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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 1, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> the deadline has passed and have the negotiators have gone home -- gone home but top continuing switzerland. the agreement now scaled down. john kerry says he will stay until thursday morning at least. declaring war on corruption. nigeria's next president and return to power after a stunning election win. israel slams of political and hypocritical move as the palestinian authority officially joined the international criminal court.
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first, the deadline has passed the talks continue in switzerland this wednesday. world powers have been trying to reach a deal with iran, seeking to prevent it from developing a nuclear weapon. the french foreign minister has artie left the meeting, citing a lack of progress. john kerry says he will stay on until thursday morning. i've been -- i foreign ministerran's. >> they need to exhibit flexibility in order to move forward. iran has shown willingness to move forward with dignity and we
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urge our negotiating partners to ease the moment and use the opportunity. >> we are told just why they are not keen on to details in the agreement. >> the reason the iranians want to remain if they do not check the mandate from the highest power, the supreme leader to go ahead and sign some kind of the detailed written statement. the reason for that is there is concern that if the opponents of the deal, israel, saudi arabia, talks will be able to destroy that the problem is washington need something a little bit more concrete. officials are assuring us that is not the major problem because they will be able to have classified meetings and briefings when they go back. the major issue is that cannot be another link the next tension
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because we have another looming deadline, april 14. that is when congress will convene, a republican-controlled congress, and they will vote on the bill that would require president obama to submit any kind of approval to the senate. then there will not be any chance of bringing this to an end. >> the latest talks saying 12 long years. -- going back 12 long years. >> they agree on some issues are closing in on a preliminary deal according to officials involved in negotiations here in switzerland. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has been in top with their iranian prime minister since thursday. they were joined by other ministers of the p5 less one group over the weekend. >> this has to be a deal that
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puts it beyond the reach. >> the u.s., france, germany wanted them to suspend the nuclear work classic number of centrifuges used to enrich and premium -- enrich uranium. it is also calling for an immediate end to the sanctions crippling the economy. the pressure is on to fight solution -- find solutions to the talking points. >> thank you everybody. >> no more time for laughter. full-scale talks begin monday aiming to secure a deal by a self-imposed deadline of tuesday night. moving to celebrations in nigeria after mohammed has been
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praised for winning the campaign. a historic moment for nigeria as well. buhari has a tough road ahead. >> in his hands the president-elect is concerning his victory. on his fourth attempt convert to democracy has one nigeria's presidential election. >> i shall no longer be the ruling party again. we will be the governing party. we may not agree on the method of governing, he is a great nigerian.
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>> the 73-year-old also commented saying the effort in defeating beluga -- boko haram. the group that has claimed thousands of lives in the southeast. supporters have been celebrating since tuesday night. waving grass brooms, the symbol of the campaign promise to sweep out corruption. >> i have not slept since yesterday. i am out here again with everyone to show how happy we are. >> feelings were more mixed in the southern delta region. the key support base that outgoing president. >> peaceful.
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peaceful election. >> when he is sworn in next month, it will be the first time in nigeria's history an opposition party has to and a chronically taken control of the country from the ruling party. -- the ele democratically party has taken control of the country from the ruling party. >> a precarious position. the iraqi general introducing the interior minister fight. smoke is still rising from the rubble into crit -- tihrkrit. >> today we are mostly liberated. under -- only small parts under control.
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>> as the press conference goes underway, fighting engulfs north of the city. the last neighborhood for the islamic state organization. once they have taken the entire city, iraqi forces will have to secure it. my clear -- clearing experts will have to wipe out the many booby-traps left behind by the forces. >> whereas before they would plant bombs along the road, now they plan to alongside growth as well. >> soldiers still have their work cut out for them. the fight to reclaim basel -- bamosel maybe next. >> they had seized control in the serious -- syrian capital damascus. the camp in the syrian capital
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will see -- has seen pierce fighting today between the islamic faith and other groups. including that is the free syrian army. 18,000 public refugees are still inside the camp. the palestinian authority has become a commander of the international criminal court. israel has slammed the move calling is hypocritical. it will pursue its own complaint against hamas, which last week was singled out by amnesty international. also, palestinian negotiators with airgas in the hague earlier today. >> we will go to the criminals and ask them to stop committing crimes. >> we are in the netherlands
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with their international criminal court is based. she joins us on the line. the palestinians have officially signed up for the criminal court. what is next? >> the next up is the investigation for long times of investigation for years. the court has already started. i see the prosecutor has already been analyzing last year's conflict in gaza. only an official investigation could lead to trial against both israeli and hamas officials. so palestinians are seeking justice for victims more than 2000 people died during the conflict of last year between israel and hamas. this is going to be a very long procedure. we cannot say if there was ever be a child.
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>> you mentioned last year's war in gaza. that would also implicate hamas. just last week amnesty international accused hamas of committing war crimes. why are palestinians prepared to take the risk? >> that is a very good risk -- very good question. it is a risk, and that is the reason why for a long time the palestinian president refused to become a member of the icc. according to sources, hamas got itself recently got advice, and they believe in the end they will not want to be prosecuted for war crimes, but also, they would not want to prevent israel from being prosecuted for war crimes. becoming a member of the icc for them is a great diplomatic tool
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to raise international pressure against israel and push the most important agenda, which is palestine. it is risky for hamas, but a very strong, diplomatic step. >> how will they help them achieve an independent palestinian state? >> how will they achieve that? >> how will join in the icc put them on the roads to that? >> in may push the diplomatic pressure against israel, but the trial itself will not lead to an independent state. it might lead to a back-office pressure and peace talks, but the icc is self -- itself can be used as a tool for diplomacy but it will not itself lead to independent of the palestinian state.
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>> thank you very much. worldwide executions fell by almost a quarter last year. the number of people being sentenced to death has been on the rise. those are the findings of the latest court into capital punishment. the group formed states are using the threat of terrorism to justify the death penalty the -- the death penalty. among them palestine. iran executed 289, more than any others they. amnesty national director spoke to us earlier. >> if we look at the increase in death sentences, a lot of that it is six point in nigeria. in nigeria many of the death sentences were for murder or robbery that some soldiers that
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committed crimes against boko haram. >> just a few days ago the former french president nicolas sarkozy -- number -- nicholas sarkozy was celebrating a victory in the elections and today answering questions about a regularity. this relates to funding fail to a campaign in 2012. experts say it could hurt his chances for potential comeback in 2016. >> after five hours of questioning, nicholas sarkozy left the finance department. he avoided the cameras and let his lawyers do the talking. >> in light of the x donations president sarkozy has applied -- in light of the documents we
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have supplied, investigating judges have decided there were no grounds for placing nicholas sarkozy under investigation. >> nicholas sarkozy let the supervisors office with a supervised witness meaning that he and his lawyer have access to the case file, but the judge can face him under formal investigation it they consider this implicate -- implicate him. he was judged reviews presidential appointment for the campaign. this meant a spending limit by 600 60,000 euros. a constitutional record rejected his campaign. this meant a spending limit of x hundred 60,000 euros. -- 660,000.
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following the resignation of the party leader, the interim leader tried the party. now saying it became a problem and prosecutor opened up preliminary investigation. upon checking over the party leadership, he will pay off the party debt. he may have possibly put an end to the affair. >> a french fashion being honored in paris. 300 pieces from a career standing nearly 40 years will be on sale. among them, the brawl died -- designed for madonna. >> my -- manikins that seem to follow you with their eyes. organized for as much a retrospective as creation in its own way. >> these are things that are important to me like working on skin, strong women. the sexy women as well.
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i tried to put all of these elements together. >> this for the first time introduces elements and adolescents. the kona grill brawbra warned by madonna and her 1990 world tour. >> she wore black feathers, and she gave beauty advice to her clients. i was nine or 10 years old when i drew them after, at least the way they appear to me. without realizing high grass the importance of clothing. cracks>> 175 original creations that will be displayed in the museum.
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>> the deadline has passed. negotiators have gone home. the talks continuing for another night in switzerland. secretary of state john kerry says he will stay until thursday morning. the ukrainians saying the ball is firmly on the other side of the tables court. israel has slammed hypocritical move. yet the palestinian authority officially joins the international criminal court. buahri declaring war. celebrate the fact that he is to be nigeria's next president. he returned to power after running election win. getting an update on all the days top is this news --
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business news. will hildebrand in studio. starting in greece, trying to convince critics they have finances in order. will: they submitted a new list to the eurozone according to a financial document obtained by the financial times. the new proposal could raise as much as six billion euros in the next year in much higher than the previous attempt to convince them. this involves cracking down on tax evasion. this is similar to friday's initial effort. a new proposal does not address several issues creditors have including an overhaul of the greek pension him and taking more steps to liberalize the labor market. tuesday the euro currency figured -- finished with the biggest ever quarterly decline. that has actually boosted manufacturing.
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the sector rose to a 10 month high to a 52.2 in march. the figure above 50 indicates x ranch in. this is the 23rd straight month the index has been above 50 for the eurozone. ireland in spain have the highest ratings. the eurozone's three biggest economy, two of them about 50. france remained in the red with a reading of 48.8. time now for a quick check on the u.s. markets. the s&p 500 and nasdaq's trading slightly down today, have to 1%. the dow jones also trading down. walmart denver the greatest decliners. airline stocks are also taking a hit due to higher oil -- higher oil prices.
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markets in nigeria cheers the results of the election yesterday. election marked the first time in the countries history that an incumbent lost reelection. traders hope this post well for stability and transparency. this includes -- it went up a full 8%. nigeria is a big economy and have many challenges ahead. >> markets reacted positively to the news the president peacefully succeeded buhari. he will have to keep his word if he is to stay there for another term. quicksilver resources of our people -- >> the resources of our people. [indiscernible] >> he takes control of nigeria
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during a time of economic trouble. until recently they were benefiting from a booming oil industry growing at an average rate of 7% every year since 2004. oil accounts of 75% of the country's revenue. over the past year oil prices have dropped. a new middle class will help take the focus away from oil by bringing in revenue from the developing telecommunications sector. a film industry employs 300,000 people and makes around 300 million euros per year. >> a lot of challenges for nigeria moving forward.
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a quick look now at the top is smith headlines. the opening bell in new york. the long anticipated initial public offering got off to a stellar start. shares surged more than 33%. ipo priced at $22 per share. $4.5 billion. go daddy known for the saucy super bowl atds. the vatican will share tax information with the italian government. the deal could clamp down on potential money laundering. it has found many italian citizens to hold accounts for decades. a practice that was in violation of the banks mission to help individuals evade taxes and launder money. france has said the french video sharing network will stay european. the government has said the talks were at 49% stake in the
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website. meanwhile, a french holding company is allegedly preparing a motion for 2013 -- repairing a motion. on to ukraine now we're fighting between pro-russian rebels in the east has disrupted daily life. wednesday rebels try to take a step to return things to norm and submit to the authority. pensions in the east, not in the national currency but in the russian ruble. >> ukraine's decision in november to stop paying pensions and other social payments and rebel held countries hit residents heart. rebels deny getting the funds from russia. >> what can i do that this is not ukraine. whatever you do there, i cannot help you here.
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>> pension payments will be around 30 million euros in march. some say they are happy to get anything at all. >> i do not know how it will be in the future. one-to the exchange rate. certainly not much, but what can we do? i am happy to have at least this. >> some say the measure was not nearly enough. >> can you survive with this money? it is now 10 times more expensive than before. >> ukraine says it will still get payment to those who show up big government-controlled areas but for many that is impossible. many assume payments would
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