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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 16, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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llowing a series of raids, built-in authorities charge fire with terror-related offenses. it is not clear if there are links to the paris attacks. anger at "charlie hebdo." people take to the streets at the latest edition of the satirical newspaper. in niger, people have been killed, 48 injured, and a french cultural center set ablaze. shoulder to shoulder with france. the prime minister and the u.s.
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president vow to the terror -- defeat terror during talks in washington. authorities in belgium today charged five individuals following a series of anti-terror raids across the country. the raids resulted in the arrests of more than a dozen people. a federal magistrate said earlier today that the suspects were within hours of implementing a plan targeting police officers with military weapons, including kalashnikovs. in the raids, they discovered a number of police uniforms. >> this is one of 12 homes raided in belgian cities on thursday. those inside fired assault rifles for several minutes to keep security forces away.
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investigators have been listening to their phone conversations for weeks. man recently back from syria have been in contact with at least a dozen other suspects. according to investigators there were about to launch attacks across the country. inside the home, the ak-47's high quantities of ammunition, explosives, police radios, and uniforms. >> these people had the intention to kill several policemen in the street and a police commission house. >> the rates were among the biggest anti-terror operations ever in belgium. asked whether some suspects escaped, authorities refused to comment. the prime minister said there is no reason to worry. >> i want to make clear that as we speak, we have no information about specific and concrete terrorist threats. >> but belgians are not reassured.
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although authorities boosted security around sensitive sites, many jewish schools remained closed and many belgians stayed at home for the day. >> there were angry scenes in a number of countries today, where people took to the streets after friday prayers to express their anger at a caricature of the prophet mohammed on the cover of the latest "charlie hebdo." jordan and pakistan saw crowds denouncing the cartoons. in niger demonstrators set the french cultural city ablaze. four people reportedly killed in clashes there, 45 injuries. say protesters were armed with bows and arrows, along with clubs. >> after support and solidarity, those who reject "charlie hebdo" are taking to the streets. in pakistan, hundreds shouted, "shame on the french magazine."
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in karachi demonstrators came to blows. one was shot, others seriously injured. >> they committed blasphemy against the prophet mohammed. >> we appeal to francois hollande to punish the culprits who were involved in printing these caricatures depicting the prophet mohammed. >> in turkey, protesters went a step further, openly supporting the perpetrators of the attack. there was a photograph of the brothers who murdered over 12 people. people protesting in istanbul said they side with those defending the religious values. >> it is more important to us than our mothers and fathers whatever people think about it. the honor of our mothers is inferior to the honor of the prophet. we would give the lives of our children. >> protesters marched against the satirical publication, and
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in jordan, 2500 people took to the streets with the same spirit of indication that indignation and opposition. >> whoever thinks these insults will pass without reaction from 1.7 billion muslims in this world is certainly wrong. france and europe constantly speak about freedom of speech. they stand powerless when it comes to the abuse of the liberty of speech of other people. >> in tehran, hundreds to the streets after friday prayers. demonstrations in the algerian capital were broken up by police. >> the french interior minister announced today that dozens of people were arrested in raids during the early hours of friday. those taken into custody are suspected of helping the gunmen behind last week's terror attacks. the raids were focused in the southern paris suburbs.
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>> this neighborhood was one of the scenes of the raids early friday morning. those took place in five suburbs across the greater paris area. 12 people in all were taken into questioning. most were previously known to police for criminal violations. all were acquaintances of a medical only -- all were acquaintances of the shooter suspected of assisting him with weapons or vehicles, like the scar on the left, found last friday after the attack on the kosher supermarket. he and his friends are suspected to have bought it several weeks earlier. the suspected accomplices were tracked using phone tapping and dna samples. many of the 12 are thought to have links to crime. they are known to have involvement with islamist groups.
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the french prime minister said they were remaining on guard. >> this was a threat at a very hard level. -- very high level. we must do everything to protect the public by arresting any accomplices of these terrorists. >> the investigation continues. further arrests have not been ruled out. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry paid a visit to the palace in the french capital, where he greeted president francois hollande with a warm embrace. the top diplomat said the u.s. shares france's came after the terror attacks. -- pain after the terror attacks. >> john kerry was in paris on friday to show support after the terror attacks that killed 17 people the week for. apologizing for the absence of the u.s. that sunday's solidarity march, the secretary of state met with francois hollande before giving a speech at the city hall, alongside the
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paris mayor. >> i wanted to express to you personally the sheer horror and abortion -- ruvell shown -- and re himvulsion -- horror and revulsion all-american soap. -- all americans felt. he paid his respects at the offices of "charlie hebdo" and is of the city. the u.s. was criticized for failing to some high-level officials to the rally, which was attended by several foreign heads of state. they stress the u.s. was still a key ally in the ongoing fight against terror. >> there will soon be a meeting in the united states, and we will have the opportunity along
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with many other countries to strengthen cooperation on counterterrorism, not only between france and the u.s. which is already quite good, but with other countries, because there are technical measures to strengthen, such as identity checks on travelers. >> authorities are hunting for suspected accomplices across europe, part of the continent-one crack their on those involved in extremist terror networks -- a continent wide crackdown on those involved in extremist terror networks. >> from mr. cameron is the first leader to me in the u.s. since the terror attacks, and global security was a key subject of talks. >> i know david joins me when i say that we will continue to do everything in our power to help france speak the justice that is needed, and that all our countries are working together seamlessly to prevent attacks
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and defeat terrorist networks. we both recognize that intelligence and military force alone is not going to solve this problem, so we are going to keep working on strategies to counter violent extremism that recognizes and mobilizes people, especially young people, to engage in terror. >> the men also announced a series of joint initiatives aimed at tackling cyber crime something the british prime minister says is one of the biggest threats of modern times. for more, we're joined in the studio by a professor, the ceo of a cyber security firm. the british high minister is saying cyberattacks are one of the greatest threats we face. is that an exaggeration? if it is actually quite reasonable. the range and size of attacks we are currently facing our unprecedented -- are
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unprecedented and could qualify as a serious global risk right now. what is exaggerated as saying we cannot do anything about it because we can do something about it. >> what sorts of things can be done? >> the first response is obviously what people can do at home, which is having better security. most of the attacks in the past five days were due to very poor security from the 1970's. people need to upgrade for their security. on the state level, we can have a global response. the issue right now is that the threat is global, and so every state cannot act on its own. the odd cooperation between the u.k. in u.s., we need a global response, including europe. >> what you envision that cooperation looking like between
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other european partners? what initiatives, changes to the law, do you envisage? >> too much policing does not help. we need sharing capabilities. we have excellent technical assets in the u.s. and europe. europe has amazing hackers and a strong hacking community. we need to share capabilities. identifying a threat requires us to work in many countries. threats did not come from one country. they come from several countries, highly coordinated. without global cooperation between states, we will not be able to face the current fight. >> tells a little bit about who the most prolific cyber attackers are. we have heard certain countries being named in media as perhaps having been behind the hacking attack on sony pictures and other such attacks. do you think there are states
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that sponsor such activity? >> there are states that sponsor these activities. the main issue is attribution and it is very hard to attribute an attack from a specific country. what hackers do is they borrow the capabilities. when you have an attack in france, it can come from belgium, from italy, and it does not mean that italy is responsible or france's responsible. -- is responsible. it means they found capabilities they could hack. you have rogue states and on the other side, the technical issue. the technical issue involves being able to share the investigation together, to be able to identify where the attack is coming from. >> clearly, lots of sharing of information needed by different countries.
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>> agreeing on the same legal framework. >> professor, thank you very much indeed. a reminder of our top stories. cracking down on the strangest -- on extremists following a series of raids in belgium. there are no known links to the paris attacks. anger at "charlie hebdo." people take to the streets at the latest edition of the satirical newspaper. in niger, a french cultural center is set ablaze. four people are killed, 45 injured. shoulder to shoulder with france. the british prime minister and u.s. president vowed to defeat terror during joint talks in washington. time for a check of the top business news stories. markus karlsson joins me now. let's begin with the fallout from the rising swiss franc.
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>> we are still digesting that rise that we got on saturday. that was a real swiss shocker. that is when the swiss central bank dropped a ceiling it had kept the swiss franc artificially low against the euro. the franc soared on thursday and on friday, and that has been sending shockwaves through markets. swiss people became richer in one fell swoop but exporters fear it will hurt them. the story goes down swiss borders. in central and eastern europe, many homeowners have loans denominated in ranks -- fra ncs, and they are packing. >> hundreds and thousands of polish mortgages are denominated in frank's -- francs. they have become harder to service. >> the property is worth
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250,000, and i have to pay a 550,000. i already paid back 100,000. >> they were attracted by lewis -- lower interest rates in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis. homeowners in hungary and croatia were also going in. on thursday in romania many showed up to protest. mortgages denominated in francs are worth over 30 billion euros in poland, and 1.7 billion hungary. analysts were in the situation -- worn the situation is a potential policy headache, but authorities are holding off for now. >> is this a short-term increase? no changes will have to be implemented. if it is a long-term situation the government will have to find a solution. >> between 30,000-40,000 poles
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face challenges paying back foreign currency loans, with worry this could rise if the franc continues to surge. >> other casualties are piling up in markets. two currency brokerage firms have gone bust, one in new zealand and another in britain caught up by the rapid rise of the frank on thursday. -- the franc on thursday. fmc in new york has warned it is struggling to cope. we have seen the stock market value plunge almost 90% this session on street. you up-to-date with the stock market. europe's main stock indexes are higher with exporters following. that follows a negative figure of almost 9% on thursday
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already. so overall, a pretty bad week for the smi in zürich. in the united states, the indexes are gaining some ground, with the dow jones industrial average up about 0.6%. investors are digesting a slight rise in oil prices, which is driving oil stocks higher. financial stocks are landing after weaker than expected profits from the banking sector. we will claim -- take a closer look at one aspect of that banking story in a moment. let's talk you through a few corporate stories. we start with banking. goldman sachs has extended a week earnings season for wall street banks. the american bank has posted a 10% drop in fourth-quarter earnings in comparison to last year. profits were still slightly better than analysts expected. profits at j.p. morgan chase and bank of america also slipped after a slowdown in trading between october and december.
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speaking of thanks -- banks two major lenders have apply for emergency funding from the central bank of greece. euro bank and outputting say the move is a cautionary. -- alpha bank say the move is cautionary. the market turmoil caused by a rising swiss franc has also sparked uncertainty. the european commission has detailed a tax deal between luxembourg and amazon. the eu executive says the deal may have given the internet retailer an unfair advantage. the commission says amazon has funneled profits from across europe to its luxembourg unit, and through a special set up, most profits have been exempted from corporate taxes. should that prove to be found unfair, amazon might be called upon to pay hefty sums.
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that is the business news. >> time for us to turn to what is happening online. web news is up next. >> welcome to the web news with our pick of the stories making online headlines. standing up for "charlie hebdo." controversy over the suggestion the u.k. is to bear -- ban encryption. and visit boston from the comfort of your own home. the three police officers killed in last week's terror attacks in paris were honored by french president francois hollande in an emotional ceremony on tuesday. the official twitter and facebook pages of the national police force display a message
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thanking the people of france for their support. this is followed by drawing sent in by the public, hailing police for their bravery and professionalism during the terrible event that rocked france between january 7 and nine, and paying tribute to those who died trying to save the lives of their fellow citizens. the national police has also praised security forces across the globe from countries including the united states mexico, england, spain, and scotland, for their messages of support and the release they staged solidarity with the police in france. [applause] as the police forces -- force says this has made them more determined than ever to ensure the safety and security of the people of france.
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in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks by extremists in paris, in which 17 people were killed, rich prime minister david cameron has announced plans to title controls -- titan controls on data, thought to propose a ban on encryption software to help security services identify potential terrorists. there has been heated debate online and widespread outrage. web users in the u.k. have mocked the proposal, saying the prime minister would be better off ignoring -- avoiding a subject he knows nothing about. the official website uses encryption. others say the suggestion is an absurd step backward, and only authoritarian regimes for the safe encryption, as highlighted on this map. in "the guardian," a journalist
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says the ban would be ineffective and risky for the economy. he explains the technology does not just protect online communications. it is also used to protect bank details when online shopping. he's is putting an end to encryption would have serious knock on effect and spell the end of e-commerce. prince william, his wife, and brother have their own joint official twitter account. there twitter handle refers to the london residence of the heirs to the british throne. web users will be able to follow updates on their day-to-day activities. it is proving pretty popular so far, drawing over 31,000 followers in less than 24 hours.
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this interactive map indicates the ongoing armed conflicts across the globe, along with the stories behind them. the conflict map also provides additional information on wars that received little media coverage, like the tensions between mozambique's former civil war foes, or ongoing separatist struggles in northwest china. what if cap lovers -- cat lovers had loads of feline friends? a québec photographer explore this idea with a collection entitled "crazy cat lovers." she used image-editing software to incorporate numerous shots of the same pet in the same photo.
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you can take a closer look on the website. with this time lapse video, you can visit boston from the comfort of your own home. take a trip around the u.s. city 's most iconic and famous landmarks. it makes for stunning viewing and you can watch the video in its entirety on vimeo.
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m pacifica this is democracy now! >> i don't know if climate change is all man's fault, but the majority is. for the most part, it is man who continuously slept down nature. we have come in a sense, lorded over nature, over sister earth over mother earth. >> weeks after pope francis announced he would urge 1.2 billion catholics worldwide


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