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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 1, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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ngs visit the site of the crash that killed 152 people. lufthansa knew of past issues with depression. former french president nicholas sarkozy is in court for questioning over a campaign-finance scandal. muhammadu buhari wins the
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nigeria presidential election praising his opponent goodluck jonathan for peacefully handing over the reins. a milk shake up in the eu. we will hear about disgruntled dairy farmers protesting the end of a production cap. we take a closer look at how the media is treating april 1, april fools' day. but first our top stories. ♪ anchor: the ceo of lufthansa and the head of germanwings have visited the site of last week's plane crash. andreas lubitz apparently deliberately crash the plane into a mountain last tuesday. lufthansa's ceo made a short
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statement after laying a wreath of flowers, promising to help the victims families. >> we are learning more every day about the cause of the accident. i think it will take a long time for everybody, all of us, to understand how this could happen. we are very sorry that such a terrible accident could have happened in lufthansa, where we put so much focus on safety. we are sorry for the losses. there are no words to express this. anchor: he refused to answer questions from reporters. many questions do still remain. lufthansa admitted that the pilot had suffered from an
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episode of severe depression before he finished his flight training six years ago. we have more now from our correspondent in berlin. reporter: a very difficult story. and increasingly difficult for lufthansa. when the crash happened last tuesday, they denied knowledge that the copilot was capable of such a thing. the ceo of lufthansa said he believed the copilots had been 100% set to fly. we have seen the story unravel. the copilot had been treated for suicidal tendencies. lufthansa claimed they had known that he suffered from depression. he informed lufthansa flying
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school himself when he was training. lufthansa published a short statement saying that andreas lubitz had informed him back in 2009 that he and suffered from severe depressive episodes. lufthansa is changing this story a bit. he was refusing to answer any questions about one of their own trained employees who crashed the planes. anchor: reporting from berlin. three days ago, nicholas carr daisy -- nicholas sarkozy scenes on top of the world. but today, he is in a different kind of spotlight. he has been called into court for questioning over a scandal that dates back to his last failed presidential campaign. i am joined at the courthouse.
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he has been there for some almost five hours. has anything come out of the courthouse so far? reporter: indeed, nicholas sarkozy arrived early this morning. he has not been formally charged for breach of trust over a case of the right wing party after authorities found he had overspent in the 2012 presidential campaign. later on he refunded the party for the 360,000 euro fine. he is still being quizzed. this is a blow for nicholas
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sarkozy, who had little time to enjoy the positive consequences from the local elections in which the party won a majority of departments on sunday. anchor: is there any chance what is happening today could stop sarkozy and his quest to regain the presidency two years from now? reporter: we have to wait and see what the judge decides and whether nicholas sarkozy is placed under formal investigation. he had been enrolled with other cases with illegal campaign funding. there are other hurdles. he is expected to convene at a national convention on may 30, in which he is expected to rebrand the party, come up with a new name and name new leaders.
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there will be a primary where he will face other senior politicians within the party including a former prime minister. anchor: thank you so much, ben. next, muhammadu buhari has officially won the nigerian presidential election. confirming the defeat of goodluck jonathan. muhammadu buhari is now the first nigerian politician to unseat a sitting leader at the poll. let's listen to what he had to say. >> i will set the course of history. it would be -- the people themselves who let this nation to democracy. you voted with your hearts.
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you believe in nigeria's future -- [indiscernible] you voted for change, and now change has come. anchor: that is muhammadu buhari . let's bring in our international affairs editor. once the excitement over the election starts to die down, people want him to deliver. what are the expectations for voters? reporter: there will be pressure to secure security to the north. he is a northern nigerian muslim. there was a perception that goodluck jonathan is a southern christian politician who doesn't care about security and economic
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development in the north and whether muhammadu buhari can deliver on that is in the question. the army has suffered from inadequate training and underfunding. a presidential election does not suddenly change that. another big test will be the economy. his opponents say his record was disastrous. that accusation has not stopped buhari from being elected president. the oil boom was over and now oil-based revenue is shrinking. that oil issue threw the issue of poverty into much sharper relief. anchor: this election has been described as a historic one. what makes it so special?
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reporter: is the first time the opposition has come to power in a democratic election. previously the incumbents won but often there was no election because there was nigerian's modern history when military men ruled. this time around both men are urging everyone to show restraint. they appear to want to avoid the violence, which massively spoil the election of 2011. these things can spiral very quickly. they are trying to make sure the situation stays calm. a relatively well run election
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is no guarantee against violence. anchor: thank you for that. the new president elect has vowed to win the fight against boko haram. many believe his background will give them the edge over goodluck jonathan. we take a closer look. reporter: the new president ran his election campaign in large part on an anti-boko haram ticket, capitalizing on the dissatisfaction with goodluck jonathan's inability to halt the rampage in the north of the country. >> he gives the impression of empathizing with the muslim victims. most of the victims are muslim. he seems to be more attuned with what is happening. it is an area that is not very
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interesting economically. reporter: muhammadu buhari has also vowed to change the taxes. they hope he will put nigeria back in the driving seat. >> he will also -- there issues about military -- many nigerians feel they have to -- to rescue us. reporter: goodluck jonathan announced a series of victories against boko haram. too little too late for those displaced since 2009. their hopes now live with the first nigerian ever to oust a
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president through the ballot box. anchor: the nuclear talks are now in an extra day after going over tuesday's self imposed deadline. problems do still remain and the u.s. has made similar comments. france has said things were moving forward. the israeli prime minister has been resistant to any deal with iran from the beginning. let's listen. netanyahu: now is the time to insist on a better deal, a better deal would roll back iran's nuclear infrastructure and would link the lifting of the restrictions on their nuclear program to a change in iran's behavior. iran must stop its terrorism
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throughout the world and stop the threats to annihilate israel. that should be nonnegotiable. anchor: the prime minister of iraq says the iraqi army has taken over the city center of tikrit. the islamic state group still controls parts of that city. it has been under militant control since june. let's listen to the iraqi interior minister. >> after our entry into tikrit after fighting several battles after facing the enemy and advancing, despite the traps hidden throughout the city by the enemy, our troops achieved a significant retreat in record time. a victory that has forced our enemy to retreat due to the
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actions of our brave soldiers. some fell and became martyrs. we spilled our blood to take the city back. anchor: the heads of lufthansa and germanwings at the site of the crash that killed 150 people. lufthansa knew of the copilot's past issues with depression. former french president nicholas sarkozy is in court for questioning over a campaign finance scandal. muhammadu buhari wins nigerian's presidential elections, praising his opponent, goodluck jonathan for peacefully handing over the reins. time now for business news with kate moody. you are going to start talking
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about note. they can now produce as much milk as they want. reporter: many major producers of the industry say these restrictions have prevented them from exploiting export opportunities. the could be falling prices and oversupply. mark thompson explains. reporter: a symbol of solidarity. farmers from 16 countries hold a fiery protest outside the european parliament. the spark, the decision to lift milk quotas in the eu. >> milk prices are falling sharply and we cannot stabilize. we are living off what we set aside.
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the farmers are in debt and cannot pay their bills anymore. their only hope is that other farmers give up. reporter: farmers will be able to choose themselves how much milk to produce. they could dictate supply and demand. she has increased her stock from 50 to 60 cows. she knows it is a dangerous mood. >> price fluctuations could be deadly for bottom line and we could be forced to stop production. reporter: milk production in france is expected to increase by 12% over the next five years which could send the cost of dairy products tumbling. reporter: greece is still in the
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headlines. another deadlock here. this time we're talking about the timeline for when they are hoping to reach a deal on tuesday. proposals were more ideal that concrete plans. not enough to help athens pay its debt. they know about 3 billion euros this month. the greek economy minister said he is optimistic a deal can be reached next week. the president of the european council said there is no plan b in the work. >> i think we can say the situation is under control. the most important -- clarification from the greek side. about all political -- from the
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greek government. i hope that we will achieve agreement by the end of april. anchor: what kind of reaction has to been from the market? reporter: the major european indices have shrugged off losses and trading pretty well into the green, up over 1% midway through the trading session. manufacturing grew more than expected last month. factory output is measured at 52.2 in march, which indicates growth. france was among the members holding things back a little bit. britain's manufacturing sector grew at the fastest and bolstered by a pickup in export orders.
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in vietnam thousands of workers are striking for a sixth day in a way. the crowds marched peacefully with a heavy police presence around a factory to make sure the brands including nike and converse. authorities say they are trying to negotiate a solution. the vatican has signed a deal to crank down on money laundering. it will be made available to the italian economy ministry. warren buffett is weighing in on federal policy. he has said he would not raise interest rates if he were in charge of the central bank. rates could be boosted in june.
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warren buffett says that would throw a monkeywrench to the american economic recovery. no word on whether janet yellen is paying attention to that advice. anchor: thank you so much. we are talking us through. lots of folk is -- lots of focus on the results from nigeria. reporter: a big story from across the world. goodluck jonathan called his rival to congratulate him on the victory. good title in "the independent" today. this is an historic victory for
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muhammadu buhari. anchor: it was a long time in coming. he is run four times against goodluck jonathan and he was once a former military dictator. reporter: there is an interesting portrait of him and his past. he was one of the harshest military rulers. during his 20 month rule, he waged a war against -- arresting some and jailing others. he insist this is part of his past and he is a sworn democrat. many voters say they were drawn to his tough past, given the challenges that nigeria is facing. they thought that tough past would help the country. anchor: this race was very close in nigeria. how is the nigerian press
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reacting? reporter: the tones of the campaign were bitter. no one can deny this land healing. it is also very hopeful. nigeria is the big winner. this is an important victory for nigeria and its experiment with liberal democracy. they see progress on the nation's horizon. anchor: there was a real national debate under religious freedom which was signed last week in indiana, which critics say open the door to discrimination against gays and lesbians. reporter: what is controversial is that it gives business owners a legal defense based on their faith. they can refuse service based on their faith. left wing liberal papers are
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outraged about this. this law allows individuals or corporations facing discrimination lawsuits claiming serving gays and lesbians burdens their religious freedom. you can see the title of this editorial. they are using religion as a cover for a good tree. it is a very different picture than conservative papers. look at "the wall street journal." they say the question is who is being intolerant. it is paradoxical as americans become more tolerance of gays, liberals are becoming more intolerant of those with religious views. indiana is not targeting gays, liberals are targeting rejection -- religion.
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it comes in the wake of the charlie hebdo attacks in january. one of the critics is a common newspaper. they are alarmed by the so-called french patriot act. they will threaten the public freedom with anti-terrorism. the bill will allow phone and e-mail tapping of suspected terrorists without permission from a judge. anchor: interesting report that says surveillance bugs are being hit in smoke detectors. reporter: there is a new law in france that makes it compulsory for households to have smoke detectors. they are being used as bug to spys on french households.
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they are taking apart smoke detectors and there are microphones connected to a wi-fi connection think it's turned on if you say certain keywords. among them you have jihad, bin laden, syria drugs the president's suppose it girlfriend and big fish. that means april fools'. anchor: we do have that tradition. news organizations love doing april fools jokes. reporter: be careful when you are reading the news. i pulled out one from a popular tv blog. they talk about a popular sinkhole that opened up. google has become a specialist of elaborate april jokes.
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anchor: thank you so much for that looked. happy april fools to you. you can get a closer look at the
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