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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 13, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> we begin with some shocking footage that supports to show the kouachi brothers after they gunned down 12 people at the offices of charlie hebdo. it begins with one of the men shouting "we have avenged the prophet mohammed." take a look.
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[shouting] >> today france and israel were burying the victims of those terrorist attacks in paris in which 17 people were killed over three days of violence and the funerals took place in paris and jerusalem. manuel valls gave a speech in parliament.
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>> extreme measures are the only answers to an extreme situation. there will never be measures which go against the rule of law and our values. terrorism is aimed at breaking what we are, which is a great democracy and the best answer is the law, freedom. >> earlier, francois hollande meant with the families of the three police officers murdered in the rampage. they were both killed during the attack on charlie hebdo. the third officer was 26 years old. she was gunned down the following day and today holland laid the french medal on each of their coffins and said they had died so we could live in freedom. and of the burial, the muslim
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police officers slain by the kouachi brothers while he was guarding the offices of charlie hebdo here is what he had to say. >> he was a victim, a victim of his duty. a victim of what he is. we pray god we see him in his mercy. an example of all of our young brothers and sisters and community. he is an example of a good french policeman. >> in jerusalem, thousands of mourners turned out the funerals for four jewish men gunned down at a kosher grocery store in eastern paris.
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he was buried along with -- benjamin netanyahu and the israeli president both spoke at the ceremony. >> the corpses of the four men arrived before dawn. thousands of mourners, and hours later, joining grieving relatives for the funerals. [sinking in hebrew] >> they were practicing jews. it was their families wish for them to be buried in jerusalem. >> they really wanted to live here. he will. he wanted to, all his life, he wanted to help people, and he did.
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he is here now. and i'm sure he is really happy. >> he was killed by the bullets of barbarism. the whole family is mourning this tragedy. his relatives, his friends. all he carried in his heart. >> sigel in royale spoke of france's determination to relist anti-semitism -- to resist anti-semitism. >> all four were killed because they were jews. this is the most revolting of deaths. our thoughts turn to you, to your pain, and hours. anti-semitism has no place in france. that was the message of millions of people who gathered across
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france on sunday. >> israel's prime minister said the french jews were welcome to their homeland. >> the kouachi brothers and the men behind the attacks may be dead but police believe six of their accomplices may be at large. the net to catch them is widening. police in bulgaria had a rested man with ties to one of the kouachi brothers. >> this french national is in bulgarian hands. he has been remanded in custody before a court hears his case for extradition next week. his lawyer confirms he is linked to the kouachi brothers, who carried out the charlie hebdo attacks. >> there are some elements which
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are connected to these terrorist networks in paris there is some evidence. >> arrested while trying to cross from bulgaria into turkey, he is accused of kidnapping his son to go to syria. a second warrant accused him of participating in a criminal organization with a terrorist aim. authorities say he knew sharif kouachi. >> before leaving france, the suspect was in contact with one of the brothers several times. >> meanwhile, moore is emerging about the person who traveled with them, the partner of them. he is known to french intelligence. his older brother, mohammed, was sent to jail for his role in sending fighters to afghanistan. he argues mohammed could have
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made contact with his partner in jail. he killed a policewoman and hostages. the united states said he had been on a terror watch list. >> meanwhile, charlie hebdo lives on. the next edition of the magazine will be on newsstands within hours. 3 million copies are being printed and it is being translated into 16 languages. no one will be surprised the front cover depicts the muslim prophet mohammed, seen weeping while holding a sign that says "i am charlie." >> i started drawing and i wrote je suis charlie. it was not enough to make the cover. i just had this idea of mohammed and je suis charlie. i looked at him, and he was crying.
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above him, i wrote all is forgiven and then i cried. that was the cover. we had our cover. we had this damn cover and it was our cover. >> the new front cover of the charlie hebdo will go on sale tomorrow. it has been sent on social networks and by the traditional media in france, the united states, very few newspapers have chosen to print the image. philip's in washington with more on that now. philip i think it is just "the washington post" that has run it. others shy away from doing so. >> yes, "the washington post" deciding to publish it because this cover, in comparison to the
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depictions of mohammed by charlie hebdo in the past, this is not deliberately or needlessly offensive. that is why they have decided to publish it on its website. we will see whether the paper edition will carry it. the l.a. times and also usa today will publish it. in the no column, cnn which says it is taboo within islam and encourages viewers to google the image, but will not be publishing it. the new york times has also decided not to publish the latest front cover of charlie hebdo. nbc news, abc news have also decided not to do so. >> in other news, the united states is very much working with france to try to track down the suspects that are at large and have links to the kouachi brothers. what information do you have? >> in terms of intelligence
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sharing, the relationship has been a good one. what we are getting more than any in his information from u.s. intelligence officials speaking to their counterparts. that is filtering through from the white house. u.s. intelligence officials passed on the travel history of suspects to their french counterparts. we do not know where that is 1, 2, or all four suspects in this case. the impression one gets is that possibly the american intelligence services knew more about these suspects and what they might have been doing on french soil than the french intelligence services. so just a reminder the suspects, all three men, were on a terrorism watch list in the united states. they were on a no-fly list. once they are taken off surveillance in france, the united states services can't do
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much. the french defense is that france does not like to communicate on intelligence matters and that is maybe why more is filtering through from the american side. >> thanks for a. reporting from washington. in the wake of the paris attacks, and anti-islam movement in germany has been gaining ground. 25,000 people marched last night in protest as the islamic occasion --islamicification of europe. angela merkel joined community leaders to condemn the marches. she has come out against the so-called movement. >> we must note there are heat preachers. there are violent people who abuse religion for their own agenda. the terrible events in paris are a sad example of this. what we need to do is use all of the means at our disposal to
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combat intolerance and violence. >> joining me now is a person who is an expert in the extreme right in europe. thanks for being with us on france 24. has the far right succeeded in exploiting the paris attacks to draw supporters to its cause? >> i think whether they have succeeded, they have tried. we can see that in germany. although there were more counter demonstrations. we have seen that in the u.k.. so they are trying to exploit it. whether it has been successful only time will tell. >> a survey in germany before the paris attacks said 57% of non-muslims were frightened
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about islam and what it means for their society. are we sink a failure of mainstream politicians to address these fears? >> i don't think we are. i think we are seeing a failure of the media as well. we have seen in the past few years the build up of division in our community, in europe in general as well. and i think the tragic events last week, these horrific murders that took place in paris, but often the coverage has been putting the muslim community against the french community. we forget, the media and politicians, warning us against islamophobia and so on.
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it is not monolithic. they are diverse. >> aurelien mondon, thank you for joining us. we've got business news now. markus karlsson is here. why the oil price continues to fall. >> they are continuing to fall. we have seen brent and crude trade below the $46 barrel lamarck. prices are at a six year low and almost 60% lower than last june. prices slipped further when the energy minister earlier signaled that the oil cartel opec will not cut production. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> cannot, as a responsible and reliable supplier in the market
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change our plan every time there is a volatility in the market. that is not wise. that is not the plan. >> the energy minister in the united arab emirates, playing chicken with the shal oil industry. that is one of the reasons we have seen oil prices dip so rapidly in the past six months or so and the uae minister says it should be on the u.s. industry to lower production to boost prices once more and he said opec should not have to do all of the hard work on its own. as a result of lower prices, petrel has become cheaper and that is fueling a change in the detroit auto show. more on the latest trends in motor city. >> gas guzzlers are back.
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pickups are the stars of the detroit auto show. with the epic -- the economic uptick many automakers are placing their bets on the american consumers' darlings, suvs and trucks. >> i don't think anyone could have imagined gas prices at $50 a barrel. it is hard to imagine. you have to be well prepared with a portfolio that can handle all scenarios. >> the fall in prices means there has been a shift away from midsized and fuel-efficient cars in favor of bigger vehicles a trend that makes it less attractive for car companies to invest in green alternatives. they are under pressure to do so. in part because they have to. the obama administration has it -- issued to targets. a paradox that has carmakers
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touting the green line while pushing new models of the combustion engine. >> it is not about the engine. these vehicles are all of the technology we have been working on, around aerodynamic technology. >> fuel-efficient cars may be an integral part of these carmakers , but for now, demand for them is falling alongside gasoline prices. pushing some automakers to turn back to their good old, more profitable bestsellers. >> moving to another industry now, airbus says the european plane maker is ready to wrap up production as they trailed on boeing in terms of profit deliveries. airbus delivered629 airplanes in comparison to 723 for boeing. in orders, airbus won over
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boeing. the chief operating officer of airbus says it is time to boost production for the european playmaker. >> we have been outselling boeing. in the past we were out delivering boeing. a few years ago, we had some problems with our supply chain. you want to make sure it is delivered on time. you don't want missing parts. we have flattened our production. we did not increase. it is time to go back up now. >> the stock markets are in the red. traders are keeping and i and oil prices and are selling shares as he crude prices drop. the dow jones down about 8/10 of a percent. in europe, a sharp gain for the main indices in london, paris and frankfurt under speculation
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the ecb will provide more stimulus for the eurozone economy. let's talk you through a few other stories, up to 5000 jobs are on the chopping block on klm according to le gfigaro. the majority will take place within the air france unit by klm would also be affected. klm has come out to deny the report. we are going to finish with some television new. woody allen is going into television teaming up with amazon. the oscar-winning director will write and direct a series of half-hour shows next year shown exclusively on amazon's prime video service. it is seen as a big win or the company trying to lure more viewers in and compete with the
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likes of netflix. and compete with the likes of france 24. >> certainly got a big name. markus karlsson with the business. we've got some reaction to this week's terrible attacks in paris with web news now. back with you shortly. ♪ >> welcome to the web news with our pick of the stories making online headlines. coming up on today show, targeting social media. draw a charlie. and a base jumpers shares his latest feat. in this clip, anonymous delivers a very clear message to enemies of freedom of speech, declaring war on islamists extremist and vowing to track them down and
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bring down their social websites. the video was posted online in the wake of the attack of charlie hebdo on january 7. anonymous declaring war on terrorism in france and the rest of the world. they have already put their work into action, posting dozens of twitter handles they say belong to jihadists. anonymous is also encouraging web users to follow suit and report any accounts they suspect are linked to terrorist activity to the authorities. the hacker group has launched a series of cyberattacks targeting site affiliated with extremism taking down this website often accused of advocating terrorism. the platform is still unavailable. in an article published he is concerned the anonymous campaign
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will insight other hackers to carry out racially motivated cyberattacks in their name. fears that were justified with no link to any terrorist group whatsoever have arty been targeted following the attacks. hours after gunmen stormed charlie hebdo hundreds of cartoonists from across the globe began sharing their own drawings online in honor of the journalists killed. this show of solidarity from the winter -- from the world over. they are calling on french web users to send in their tributes to those who lost their lives in the january 7 shooting. the initiative is drooping popular on the french web.
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there were countless creations on social media. most accompanied with the je suis hashtag. recommitting themselves to the valleys of the french republic, freedom of expression. they want to send a message to say the people of france will never let terrorists win. the initiative has proved so popular, a facebook page has been set up to catalog the drawings drying close to 10,000 likes in a few days and features hundreds of pieces posted by web users in response to the attacks in paris. ♪
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this french musician composed " je suis charlie" just hours after the shooting and is grooving extremely popular on social media. it has been viewed over 10 million times. you are better off posting a facebook status update early morning or late at night to reach the maximum numbers of users. twitter is read during office hours. this info graphic was together and shows the over 45 are for google plus and tumblr users spend more time than the average users. a tech artist has added her own
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personal touch to photos she takes. she incorporates playful illustrations into the shots. go to her instagram page to see more.
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acy now!] >> from pacifica this is democracy now! >> and busy news terrorism analyst evan kohlmann. >> live from paris, the author of "the islamic state." >> germany now terrorism expert steve emerson. >> inside the world of terrorism experts. who are the pundits the corporate media analyzing world events from the u.s. wars in the middle east to the attacks in


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