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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 18, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> in what he is -- describes as a great victory, benjamin netanyahu invites others in the israeli government to join him without delay. our correspondent tells us how another netanyahu termite change things. the israeli leader opposed leaving iran with infrastructure s. and russia says there's no question that it will be handed back to ukraine. a very good day to you. defined opinion polls -- defying opinion polls, a night of
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celebration for benjamin netanyahu. the main rivals to likud, the centerleft design is union had taken 24 seats. netanyahu says he hopes to form a new government within the next two to three weeks. netanyahu: against all odds, a great victory for the likud. i spoke with all party leaders and asked them to join me in forming a government for israel without delay. reality does not take a break. israelis expect us to quickly for me leadership and this is what we do. eve: gallagher fenwick takes us through the papers and how they have been reacting. gallagher: all the journalists who wrote these papers are waking up to a very different paper -- picture than when they
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wrote those papers. take the how rest daily which -- thehaaretz daily, which said that they were deadlocked. haaretz lashing out at the prime minister, saying that he resorted to race baiting to win the election. we see that he has no intention of ever agreeing to a palestinian state and what he thinks of 20% of the population. they are a danger. they are walking peacefully to their places of voting, and it's an existentialist -- existential threat. the jerusalem post is a bit more measured in its comments, saying
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that netanyahu declares victory after a close race. but in its editorial saying, what does this supposedly three of netanyahu mean? -- the suppose it victory of netanyahu mean? it has to be said that the reign of king bb, despite the legion of naysayers both in israel and around the world has not yet come to an end. why is that? according to the jerusalem post because very many israelis agree with their prime minister benjamin netanyahu that palestine is a threat and that iran is not really interested in peace and israel needs a leader that will stand his ground. the right-wing daily, who really campaigned hard against netanyahu, three pictures on the cover.
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the head of the centrist party being presented as a kingmaker. netanyahu along with his wife sarah, probable victor. and you suck herzog -- and isaac herzog, the opposition leader. comments go out to him. a very close race. they are waking up to a very different picture. however, the paper that is the most widely distributed hundreds of thousands of copies handed out every morning on the streets of israel, has campaigned from the beginning for benjamin netanyahu. the paper for longest run american billionaire, a rich friend of netanyahu. absolutely no picture on the cover of herzog or any other opponents, except for the
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centrist, the kingmaker. he's overdue looking forward saying that netanyahu is -- he's already looking forward, saying the netanyahu is six ending ahead. his task is to form a coalition. one of the editorials in this paper also lashing out at the media. saying that while the media and analysts were telling us that the centerleft was going to win, the people of israel chose differently. eve: now in studio is melissa both. -- is melissa. a lot of people are looking at a former likud member possibly being the kingmaker. melissa: it looks as though he will be the kingmaker. it will not be that difficult given the number of seats that he has one.
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-- has won. he has established a victory that no one had thought possible even 24 hours ago. he has done what he said he would do. huge relief within likud. within the further right party the ultra-right nationalist, the religious parties, they have a good 30 seats altogether. he is close enough to the 60 mark. the difference is the centrist party. he stepped up not so long ago. he had been a very popular minister within likud and went off to form his own party. he had personal issues with netanyahu. and the question was whether he would choose to rally with likud once the dust has settled, or not. the other party that everyone will be keeping a close on that close eye on -- the other party
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that everyone will be keeping a close eye on, they have under 20, but still a substantial block. neither party has said what it intends to do. clearly, this question of coalition building would have been far trickier had the results been closer between the zionist unit and the likud -- zionist unionist and the likud. we could have been looking at a national formation government. it's much trickier because he does not have those natural allies that the likud can caps on. clearly, the center will play a part. eve: you mentioned that natural allies are more to the right of center. it seems this push of a security stance really appealed to those
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right-wing voters as well. notably, when netanyahu had that comment about palestinian state. how will this play out on the international level you melissa: -- will this play out on the international level? melissa: it will be interesting. michener who made some very controversial remarks about air israelis -- netanyahu makes them very controversial remarks about israelis making their way to the polls. they have a democratic right to cast their vote and the fact that he spoke to that in such a blatant way, it will be interesting to see whether given how polarizing the selection can be, you can heal the divide -- he can heal the divide. and beyond that on the international stage, the relationship with washington is more problematic than ever before.
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and finally, perhaps the most important question that has emerged from this, benjamin netanyahu emerging saying that under his watch there would be no palestinian state. that is a huge block to any resumption of negotiations. already, the palestinians have said they will be pursuing with all the more bigger to -- all the more vigor to be recognized by the international community. those divides have given as a direct result of this campaign. eve: thanks for talking to us. the leaders of the main challenger party have conceded defeat. zionist unionist did get the support of many. collect before the -- >> before
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the election, few people outside israel knew who isaac herzog was. but the election did not go his way. herzog and his zionist union partner, the dvd -- tsipi livny conceded defeat. herzog: i spoke to the prime minister and conceded. but let's make things clear nothing has changed. the problems are the same. that is why with tsipi livny we will continue to bring our campaign of courage along with the rest. >> his low-key image was an appealing to voters, but he proved popular. his promise of a different kind
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of leadership resonated with many voters. herzog wanted to shift away from security and toward more social and economic issues. herzog addressed soaring concerns over soaring house prices and how to make ends meet. of the prime minister stole the thunder, incorporating some of his economic campaign promises, and netanyahu also spoke of the threat of rising islamist parties. eve: during much of the campaign netanyahu had focused on security, including iran's nuclear program. the latest talks are currently underway in switzerland. >> netanyahu spent much of the campaign busying himself with iran and the threat of terrorism in the region. in the weeks leading up to his election, he went to address a
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republican-controlled congress in an anti-iran deal speech. he opposed to elements, one of them was leaving iran with a nuclear infrastructure, and the second was a timeline on the duration of an agreement. according to a source close to the negotiation, the french will start creating obstacles because it teams that frank is more aligned with both israel and the gulf monarchies. and it was them that derail the negotiations ahead of the interim agreement. eve: ruling out any talk of handing crimea back to ukraine more drilling on the peninsula. it's been a years as it was annexed, following a referendum by locals there. -- a year since it was annexed following a referendum by locals there. the liver crane brings us to the border where he finds out how it has changed their lives bringing fear and increasing the cost of living.
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gulliver: every year, drivers gathered to meet at what was the train then a lover passes into crimea. passengers must continue by road. the transport business is suddenly thriving in this cb town, but there are still always more drivers and passengers. many of them the charters, who make up one third -- the tartar's, who make up one third of the population here. this man says he faced jail on trumped up charges in crimea due to his pro-ukrainian position. collect there are lots of people in my position. the other ones do not stop here. they go further into ukraine to find work. but i'm old. i'm helping with the renovation of the mosque. gulliver: they know that russia could try to take these lands to
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have access to the love. >> i know the ukrainian government -- to have access to the peninsula. >> i do the ukrainian government has many issues and there are issues that need to be resolved, but they need to respect ukraine's sovereignty. gulliver: one of the key issues is the border crossing. individuals must wait hours. trucks have to wait days. >> got does what the russian instructions are, because it should be possible to check the trucks much quicker than this. gulliver: they are forcing prices up and squeezing profits. the current situation with crimea is not economically viable, but no one can really predict how things are going to evil. -- to evolve. quick monaco is advancing to the
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champions league despite losing to arsenal. athletic oh madrid also one. let's first of all, i want to say this match look like the one we were expecting. it was extremely intense. we made the most of our defensiveness takes to score two goals. of course, this is a 2-0 defeat. but we fulfilled the objective that we set ourselves. and finishing the job against manchester city in the second leg of their champions league. a late missed penalty gave the
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premier league champions faith hill of turning things around. -- faint hope of turning things around. >> a good first leg result, but this is the champions league against the city. they are certainly good players certainly capable of reversing the result from the first leg. i have all the ingredients to approach this first leg the same way we did the first. we're going to go into it with real intent. >> having won 16 of the last 17 matches in all competitions, maximizing possessions central to their ambitions. >> is a goal in every game. there was only one ball on the page and our goal is to have control over it for the maximum
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length of time. that will give us the opportunity of controlling the game. it doesn't guarantee a good result, but it will certainly be a key factor for us. >> pellegrini came under fire for his teams selection in the first leg. and the pressure on the chilean has intensified following a defeat in the league at burnley at the weekend. >> first of all, i respect everyone's hanging. -- everyone's opinion. but i do not feel any pressure indicating my job is at stake. secondly, if it was the case, i would eight the game in the same way on doing right now, because that pressure would not have the slightest effect on me. the pressure i really feel is that the team plays the women know how. everything else is irrelevant to me. -- plays the way we know how. everything else is irrelevant to me. >> the city will hope to return
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and spark an unlikely comeback. relegated to the third division at the end of the season after former president john mack -- conrad jean was found guilty. conrad try to fix four league games. he can appeal the decision before the french federation. and set for a second spell in charge of the national team. he left his post after a group stage effort -- exit of the african nations. the head of world cycling has advised lance armstrong not to
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take part in a true difference chair to write in july. he has said that armstrong planned to write ahead of the sewer root -- of the tour route when dad is disrespectful to the current racers themselves. quite honestly, i think it is disrespectful to the other ride rs and disrespectful to france. there are other charities that he can participate in that are close to his heart. such close association with the tour de france is about idea. just the fact that he's going to be there will distract from the tour de france itself, from the current riders, and from current efforts that -- to get over the problems of that era.
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he was stripped of his seven tour de france titles. >> welcome to the web news. coming up on today's show, web users in pakistan support the christian community. controversial canadian campaign raising awareness about male victims of domestic abuse. and an american film maker takes us inside the world's largest cave. sunday, march 15, deadly twin bombings in pakistan. the pakistan taliban has claimed responsibility for both of the attacks, which were apparently timed to cause maximum devastation. the terrorist attack has been widely condemned online. many have taken to social
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networks to express their solidarity for the christian community and to -- and to show we stand with minorities. they are urging their fellow citizens to stand together and remain unified to avoid similar attacks in the future. there are people who shared these posts on twitter. however, however popular hash tagged cannot combat terrorism. they feel the government should be doing everything in its power to protect minorities in pakistan. and to punish anyone involved in terrorist attacks and hate crimes. scores of web users support this line of thought and say the authorities did not do enough to prevent sunday's attacks. they are claiming that they largely ignore the christian
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community in pakistan and they hope their campaigning will change this. the "let's talk men" campaign paid for by the campaign association for equality has had something of a backlash. the controversial billboard reads "half of domestic victims are men and no shelters are dedicated to us or cap -- to us." messages on twitter are challenging a claim that men are equally affected by domestic abuse. according to a 2009 report women are far more likely to be victims of violence. but the campaign has also garnered a lot of support, with many saying the focus should not be on arguing over statistics
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but on raising awareness of the fact that men are victims, too. and there are not enough structures in place to help them. the 1949 version of the canadian daily national post journalist barbara jones also condemns the report. the issue of violence to men she says, needs to be given better attention. she goes on to suggest there should be more specialist for mail domestic abuse victims -- male domestic abuse victims. the u.s. has 25% of the prison population, but accounts for just 5% of the global population. one in 15 black men are behind bars. and prisons cost taxpayers in america six $9 billion per year.
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cristiano ronaldo is now the world's most popular person on facebook with over 100 7,143,000 likes -- 107,000,004 likes. he is well ahead of his soccer rival with a little over 78 million facebook fans. australian artist financials creates magical landscapes using candy. her sweet wonderlands are absolutely dazzling, a real feast for the eyes, which you can check out on the pick-and-pop -- pip and pop
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website. with this video by an american filmmaker, armchair tourist can now take a visit around the world's largest cave, located in central vietnam. available to you on video, it showcases the exceptional beauty inside the natural cavity. ♪
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