of unity with france and the french people, rallies were held in dozens of cities around the world. demonstrators turned out to pay their respects to the 17 people killed in france this week from lebanon to moscow, berlin and beyond. the world came together to show its support for freedom of expression. >> [singing in native language] >> on sunday, around 3000 people staged a silent march in the american capital. a show of support following last week's deadly attacks in france. >> after september 11, i remember the french people, and
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that is why i am here. it is tragic. >> silent protests were held in many cities across the globe. an unprecedented show of support for france. tower bridge, london supporting -- sporting the colors of the french flag. trafalgar square too, lit up in french solidarity. the snow and cold was braved as part of the vigil. everywhere, and the words come back "je suis charlie," "i am charlie." global demonstrations that spread as far as brazil, to a rio beach on sunday. >> it affects everybody. whatever our religion, political party, or beliefs.
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>> rallies were also held across the middle east. in lebanon, many held banners denouncing the islamic state group and saying we are not afraid. >> we will take a look now at another world news story for you on "france 24." a court has acquitted 26 men in egypt for accused "debauchery." they were arrested last month by police looking for gay men at a public bathhouse in cairo. more now on the surprise verdict out of cairo. >> i think it is a big surprise both for the families and for lgbt activists in egypt. it is where -- it is rare where conviction rates are high, especially places like these that are under public scrutiny. this is the largest lgbt case since 52 men were arrested in
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2001. the judiciary in egypt has become increasingly politicized, but in this case it looks like the judge appears to have strongly consider the evidence in the case instead of succumbing to state pressure and this may be due to -- there was such act -- there was such outrage out of liberal activists in egypt who took a large part in this decision. that is a victory for the broader community. >> reporting on the verdict out of cairo. next, divers have retrieved one black box and located the other from the airasia plane that crashed more than two weeks ago. that is a key development that will help investigators unravel what caused the aircraft to plunge into the java sea. the trouble is the second black box, the cockpit voice recorder, is still stuck under heavy wreckage underwater. there is confusion over a
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reported explosion that would have gone off on the plane before it went down. an airasia official today said an explosion was likely due to a significant change in air pressure, but a transport safety investigator said there was no evidence to support that claim. time now for the day's business, and we have stephen carroll on the set. we will start with a look at the motor show in detroit, michigan. >> that is america is auto show, and it starts on an optimistic note. the industry has been able to cast off the shadow of a near collapse. thanks to falling oil prices and low interest rates. he also felt that detroit has exited bankruptcy. 40 new models are being unveiled at the show. catherine has the story. >> carmakers reveal their latest models. ahead of mercedes-benz expressed
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optimism for the year ahead. >> the u.s. has been the biggest market for us worldwide, and it will be a very broad market in 2015 again. >> in 2014, 16.5 million cars and trucks were sold in the u.s., up almost 6% from 2013. some 20 manufacturers will compete for glory in what has become once again the prosperous corner of the global auto market. while other economies struggle to grow. the general motors ceo said u.s. sales in 2015 were likely to reach levels not seen since 2001. with oil prices lower than in six years, it is expected that consumers will go back to gas guzzling models. >> they will do that. as soon as the oil prices drop
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they automatically go back to what they are comfortable with. >> however, this trend comes with problems. the companies are under pressure to review -- to reduce their fuel consumption. 2015 was a record year of car recalls in the u.s., many with life-threatening defects. carmakers are under pressure to prove their commitment to quality and safety. >> volkswagen says it has sold more than 10 million cars, its biggest number in history. volkswagen aims to become the biggest carmaker by 2016, passing japanese rival toyota. 1300 new jobs in england on the backs of new auto sales, selling 9% more cars in 2013. and perhaps half a million
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vehicles this year. there will be a new sport utility vehicle launched in 2016. apple has raised the price for u.s. and canadian consumers. the euro has to climb more than 2% against the dollar in the past six months. >> oil prices are still weighing on the markets today as well. >> that's right. that is the big story on the markets. the price of oil keeps falling. the crude index is down another 2% in trading today. now falling to below $49 a barrel not seen since april of 2009. this is goldman sachs cutting its short-term forecast for oil prices. it is less than half of what it was in june of last year because of falling supply and demand.
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the gains in london are not quite as low up 3.4% compared to paris and frankfurt. aer lingus is up 5% after he rejected a takeover offer from british airways owner iag. >> you found an interesting story out of stockholm. >> the choice for airline enthusiasts, is the chance of a converted jumbo jet. it was formerly used by airlines including pan am, retired in 2002, changed into this 80-bed hotel during their rooms in the conference -- in the converted engines under the wing. let's have a listen to the hotel manager about who stays in this hotel. >> i think people are traveling so much, they are not getting
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excited about regular things, so people demand something special. an experience, even when they are sleeping somewhere. >> a plane would not be my first choice to stay. >> i agree. one quick night before you take off. stephen carroll, thank you so much for a look at business, a nice change from recent news we have had over the week, which is the subject of today's press review. let's take a look. >> >> james has been looking at the papers for us today. it is clear that in france there is only one story. >> starting with less a guerrilla -"france on its feet." the newspaper estimates that 3.5 million people across the whole of france set out to show their solidarity with the work of
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charlie hebdo and obviously against terrorism, which seems a little conservative. later in the day yesterday, that seems to suggest it could be higher. they think 1.5 million in paris. even so, it describes the event of a human tidal wave. if that were not taboo, it gives cropping up in many of the papers in france, and it means, "on your feet" or should -- or "standing." they have a one-word headline and one of the reasons it is being used is because the editor in chief of charlie hebdo, when there were fire bombs in 2011, he said very famously and has been quoted a great many times in the past few days that he would rather die standing than live on his knees. of course, this word debout coming up again and again, the gathering could not have been more appropriate.
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if you are wondering what the statute is at the center of the square, because so many of us take these things for granted, it is mariane, the symbol of the french revolution. she holds a hollow branch -- she shows that she holds an olive branch in one hand. >> it is true. that incredible march was such a day of strong emotion in france and around the world. how is that emotion being reflected in the press? >> they say we are one people. in an editorial it talks about the magnificent spirit that was seen on the streets of paris yesterday. the range of emotions from hope to grief, and the remaining members of the charlie hebdo team lead the march through paris. it describes how they were devastated, in tears, but swept along by a cf solidarity. they reported from the pavement and the balconies in paris. >> how are the events yesterday in paris being reported overseas? >> "the guardian" talks about a
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nation united against terror. not only france, but europe, too, needs to overcome barbarism and xenophobia. but the heads of state -- at appears to be the only bone of contention with yesterday's event. many people are questioning the legitimacy of some of the heads of state to actually be there at a rally for press freedom and freedom of speech. in particular, ministers from egypt and turkey, both countries who have been carrying out crackdowns on journalists, most recently and the jailing of al jazeera journalists in egypt. >> what about international paper's? >> "the wall street journal" has no mention of the fact that there was a high profile absentee from yesterday's and events, and that of course is barack obama, the u.s. president. it was quite an obvious gap in what was a real collection in
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heads of state -- i think it was 46 in the end. the paper looks inside at how the jewish community here in france is growing ever more fearful as it becomes evident that the jewish shop was specifically targeted. it was not just a chance encounter or selection. the israeli prime minister has given an open invitation to all french jews, saying it is not just the place to turn to for prayer, but it is the home of any jew. they claim that the french president asked president netanyahu to stay away from yesterday's march. to
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onic rocker and his family are giving back in a big, big way. they're impacting their own community as well as leaving an imprint around the world. is this the new face of family philanthropy? and later, a close-up on a musical tradition that's finding new and younger roots. i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it full frame. ♪


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