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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 21, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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ning us. the italian authority charged to people in the mediterranean's worst ever migrant boat disaster. europe put together an action plan over its approach. egypt's former president mohamed morsi is sentenced to 20 years in jail. it could be the last trial of its kind. a german court examines charges into a former nazi accused of complicity and hundreds of thousands of deaths at auschwitz.
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he has asked for forgiveness. also this hour, we will have a look through the international papers. florence villeminot reporting on the taking of russia's giant gas industry. eu preparing to take gaszpr om. your watching live from paris. ♪ italian police say they have charged the captain of the boat involved in the mediterranean's worst migrant disaster. the u.n. says at least a hundred people died when it cap size off libya over the weekend. the man was among 28 survivors who arrived in physically and was arrested alongside a fellow remember. reporter: a long way from home
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among the 28th survivors of sunday's disaster are people from mali, senegal and bangladesh. many survivors are syrian, like the captain, charged with human trafficking and multiple human off-site. -- human homicide. >> we have arrested two alleged traffickers, the captain of the shipwrecked vesicle, and a crew member. reporter: the fishing boat left tripoli in libya at 8:00 a.m. on saturday carrying more than 800 people. it capsized. hundreds of passengers had been
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locked below deck, including children between the ages of 10 and 12. survivors say they climbed onto dead bodies to stay afloat. >> the 10 point action plan is significant. it proves europe's attitude and fighting human traffickers. reporter: the measures include doubling funds to the current eu border surveillance michelin calls for destroying trafficking bosa they cannot be used again. more than 11,000 migrants have been rescued by a thousand authorities -- by italian authorities. chris: the eu has been under pressure after a series of tragedies in the mediterranean. foreign ministers agreed to a 10 point plan and luxembourg due to be submitted with eu leaders this thursday. across london and brussels,
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assistant proposals. >> the main point really is beefing up the current mediterranean operations and give them more resources and of course very importantly more funding. the eu said they could take additionally and funding from the eu budget for for the rest of the money, the they will have to reach into their pockets. the second is the military operation i will involve destroying boats used by the smugglers. a third proposal is beefing up the cooperation between current eu institutions that work on these matters like euro pulse and sontacks. another point is the emergency relocation of refugees. another is setting up an eu-wide
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location offering places to people in desperate need of protection. another team from the asylum office is helping to protest the many lists of applications. and also member states are responsible for taking fingerprints of asylum-seekers, and another is setting up the rapid return of migrants organized i frontline member states, and finally engaging with countries around libya namely niger and sending immigration officers to key third countries to gather intelligence and strengthen the role of eu's allegations abroad. chris: all party they will to reach on the outskirts of damascus. set in 1957 palestinians have become the symbol of the desperate plight of people in syria. the hard-line islamic state
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group attacked the cap earlier this month leading to clashes with other militant groups. jordan's representative in the u.n. now. >> the members of the security council underscore support to assist palestinian refugees and walk through a 10 point plan that includes providing assistance for civilians who are unwilling or unable to reach yarmouk. assisting those who want to two burly relocate in accordance with ihl -- to temporarily wreak relocate in accordance with ihl. and sustaining those who have already fled. chris: three days of national mourning in a feel be a following the killing of more than 20 christians by the islamic faith group in libya. on sunday, the jihadist group released a video showing one group of men being beheaded on a
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beach, another being shot in the desert. the government has confirmed the dead were ethiopian migrant workers. "france 24'" catherine viette has more. catherine: a nation in mourning, condemning the brutal killing of at least two dozen ethiopian christians in libya by the islamic state group. >> they are taking innocent people and treating them like sheep, like animals and killing them in horrific ways. their actions are repugnant. we condemn them. >> we never support the killing of humans. catherine: the murders have shocked and horrified ethiopians and the will. the men shown being killed in the isp are believed to be migrants who left ethiopia and a
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hope of eventually reaching europe. it starts a travel to libya where they will then cross a boat to the mediterranean for sub it is there they were captured by the terrorist group. >> i very sad. i lost my brother, my one and only brother, and there are many more ethiopians who are losing their lives. they are being dropped into the ocean. catherine: the african union, the european union, and the u.s. have also expressed their solidarity with ethiopia. chris: in our reports coming in of a suicide bomber renting a car laden with explosives into a busy restaurant into the center of the somali capital mogadishu. at least 10 people are thought to be killed and expect the death toll to rise. they described a building in flames and set a policeman was killed trying to prevent the attack. in egypt, former president
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mohamed morsi is being said is to 20 years in prison without parole in fighting the killing of protesters back in december 4012. it was broadcast on state television as morsi avoided the death penalty. he does have the right to appeal. we cross to sharif in cairo. good morning to you. more about today's verdict. sharif: well, morsi and other muslim brotherhood members were charged on inciting supporters to commit violence thuggery, and to illegally obtain and torture prisoners in december 2012. they were acquitted of the more serious charges of weapons -- and and pre-meditated murder which carries the death penalty. the trial was held behind closed doors, but today's sentence was broadcast on live television full stop you can see the defendants inside the cage
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holding up the four finger salute you used to commemorate the killing of the processors. dutch of the protesters will stop incident took place in december 2012 -- killing of the protesters. the incident took place in december 2012, they spoke out against morsi's can controversial decisions, which placed him beyond the reach of the judiciary. this sparked clashes in which 10 people were killed. this is the first verdict against the former president. he does have the right to appeal, and he is facing at least three other trials including one where he is charged with leveraging with foreign groups like hamas accused of terrorism in egypt as well as espionage, leaking documents, and a prison break in 2012. chris: the wider context of this ongoing crackdown by the sisi government on the muslim
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brotherhood. how is the ejection public reacting to all of this? sharif: their appealrs to be little sympathy among the public for the muslim brotherhood. their brief time was marked by acrimony. since the ouster of mohamed morsi, the state and private media have vilified the brotherhood as extremists and terrorists, and responsible for much of the violence in the sinai and the bombing of the delta as well, although the brotherhood denies and condemns those axles that they have been joined by state institutions such as the religious establishment civil society institutions, which have also condemned the brotherhood, so despite the very brutal crackdown and very harsh, john coney and sentences against its leadership and its rank -- the harsh, draconian sentences against his leadership and its
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rank and file, there seems to be little support for the muslim brotherhood and it supporters. chris: moving on to a trial which could prove to be the last of its kind. germany examines accusations against 92-year-old oscar girling of complicity in the death of some 300,000 people at the nazi death camp in auschwitz. this case one of the last big holocaust trials. reporter: among the more than 4000 -- 400,000 hungarians assent to auschwitz, she was just 16 years old when she was sent to the death camp in 1944. 70 years later, she is one of some 50 holocaust survivors and plaintiffs against an ss guard t here all square groani -- os car groning. ms. bohm: i do not want to see
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them go to jail, he is too old for it. reporter: if convicted, it would say that being an accessory to murder is punishable by the law. a self-proclaimed cog in the nazi machine come although he has and i killing anyone, which kept him from being charged in the postwar trial. some feel that the german justice system did not do enough to prosecute nazi leaders. with few still alive, the court is returning to guard to indirectly aided in mass murder. >> justice has failed us over the past five decades for not taking trials like this that they should have taken on. reporter: a choice of some attribute to former nazi sympathizers in the postwar justice system. >> it is likely that is one of the reasons we were not as offensive as we should have been and need to be now. we need to accept such
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criticism, but it does not mean we only starting to prosecute people. reporter: there are currently 11 cases open against former auschwitz guards that are still alive. the legal race against the clock. chris: facing a gargantuan task in barcelona, the attempt to overturn the three-one deficit from last week's first leg of their champions league clash. here in the french capital. psg coach blanc under no illusions, really. coach blanc: well, we basically know how the match will unfold. when they have control of the ball, we will have counterattack possibility. we'd to score goals, lots of goals, and we cannot concede so we see the task ahead of us, but we hope we can show we can do it for us, for me, the people, it would be a sign that we are able
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to bounce back after the first leg in which well, we were dominated by a superior barcelona team. chris: good luck. you are watching live from paris. authorities charging to people with the mediterranean's worst ever migrant boat disaster. an action plan put together among ongoing immigration. and mohamed morsi avoids the death penalty, though he will spend 20 years in jail for inciting the killing of protesters. and charges against a 93-year-old former nazi accused of complicity in hundreds of thousands of deaths at auschwitz. he has asked for forgiveness. time now for business. time to say hello to stephen carroll. hi, stephen. a gloomy prognosis for the economy. stephen: yes, this is from prime minister medvedev.
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he tells lawmakers the embargoes cost the country 25 billion euros. so far, low oil prices are also hurting russian growth, the russian economy shrank by 2% in the first three month of this year. staying in russia, the european union is set to accuse gazprom of abusing its dominant position in the market. the gas country has been under investigation by the eu for more than two years but believes this cap was delayed until now because of risk of further inflaming tensions with moscow and seeing supplies cut off. it is a pulled move being taken by the commissioner. reporter: she has artie taken on internet double -- she has already taken on internet giant google but she already has her sights set on another target. this case is against gazprom europe's biggest gas supplier. accused of illegally abusing its
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dominant place in europe's gas market by overcharging restricting the refill of its gas, and blocking rival gas suppliers. the case focuses on gazprom's pricing policies, which the eu says it differs between customers. most affected by this are eastern europe former soviet countries, estonia, latvia lithuania, poland, hungary, and bulgaria. the investigation into gazprom has been going on for more than two years, but with diplomatidc relations artie strained between russia and the eu over the crisis in the ukraine, previous commissioners have held up fearing a gas cut off from moscow in response. gazprom supplies about 1/3 of europe's gas and half of that goes through pipelines crossing ukraine. the company will have 12 weeks to respond. if the charges are upheld, brussels has the power to fine the russian giant of 210% of its
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$100 billion global turnover, -- the russian giant up to 10% of its $100 billion global turnover. stephen: the government tells all local agencies and governments to move their funds to the central bank as talks with greece's international lenders to release about 7 billion euros of its bailouts stalled. prime minister alexis tsipras needs the cash to pay public-sector salaries and pensions. 770 million euro payment to the imf is also looming on may 12. let's check in on what is happening in the markets. it is midpoint any trading day. all trading at record highs with low-grade gains today, paris and london, as he can see, dipping slightly into the red. in london, the chipmaker arm holdings impressing investors.
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a quick look next at some other top business stories. the french authority has ordered to remove certain conditions from its website after complaints rum hotelfrom hoteliers. it will no longer be a will to block hotels from offering cheaper hotels on its website or cute hotel rooms for its users. it's enough for a two-year investigation into the website by competition in france, italy, and sweden. joanne is set to increase production in europe by 10%. the company says revive sales in europe have allowed it to reach its objective sooner. this comes after the company closed 8000 jobs in france. the british payday loan company has reported its first annual loss after u.k. regulators began a crackdown targeting the sector. wonga said sales fell by 1/3 in
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2013 while the costs went up by 12%. and finally for me for now, a record day of trading on the chinese market on monday, left the stock exchange marketer with some explain it to do. it was unable to display the volume of trades after it hit one trillion yuan or over $160 billion. the problem was described as a software configuration issue. they will have to replace their software to make space for all of the zeros that they need for with that, back to you chris. chris: thank you very much, stephen. time now for our international press review. we are joined now by "france 24 's" florence villeminot. as you expect, europe is affected by the tragic situation
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in the mediterranean. florence: absolutely, that is the story in the press here in europe and around the globe as well. many feared dead after the ship rock off the coast of libya over the weekend. as we take a look at an article in le mond, the article quotes a spokesperson -- in "le monde," the article quotes a spokesperson whose calls it the worst massacre ever. "le monde" points out some the beginning of this year, 400 migrants have died in a month on average as you can see in this headline, an average of one death every two hours. chris: it is not like we did not know about this issue. europe really coming in flak florence: in its approach.
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absolutely. there are calls for european leaders to react in a united way in this crisis will stop let's take a look at the independent" -- in this crisis. let's take a look at "the independent," three people were killed in that incident in greece, the belgian paper "le so ir" have a similar story on its page. the french christian paper says europe is going to be forced to recognize that action is urgent. now, action can mean a lot of things, of course, and "la croix" examines the options that the eu has and the fight to end of this immigration crisis. the common denominator we have been seeing recently is libya. libya has become a hub for human trafficking and a hotbed for terrorist groups according to "la croix," especially the islamic state group, and "la
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croix" calls for the stabilization. chris: "le figaro" also. florence: that is right. what can europe do any face of libya's crisis? chaos, as it says. several options are possible. one of them setting up a blockade to physically stop boats from libya. other solutions will be finding a political solution to the crisis that is going on in libya, were also a military intervention in libya. if we take a look at the editorial and "le figaro" today, you can see a are talking about a second war in libya. europe is morally obliged to put an end to the war. we take a look at the italian press, i pulled out an opinion piece in "le stampa," libya is that the heart of the matter. in the short run, the eu needs
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to boot up its search and rescue operations. the issue of migration from africa into europe across the mediterranean can no longer be a managed as an emergency. this is no longer an emergency -- this is a structural phenomenon, and the article goes on to a that migration is becoming a bigger test for the european union banned the greek crisis. it is really going to test the unity of the european union. chris: ok, we're going to move to the middle east next. an arms deal between the friends and lebanon. florence: absolutely, that stories on the front page of "l'orient le jour," a lebanese paper. a 3 billion dollar deal funded by saudi arabia, on the front page, you can see a photo of that ceremony in beirut attended by the defense minister from france. his lebanese counterpart, you can see they are in the middle of the saudi investor to
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lebanon. they are going to take on the jihadist threat. you can see the headline here saying this is the beginning of a long, strategic corporation. lots of state papers are focusing on a steel saying it could perhaps shift the balance in the region. chris: ok, let's end on a lighter note. running a marathon is already a big task, particularly the case of one person in boston. florence: that is right, the boston marathon held yesterday. a 35-year-old woman, amy keal ran the boston marathon while seven months pregnant. the articles in the "daily beast ." quite a full belly. is it safe? the "daily beast" says it depends on the case. if she is an elite athlete running is not pregnant -- running while pregnant on an issue for seven fact, women who
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exercise regularly will have a better pregnancy. i do not know anything about that, but i do think it is impressive that she crossed the finish line 7.5 months pregnant. chris: florence, he was much. is all the time we
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