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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 26, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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as reportedly locked out of the cockpit. in the block box, you can hear the pilot trying to break the door down. saudi arabia launches airstrikes on houthi rebels. iran has condemned the attack. in nigeria wraps up security ahead of the general election there this weekend. he number one priority -- stopping any attacks from militant group boko her wrong. those of the headlines for you this hour on france 24.
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thank you for joining us. i am genie godula in paris. a new report says one of the pilots of the plane that crashed into the french alp was locked out of the cockpit at the time. an anonymous source says you can hear the pilot trying to smash the door down. germanwings fightlight 9525 crashed on tuesday killing all 100 50 people on board. kevin has more. kevin: the black box found among the debris may be giving more indications as to the crash. one of the pilots is indicated to have been locked out of the cockpit. one of the pilots is heard knocking on a door with growing urgency before trying to knock it down. why the other pilot could not open the door remains a mystery. so far, investigators have not
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been able to completely rule out any cause for the crash, but the voice recordings could answer some questions. >> we have had some difficulty reading the data, but we just managed to recover a piece usable. keving: it is too early to draw any conclusions regarding what happened. we will, however, work around the clock to understand and interpret the sounds and the voices. experts are hoping to find the other black box of data and information and have a better idea of what happened. what investigators are sure of so far is that the plane did not explode in midair. within 10 minutes, the airbus a320 gradually plunge from its cruising altitude of 38,000 feet to just over 6000 feet before crashing into the mountainside. french investigators said a basic analysis is expected in a matter of days but warned a
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comprehensive and full proof report would require far more work. genie: "france 24's" ben is telling us more about the primordial today. ben -- about the priorities today. ben: there am more priorities today for the investigators in the small town of the french outs closest to the site of the crash. the first priority indeed is to recover the second black box with all of the data about the flight. seeking data inside the aircraft contained the first black box experts continue to analyze the data. now, the other priority is to identify the victims of the crash, 150 victims. for that, it will be necessary to carry out a dna analysis.
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i spoke to one of the members of the medical team who told me that it will be impossible to identify the bodies just by looking at the body parts, that have been shattered by the crash. we saw yesterday already at least two trucks with containers probably bringing the samples back to marseille, where there is a lap to do it. as you can see now, the sky is we're here, which is probably -- is clear here, which is probably going to facilitate the search. genie: people on board the flight were from at least over a dozen nations, but many of them on a flight from barcelona to düsseldorf were either spanish or german, and many of their families are now arriving for the search mission. it is a small town, as you heard, but its residents are opening their hearts and their homes to the family. solange explains. solange: inside the fan, family
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members of the family members this family has come a long way. they are immediately taken care of by the psychologist and health care workers. >> we will have comfort them because these people have experienced something that almost is not exist in real life, something that is sudden, abrupt, and unimaginable. no one thinks this will happen to them. solange: faced with the tragedy in the mountains among their homes, many of the 1400 residents have stepped up to offer what help they can. >> we have three bedrooms in this apartment. we can even provide meals that that is needed. of course, there is a language barrier, but we will do our best to support them. solange: a café has been the
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unofficial hub of hospitality. >> i have received all from homeowners allowing me to let people stay in their houses. have been a lot of folks in the area. solange: hundreds of many grieving families are expected to come in the coming days. genie: saudi warplanes have bombed houthi rebels in yemen. local officials say forces loyal to the president have now retaken aden airport from the rebels who sees it the day before. the saudi airstrikes also targeted the capital san aa saying at least 13 civilians were killed. here is catherine clifford.
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catherine: 30 flights took off overnight to support the many president against the shiite rebels. >> the objective is to defend president hottie from the takeover attends -- defend president haddi from the takeover attempts from the terrorists. catherine: saudi says they attacked key areas including the presidential palace and the airport. haddi had retaken the airport from the houthis who sees it on wednesday. the airport lies 60 kilometers from the strategic southern port of aden, where the leader had been holed up since january. now the whereabouts are unclear. washington, which has agreed to
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give logistical support to the president, says they have been in touch with him but did not know his location. seniors said the strikes were the aggression against the country and warmth they would settle for war in the region. the coalition of more than 10 countries has agreed to take part in the coalition alongside saudi arabia. iran called for an immediate halt to the airstrikes. the houthis said they are ready to face the coalition without iran's help. genie: as you heard, the and states is giving support to saudi arabia. our washington correspondent to look -- philip crowther explains. philip: president hadi is a key ally for the united states. more than anything, in his fight against what you might call the local terrorist group, the al
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qaeda offshoot, under president hadi the united states has been giving a lot of financial assistance to and training to the many security forces. it has also been staging a lot of drone strikes from within yemen. these are all things that might not be possible in the future without a government headed by a president, by president hadi. the second bomb, by the way, -- it had been in touch with him and knew that he was "no longer at his residence." that is all we have from the u.s. side so far. in terms of the whereabouts of the still president of yemen hadi. you also have to look at this in a bigger picture possible proxy war, to really simple by things between iran and saudi arabia. if the united states has to choose corners, it is pretty clear which one it has, and that is the one of saudi arabia.
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genie: philip crowther there from washington. yemen itself has shut down all its major seaports over the escalating conflict. iran's foreign ministry has said it will make all necessary efforts to control the crisis in yemen, saying that the saudi led airstrikes should stop immediately. now, a us-led coalition warplanes have launched their first airstrikes against islamic state group target in tikrit .that marks the first time they have stepped up to a the iraqi forces . the move effectively put the u.s. on his inside of the fight of the iranian-backed militia to support the iraqi forces. attends from the iraqi government to retake tikrit have stalled, but the iraqi premise or is insisting the support will not fail.
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>> we enjoy air support, weapon supplies and others provided by the international coalition. we stand with iraq against terrorism which threatens not only iraq but the whole world. it's sovereignty will be respected. genie: now the israeli president has formally tapped current prime minister benjamin netanyahu with leading the israeli government. he is leading the center-right and jewish orthodox parties. it comes following an election campaign marked by polarization of friends and in amy's -- friends and enemies at home and abroad, notably with the u.s. >> former army commander turned politician, benjamin is now the longest serving israeli leader. he uses his appointment as prime
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minister to have negotiations with iran. prime minister netanyahu: we will preserve the best of our lives with our friends, the united states, but together with that, we will continue to ask to prevent the emerging agreement with iran, an agreement that puts us, our neighbors, and the world in danger. reporter: the statement feels tensions already at an all-time high between the two allies after netanyahu said a palestinian state would not occur while he was prime minister. president obama: the issue is very clear, substantive challenge. we believe that two states is the best path forward for israel's security, for palestinian aspirations, and for regional stability. that is our view, and that continues to be our view, and
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premise or netanyahu has a different approach. reporter: obama's hard-line stance may be aimed at nothing but a more senses coalition after a campaign. notably arab israeli parties when he says era poses a threat to his right wing leadership. netanyahu apologized and sought to call intentions. prime minister netanyahu: i see myself as the prime minister of every one of you. those who elected me and those who did not. i will ask to heal the rifts rifts that were open during different parts of society during the election campaign. reporter: the netanyahu supporters, however, he will be judged on how he improves their standard of living. the issue most important to
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those who said they were going to vote were the economy. genie: in nigeria, security is ramping up ahead of the general election there this weekend. resident jonathan is in the running for another four years at the head of the biggest economy in africa. his main rival has run for election three times already but this time is looking to be a very close call. top of the agenda for both men, the fight against corruption and boko haram. reporter: the jihadist vrable boko haram has promised to carry out an attack on saturday. they have numerous checkpoints. it plays have announced that the private vehicles will be banned from the roads between it'll clock a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on saturday. the government has announced the closer -- closure of all land borders and sea borders.
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we must not forget that is not only you boko rom in the northeast, also the rebels in the south. genie: that is nicolas reporting from -- reporter: not only a rematch of the 1998 world cup final but years later, the two captains will lock horns again as rival coaches. the new coach of brazil installed after a defeat by german at the world cup semifinals. he was philosophical when asked about the 1998 final. >> well, that is just part of football, really. you win some and you lose some. brazil was playing in a second consecutive world cup final.
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it is the sort of thing that will always stay in ahead of the players, the full state of the facilities of the match, the adrenaline of the game. we were playing against a great team as well. when you lose, you want to speak about the errors, and that happens, but we also have to underline that they are a great french team, and they won that. reporter: unforgettable night got it the quarterfinals last year brazil. >> he was a very influential player. we both played in the same position in those days, so i respect him a lot. since then, he has become a coach as well, beginning with brazil for the 2010 world cup.
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it was with great pleasure that we were both against the barcelona match. he was sitting right behind me and he speaks italian, it was easy to talk to him as i do not actually's beak portuguese myself -- i do not actually speak portuguese myself. reporter: the five-time world cup winners have since one six matches, 14 goals conceding only one. wednesday, champions germany continued their work -- their recent struggles, this time requiring a late goal. nicholas with a hat trick, usa 3-2. beat in northern ireland. italy's domenico persevered bo has also stated that catalonia with a right around.
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six to two kilometers to go, the group had been reduced to just three. 55 to go, michael rogers working hard for their team leader alberto contador. a six kilometer climb, and outbreaks and eight chased down. the 3k race, several teammates crash. spanish team leader needing a new front wheel. then teammates chased down the main. 27 kilometers to go, harding the front, 2k left, 7-rider group at the front, and no response for the group. >> well, i had a good, strong
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feeling in my legs. i thought there was nobody behind, and then i push on to win again after waiting more than two years. on the climb i will well. there were just five of us, this is a good test for the next big challenge ahead of us. reporter: meanwhile, french rider pierre took the shirt from the overnight leader. the ocean races continue, the six boats negotiating rough seats. they now lead to manage a new course defined by race management as a virtual line in this lake to keep the fleet from icebergs. racing team currently in fourth place. >> it appeared, and then it went upon them as well.
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there is definitely plenty of ice around. >> there is always more danger. it is easy enough to sink it. reporter: ahead of the nearest challenge, we've seen eldon menik of further 5 behind. -- el dominica 5 behind. reporter: welcome to web news with the stories making the online headlines. mexican and pain to get a prominent journalist her job back. models want the best world to drop the term "plus size," and epic battle.
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campaigning continues in mexico with web users intent on getting aristegui reinstated. she was -- on getting carmen ari stegui reinstated. her dismissal has been widely condemned on social media with social users demanding she is back on air at the earliest opportunity. thousands of mexicans is taken to twitter, posting under the #mexicowantsaresteguiback. also lobbying her former employer to give her back her job. some have drawings and pictures to portray their views that she is being censored and was sacked because she could reveal stories that would embarrass the powers that be, implicating highly placed members of the government. a lot of lawmakers in mexico
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have shared similar sentiments. and celebrities reaffirming the importance of freedom of expression, expressing their outrage of the termination of carmen aristegui's contract. they are hoping the government will make a u-turn in the journals will soon be back on the air. -- and the journalist will be soon back on the air. australian actress ajay rochester has launched a campaign to ban the term "plus size." she says that his sister mary -- she says the term is discriminatory and her movement is fast getting ground online. top models have added their support to the fellow aus sie's campaign, sharing a message on instagram, saying women are women, regardless of their size. her colleague has similar views, says it is high time the fashion
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world starts with adversity and stop labeling plus size models and start distinguishing them for their profession. the campaign has been widely relayed on twitter, where social networkers are posting under the #drop thetheplus. helping women except their bodies and focus on self-confidence. not all models labeled plus size totally object to the label. laura welch has taken to twitter saying she is plus size because she is three sizes to six sizes larger. others say there is no point in using labels. saying those that do not fit into the fashion circle criteria no longer feel labeled but empowered. web users in the u.s. have been
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posting under the justice for devin hashtag following the brutal assaults of devin norman in mississippi last week urging authorities to conduct harder on homophobic hate crimes. a campaigns underway on gofundme to help with devin's medical expenses. walt disney's "bambi" is set in the northwest of the u.s. the "little mermaid" in the caribbean, and "frozen" inspired by norway. this matches most popular movies. the backdrops of the "jungle book congo for example, were based on the indian jungle, and you can take a closer look.
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new york-based artist george serenidi -- ferrandi is capturing reactions when people fall asleep on the. most are not surprised -- most are not surprisingly surprise, head to the website for the latest. in this video, we see toy figures from the classic series "dragon ball z" come to life. the stop motion clip was produced by taiwanese omega jordan tseng and you can watch the full -- taiwanese filmmaker jordan tseng and you can watch
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the full clip on his youtube channel. ♪
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