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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 13, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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e people killed last week in paris. in jerusalem four more victims are buried. they were killed in the hostage siege in a kosher market. did airbus managed to beat bo eing in 2014? also coming up in sports, three
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time is the charm for christiane the arnold of -- rinaldo. ♪ today in jerusalem the bodies of the jewish victims from the paris attacks are being buried. they were shot -- in eastern harris last week when it was taken hostage by itself claimed islamic jihadist. he was later killed in the police raid. thousands of mourners have turned out including benjamin netanyahu. >> i've just come back from paris, where i marched with
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leaders from around the world. most of them understand or are beginning to understand that this terror committed by islamic extremists represents a clear and present threat to peace in the world in which we live. >> the environment minister spoke earlier. let's listen to what she had to say. >> all four of them were killed because they were jewish. it is the most revolting of deaths. today our thoughts are with you. your pain is our pain. your pain is that of all of france, which is crying with
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you. your children, your brothers, your fathers, your husband's cowardly assassinated. >> gallagher pfennig are joins us. you are at the funeral today. let's start with the speech from the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, which was quite political. >> yes. he reiterated the invitation he made earlier to french jews, telling them israel is their home and will welcome them if they wish to emigrate. israel is the jewish homeland, the only homeland for jews. to certain extends it shocked french officials when he said israel should not just be a country to which jews in france
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turned to which it moved to because it is their home. he was more diplomatic in what he said in a very official ceremony, as well. >> to go back over it, the prime minister has made these calls for french jews to move back to israel. you were speaking to some people at the funeral today. did they say that was in their plans, to move to israel? >> it is a very complicated question. that is the answer you get. if it is the french israelis who have made the choice to emigrate to israel, they would say all jews should move away to friends and come to israel, a way to justify their own move from
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france to israel. there is a pretty unanimous answer to that question when you ask them. when you put that to some of the french jews who have not emigrated to israel, they tell you it is a personal decision in which one should never be imposed upon jews living in france or by politicians that were saying when i put that question to them. friends said israel should not be an exit strategy but a choice a decision that is openly, freely taken by anybody who wishes to make this move. >> thank you for that, gallagher, reporting from jerusalem, the site of the funerals.
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15 people were left dead. in paris, there was a moving tribute paid to the police officers killed in the line of attack. francois hollande was at the headquarters, police headquarters in paris to honor those officers in person. let's listen to what he had to say. >> a woman, these men were police officers who shared one goal, to protect their fellow citizens. they had one idea, to serve the republic. they fell in the line of duty with bravery and dignity. they died so that we could live
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free. that is what hundreds of thousands of people wanted to say when they took to the streets across france on sunday. >> they were paying tribute to the three police officers that were killed last week, in front of hundreds of police officers at the headquarters in paris. from the beginning, it was such a moving ceremony on the faces of the family members of these victims. >> all of the family members of the police officers killed. the youngest, the woman, was killed on thursday morning after going to what seemed like a routine traffic incident early in the morning.
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we had seen a great deal of the family of ahmed merabet since they had been speaking out quite publicly about the importance of the muslim community, not being confuse with the sorts of people that carried out the attacks. and so we had seen them but we -- >> the image on the screen, the mother of the policewoman. clearly in some, very obvious grief. she pleaded with the president not to let this happen to her daughter. clearly, very upset, as you would imagine. frontal longed --francois hollande took time to speak to them and told what wound them
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together, to protect the values of france which very much reunited these police officers. they died in the line of duty. the sacrifice they gave meaning to their death should not be forgotten, said francois hollande. >> the priority is keeping france safe. tomorrow marks one week since the original attacked on the "charlie hebdo." they will indeed print and have given a look at their cover. we see a depiction of the prophet mohammed. >> carrying a poster with the headline "all is forgiven." reprinting that controversial image of the profit mohammed. this will be a publication, 3
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million publications strong. no doubt it will be paid a great deal of attention by the world's press once again. the muslim communities have been urging restraint calm. as you know this is a very controversial thing to do. it is simply considered -- urging restraint and france taking note chances. unprecedented levels of security on the streets in france. 10,000 soldiers will be patrolling various sites by the end of the day and early tomorrow. france's highest security level alert will be in place. >> thank you for that, melissa
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bell. some 10,000 soldiers are now patrolling the streets of france. they had been assigned to sites like mosques synagogues, and schools. we have more from marseilles. >> school begins in marseille with men in bulletproof vests and rifles. >> they are -- i tell them they are here to protect us and make sure nothing happens. the police are strong. we have been asking to have them here for a while. only after something awful happens that we could have the police here for protection. >> this school has previously received threats. many in the neighborhood are
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afraid. it is a welcomed change. >> we feel reassured with the police presence. they had to reassure us. they were 20% of students absent at today's role call. >> security is being ramped up. the move was made after an emergency cabinet meeting at the palace. 10,000 troops have been mobilized. >> we are continuing operations outside the country. it will see 10,000 personnel mobilized, about the same amount mobilized internationally. >> an increase in security in public transportation. 16,000 armed men and women will be guarding france.
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>> a french man has been arrested in bulgaria, suspected of having links with the paris attackers and was trying to cross into turkey when he was detained. six suspects could still be at large. one man was seen driving a car. a woman is also a suspect. her name is hayat boumeddiene. she reportedly left france before the attacks began. claire williams has more. >> wearing a white headscarf she showed passport and is allowed on to turkish territory. hayat boumeddiene was the partner of parachute or. she was traveling with a french
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citizen of north african origin not on the watch list. they attract the local authorities'suspicion. the prime minister said the country shared their intelligence with friends. >> immediately shared with french intelligence and we hope this cooperation against terrorism will bring favorite results. >> january 4, hayat boumeddiene took a the mystic flight near the syrian border. on january 8, she is believed to cross into syria, the same day that france said they were looking for her. >> the perpetrators were french nationals. these people were in prison for
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16 months. 16 months later they got out of prison. wouldn't they follow them if they were released? >> turkey has become a transit route for those joining jihadists. turkey has said with 35 million foreigners coming to the country, authorities cannot be expected to single out terror suspects without the azeri intelligence. >> stephen carroll is with me on the set. let's start with airbus. >> the question was whether they would beat boeing in the terms of sales and the answer is yes and no. they delivered 629 planes last night, less than boeing. but they secured more orders for
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planes. we have more. >> we are here at airbus headquarters. behind me is the a-350. once again they have been boeing in terms of sales. they didn't do so well in terms of deliveries. when somebody buys a car, you want the cash. that is what airbus needs to improve, so they have more money in the bank. there is a backlog. when you buy it, you want that money now. thanks very much. if i buy an aircraft from you, i have to wait eight years. >> that depends on which
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airplane you are talking about. if you want an a-380, i can probably delivered to you in 2017. it really isn't that far out. you cannot just take our backlog in divided by a production rate. it depends on the individual model. you get paid when you deliver the airplane. we have been outselling boeing. now we caused -- paused. we had some problems with the supply chain. we have flattened out our production a bit. it is time to go back up now. >> you and boeing are having good times now. what is this about the market
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doubling every 10 years? >> it has been doubling every 15 years since the dawn of the jet age. it is intertwined with gdp around the world. you cannot have one without the other. aviation will probably grow a close to double gdp. >> who would have thought that petrol prices have gone down so much? does that mean the pressure is off you to build new aircraft? >> it is a two-edge sword. when fuel prices go down, airlines make money. they can accelerate the replacement of their craft. >> thanks very much.
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that was john leahy. the key is get more deliveries to get more cash in the bank, and airlines get the aircraft as soon as they buy them. >> oil prices still on the way down. the key question is how low can oil go? let's take a look at the brain crude -- brent crude benchmark. down to about $45 a barrel. a massive fall. the latest driven by goldman sachs, they see oil going even lower, as low as $42, and no recovery until 2016. that will continue to be a big
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story. oil price is having an effect on the stock market. that is keeping london close to the flat line. oil and gas in london. the ftse up by about .6%. marsonison sacked their chief executive. >> there has been some controversy over changes to an iconic chocolate brand. >> chocolate eggs filled with goo. the makers had changed the chocolate used in these eggs. it is now owned by kraft. they are now using a standard chocolate mix.
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the new chocolate have been tested and the best for the cream eggs. many disagree. lots of outrage about this story. >> thank you so much for that. time now for the press review. hi flo. a lot of the papers still focusing on the "charlie hebdo" attacks. >> it was a moving moment. french papers are wondering, what now? let's take a look at a christian paper. they wonder what is going to happen tomorrow. a french society needs to decide what kind of future it wants. the future starts now.
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we take a look at their front page. it says, now what? this is an opportunity for france to take a deep breath of fresh air. they are talking about a new chapter. the trick is to transform this incredible wave of emotion brotherhood into a positive force of change. >> what seems a common theme is the need for increased security in france. >> lots of paper are focusing that the charlie attack brought together fault lines and those need to be fixed. not everybody agrees on how to do that. a new arsenal of anti-terrorism laws were put into place, giving
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police broader surveillance power. a lot of people on the right say that is not enough. they say, we need to go back to the drawing board. national education is also concerned by what is happening. it is urgent to teach young french people the values of our republic and to make them respect them. >> security is an issue that many european papers are focusing on. >> absolutely. let's take a look at this editorial of a belgian paper. let's make sure the tears of emotion do not blind us. the title is, "je suis charlie but i will keep a cool head."
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david cameron wants new internet spying powers to fight against terrorism. he wants to deny terrorists a safe space to communicate online. paris is posing, searching questions about security across europe. a new license to snoop is the wrong answer, according to this editorial. >> many papers are focusing on the magazine "charlie hebdo" that was attacked and they will publish their first issue tomorrow. >> there has been a sneak peek put on twitter. let's take a look. this is the issue of "charlie hebdo" coming out tomorrow. controversial and defiant as ever. a cartoon of the profit mohammed shedding a tear and saying tout
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est pardonne. that means that everything, all is forgiven. there is a debate about who is receiving this forgiveness. this was drawn by a cartoonist that was supposed the at the deadly meeting. he slept in because it was his birthday. he spoke over the weekend with an magazine. interesting interview. he said it is hard to become a symbol because that's what they have always fought against. it has been very emotional for the staff to do this issue. they want to stay true to their anarchist, punk self, and that is what they are going to do. we saw a lot of people
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criticizing "charlie hebdo" and then taking to the streets to
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oil is black blood.


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