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tv   Journal  LINKTV  January 14, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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♪ lad to have you with us. our headlines at this hour. sold out in no time. "charlie hebdo" hits the newsstands with its controversial cover. >> the plan to stimulate the european economy gets a crucial legal blessing. we tell you why the approval means so much. >> and on the first on his asian tour, the pope makes an appeal for sri lanka to confront its past. ♪
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>> sold out as soon as it went on sale. france's satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" return to newsstands wednesday. millions of copies were grabbed by readers|s in minutes. >> one week ago today, jihadist stormed the offices of the paper, killing 12 people. >> an offshoot of al qaeda claimed responsibly for the attacks, saying it was vengeance for them mocking the prophet mohammed. >> the same magazine has another controversial cover that has france and much of the world reading. >> newspaper stands in paris were swamped on wednesday people -- wednesday. people across the country lined up to get the copy. "it is on most like a political demonstration" this woman says.
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"i've never seen so many people lined up at my stand." many were late for work, offer charlie. the first printing of 3 million copies sold out in many locations by early morning. an additional two million were ordered to meet the demand. this woman says, "i think it is a historical issue, and it could be a new getting for the magazine which was so recently decimated." >> i would like to show my solidarity and my support. >> "charlie hebdo's" provocation continues. the prophet mohammed is again on the front cover, holding a sign with the now-famous phrase "je suis charlie" -- i am charlie. above, the words "all is forgiven." exactly who is forgiven has been left unexplained. the most cutting jokes are inside aimed squarely at the terrorists. three jihadists say, "leave the
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people at charlie hebdo alone otherwise they get into paradise as martyrs and steal all of our versions." -- virgins." many want "charlie hebdo" to heat going. quite many of my muslim friends love "charlie hebdo" -- the only magazine that makes you laugh when every thing is tragic. >> the new issue is so popular some newsstands set up waiting lists for customers to receive a copy. >> let's go to our correspondent in paris. let me start by asking, were you able to actually find a copy today, or were they all sold out? >> it took three reporters but we managed one of us at least to get a copy. it is right here. i found it at one of the train stations in paris this morning
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at 6:00. if you weren't there at 6:00 you had no chance of getting it. some kiosks that ordered the addition didn't even get it. i guess that is part of the deal when you go from a maximum of 60,000 in circulation to 5 million there are some quirks. but most people will be able to get their edition in the next days. not all of them have been delivered. this will happen in the coming days even in the coming weeks. this will be the only "charlie hebdo" in circulation for the next two weeks. >> the latest edition has a controversial cover with a cartoon of the prophet mohammed. how has that gone down in paris where you are? >> most people waiting in line today at the newspaper shops were making a political stand. it wasn't really about what was inside the journal or not. one jewish woman even told me that that's exactly what she
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said "charlie hebdo" is not a very pleasant magazine, i don't really like it that much, but of course i subscribe now, because that's what you have to do. and there were huge fans who said that "charlie hebdo" sound exactly the right tone, exactly the right cover for this occasion. then you have different communities, especially muslim communities, that have very mixed emotions towards this addition saying, do we really need to put more fuel to the flame, can't we just stop with all the provocation? >> it is certainly a controversial magazine. max hoffman for us in. paris. thank you very much. a week after the massacre in paris, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in yemen claimed responsibility for the attack. in an online video, a man saying he represented al qaeda said the paris assault was ordered by the
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terror group's chief commander. we are joined by our middle east expert. thanks for coming in. what you make of this video, and his claim that al qaeda is behind the massacre? >> we need to be very skeptical here. sounds like some people are trying to jump on the bandwagon and profit from the situation. of course, europe has been shocked by these terrorist assaults. it seems that these people on the edge of the southern arabian and slap in -- henan celeb -- peninsula are trying to profit from the attack. immediately after the attacks al qaeda and islamic state issued statement saying, we were not in charge, but we liked it we wish other people to do the same thing. when i watch this clip, you see on the left top corner the flag of the islamic state, which is an arch enemy of al qaeda. it doesn't really make sense
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that this guy from al qaeda makes propaganda for the islamic state at the same time. >> is a bridge being built here? the third gunman, amedy coulibaly, claimed he was linked to i.s. is there now a link between the groups? >> this man tries to mend fences between al qaeda and islamic state. this is a possible interpretation, but maybe it is just a matter of coincidence. i believe islamic state and al qaeda are singly trying to profit from the situation. they know that many radical muslims like the idea of the attack that happened in paris and they will continue to attack european cities. that's the idea behind it. >> thank you for coming in and giving us some analysis of the story. appreciate it. let's talk about reaction. the muslim world responded fairly cautiously to the latest edition of "charlie hebdo" and
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its cover showing the prophet mohammed. political and religious leaders called the cartoons "a provocation" and advised muslims to just ignore them. it was pretty hard in majority-muslim countries to even find the images. >> sanctities need to be respected -- those were the words of iran's foreign minister criticizing the latest "charlie hebdo" cartoons following last week's deadly islamist attack on the satirical journal. he was speaking at the sidelines of nuclear talks with u.s. secretary of state john kerry. >> you will not be able to engage in a serious dialogue if we start disrespecting each other's values and sanctities. we will have a much safer, much more prudent world if we were to engage in serious dialogue. >> european papers reprinted the cartoons and expressed support
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for staffers. turkey was rare among muslim-majority states in having even one paper that reprinted parts of "charlie hebdo." a turkish court ordered a ban on access to websites that show the mohammed cover. some u.s. papers also refused to reprint it. at cairo's prestigious al-azhar university, islamic scholars instructed muslims to resist the 10 patient to react to the cartoon's provocations with hatred. >> we do not accept provocation of our religion, or to our pr ophet. this is denounced. but we are still calling on all muslims to not react negatively, and to ignore it completely. >> the university had earlier warned against publishing the mohammed cartoons. >> al-azhar the prestigious sunni islam center of learning in cairo also said that the stature of mohammed is too lofty to be harmed by
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cartoons. >> al-azhar strongly condemned the attacks in paris, saying that islam denounces any violence. although pictures of the prophet mohammed are for bit and under islam, caricatures have a long tradition in the arab world including right in egypt. >> a book burning in egypt. one spectator asks the other what is going on. he replies that the books are blasphemous. the cartoon was created by a satirist who strongly defends press freedom. his cartoons are published in the liberal allocation "al-masry al-youm," one of egypt's most prominent daily newspapers. he's not surprised the new addition of "charlie hebdo" features a cartoon of mohammed. >> terrorism is not clever. perpetrators don't understand how satirists think. it is a logical consequence that when satirists are threatened, they say to themselves, i will really lay it on. >> many cartoonists in the arab
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world used their craft to address the ttacks on their contemporaries in paris. most of them have taken a stance for freedom -- stand for freedom of speech. >> many have expressed solidarity with the murder journalists -- murdered journalists. they have made it very clear that they believe in press freedom, even if that sometimes contradicts what their faith prescribes. >> qatar this cartoon in a -- this cartoon in a qatar newspaper shows a conflict between freedom of speech and terrorism. freedom wins. this cartoon from lebanon targets the perpetrators directly. the masked gunman says, "i have to defend myself he called me a terrorist." only a handful of cartoonists have defended restrictions on freedom of speech. >> some have compared how the
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press deal with islam with how it treats judaism. if you criticize islam you are exercising freedom of speech. but if you criticize judaism you are anti-semitic. >> in cairo, he is working on his latest drying. he says there is humor in islam and that arab cartoonists will continue to express their opinions. >> we oppose governments policies and people who use religion to achieve their >> his latest subject is the kidnapping of a jurrjens in -- egyptians in libya. he depicts someone sending best wishes to the kidnappers, not the victims. >> the secretary general of nato has called on germany to show the same leadership in defense
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as it does in terms of europe's economy. last september, nato countries agreed to increase defense spending to 2% of gdp within 10 years. at the moment, only the u.s. and the u.k. spend that much. germany's defense spending is just 1.3%. >> stoltenberg's message for germany, increased defense spending. he praised berlin as an important ally, but he told angela merkel that europe's largest economy needs to show the same leadership when it comes to the continent's security as it does in other spheres. >> we are looking for german leadership when it comes to investing in defense, because we need to invest in our defense to be able to protect all our allies and to maintain security. >> one of the main issues facing nato is the crisis in eastern ukraine.
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violence there surged this week, despite an official cease-fire. on tuesday, at least 12 people died when this bus was hit by a rocket. merkel still hopes to organize a summit to work towards a diplomatic resolution. >> every effort is being made, but i don't know when the summit might be. i cannot say. >> in the meantime, nato is stepping up its military capabilities. stoltenberg announced that an interim version of the rapid response force is now operational. >> the american part of the international space station was evacuated after an alarm went off. >> the alarm could have been triggered by a faulty sensor or a computer error. nasa could not confirm russian reports that there had been a leak of ammonia gas. nasa says that all six astronauts and cosmonauts on
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board are safe in the russian part of the space station. >> in one minute, we will be right back. stay with us. >> welcome back. u.n. talks to try to stop the fighting in libya started in geneva, but one of two parliaments vying for control is not attending. >> the government that is recognized internationally has lost control of several main cities. an islamist coalition declared its own government after it took over tripoli last year. they will decide on sunday whether or not to take part in the peace talks. >> a lot to talk about with libya. to do that, i'm joined by an expert on libya with the german institute for international
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security affairs. thanks for coming in. this is not where the world that we would be several years ago when cut off the -- qaddhafi fell. >> the libyan revolution was not a peaceful revolution. it was a civil war. the entire security apparatus collapsed. what is more, the revolutionary groups did not have united leadership. once the regime fell, they started engaging in rivalry with each other, and these rivalries between mainly local groups, groups based on different cities and tribes, started to coalesce into two broad alliances. this is what we have confronting each other now. >> will they be confronting each other at the peace talks? will everyone be represented at the peace talks? >> no. it is quite an achievement these talks are actually happening. they were scheduled several times. each time, an escalation
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prevented them from happening. now, at least both sides are presented to some extent. now on both sides you have hardliners who are refusing to talk. it is difficult to see if whatever is agreed at these talks will actually be limited on the ground. >> what is your feeling on that? will we have a positive feeling out of these peace talks? what happens if the peace talks fail? >> i'm afraid there are a lot of reasons to be skeptical. representation at these talks would need to be broader. it would need to be stronger for these talks to succeed. if they don't succeed the escalation will continue. we have a conflict in which both sides are increasingly targeting civilian infrastructure, in which the population is increasingly paying a heavy price for the conflict. there is a big risk this will continue.
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>> all right. thanks for coming in and talking to us. not a very optimistic outlook for libya. thank you very much. >> the european central bank has received strong backing for its controversial bond buying scheme. a senior advisor to the european court of justice says the ecb program is legal. the advocate general says that the ecb's offer to buy bonds for troubled countries does not violate government sovereignty as some eurozone members say. >> in 2012, at the height of the eurozone debt crisis, the ecb pledged to do whatever necessary to save the euro. >> august 2012 the moment markets waited for. european central bank president mario draghi promised to do whatever it took to save the eurozone. >> we would consider taking a -- undertaking further nonstandard
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monetary policy measures according to what is required to repair monetary policy transmission. >> a few weeks later, the ecb unveiled a plan to shore up the euro by buying government bonds from trouble eurozone economies. germany's bundesbank said the ecb exceeded its mandate, but a senior advisor to the eurozone's top court says it is legal. but it must operate under restrictions. the ecb must state its reasons for buying bonds the bank is not allowed to provide direct financial assistance, and they cannot interfere with financial assistance programs provided by the eu. the ecb welcomed the decision, but said that the legal battle is not over. >> this is an important milestone in the request which as you know will only be
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concluded with the ruling of the entire court. >> the political crisis in greece raised pressure on the ecb to act. if leftists win the elections later this month, some fear the country code leave the common currency. this would add to the woes of the eurozone which slid into deflation last month. >> after hitting five-week highs, a bit of a selloff of european shares on wednesday. this summary of the midweek session from the frankfurt stock exchange -- >> the ecb program will keep money cheap and easy. this is good news for financial markets. but this good news today was overshadowed by new concerns about the state of the world economy. copper prices fell 9%. investors and analysts see this as a clear sign that there will be a bumpy road ahead for the world economy.
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it will be very difficult to get the economy back on track. we see reports from retail sales in the u.s., weaker than expected. this all dragged shares down. >> spain's economy is recovering faster than expected. last year, it grew around 1.4% more than previous government figures had indicated. employment figures were also positive, with 400,000 jobs added to the payrolls. spain's and the bank says that growth should continue in 2015 on the back of lower oil prices, which lower production costs and leave more money in consumers' pockets. >> pope francis has become the first pontiff to visit sri lanka's predominantly tamil north. the region was devastated by decades of civil war. the pope called for forgiveness and healing. there are just over one million catholics in the predominantly buddhist country which also has hindu and muslim minorities. >> the our lady of madhu church
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in northern sri lanka. for decades, this area was a war zone. on wednesday, it was where pope francis preached forgiveness. he called on the island nation's tamil and sinhalese people to reach out to one another. >> all sri lankan sons and daughters should come together in reconciliation. >> hundreds of thousands from across sri lanka's ethnic and religious divide flocked to the service. >> for the tamil people, this -- the pope's visit is the chance of a lifetime. >> my two brothers died in a bomb blast and i was injured in the same glass. i was lucky my life was saved.
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the holy father visiting will bring peace and harmony to our country and people. >> it has been the pontiff's central message in his trip here to leave behind the injuries and evil of the past. earlier on wednesday francis gave a mass in colombo to canonize joseph vaz as sri lanka's first saint. he was a missionary in the 17th century, who helped revive the faith in the country. >> russian human rights activists have blasted a new government decree. it denies transvestites and transsexuals the right to drive based on the basis of gender identity. >> it is true. the resolution signed by prime minister dmitry medvedev lists medical conditions termed as "medical and behavioral disorders" as grounds to deny people a driver's license. >> moscow says the rules are aimed at reducing traffic
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accidents. numerous illnesses and injuries were named in the decree, including what it calls " disorders of sexual preference" such as transsexualism and voyeurism. if the new rules are enforced, maria could lose her license. >> i don't understand what this has to do with driving. it is not clear to me. i see this not just as discrimination but as fascism. >> she says she will ignore the ban. the decree has also baffled people who will not directly be affected. >> i don't see why a man who has chosen to become a woman would suddenly have problems driving a car. >> activists say the selected categories are arbitrary and the ruling is designed to restrict the rights of those the
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government considers undesirable. >> say, gamblers for example. what does gambling have to do with roast safety? or boyars -- vboyeurs. what does that have to do with roast safety? nothing. >> if a person tries to change their gender, that could be used to deny them a license. >> rights groups want moscow to overturn the decree. if they are ignored, the only way around it might be evasion. >> china has qualified for the quarterfinal of the asian cup after only two matches. >> china beat is pakistan -- uzbekistan 2-1. >> china have had the best possible start in the asian cup. the victory was far from easy. they had to come back from 1-0 down after odil ahmedov scored
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in the first half. but in the second half china's efforts paid off. they equalized 55 minutes in. then, the chinese snatched the lead with a spectacular strike. china have now learned a place in the final eight. north korea, meanwhile, now have no chance to make it through after a second defeat in the tournament. they lost 4-1 to saudi arabia in melbourne. saudi arabia now go on to battle uzbekistan for the last spot in the quarterfinals. >> thanks for watching. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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' opies were snatched off the newsstand. this was the first edition of the paper. 5 million copies are to be printed over the next few days. >> tomorrow. i will have more tomorrow. >> this news vendor said he had 100 copies reserved for wednesday. charlie hebdo has flown off the


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