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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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e in paris, saying the time for renewal has come. underlining the fact that muslims suffer the most from fundamentalism and intolerance. pope francis lands in the philippines, the first visit to the largely catholic country in 20 years. some 6 million people are expected for a giant mass later in the week. new reports of boko haram violence in nigeria. men shot point-blank in house to
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house searches and a woman killed in childbirth. coming up, our driverless car is coming to our roads soon. google has taken the idea to the detroit auto show to get the motor industry on board. we will head to the new paris philharmonic inaugurated last night. the outside may not be complete -- first, francois hollande gave a speech today to the arab world institute. that is linked to the opening of a forum called rebuilding the arab world. the stock comes eight days after the attack on the magazine "charlie hebdo."
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the building was one beaming the phrase "we are all charlie." let's listen to what the french president had to say. >> all the misery, all the inequality all the conflicts that have remained unresolved for too long. it is muslims who are the first victims of fanaticism, fundamentalism, and intolerance. >> there were 40 world leaders who came to paris for the march. there was no top-level u.s. dignitary. washington is hoping to make up for some criticism over the absence by sending john kerry to paris. he is due to meet president
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francois hollande. kerry talked about the trip today. >> we share a big hug with paris and express the -- for our friends who have been through a terrible time. >> melissa bell is here with us. there were a gentle words from the secretary of state. >> a big hug that paris is due for. paris is a city that has been
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hurt. john kerry has made it clear that they regret their decision not to send -- but at least john kerry, there was a sense that a top official was missing here. clearly trying to make up for something there. because he is a french speaking man, he has had kind words. he will be back and will be wanting to give a hug to the city as it needs it. they are burying one of the cartoonists who was killed a week ago. he was a cartoonist to have been killed. we have been hearing from francois hollande speaking at the arab institute, making the
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case that france was not beaten by what has happened, but rather it was in this series of events that it would week strength. >> these tragedies and these ordeals can have two consequences for the people. they can lay them low humiliate, subdue them, or awaken them and that list them to shout their message louder. >> this message has been along the lines of what francois hollande has said. if western civilization, french society was an empty shell that people could project what they like, this killing, the tragedy that kicked off the events a week ago will remind france of its values.
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before all this, the cartoons divided many people. many people were against what he was doing. i remember it being described at the time as putting fuel on the fire. now that argument has gone away and with the republication the fact that the french political class have gotten behind the argument of the rights to publish it giving all that has happened it is an argument that has been one that france is shouting more loudly. one of the limits of free speech? we have also seen something else over the worst of the last few days.
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france is taking a much harsher attitude to cracking down on those forms of speech, even as it stands behind the rights of publications like charlie hebdo. >> thank you for that. in germany, angela merkel has promised to hike test to heightened security measures against islamist extremists. she said creatures of hate and violence building an act of the name of islam will be fought at all legal means at the disposal of the state. despite the tragedy of last week, on the charlie hebdo staff was set to release its issue on time. it featured a cartoon of the prophet mohammed on its cover. there will be some 5 million
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copies released this week around the world. not all media outlets are choosing to show the cover. >> blocking out the cartoons. newspapers across the arab world covered the story of charlie hebdo's latest addition. in morocco, any character of the muslim prophet is considered highly offensive. >> i saw the last copy of the newspaper and the cartoons of our profit. i will never be charlie hebdo. a similar sentiment has been expressed by numerous leaders. the head of the mosque in egypt and one of the most respected voices of sunni muslims encouraged them to ignore the cartoons. >> in increases the rage caused by these drawings in the first
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place. it is unnecessary. what we need is a solution more than an increase of anger or violence. >> a call to respect muslim beliefs was made by the foreign minister in geneva. >> sanctity needs to be respected. unless we learn to respect one another, it will be difficult in a world of different views and civilizations, we will not be able to engage in a serious dialogue. >> in france, the journalist insist cartoons are an important aspect of free speech. >> turkish prime minister condemned the publication of the latest charlie hebdo. freedom of the press does not
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equal freedom to insult, calling the front cover a grave and provocation. he said hard -- he said turkey would not tolerate insults to the prophet. let's look at another story we are covering. the pope has landed in the philippines. the five day stay will include a giant mass, expected to gather some 6 million people. >> it is like a welcome the sitting a rock star and the some friends have been saying the beatles when they first arrived here in the 1960's, and even justin bieber a few years ago well, the pope is a rock star in this country. there are about 100000 and countless more lined up the streets.
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hundreds of thousands of people lined up the streets as early as 3:00 in the morning, more than 12 hours waiting for the pope and they only got to catch the pope waiting for a few seconds. they were so happy. they were cheering. in the airport there was a loud cheer when they spotted the sri lankan airline approaching the runway. it was amazing. sunset here is quite early. when the pope passed through people eagerly awaited him and they waived. they were more than happy to see pope francis. >> let's go to nigeria.
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the latest on the escalating attacks in boko from. -- in boko haram. william hildebrandt explains. >> this image from january 2, in red, dense vegetation. this is the aftermath of an attack by boko haram militants. amnesty international published these images and said the group launched 23 separate attacks in northeastern nigeria. officials said 20,000 people have said after 16 villages were burned to the ground. as many as 2000 people were killed.
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>> they overwhelmed a military base outside the town and it shot civilians as they tried to flee. they went house to house, pulling out young men and shooting them in the streets. >> last year, they killed more than 10,000 people. the violence is increasing. >> we do not see any signs of the situation improving. we are seeing a surge of violence and succession of armed conflicts. >> at many have fled but the violence has followed. on saturday, 19 people have been killed.
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there was little prospect people would be allowed to vote in militant held areas. >> a dictator was ousted after 23 years in power. four years later they elected a parliament and a president, but many tunisians are waiting for better ways to and poverty and unemployment. >> for the fourth anniversary, there was an official ceremony in the presidential palace. the country's newly elected president spoke of the sacrifice they made.
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>> tunisians paid a heavy price. the blood of their children and the young two and the dictatorship -- and the young to end the dictatorship. >> his words were not enough to quell the anger. many protested, saying they had been forgotten. >> of this should be a commemoration and not a masquerade. we are sad. god alone sees our suffering. >> tunisians congratulated themselves on the success of recent elections. even if many of the expectations have not been met. >> we have the same commands concerning jobs and social
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equality. we still do not have faith in the security system. four years after the revolution. >> several political parties also marched. a proud tunisia, but not a united front. >> time for business with stephen. let's start with the news from the swiss central bank. >> it is happening in sit -- in switzerland. they have scrapped a policy that limited how much the euro was allowed to fall against its currency. they had a florham place for 3.5 years that prevented the euro from falling below 1.2 francs. the bank cut interest rates into
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negative territory, to 0.75%. the euro has plummeted by some 20% in trading today, down to just over one frank. a big change on what is happening on the trade between the euro and the frank. -- and franc. the euro weakens against the dollar. it is just below the level of the euro. a big move on the currency markets. >> what effect does that have that on the market? >> it has fallen over 10%. huge effect on the markets. the change will mean the exports will get more expensive. that is why investors are not
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pleased with that move. it had been up over 1% before the news. london ftse trading down. >> not a good time to buy a watch. let's turn to the detroit auto show. >> google has joined recognized car brands to bring its driverless car ideas. it hopes to bring the self driving car to the market by 2020. it is not the only one working on the project. >> google says the futuristic model could be driving itself within two to five years. they just brought the concept here to detroit's annual motor
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show to bring more automakers on board. they are the new face symbolic of u.s. motoring. >> they have hard learned lessons from the last century. for us to jump in and say we can do this better is arrogant. >> google is not the only one shifting gears. -- teamed up with nasa. tesla announced its electric car production to 2 million a year. the raise -- the races on to get driverless cars on the road by the end of the decade.
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>> let's look at some of the top business stories. shell has scrapped a project. the latest casualty of falling oil prices. a new complex has been shelved because of the new economic climate. investors and blackberry had a roller coaster ride on wednesday after reports of a buyout by samsung. shares soared on rumors of the $7.5 billion deal. they fell back into the 15% after the company released a statement that it was not in discussions with the company. one of 37 firms on a name and shame list. they said they failed to pay
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more than 2600 pounds to 540 of its workers. >> facebook coming to the office. you do not have to hide behind your computer. >> the product is facebook at work. this is what it looks like on the u.s. itunes store. employees will be able to set up their own a new professional profile. it will be stiff competition for linkedin who are leaders in this market. >> it sounds complicated. thank you. that look at business. time for the press review.
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>> let's look at what we claim act using have been saying. the leading stories the publication of charlie hebdo's first show -- first issue. >> all eyes have been on this. it is the first issue after the charlie hebdo attack. controversial and defiant. you see this cartoon of the prophet mohammed shedding a tear, holding this sign. the headline says everything is forgiven. there is a big debate over who is doing the forgiving and who is receiving the forgiveness. it is an incredible and emotional issue.
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published in over 20 countries and five languages, including arabic. the first issues were sold out. it is controversial. islamic leaders have been latching out against the cover saying it is racist and fanning the flames and inciting hatred. >> it is a controversial issue but an opportunity for the staff to pay tribute to the cartoonists who were killed. >> featuring some of their last cartoons. quite emotional. this one is foretelling. you see this group saying we mustn't touch the charlie hebdo staff or they will become martyrs and once they are in heaven, they will steal our virgins. the magazine pays tribute to its slang cartoonists. it remains true to its anarchic,
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punk self, making fun of everyone, everybody, including the millions of people who took to the streets on sunday. you can see there were more people on the streets for charlie than there were in church. the editorial is very defiant and has a passionate defense of secularism. a very big concept here in france. some of these people will be friends for life and some of them will be tweeting friends. here in france, there is support for the magazine. >> several magazines have paid tribute to charlie.
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you can see they have their own cartoon of the prophet mohammed. he is a famous cartoonist. you can see the slang cartoonists looking sad. this is they may have killed some of the most famous cartoonist's, but they did not kill charlie. once again, he is at the heat of the debate. >> there is this incredible cartoon that represents a cartoon version of a famous painting. you can see they are talking
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about we are france. and at go to the i am charlie slogan. if we look of holding arms, they hold pencils. it is a similar photo. this photo has gotten a lot of attention on social media. a lot of people say it looks like this painting. this massive demonstration ended and you can see them say we must continue the fight. i have assume of the photo. there is a guy holding up a pencil. a lot of people have called this the pencil leading the population. there is a special issue dedicated to t
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