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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 12, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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ng a protest. living in darkness. 83% of syria has been left in the dark after four years of suffering. greece's finance minister says his country has a small cash flow problem. they need to find billions to meet its debts. welcome back to the "france 24" newsroom. two police officers are being
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treated for gun wounds after being shot in ferguson, missouri. it is unclear where the shots came from. the police chief resigned. he had been in charge when michael brown was killed, fatally shot back in august. >> a cop got shot. everybody down on the ground. police got shot. >> these pictures were taken moments after the incident. >> at midnight the crowd was starting to break up. several of the officers left the area. two officers were struck. one officer was struck in the shoulder. another one struck in the face. >> demonstrators were standing
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across from the officers at the time. a photographer said the gunfire came from further up the street. >> we were about to leave. we heard what we thought were fireworks up the street. turns out, it was gunfire. we saw the muzzle fire from the gun. we were kind of ducked down. >> the protest on wednesday was largely peaceful. some demonstrators were seen taken away from the site in handcuffs. the police chief resigned from his post earlier that day. law enforcement has been under fire since the fatal shooting last summer of michael brown, an unarmed black teenager. there was a damage report published by the justice
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department. >> with this is our international affairs editor. this shooting and the resignation comes in the wake of the report saying there was biased activity in ferguson. >> aside from the police chief there have been half a dozen resignations. you have the city manager, a top judge, a top clerk police supervisors. the dominoes continue to fall in the wake of the report. the report accused the city of using it police force and court as a moneymaking machine. there were e-mails cited in the report to thomas jackson saying we need to rev up more revenue.
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start writing more tickets. thomas jackson delivered on that request. he ramped up that ticket-writing. it was very racially biased by the police force, by the courts, that targeted the black residents of ferguson. the black residents make up about 67% of the town's population. the justice department statistics based on hundreds of interviews showed 92% of the charges of disturbing the peace resisting arrest were black residents. you can see where the disproportion is. it is also in the courts. it was a pattern over time.
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this is why you have had so much tension. these are practices a lot of people would cooperate to federal investigators. it is nothing that came out of nowhere, this type of fact this is. >> racial bias. what do they suggest? >> where do you go? they are not saying we don't want cosmetic changes. fire somebody here. they want a reform of the practices the way the police and court work. they want the department to be remade. unless officials are able to meet, reached some sort of agreement like in other towns
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they are threatening to dismantle the entire police force. start again from the bottom up the way you do your track this is. reforms in the way officers are allowed to make arrests. certain offenses, officers are recommended have to sign off with supervisors. it won't be able to walk up and arrest someone. that is one of many reforms. changing shifts. it is a big task ahead. >> thank you for coming in for that analysis. living in dark this. 83% of the lights have gone out in syria. 200,000 people killed, 10 million forced to flee their homes. they are trying to get the world
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to refocus on the suffering. these images of a country plunged into darkness. >> living by torchlight -- por chlight. plunged to darkness by war. these images show how syrian cities lost nightlife over the past four years. residents fleeing their towns and villages. civilians turning the lights off at night. the country has been left in darkness. a coalition of over 130 nigogo's worked to collect satellite data. the results are striking. 83% of the lights have gone out
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since march, 2011. aleppo which saw some of the heaviest writing lost 97% of its light. damascus only lost 35%. the world's attention is focused on the islamic study, the coalition is calling on the international community to turn their attention to the daily suffering and help bring the lights back on. >> iraqi forces have entered tikrit claiming it has the biggest victory against islamic state militants. the fight is far from over inside the town. the troops are not facing fighters on the ground but sniper fire. the islamic state group did launch offenses elsewhere. we go through the latest battles.
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reporter: heavy gunfire as forces fight their way into tikrit. a force of over 20,000 personnel advance from the north to secure al-alam. they forced fighters to withdraw back into the center of the city. the islamic state group is looking increasingly out-gunned. >> it is clear progress for iraqi forces now that we've entered tikrit. >> baghdad lost tikrit last june in a viping offense. recapturing the town means the security forces will have a major supply link to mosul.
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however, as the jihadists have been forced on to the back foot, the situation over the border is different. fighters launched an attack on a border town, seizing a nearby village. it was thought to be a preemptive strike on kurdish militias. kurdish forces are not throwing in the towel yet. they are determined keep up the pressure throughout the area. >> we take a look at some other news. candidate claims to have -- the plan came to light after a man tried to recruit an undercover police officer. he has not been charged with any criminal offenses has been brought to court. an australian teenager carried out a suicide attack in iraq and
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had his passport canceled. they are working on confirming it was a melbourne man. the grand -- the most senior cleric is in indonesia to ask for clemency for two australians on death row. all of the foreigners on death row will be executed together. greece needs to find billions of euros in order to meet its debt. after reaching an agreement for an extension athens is being criticized for not proposing enough reforms to get the money. the finance minister yannis varoufakis said his country has small cash flow problem. >> institutions have taken
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measures and i'm sure we will come to an agreement and they will not be allowed to derail the process and now we're in the process of completing it. >> you are saying you might -- your debt-free payments? >> greece is doing its part. the institutions will do their part so there will be no need for any postponements of the payment. the issue will be dealt with in a timely manner. anchor: you can watch the complete interview shortly. stay tuned. another financial bailout. ukraine's economy is in shatters. kiev will get a lifeline. $5 billion of which which will
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be handed out immediately. we have details. reporter: it is a lifeline or ukraine. the imf gives the green light to $7.5 billion. >> that will provide additional financing and hopefully help that country restore it situation, providing stability can be found thanks to the cease-fire and minsk agreement. reporter: the conflict in the east has cost the country in more ways than one. the lost 2/3 of its value against the dollar in a year. a much-needed five billion dollars paid out immediately. the imf deemed the current deal
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inadequate. ukraine must continue economic overhauls. >> this is a four-year long program. it obliges to move forward. it opens the door to receiving 7.5 william u.s. dollars in additional -- $7.5 billion in additional u.s. aid. >> the combined package is estimated at $40 billion, which plunges ukraine deeper into debt. anchor: an american astronaut and two russian cosmonauts have returned back to space. barry wilmore, elena serova, and alexander samokutyaev landed shortly after sunrise on thursday.
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the first female russian to have spent time on the international space station. the left earth spending 167 days in space and traveling over 112 million kilometers. they carried out a number of repairs on the station. >> hello and welcome to inside the americas. trouble at the top for brazil's ruling party, accused of taking $200 million worth of kickbacks. hillary clinton breaks her silence. had been considered a free run to the presidency. once again chile is confronted by the shadow of general pinochet.
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we begin in brazil with the scandal which has been brewing for some time. this week it moved up a notch. petro's accusations were explosive. the party had received huge kickbacks. among the 54 people who stand accused, a former president and speakers of both chambers of congress. >> the oil giant is the egg is company and is in the grips of the largest scandal brazil has ever seen. on tuesday a former executive said that the president was directly involved scandal. >> i received a share and the workers party another share.
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maybe $200 million. >> what exactly do the accusations come down to? the scandal affects the oil company and major construction groups. all parties work together. engineering firms are expected of sharing contract and billing them. the ruling workers party with bribes, all said to of happened since the party came to power. >> from 2004 onwards, there was almost an automatic payment of bribes over the contract. reporter: bribes which were allegedly used and could find their way into the pockets of politicians in the senate and the assembly. the president has sworn justice
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will be served. justice will win against corruption in the vast investigation being conducted into the unfortunate episode. 12 senators and 22 deputies are in the firing line. this has not stopped speculation that she could have been involved or that she was aware of what was going on. she was the energy minister, the minister in charge in dealing with petra graff. sheathing shared -- she even chaired the board. >> trying to make common cause with hard-line iranians. an open letter was sent to the iranian regime, warning they have no legal value.
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the american president warned they don't have the power to sign such a deal. those who oppose it, short term negotiations. hillary clinton address the issue this week, criticizing the senators for their letter. in a very well attended press conference, she broke her silence. the perspective democratic candidate had used a private e-mail account during her time as secretary of state. >> she could not shy away from it any longer. after a week of criticism and not making all records available, hillary clinton told
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reporters she regretted not using her governmental account for business. >> when i got to work, i opted to use my personal account which was allowed by state department. i thought it would be easier to carry one device for my work and personal e-mails. >> justification unlikely to satisfy critics. the opposition has sunk its teeth. republicans accuse her of trying to conceal information about the attacks in benghazi that claim the lives of four americans. >> you do not need a law degree to understand how troubling this is. there are chain of custody issues preservation of documents issues exfoliation of
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documents issues. on should be concerned about thee national security applications. >> clinton claims to give 55,000 pages to the state department. she wanted them release to the public. she did not put the country to risk. the private server she used is secure. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified e-mail. >> it is bad timing for clinton. she hasn't formally announced her intention but the bid is already marred. >> the university of oklahoma has shut down a fraternity whose members were filmed singing a racist songs. the video has gone viral comes
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as the united states seems to show an issue of racial unity as they marked the anniversary of the 1965 selma march. >> 50 years ago, there was radical change after official commemorations led by barack obama as dozens gathered to recreate it. there is a whole new revolutions today in the wake of police killings of several lakh students -- of several black citizens. another show of unity was underway at the university of oklahoma. the students involved were quickly expelled by the campus by the university president. >> i hope they think long and hard about what they have done.
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these are not our values. this is not who we are. >> it was a video sent anonymously that brought the scandal to light. the clip filmed on a bus shows members of the fraternity chanting they would rather see black people hung from trees then within their society. the fraternity house has been closed. at least two have been expelled and have issued statements of apology. the mostly segregated culture enforces racial division, some say, and that this division is part of a wider problem that needs to be tackled. >> being called the n-word after being walking home from school. i've seen some of the most
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insidious forms. >> the fraternity is one of the biggest u.s. fraternities with 15,000 members across u.s. campuses. the national leaders have condemned the behavior. >> down to the crash. the helicopter crash in argentina that saw three french athletes lose their lives. they collided with the loss of all life on board. florence arthaud, camille muffat and alexis vastine lost their lives. preparations are underway ahead of the football tournament. the country is proud to pay host to the tournament this year. the shady history of the stadiums where the matches will
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be played. behind these bars in santiago, a reminder of the dictatorship four years ago. this was not always just a sports venue. hundreds of thousands were detained here for 17 years. some were logical dissidence. others trade unionists. others were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> there is a saying that men do not cry. well we do. we cried here, not because we were cowards what for many other reasons. we were hungry and cold and we were thinking of our loved ones. >> in the days and months
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following the coux, political dissidents were arrested and held in navy ships. 12 stadiums like this one were turned into torture centers. today the exact number of victims is hard to trace. many prisoners never came back. prisoners were tortured and in these bathrooms k in their original statesept. they were beatings and sexual assaults. >> the policy was enforced by chile against chile. these sites roof that it happened -- prove that it happened. every year relatives light
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candles around the stadium in memory of the victims. the national stadium as well as other stadiums will
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