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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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host: a decisive day for benjamin netanyahu. he faces stiff competition from the central left. the army halts operations in tikrit, meanwhile closer to baghdad, fighting intensified around falluja. and cyclone-hit residents of vanuatu --destroyed communication lines. thank you for joining us. i am i'll all. today, israel goes to the polls
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and prime minister benjamin netanyahu is hoping to become the country's longest-serving leader. surveys show a very tight race that even put his central left opponents ahead. the last ditch appeal to the right, netanyahu ruled out creation of a palestinian state under his watch. the israeli premier cast has ballot to give one last push for his party. prime minister netanyahu: to stop a left-wing party coming to power, there is only one thing to do -- close the gap. molly: netanyahu faces fierce competition from herzog, the zionist union labor party head. patriots casting his ballot. herzog: everyone wants to follow on the netanyahu path of despair and disappointment, but whoever wants change, hope, and a real, better future for israel can
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vote for the zionist union and give us full power to form a good government for israel and change the direction of israel for the better. molly: herzog and his running mate have accused netanyahu of using security scares to distract from social issues. here's a close look at isaac herzog the 54-year-old candidate who wants to the throne netanyahu. reporter: the voices deep and statesmanlike. isaac herzog has been mocked by his nasal voice and has admitted to taking elocution lessons to try to correct it. he is not afraid to poke fun at himself. he took aim at voters pushed off by his lackluster manner. the candidate head of the zionist union, alongside centrist -- said it is time people take him seriously. herzog: i am the only one who
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can change the country's situation. i am deal who can get a mandate from the president to form a government. reporter: he may be low-key, but the former lawyer says he offers a different kind of leadership, that shifts away from security and toward more social and economic issues. while netanyahu's campaign breasts on the threat from iran, herzog is over while netanyahu's campaign rests on threats from iran, herzog is focused on the economy. herzog: for this, i will make every effort to present our initiative to the arab league and all interested parties. reporter: herzog said he would consider a partial withdrawal from certain occupied territories, but, like his
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opponents, herzog will not budge on jerusalem -- indivisib and 100% israeli. lmaolly: many israelis have not made up their mind. our regional correspondent gallagher fenwick reports about the push. gallagher: in the markets in west jerusalem the rivalry between the right-wing party and the herzog-led center league camp is a heated argument. >> [arguing in a foreign language] gallagher: the latest polls have the right and a centerleft neck
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and neck. voters can swing things either way. defenders tell us that half of his -- this vendor tells us that half of his customers have not made up their mind yet. >> they are sure about who they will vote for, and there are others that say about 50% who are still hesitating. they will make up their minds tuesday morning front of the ballot box. gallagher: although many israelis will have the day off to head to the poll, some say they will boycott the vote. >> the selection talked is not interest me. genie: wh gallagher: why? >> because they have them too much, it is too often. gallagher: the israeli elections are generally unreliable and this election will probably produce some surprising results. molly: polls closer roughly 10:00 p.m. local time. we go now to chris moore who is
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standing by in tel aviv. chris, how is it where you are? chris: things got underway at 7:00 a.m. local time. there has been a steady stream of voters here this morning in tel aviv things opening up at 10:00 local time. the press has been speculating about a high turnout. both sides, both of the main players really entrenching their final hours in the campaign. comments coming from netanyahu thing as long as i am in charge, there is no palestinian state settlement and east jerusalem will continue. he is looking to shore up support on the right of israeli politics. on the other side of the equation unseating isaac herzog , who says widen it you tell us in the world a little bit earlier.
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, but they are going into voting, ironically the first time -- molly: that being said, is it likely that his tactical work, netanyahu? chris: what netanyahu is doing a shoring up support on the right, essentially saying that those on the side of the israeli equation if you vote for the alternative, the center and the less, you will get compromised, you will get west bank settlers in east jerusalem. the problem for netanyahu is a problem throughout the campaign, that these concern a large slice of the israeli electorate. they're much more preoccupied by first world's concerns -- the cost of living, house prices here in tel aviv, for example ridley a flask and cost as much as it cost in paris -- -- renting a flat can cost as much as it does in paris -- ie.e., it
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is expensive. molly: even if netanyahu does lose today's vote, he can still serve as prime minister. chris: he certainly can, yes oh stop running israel is all about building coalitions. the magic number is 61, the number you need to get to to form a majority. it has been a matter of weeks for negotiations in terms of forming a coalition, and the president will choose the person he deems most likely as eating able to do so, but even if netanyahu's party does come in a few seats behind, they are by no way out of the equation. most people think that the left led by isaac herzog have a realistic chance of putting together a governing body like that, and that is why netanyahu is concerned. molly: chris reporting from tel
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aviv, thank you. we will check in with you throughout the day. i am joined in the studio by douglas herbert. doug we saw chris walking after how the vote is going so far. netanyahu's future is uncertain here. this has become a very anti-netanyahu vote, if you will, people coming out not to vote for someone but against the stock. douglas: yes, and some will say netanyahu only has himself to blame if it turns into the campaign on the other side. why? he is the one who called the voters to the polls. he thought he was in a strong position, did not like the coalition as it was, he had a falling out with two of his ministers, one of them being tzipi livni, and he thought he could recall a new coalition today, come away from these polls even stronger, and instead, what if the facing? he is facing a daunting prospect for the first on the century, the prospect of a labor party
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leaderisaac herzog, poses a serious challenge to the top post in israel. this is something benjamin netanyahu presumably did not foresee when he decided to pull those elections back in december. the words we hear in the israeli press are bibi fatigue, so to speak, bibi being the shorthand many use for benjamin netanyahu. in israel, which has become more nationalist, which has lurched a lot to be right in many respects, very much yes security conscience, yes, a more religiously-tinted israel in many respects. in that said, there has been the issue sense that benjamin netanyahu by playing the security card as his trump card and going all out on it with the iran threat and also the fact that palestinian talks have really stalled and going nowhere, but that has led a lot of people to become disenfranchised, even those who sympathize with his clinical views and the social economic
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issues we were just hearing about have really become the main issue of this campaign for many israelis. molly: let's talk a little bit about coalition building. we will have to see how this pans out, but it's the typically -- but specifically to the israeli-arabian parties, what does this have? douglas: not an insignificant minority come about 20% of the israeli population. until now they have been so divided and fragmented they have had no influence for stuff you do have them in the israeli parliament, but because they have not been under a party with a block, they have not had influence. now you have one who has united them, in essence, they have four parties under one block. they could be powerful, even if they do not want to be members of the coalition. that is all sort of unlikely -- it could happen, but they could at least wield influence and have a say in israeli politics. that would be something we really have not seen until now
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in the israeli political scene. molly: we will wait for results to start to trickle in. holes close at 10:00 p.m. local time. douglas, thank you. in iraq, government forces have halted efforts to retake the city of tikrit. according to iraq's interior minister islamic group state fighters are now confined to one part of the city's center. the military's halt and operations is not a bit -- is in a bid to prevent civilian and troop casualties. there has been intense fighting in a town just outside falluja. our correspondent join those teams bombed on the front line. she sent us this report. reporter: the district is predominantly sunni territory in the heart of -- province. the iraqi army is fighting to wrestle it back from the islamic state organization. >> we keep finding more. reporter: these are improvised
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explosive devices that pose a constant threat to iraqi forces on the ground. jihadists have planted thousands of them in the surrounding area. major hussan: this bomb was made locally. just press it, and it explodes. it was made around here. it is made of a can and a plate of metal. reporter: this am ammonium nitrate bomb has been found, but it also needs to be destroyed. these men have neutralized more than 130 bombs like this one in the last 48 hours. they now believes they have regained control of at least half of grandma -- of germa. >> this area was held by islamic fighters. it has now been free full stop
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isis is not here anymore. reporter: on this road, seven kilometers from falluja, the fighting was fierce. jihadist bodies line the ruthless of many pro-government forces left their lights -- loss their lives, too, but with no official figures, it is impossible to know the true cast of the mission. molly: vanuatu picking up the cases -- picking up the pieces. in emergency aid effort is underway. reporter: after the storm -- the cleanup. these men have a house to her player. many buildings were flattened completely by the category five cyclone, leaving over 100,000 people homeless. entire neighborhoods are still without electricity. >> no lights. everything was destroyed by the wind. reporter: vanuatu's president is
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asking the world for help. >> -- for the last couple of years, and this cyclone destroyed completely all the infrastructure and we have plans to build, and we have built, and it is destroyed. reporter: australia, new zealand, and france have already begun ending aid. this military thing was one of the first to arrive. on board water, shelter kits, and medical supplies. >> we need to have supplies and food and also products for the hospital to accommodate. reporter: doctors also fear a second emergency. without access to clean water and proper sanitation, disease will spread quickly. meanwhile, it could take days for aid workers to vanuatu reach's remote islands.
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-- to reach vanuatu's remote islands. the extent of the devastation is still unclear. molly: you are watching "france 24." reporter: one step away from the place in the champions league. they suffered in a first leg in london. the gunners need to make history if they're going to return the deficit. no team has allah five and they are needing to score twice. >> they are residing against us, we are conscious of that but we have absolutely to give everything to make the stats a lie. that is all i desire, and that
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is all i believe we can do. reporter: thomas, jack, and nicola, the defender gabrielle could return after a hamstring program -- problem. >> yeah, we will show a different side to our game this mess because we did not show up at all in the first leg against monaco. it was a little bit of a surprise you from the last 14 games, we won 12, but of course we do not play well enough first leg. in life, sometimes if you miss one chance, you do not get a second chance, but here, we do have another chance. reporter: he has returned to monaco, where he spent seven years in charge. they have won five of their last seven games. their coach is urging against complacency. >> when you are facing a team
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like arsenal with the range of players that they have, we know we cannot take it easy. we need to focus and try to play the thing kind of game as we did in the first leg and not try to put ourselves in any dangerous situations. reporter: monaco had the best defense in the season's champion leg, having seated just two goals in seven matches. -- after injuries. leverkusen looking to defend their 1-0 lead. tomorrow, manchester city has to barcelona, trying to overturn two deficits, and juventus has a 2-1 lead over dortmund.
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apologizing for comments he made following the 3-2 defeat at bordeaux on sunday. he swedish internationals caught on film after the game mouthing off about the performance of a referee, although he appeared to be denigrating france as a country. it prompted a swift response from patrick andkenner, and he apologize, talking -- saying he was only talking about the futootball in france. >> i apologize for stuff i have no problem saying that because the welcome i had here, i am very happy. from the first day i came, i had a good time. whenever i am here, i have a good time, some do not twist that. it is about football i talk, so let's focus on the football. football here is the most important to me. reporter: in the english premier league liverpool stretch their
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unbeaten to 13 games. jordan henderson was another deflection scoring the early goal of the game. leaders chelsea are six points clear of manchester city. >> it was a wonderful dimmest ration the character and resilience of the team especially how we played first half. any system you play in the game is, it is not working less you have that sort of ability. we just were not anywhere near the first half, but you talk about the game, and we will do better in the second half. the second half we really dominated as well. reporter: teddy returns to action this weekend after a year and a half off the circuit. the frenchman, who last competed in moscow in the summer of 2013,
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had injury after he fractured his tibia. he was suspended for a year after missing three dosing tests. he wasted no time to get back into action as he competed on saturday. his a goal this year -- the world championships in beijing. host: hello, there, and welcome to the web news with look at that stories making headlines. online protest after a mexican radio station fired an investigative journalist. debate in canada over stephen harper's comments, and a daredevil paragliding with his snowmobile. one of mexico's most prominent investigative journalists carmen aristegui was fired over her
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involvement in acts of corruption. widespread common tree across mexico with many turning to the web to protest -- and campaign -- on her behalf. they have taken social networks in their droves, posting in defense, to show support of the reporter and also to slammer her ex-employer. they say that they feared she would reveal incriminating information about members of the government. people who wrote these tweets are voicing a similar sentiment. urging all of those who support the journalist to boycott mdx. some are even contacting
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companies who advertise on the radio and lobby to reinstate carmen aristegui at the earliest opportunity. and former hacker group anonymous has also joined the campaign, sharing a video on youtube, in which they vow to do everything they can to assist carmen aristegui and convince her former employer to give her back her job. canadian prime minister stephen harper has come under fire for defending his efforts at bandingning women wearing veils at ceremonies for stuff he says it was a very canadian as it was "rooted in a culture that was anti-women." his remarks sparked lively
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debate online. reaction started swinging up on twitter with a lot of people saying freedom of sorts is a constitutionally protected right in canada. so everyone has a right to dress as they see fit. others have posted somewhat sarcastic responses, asking stephen harper if women should be allowed to wear makeup as these officials their moneys. -- at these official ceremonies. some have shown photos of covered faces and nonreligious contexts wearing a hat and scarf, for reasonable, a sports mask, batman costume, while asking the head of government with more than a hint of irony if their attire is suitably "canadian." not all canadians are quite so outraged. in fact, somebody can come to stephen harper's defense. the folks who sent these tweets say it is a symbol of oppression and has no place in canadian
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society. over 210,000 people have been killed in syria since the war began in march, 2011, and 2014 alone solve 76,000 deaths. this in a graphic -- this graphic was put together by the american foreign press. you can look at these alarming stats on the afp's website. miss pickle is not your average dog. as we can see from her instagram page, the french bulldog is rather partial to a bit of modern art. the regularly shared takes up the pooch posing alongside contemporary outlooks, and the endearing shots are on the picklesbeholding instagram page.
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♪ american street artist joe iurato lets his works loose in public paces. head to his website to see more of these contemporary artworks. ♪ this youtube video was made by -- and you see one daredevil paragliding with his snowmobile. enjoy.
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