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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 14, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>>'s son was not up when the new edition of charlie hebdo ran. 7000 copies were snatched off the newsstand. this was the first edition of the paper. 5 million copies are to be printed over the next few days. >> tomorrow. i will have more tomorrow. >> this news vendor said he had 100 copies reserved for wednesday. charlie hebdo has flown off the
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stands. throughout the day people who turned out to buy their copy of their names to make sure they could get one from the next batch. >> it is important for the free no stage. >> i wanted to be part of those people who do buy the magazine. after what happened i do think it is important. >> a cartoon of a weeping prophet holding a sign "je suis charlie" and the words "all is forgiven." a march was attended by 4 million copy -- people across the country. muslim leaders have called for calm and understanding. >> as far as surely he --
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charlie hebdo is concerned or any other paper i cannot impose the guidelines on them. >> with 5 million copies distributed over the coming days instit was on for now. not everyone approves or likes the depiction, the image has enraged and upset many people in the muslim world. muslim leaders are calling the -- on their communities to stay calm. turkey, egypt, and senegal are banning the image. and the image is described as hurtful to the feelings of muslims everywhere. >> it is the cover seen around the world.
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anger has been stirred among some muslims. >> it will be burned again. these are symbols that no one should touch. >> iran who condemned the attack criticized the magazine for once again provoking muslims. >> we condemn these provocative actions. we consider this publication insulting because it hurts the feelings of muslims worldwide and can create a vicious circle of extremism in the world. >> this was another example of the west of using freedom of speech. and the new cover has added fuel to the debate. >> freedom of speech does not mean you have the right to offend the profit -- prophet.
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>> for the first time you will be available online in arabic. a selection of cartoons were published in turkey as a four-page insert. even they admitted they left out cartoons deemed to offensive and relegated the cover itself to a subsection of the paper. >> patrick pinter is a cartoonist. you are a veteran. you produced every -- one every day for 30 years, 43,000. i am a veteran i should say. >> you lost friends. >> one of them was just buried this afternoon.
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and another is buried in paris. i started as a young guy create i was 10 years old. i went -- that was they just welcomed me and they were nice with me it i stood to be a cartoonist. >> what do you make of today's cover? what do you think your friends would have made of it? >> when you realize how powerful is a cartoon, we can manage to make [indiscernible] im am in favor of an open-minded world. i would be very pleased just to face the reality.
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i would be happy to face a cartoon. we are different but we can mend us to come together. -- managed to come together. they were good guys, they were intelligent, clever, and will and minded and they died. >> i just wanted to ask you as well, talking about religious sensitivity. there has been a lot of outrage and people saying they are upset and dismayed by this cover. they say why are we being picked up -- picked on again, this is insulting to us. you published a newspaper -- how do you strike the balance? >> respect. i start at 7 a.m. in my bed and i started to draw. i realized is it clever, isn't intelligent, is it funny, do you
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recognize the people i am drying and is a respectful and this is the most important thing in my life, to be able to try to see what is in front of me. i do not want to create any scandal. >> we saw some of your work. >> we're not going to be beaten. that was the first drawing them made. i made it on a very small card and i am working with my telephone right now and this new system might be the worst system. right now everything is known within seconds. >> everything is instant on social media. opinions and art and outrage is instant. >> i would not do it.
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>> would you not do that out of fear for your safety or because you -- >> i do not want to upset people. i can make it seem very funny. i made that drying of the 72 virgins which is -- it is impossible for me to draw with 72 virgins around. it starts to be difficult to draw with 72. this is in limit on which is a country with different religions and it is working. it is working very easily. >> thank you very much. meanwhile in france the french media must -- [indiscernible] will stand trial. he was one of 54 people arrested
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today for hate speech anti-semitism, and incitement to perform terrorist acts. his act has been cancelled by the 30's as it was deemed anti-semitic. al qaeda's yemen branch claimed responsibility for last week's attack. he warned more tax would take place in france and another western countries. >> is 11 million long video was posted on the twitter account of al qaeda. they decided not to broadcast the footage where the group claimed responsibility.
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shortly after the killing of 12 people and another time on friday before they were gunned downed, the brothers had said they were sent by this terrorist network. al qaeda in yemen have not claimed responsibly -- responsibility for the actions of those who murdered for people at a jewish supermarket. he said he was killing in the name of the islamic state group. the money why have helped him purchase money and ask doses found in up -- an apartment outside of paris where he is believed to have stayed before carrying out the attacks. >> their spiritual mentor has come forward, the person who
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introduced the brothers into an extremist ideology. he met with them as recently as two months ago and tried to talk him out of violence. >> you have to know that they were only thinking about combat. i used the opportunity to talk about the killings in to lose, killings that targeted the jewish community and the military. i explained to him that i was against it. against the assassination of jewish children and against the assassination of soldiers. he had difficulty accepting it. we talked about it, i gave him religious arguments to make him change his mind.
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at the end of our meeting, i had the feeling that he was starting to change, that he was starting to evolve. >> the president -- lawmakers have the task on agreeing on a successor. >> giving back the presidential flag and listens as the national anthem plays out. the 89-year-old explained the practical reasons. >> i wish to explain that i have been pushed to resign by having realized lately how my age brings with it growing limitations and difficulties in carrying out my institutional
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duties. >> napolitano had always been expected to step down early. the former communist was persuaded to run for a second term when lawmakers could not agree on a successor. he was one of the expected -- respected abroad. >> italy had a problem of international reliability and credibility. he worked to restore and maintain this credibility. >> finding at successor lawmakers can agree on is a tough problem. he will have to win over the bilious sectors in his party.
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>> a quick round up of the stories. charlie hebdo is selling out. people lining up around the block to buy the copies. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has claimed responsibility for last week's terrorist attack. the group warns that more violence will follow. let's get to business news. markus karlsson is here. copies of charlie hebdo flying off the shelf. not usually the case for french newspapers. >> the newspaper business is under pressure despite the massive sales we have seen for charlie hebdo this wednesday. the demand for this satirical newspaper exceptionally high
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after last week's attack. it is a public show of support for french newspaper. that is not the case most mornings. >> a race to the local newsstand and on. once upon a time when newspapers were the only way to get information, a stop at the corner kiosk was a normal part of life. such enthusiasm seen across france on wednesday is now a rarity. >> come back tomorrow. >> the fervor for cartoons that has been a complete turnaround. in the past two years they saw slight uptick. there was an efforts drop in sales of 6.6%.
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the latest paper to be hit hard, the publication that let their offices to staff to put out their latest issue. they were saved in the final hour by wealthy investors. other french papers have not been so lucky. france are closed its doors in 2012. over five years, sales fell by 25% in europe and 13% in north america. there is good news for the written press. sales rose by more than 10% in asia, the middle east, and north africa. >> we're seeing another volatile session on wall street. shares are in the red.
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the indices are down after a disappointing day. which includes a drop in u.s. retail sales in december. retail sales fell by 0.9% suggesting there was weak spending in the lead up to christmas when it comes to american consumers. investors took their cue from the united states. investors reacted to a world bank report as it cut the forecast for this year to just 3%. the euro has been falling this wednesday. advisor to the top court said it is in line with the law. that paves the way for the program. germany has voiced concern over
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the mandate to engage in buying bonds. the ruling means that it is free to decide on its own. >> it clearly states the ecb has sole responsibility. it also is in accordance with pastors -- jurisprudence that the ecb will have a considerable amount of discretion. >> lots of speculation in the lead up to next thursday which is when the ecb will be meeting to decide whether there will be quantitative easing in the eurozone and you can count on the fact that it will be a
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closely watched decision. let's talk you through a few other stories read the head of america's biggest lender says banks are under assault from regulators. j.p. morgan chase's ceo jamie diamond made those comments after a fall in profits. it has had to cover legal costs. it is under investigation for alleged wrongdoing. china has overtaken france as the biggest car market. the french car market sold 100,000 more in china than in france. it seems to be paying off. the first sales rise in three years. demonstrations in hong kong could hurt profitability.
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sales at hong kong fell from october 2 november. this was not enough to offset growth. sales rose 14% for more than $900 million. >> i did not know that burberry sold that much in hong kong. >> we will take a short break and leave you with the best of the internet. >> welcome to the web news. the stories making online headlines. islamist hackers target hundreds of french websites. this was the deadliest bacchus
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-- massacre yet. new yorkers traveled on the subway. anonymous recently declared war on islamist terrorists. hackers went -- responded on monday with a series of attacks targeting hundreds of french websites. an organization calling itself the united islamic cyber forces is one of the most active. claiming on twitter they had defaced dozens of webpages. the technique consists of breaking into the webpage taking control, and replacing the regular content. some of the sites under attack are still unavailable. another group has joined the list of islamist hackers.
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they claim responsibility for 1222 attacks. pages display messages like there is no god but a law -- alahlah. and messages accusing the french government of stigmatizing the muslim community. they vowed to area fresh cyberattacks in the days and weeks to come. last week, boko haram launched its worst attack ever since forming in 2002. they went on to assault 2000 people in three days.
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thousands have posted condemning the horrific events of the past few days. some say the attacks should have been given more press to raise awareness of the war between nigeria and boko haram. many are urging television networks and newspapers to provide greater media coverage of the conflict in this region. others have turned to world leaders on the u.n. urging them to interview -- intervene to combat the islamist militants. the nigerian army is asking for assistance, reaching out to the international community for help in regaining control of the country.
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according to this infographic countries in the southern hemisphere will be most affected by climate change. taking into account the nations declining crop yields. it is pretty bleak for west africa, central africa, and southern asia with europe and north america most likely to survive climate change. a few months ago, american social media manager donna herlihy created an account. she has 123,000 followers. she is a skeleton.
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spotify -- you can discover new music based on what you like already. the app will point fans of elvis presley towards chuck berry or 80 cochran. 0-- eddie cochran. you have to hover your mouse over the track and see if you like what you hear. last weekend saw the annual no pants subway ride. thousands to part this year lets to the amusement of other passengers as we can see in this video which you can watch in its
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entirety on youtube.
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m pacifica this is democracy now! quick 50 miles north of damascus were on thursday, rebel fighters captured two positions previously controlled by the government. we're hearing some automatic and five from surrounding area. the government apparently has told them they have until tonight to surrender and if they don't it will face a counter attack. >> in july 2012, freelance journalist austin tice posted


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