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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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on nuclear talks with iran. the final push to seal an outline of a deal. a comeback for nicholas sarkozy. his coalition is the big winner in the local elections. no final results from the general rule elections -- two general elections in nigeria. it is between the current president and the former
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military ruler. also coming up, the very latest on the germanwings crash in the french alps. investigator searching through the wreckage are forced to resume the hunt on foot due to bad weather. a week after the plane went down, how much of a financial hit is the parent company lufthansa expected to take. first, our top stories. first, there is a little over one day left for international diplomats to find a deal on limiting it ron's -- iran's nuclear capacity.
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they have given themselves until midnight tuesday to draw up the outline of an agreement. for the latest on those talks i am joined by our reporter. deal or no deal? reporter: these negotiations are proving to be more problematic than the peace talks than trying to end the war with iraq. the sticking points are in place. they include research and development components in the latter stages, which means after the 10 year agreement has been signed. in addition to that, u.n. sanctions are a bone of contention. itran is asking approval when the deal is signed.
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in addition to that, there are a number of opponents, israel, the french, they are the biggest critics of it ron in the group and they matter because they hold a veto at the united nations. after that, a republican-controlled congress. iran's hard-liners are coming out expressing concerns the foreign minister in the head of the negotiating team is making too many concessions. negotiators are going against the grain and trying to do everything in their power to bring this standoff to an end. genie: serge lavrov has left the talks. there are rumors the french foreign minister might leave. how big of a concern is that? sanam: a european diplomat who spoke to "france 24" today
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confirmed there is a possibility that he may be leaving tomorrow, not today. he will be returning to the negotiation. all of the foreign ministers of the group will be present here ahead of the march 31 deadline. there is cause for concern when it comes to the french. they derailed the negotiations in 2013 ahead of the nuclear interim agreement. they were creating obstacles. one thing all parties agree on is that there may be a small extension. we are talking about hours or a day. what they want to do is try and get this done before april 14. that is when congress convenes. that becomes a problem because that is when they will try to vote and submit any kind of a deal to the senate floor approval. that could spell disaster. genie: thank you.
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here in france, a rough night for the ruling socialist party. it suffered a major setback in the second round of elections. the big winner was the opposition conservative coalition led by nicholas sarkozy. >> with this vote, there is no denying it. never before had a majority party lost so many departments. genie: it is a bad omen for the
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president. two years ahead of the presidential election. the socialists lost 28 councils. mary lee -- nearly half of those that control -- with manual loss. >> there is no contesting it. the left, to scattered and divided. it suffered a real blow. the large percentage of votes gathered by the extreme right presents a challenge. it is the sign of a lasting change in our political landscape, from which we have to draw our own conclusions. genie: the prime minister
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referring to the extreme right. that is the national front party. it did not do quite as well as hoped. they did not win enough seats but it one quite a few local council seats. >> the party did not make enough gains in any one department. it is a huge disappointment, but tightening the party script. unfortunately, the voting system
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with scores going up to around 49%. a latest step in the rise of prominence. they have made footholds at several levels. elections solve the party when two seats in the assembly. with a may 2014 european election the national front became the largest party in europe. the party can proclaim a growing grip. it is established as france's third-largest party.
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it suggests making it to the second round. our -- all eyes are on whether they can shore up support or if they have hit their limits. he is likely to continue his tactics. arab league nations are forming a joint military defense force. that would be used to counter national security threats if any of the states were threatened. that announcement comes as saudi arabia and other -- and the united states continue a series of joint strikes in yemen. the offensive would last until the rebels surrender pressure -- weapons and withdraw.
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click's there is no doubt that national security was the most important thing in this summit. the decision is in front of you. specific steps to build the concept of a military force. this is a dream. genie: we have the latest on the crash of the germanwings plane in the ounce. all were killed when the copilot locked himself in the cockpit and slammed the plane on purpose into the mountainside.
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>> the alpine forest is cleared away. what was a n alpine trail is to be a road. >> even with light equipment, it takes half an hour to work there. >> they hope to finish the track by tuesday morning. rescue workers are relying on helicopters to bring equipment to the site. they probed through for the second black locks and anything that could yield a dna sample. >> we found bits of the jet fuselage, and we are looking for the second black locks. -- a second black box.
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it is very important to the investigation. >> information gleaned from the black box indicated the copilot locked the cap and -- locked the captain out of the coat cockpit. no bodies have been found in tact. forensic workers are relying on dna samples to identify body parts belonging to the victims. genie: votes are being counted in the closely fought race in nigeria. the election looks to be one of the closest in nigeria's history. groups have been pounding bo boko haram fighters in the northeast.
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what is the latest on where you are? >> we are waiting as everyone is here for the results of these elections. yesterday, voting was still going on due to technical difficulties. results will filter through today. perhaps by the end of today we might have a decision. the person who will be the next nigerian president will have at least 25% of the vote in two thirds of the state. tomorrow we are hearing there will be an announcement. genie: this is going to be a
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close race. are there any fears that there could be postelection violence in the wake of the results? >> nigeria has only had 16 years of democracy. there is always the fear that there could be postelection violence. in 2011, around a thousand people died. what is crucial, whatever the results, it is the reaction of the other group. that will be key to what happens. genie: this is "france 24." let's take a look at the headlines. one day to go before a deadline on nuclear talks with iran.
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a comeback for nicholas sarkozy. his coalition is the winner in the elections. no final election results from the election in nigeria. time for business news. a week after the tragic germanwings crash we are talking about compensation and what that might mean. >> the parent company has announced they will pay 50,000 euros to each family in the coming weeks.
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clinics how much is the life of a plane crash victim worth financially? the short answer is it depends on where you are suing from. even if the families decide not to sue, they will receive compensation. they have announced a transfer of $54,000 perfect them for immediate expenses. and lines must provide around 100 for $7,000 per victim. >> it is internationally regulated. the company can clear itself of liability if they can prove a third person caused the damage deliberately. the pilot deliberately crashed the plane. he was not a third party. he was part of the airline. >> then, there are lawsuits.
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american victims often receive the most. on average, $4.5 million. a claim for the plane itself was played wednesday. >> greece and its partners began scrutinizing goings on by athens. it proposes higher taxes for the rich and cigarette smuggling and tax evasion. reforms would help their raise 3 billion euros. the full list of reforms will be
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submitted to creditors. we must remember that ron has 10% of the crude oil reserve. brent crude is down this hour. to the stock markets shares in the european sector have seen a gains. currency is trading up around half a percent. other stories this hour, 28% fall in its 2014 net profit.
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the italian company blames much of the slide on lower sales. last year's protest shut the city's main roads for 79 days. china telecom will be launching mobile broadband services. it was a busy weekend at the box office for the latest animation "home." the film's protagonist is voiced by re-anna. other voices include steve martin and jennifer lopez. we will end with news of newburgh lambing up its services -- we will end with news of goober car -- uber car ramping
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up its services. a ride will set users back up to $200 in addition to a seven dollar a minute charge. genie: i wonder if they will have a maserati here. >> it seems a bit excessive. it is time for the press review. genie: mi james has a look at what the papers -- emma james has a look at what the papers say. emma: a downcast image on the front cover. a slap in the face. voters punished the last as
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france swings right. the national front fails to win a single department. they did not win quite as many votes as they expected last week. it is concerned the strategy and target, we have the next presidential election coming up. the little mediocre politicians are hanging on despite the punishments of the polls. success for sarkozy has come at a bit of a price with some members of his party. they are unhappy he has chosen to capitalize on the right wing in france.
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he has been negative about muslims and suggests there should be no alternatives served in school and that the headscarf should be banned from universities. that has some criticism within his own party. a rather curious front page. beaten but happy. do not know what the socialists have to be happy about the cousin did perform poorly. i suppose that is the only ray of sunshine you can say exists there. this poll is not a referendum on government policy and is not going to be chasing -- not going to be changing the course of the policy line. genie: the election was marred
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by violence and controversy. what have the papers been saying? emma: a u.k. newspaper spoke to wallace, the foremost man of letters and the nation's conscience, if you will. he is 80 years old. he has been manning the phones, taking those calls with complaints of irregularity technical problems with voting and reports of violence. he has denounced the poll as boulder and violent. he is also scathing about goodluck jonathan and his handling of the kidnapping of those schoolgirls. a former military dictator is being described as a born-again democrat. genie: another story is the
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germanwings crash. emma: every journalist in the world is trying to get an exclusive and to find more details about what went on here. lufthansa may face huge liability claims. they may struggle to prove it was not at least partly their fault. families are automatically entitled to receive $150,000, but the airlines could be liable for more than that. there has been an attempt by a lot of people, airline industry to calm a nerve of passengers and say this is a one off for at least a very rare phenomenon. the daily telegraph has unearthed telegraphs of a pilot
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who killed his wife and planned to crash a plane the next day. he said he planned to crash it. he told the court that he rang in sick at the last minute, but he did not want to be and other husband who killed his wife and nobody cared. i wanted to make a statement. this shows airlines are ignoring warning signs about pilot's mental health and not enough is being done to monitor them. british airways have never a knowledge what was said in court. genie: thank you for that. if you want to get a closer look at any of these stories, you can get them onññññññññó@m@m@m@m@m@m@m@m@m@m@@eeeeeeeee
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