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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  July 31, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica this is democracy now! >> you have been charged with one count of murder and one count of voluntary manslaughter. tensing: yes, your honor. amy: two other university officers have been suspended.
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we will go to cincinnati for the latest. then the senate plans to vote to strip planned parenthood of federal funding after a string of videos shot by anti-abortion activists. recently, an organization used secretly recorded, heavily edited videos to make outrageous claims. i want to be really clear -- the allegation that planned parenthood profits in any way from tissue donation is not true. amy: all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. in news from ohio, former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing has been released on a $1 million bail after pleading not guilty to the murder of sam dubose. tensing, who is white, fatally
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shot the 43-year-old african american man on july 19 after stopping him for not having a front license plate. two additional officers, phillip kidd and david lindenschmidt, have been placed on administrative leave. meanwhile, new information shows that officer phillip kidd and another officer on scene during the dubose shooting were involved in the death of an unarmed african american man five years earlier. according to documents revealed by the guardian, phillip kidd and officer eric weibel were part of a seven-officer team that tased and shackled a mentally ill man who was having a psychotic episode. the man died three days later. we'll have more from cincinnati after headlines. in news from portland, oregon, law enforcement officers have removed greenpeace activists who spent 40 hours suspended from a bridge in order to block an icebreaking ship commissioned by oil giant shell from leaving for the arctic.
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hundreds of activists have been gathering on the bridge and in kayaks since tuesday night in efforts to stop shell's plans to drill in the remote chukchi sea. early thursday morning, the suspended greenpeace activists successfully forced shell's ship to turn back to port in a showdown that grabbed international headlines. greenpeace activist kristina flores discussed watching the ship turn around as she stood on top of the bridge thursday. kristina: this morning was quite the adventure. it felt really, really great to watch them turn around and go back to port. it was a great sign that we are winning, that we are strong, and that when the people come can win and we will win. amy: an alaska judge ruled greenpeace had to pay fines for every hour activists remained
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suspended and if the protests continued into friday, the judge ruled the fines would escalate to $5,000 an hour, and then $10,000 an hour on saturday. after portland police and enforcement officers removed enough suspended protesters for shell's shipass, navigated its way through the bridge and headed en route. the department of the interior has said that there is a 75% chance of quote "one or more large spills" once shell begins drilling. the world's largest group of psychologists is reportedly poised to ban future involvement with u.s. military interrogations, ending the association's long-running complicity in post-9/11 torture. according to james risen of the
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new york times, the board of the american psychological association is expected to recommend the new ethics rules at its annual meeting next week. the new rules come after top apa officials lost their jobs earlier this month following an independent investigation documenting how the association covered up its close collaboration with officials at the pentagon and cia. the new rules would prohibit psychologists from participating in any interrogations that also involve military or intelligence personnel. in news from the west bank, a palestinian baby has died after israeli settlers reportedly threw firebombs into the family's home early this morning. graffiti scrawled on walls near the homes read "revenge" in hebrew. the child's parents and four-year-old brother were also severely injured. president netanyahu called the firebombing quote "an act of terrorism in every respect." meanwhile, in jerusalem, an ultra-orthodox man stabbed six
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people during a gay pride parade thursday. netanyahu denounced the attack saying everyone in israel had the right to live in peace. mr. netanyahu: in israel, everyone has the right to live in peace and we will defend that right. amy: in news from pakistan, the taliban has reportedly named akhtar mohammad mansour to be the group's de facto leader after confirming reports of former leader mullah omar's death. the leadership shake up has led to a delay in the peace talks between the taliban and the u.s.-backed afghan government. meanwhile, in eastern afghanistan, two u.s. drone strikes have reportedly killed 20 suspected militants from the self-proclaimed islamic state. the strikes come as the united states steps up its aerial attacks in afghanistan, despite president obama's declaration of an official end to the u.s. combat mission in the
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-- in afghanistan. in related news, a federal judge has rejected a guantanamo prisoner's lawsuit arguing that his imprisonment is no longer legal now that president obama has declared an end to the u.s. combat mission in afghanistan. the prisoner, muktar yahya najee al-warafi, is a yemeni citizen who has been held in guantanamo since his capture in afghanistan in 2002. his legal challenge hinged on a 2004 supreme court opinion saying imprisonment under the authorization for the use of military force is only permitted as long as quote "active hostilities" continue. but thursday, a federal judge ruled al-warafi's continued detention legal because there is quote "convincing evidence that u.s. involvement in the fighting in afghanistan, against al-qaida and taliban forces alike, has not stopped." in hawaii, negotiators from 12 countries are attempting to reach an agreement over the terms of the trans pacific partnership by the end of the day. the sweeping trade deal, known
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as the tpp, would encompass 40 % of the world's global trade. this week, disagreements over farm exports and intellectual property rights for new drugs have kept the more than 600 negotiators from reaching a final deal. meanwhile, outside the talks, hundreds of demonstrators gathered on the beach in maui wednesday to protest the ongoing talks. marti townsend, the director for the sierra club of hawaii, spoke out against the trade pact as protesters blew shell horns in the background. dir. townsend: i do not like bullying and i feel that corporations right now are using their power to bully people around. theyare not collected and are not decision-makers. people are elected and people are decision-makers and people need to feel their own power and recognize they can stand up to this kind of bullying. amy: in india, authorities has
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-- have executed yakub memon for his role in 1993 bombings in mumbai, which killed 257 people and wounded hundreds more. the bombings were some of the deadliest in india's history. memon's became the fourth person to be executed in india in 15 years. before his hanging thursday, hundreds protested against the death penalty, many arguing that muslims are unfairly punished in the majority hindu nation. leaders of island nations gathered for a high-level united nations security council meeting thursday to discuss the accelerating impact of climate change. the meeting comes two weeks after james hansen, one of the world's leading climate scientists, published a report saying that sea levels could rise as much as 10 feet by the end of the century. samoa's prime minister spoke about the threat of climate change thursday. thehey recognized that
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c-level rise and other adverse impacts of climate change continue to pose significant risks to small island developing states, and for many, represent the greatest threat to their survival, viability, including the loss of territory. amy: an anti-choice group has released another highly edited video alleging that planned parenthood is selling fetal tissue, a claim that the organization has repeatedly denied. this comes from the anti-choice group the center for medical progress. this comes as republican lawmakers are vowing to push ahead with efforts to defund the organization. we will have more later in the broadcast. puerto rico is facing a $58 million debt repayment deadline saturday as lawmakers are backing a federal bill to allow puerto rico to declare bankruptcy.
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earlier this week, a hedge-fund-backed report called on the island to raise taxes and cut funding for education in order to repay its debt. thursday, protesters gathered outside the offices of hedge fund of bluemountain capital, a hedge fund that protesters say has bought puerto rico's debt at a discount and has funded lobbyists to oppose proposed legislation to allow the puerto rico to declare bankruptcy. renata pumarol of new york communities for change, spoke out. renata: they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure puerto ricans have no right to file for bankruptcy and they are pushing for other measures. the latest was that puerto rican --ools close endocyte schools and fire teachers. it would be devastating for puerto rico. former employees are suggesting that puerto rico cuts its minimum wage by one., a country that already has 40% poverty.
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no one can survive on $2.13 minimum wage. amy: and the international olympic committee has chosen beijing as the host city for the 2022 winter games. beijing beat out the only other candidate city almaty, kazakhstan, in a vote friday. the four other possible cities -- oslo, norway, stockholm, sweden, krakow, poland and lviv, ukraine -- had all pulled out of the running. beijing hosted the summer olympics in 2008, amid a flurry of allegations over human rights abuses tied directly to the events, including forced evictions and labor abuses of migrant construction workers. and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we begin today's show in portland oregon, where law enforcement officers have whoved greenpeace activists spent 40 hours suspended from a bridge in order to block and
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icebreaking ship commissioned by leavinggiant shell from for the arctic. hundreds of activists have been gathered in efforts to stop shell's plans to deliver -- drill in the sea. suspended activists successfully forced shell's shipped to turn back to port. greenpeace activist kristina flores describes watching the ship turnaround. kristina: this morning was quite the adventure. turnlt great to watch it around and go back to court. it is a great sign that we are and whenwe are strong, the people come together, we can win. we will win. joining us is annie
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leonard, director of greenpeace usa. we spoke to a couple of days ago as greenpeace activists suspended, trying to stop the from from going -- rig going through. can you tell us what happened since? annie: yesterday was a display of people power. there were hundreds of kayaks in shifts failing the rivers. got a morning, shell hearing in the court in alaska, taking out a preliminary injunction prohibiting us from going within a certain distance of them and prohibiting us from interfering with their work. the court found us in contempt of court and ordered us to get off of the bridge and find us starting at 2500 at -- 20
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500,000 -- $2500 an hour. we met with those on the bridge, it was their decision first and foremost, and we decided to stay on the bridge. it was worth more than the monetary fine. we stayed put. around 3:00 in the afternoon, the police came out on the bridge and began to escort the anchors off -- the anchors the people each climber had on the bridge to ensure their safety, and stayed there 24/7. they took him away, give them minor citations, and release them, and then forced the climbers down. in an incredible display of absolute chaos, the police and the coast guard came, forced the climbers down, and began to take them all away. they did not take all of them. they opened up an opening large shipped tothe shell
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come through. dozens through themselves in front of the ship. people jumped in front of their kayaks. the coast guard ran over one of the kayakers. it was absolute mayhem. the coast guard managed to pull all of the kayakers away one by one in a dangers situation, clearing just enough space for shell to squeak through. it came so close to the remaining climbers. people on the shore literally started crying. it was heartbreaking to watch this thing go through because we know the climate implications. to head up through the arctic sea to start the drawing process. amy: let's talk about why the ship came into court in portland. in fact, it was already out at sea -- it was already in the arctic, but got a hole in it somehow.
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sprung a leak? annie: it is a good point. the arctic is a dangerous place to drill and the other companies have dropped out, saying it is too dangerous, too expensive, and this ship is required to be there when the drilling happens. it ran into something and got a 39-inch hole. it could not be fixed in alaska, presumably could not go back to seattle. it came to portland on a tight deadline to repair it and get back up to the arctic. that is why the blockade was so powerful. any delay that we could have shortened the amount of time shell could drill. --ave such a short window they have such a short window. how long did it take this , whichat sprung a leak makes you nervous about other things that could have been the
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arctic that could involve oil spill -- it took it something like 12 days to make it down this narrow window, get fixed, turned around, and go back? annie: that is right, and presumably it will take another 12 days to get back up there. amy: what about the people that suspended themselves from the bridge --can you talk about exactly what they did? the action called rappel shell is pretty astounding. the action of doing something like this -- it is sort of like -- i thought of renew some, who newsom, whoree climbed the flagpole to take the confederate flag down, but they went the other way. annie: they went up in the middle of the night, secure themselves safely -- they are professionals. greenpeace knows what it is doing on the technical front. bags of hammocks,
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equipment, and they stayed in there for 40 hours. i cannot explain to you what the conditions were like. portland is having record heat. it was over 100 degrees during the day and very cold at night. they stayed there until the end and they wanted to stay because their commitment to keep the arctic oil in the ground was stronger than human frailty is at the moment. they absolutely wanted to stay. amy: i wanted to go to for a moment -- this is not incidental when you talk about the record heat., -breaking temperatures will bake oregon and many valley locations of the interior northwest. can you talk about the record-breaking heatwave and why greenpeace is doing what it is doing? hot init is so baking
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portland. i grew up in the region. it is unprecedented. i was worried about the climbers' physical health. ironically, it was climate change that drove them there, and it could be climate change that brought them down. scientists have said we need to keep 40% of the known fossil reserves underground if we are going to stay below the two degree threshold scientists say will be absolute catastrophe. at whatts have looked oil reserves me to stay in the ground and the arctic is at the top of the list. it is really well documented at this point. extracting arctic oil from the region, putting it into the market and burning it will guarantee that we go over two degrees. this is a situation where shell is not just threatening an ecosystem, or a beautiful forest or river. this is a situation where shell
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's arctic oil drilling is threatening everything and everyone we love and we want to do anything we can to stand up and stop it. amy: now, annie leonard, shell cannot do this on their own. explain how the obama administration is involved. i saw some of the banners yesterday from the people hanging from the bridge and they had obama's name on them. annie: that is because shell does not have the final permit needed to drill. even though they spent about $4 billion and have their equipment on the way up there, they still need one final permit, so the future of the planet, in so many ways, is in obama's hands. permittime to deny the and in a way we are doing him a favor, buying him extra time, holding the ship back and stand up to be the real climate leader he says he wants to be. it is crazy they granted it at
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all because the department of interior's own scientists have said if an oil company drills in the region where shell wants to drill, there is a 75% chance of a major oil spill. -- on an get on an oil airplane with a 75% chance of crashing? it is crazy. amy: the judge said he would find greenpeace. was everyone there involved with greenpeace? the people spontaneously get involved in these actions? annie: a good question -- the people on the bridge were greenpeace. the people in the water were not greenpeace. they were mosquito fleet, 350, rising tide, and everyday acidic -- everyday citizens, unaffiliated. people were dropping off food and water for the climbers. we got e-mails of support from around the world. there were a couple of news channels that were live doing
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this. i get messages from argentina and turkey were people said all around their offices and homes they were gathered around their tv watching this. i have never, in my 30 years of work as an environmental activist, seen this level of support coming in from around the world. amy: the ship made it out. what is greenpeace doing next? annie: we are doubling down on this campaign. the climbers came down, but they passed on the baton. greenpeace has made this a global priority and we are doubling down to protect the arctic and stop the drilling. you, annie leonard, for joining us. executive director of greenpeace usa speaking from portland, oregon. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. when we come back, the controversy around planned parenthood. will congress defund it? stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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"saltwater." here on this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the senate is planning to vote as soon as monday to strip planned parenthood of $500 million in federal funding. the vote comes as planned parenthood is coming under fire from anti-choice activists after the release of a series of undercover sting videos were published online. the heavily edited videos
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suggest the organization profits from supplying aborted fetal tissue for medical research. planned parenthood said it broke no laws, because abortion providers are allowed to charge costs to cover expenses associated with fetal tissue donation. in one video, dr. deborah nucatola of planned parenthood appears to discuss the cost of fetal tissue with operatives posing as biotechnology representatives. the clip begins with a fake representative raising the issue of costs. [indiscernible] : i willrah nucatola throw a number out, it is 30 dollars to $100. amy: the unedited version of the video shows dr. nucatola repeatedly saying that planned parenthood is not trying to profit off fetal tissue. in this clip, she tells the fake researchers there is no revenue stream at play. listen closely.
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dr. deborah nucatola: there is no revenue stream. >> right. annie: earlier this month house --amy: earlier this month house republicans launched an investigation into planned parenthood, claiming it's harvesting fetal tissue for profit. however, planned parenthood's president, cecile richards, has repeatedly denied such claims. cecile: recently videos have made outrageous claims. i want to be really clear -- the allegation that planned parenthood profits in any way from tissue donation in any way is not true. our donation program, like any other high-quality health care provider follows all laws and ethical guidelines. over are 100-year history we have engaged leading medical experts to shape our policies, practices, and high standards, and we always will.
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the top priority is a compassionate care that we provide. on wednesday, planned parenthood's website was reportedly attacked by anti-choice activists, who took the site offline for hours. the organization tweeted that the site was being targeted "by anti-abortion extremists." well, for more, we're joined now by two guests. in los angeles, california we're joined by sharona coots, vice president of investigations and research at rh reality check. her new piece is called, "exclusive: the faces and fake names of people behind planned parenthood attack videos". and, in birmingham, alabama we're joined by dr. willie parker, a physician, abortion provider and a board member of physicians for reproductive health. he previously worked for planned parenthood and recently wrote an article for cosmopolitan magazine called "why i stand with dr. deborah nucatola" sharona coots and dr. willie parker, welcome to democracy now! dr. willie parker, can you talk about what is at the heart of the story, the allegations that planned parenthood is selling
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fetal tissue. amy, it is a pleasure to be back on your show. as i think about what is happening, two things come to mind -- i had a photographer in alabama that would take our picture and in order to get us to pose he would say watch the birdie which was to distract us from what he was trying to do, take a great pitcher, and in that regard what is happening here is a high-stakes game of "watch the birdie." the picture is the cell of -- sale of fetal parts and impugning of planned parenthood, but the real thing is to outlaw abortion. the second thing is the fact that in a court of law, you know, the credibility of the witness goes a long way. if you do not have a credible witness, nothing that they say counts. we know what is happening here
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is an attempt to him p.m. the integrity of planned parenthood the sale allegation of of fetal parts with the ultimate goal of outlawing abortion. this is not new. this is what has always been the case, and the high-stakes is the impairment of very important human science research that could help millions of folks, as well as doing away with vital abortion services that planned parenthood provides. dr. parker, i'm member when nancy reagan, who was extremely anti-choice, broke with other people who she usually agreed with on the issue of stem cell husband,from her ronald reagan, who was suffering from alzheimer's. she said this was too important. fetal tissue what
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research is -- explain what fetal tissue is and how it is used for medical research and is it used all over the country, or in certain states? dr. parker: they say when you stay in your lane there is no traffic, and i would out of my league to talk in depth about fetal research, but what i can tell you is using scientific terms, any products of consumption that are removed -- a pregnancy that is not given birth to, all of the parts are called fetal parts, so there are some -- over the years research has been furthered to the extent that it can be by the extent of using animal models and the likes and there are some processes where in order to make the real breakthrough you have to have access to human tissue. the one area where there is the availability of human tissue has been with regard to the tissues
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removed during an abortion process. the only reason that tissue would be available is that in every situation i have been involved in, even when i worked at planned parenthood, there are these heavily regulated, heavily supervised agreements with research facilities where they procure tissues from places where that tissue is generated. the other side of that is when women have often approached me, as i have done their abortions -- when they are asking during the consent process, they will ask is there any way the tissue can be donated for research? the fact that there are disease processes like alzheimer's, parkinson's, certain dementia, muscular dystrophy, and other disease processes that are causing serious problems, the major breakthroughs that have been achieved have come about as a result of human tissue or
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fetal tissue being made available to further the research. what statesyou know it is allowed in and where it is not? i do not.: i can tell you like most things that are subject to regulations, there are federal guidelines that are overarching, but state to state, it varies. you have states that are more liberal and progressive like california and new york, where there is a heavier reliance on evidence to guide decision-making, but it might be more liberal to operate in these states as opposed to others. i want to turn to who gave david daleiedden is.
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he is speaking on fox news. david: they conducted a study of how planned parenthood sells and harbors the body parts from baby stay aboard and this is something planned parenthood has been doing for decades and something by their own admission in press statements that top level leadership supports and knows it is going on. they have admitted that they harvest the specimens and that they have really -- received payments for it. is only bone of contention whether they receive financial benefit and exactly how much the profit is. there needs to be anymore -- immediate moratorium on all of planned parenthood's funding. amy: that is david daleiden. sharona coots is the vice president of investigations and research at rh reality check. her new piece is called, "exclusive: the faces and fake names of people behind planned parenthood attack videos." who is david daleiden? david daleiden goes by
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at least one other name. that is robert. it is an alias that he used. he was presenting himself at one of these officials at this sham company called biomax procurement services. the company is a sham and the identities used by people that claim to be officials are also shams. time daleiden is a long extreme, anti-choice activist and has ties with notorious names in the movement, including troy newman, the head of operation rescue a group that has a long history of negotiating with known terrorists, people that have committed violence against assisting women in accessing their constitutional right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term.
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do: how did you find out, the research as to who was involved in this? it was through talking to as many sources as i could to find out this group is boasting that they infiltrated a lot of events, networks, and gained the trust of a lot of people in the abortion care community so i reached out to contact in the community and asked if anyone knew them. i quickly started to hear back from people that said yes, i did see this company, saw them at a particular event, things like that, and information began coming through. we started to get names. as we got names, we got photographs and business cards, so to that process, we were able to come down to at least three names that we are published so
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far. we have another two or three that we are looking to verify. i mentioned robert. there is also susan tenenbaum, another alias, and another breanna allen -- that is interesting because most of the activities of these sham groups run by the same people, the center for medical progress, which is a nonprofit, and in a , both based, biomax in california. we tried to find a breanna allen in california associated with e-mailand e-mailed every the woman calling her self breanna allen provided to multiple sources. we found one breanna allen and that story is, in her words, very, very weird. allen grew up in
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davis, california, which is where david daleiden grew up, she went to elementary school with david daleiden, they were not associates, but the members him as a self identified fundamentalist catholic. she was the president of the fandom -- feminist club in high school and when i spoke to her she said i saw my name printed in one of your stories and i want you to know i have nothing to do with this. i do not support would david is doing. he is entitled to his views but he has to go about an honest way to express them in line and manipulating undermines his own credibility. amy: and you saw her name on a credit card within the video? sharona: yeah, we had actually come across the name breanna allen before that through various sources and when you watch the video carefully, the
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operatives do refer to a breanna. what we do is slow down the end of the second video they released, the full version, and yet, one of the operatives pulled out her wallet, so onscreen you can see the wallet and she slips out a credit card. it goes in the blink of an eye when you are watching it live, but when you slow it down, just on youtube, just by hitting pause, you can see the name on a credit card is briel allen. here is the -- breanna allen. the problem is this woman was .alling herself susan tenenbaum the person talking about a breanna allen in the third person pulls out a credit card payssays breanna allen and for the meal on the credit card. when we contacted breanna allen she was freaked out because we let her know about the credit card, and she tried to access or credit reports online and she
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could not get in -- and you answer all the questions, do you have a mortgage, which one of these five streets did you live on -- she said they are the right answers, i cannot get in. at this stage she is having to follow up by paper to see whether she has had some kind of credit card fraud perpetrated on her. i have to be very clear -- we do not know that is what happened. she really is an incredibly fair-minded and reasonable person. she says she has absolutely no .ll will against david daleiden she said if it is a coincidence it is a really weird coincidence, and she is trying to get to the bottom of it to find out if there was fraud perpetrated against her. republican senator and presidential hopeful ted cruz has called on the department of justice to investigate. this is senator cruz speaking to fox news. sen. cruz: these tapings of planned parenthood selling body
8:41 am
parts are grotesque. it highlights the evil of what they are doing. tapes, sharona coutts isharona: --david daleiden an associate of james o'keefe -- james o'keefe was sentenced to three years probation, 100 hours of committee service, after he pleaded guilty from misdemeanor charges stemming from his involvement in the break-in of mary landrieu's office. can you talk about these links -- is it guilt by association? sharona: i do not think you even need to go into the guilt by association. ted cruz clip -- he is a smart guy in a bookish sense, he
8:42 am
has to know what he is saying is factually incorrect. you played the clips. videos, watch the four the planned parenthood officials are literally saying the opposite of wanting to profit from fetal body parts. and i mean that literally -- they are saying time and again no one wants to profit from this, we are not trying to. it is important for people to understand on the question of appearing to haggle over prices, what is going on there -- i have studied the videos and the transcripts at length. what they are trying to do is figure out what it will cost them to facilitate the donation of tissue, and as dr. willie parker said to you earlier, this is because women are asking if they can do something good for society by donating fetal tissue to research terrible diseases that are affecting the lives of people around the world.
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it is difficult, actually, to for a cost -- to say you are at work and you agree to take a phone call as a research call for another company. they are trying to research your industry, and you agree, and you say will you cover my costs, they say sure, how much? your time charge for -- figure out your salary and break it down by increments of six minutes, the rent your company is paying per square foot and decide how much space they are taking of? -- taking up? are you thinking about risk, opportunity cost -- that is what is going on here. haggle, makeing to money, and senator cruz knows that well. he is being unbelievably deceptive here. when i say you do not need to go into guilt by association, you
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have that kind of deliberate deception by a senator, a clever guy with fancy credentials from fancy colleges, he knows what he is doing, he knows how to look at evidence and determine what those facts say and what they do not. amy: i want to turn to katie lion who wrote an article for titled "why i donated fetal tissue after my abortion." she explains her painful decision to have an abortion when an altra side -- ultrasound avealed her baby had shuttered spinal cord. hard, but that it was we coordinated with a research project funded by the national institutes of health. we figured donating the tissue could spare other families the
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painful situation we found ourselves in. it was clear to me and my husband the question of what caused the spina bifida needed to be studied it i felt fortunate i have a chance to donate the tissue. i was able to turn my pain into something that could benefit someone else. that is written by a woman named yon.e l i want to go back to dr. willie you about the significance of the senate effort led by rand paul, ted cruz, both potential candidates, to defund planned parenthood -- what this would actually mean. dr. parker: the effort to defund planned parenthood is under the notion that if you stop planned parenthood you will stop abortion, but that is far from the truth. planned parenthood has been around for 100 years, and most of what they do, well over 90%, is provide health care for men,
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women, and families, and 90% of what they do has nothing to do with abortion. when you're talking about federal funding for planned parenthood, what you are really talking about is planned parenthood, as part of the safety net is a medicare provider. the majority of the revenues planned parenthood would see from the federal government comes as a result of doing for medicaid because they are allowed to participate in the medicaid system. with regard to grant funding, title x funding, which covers basic health funding and contraception is the only other federal funding. last and 10% of the work is related to abortion. defundingotion is by planned parenthood you will stop abortion, but what will actually happen is there will be a bigger risk in the safety net for people that have nowhere else to go. most of the patients and women that go to planned parenthood not only choose planned
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parenthood because it is a high quality provider, they choose it because in most of the places nobody else in that community will take medicaid. the funding planned parenthood tears a bigger hole in safety net. amy: what you think of the process -- prospects for planned parenthood if this charge is light -- it could be in a vote as early as monday. dr. parker: i hope that reason and truth will prevail. i have to have confidence that as we make known what is really at stake through responsible venues like your own, amy, that people will get it, and they will contact their legislators to say we cannot make such a major decision based on agenda-driven, un-credible evidence. we want to thank you both for being with us, dr. willie parker, physician, abortion provider and a board member of physicians for reproductive health.
8:48 am
he previously worked for planned parenthood and recently wrote an article for cosmopolitan magazine called "why i stand with dr. deborah nucatola." sharona coutts is the vice president of investigations and research at rh reality check. and we will link to your piece as well -- "exclusive: the faces and fake names of people behind planned parenthood attack videos." when we come back, we go to cincinnati. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
8:49 am
amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. a former university of cincinnati police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed
8:50 am
black man has been released from jail on bond hours after an initial court appearance on thursday. 25-year-old ray tensing pleaded not guilty in the death of 43-year-old samuel dubose before hamilton county court of common pleas judge megan shanahan, who set his bond at $1 million. : you have been sentenced to manslaughter. ensurehe court's duty to the bond. this is a courtroom. you will conduct yourself at all times appropriately. amy: officer ray tensing shot sam dubose, an unarmed 43-year-old african american man, on july 19, after pulling him over for not having a front license plate. tensing wanted to see dubose's driver's license.
8:51 am
when dubose said he didn't have it, tensing made a motion to open dubose's car door. within seconds of this interaction, tensing's right hand swung into the video frame with a pistol. he fired a single shot into dubose's head, which sent the car, with dubose dead behind the wheel, rolling down the street, where it crashed to a halt. on thursday prosecutors released disturbing footage of the actual shooting. officer tensing had claimed he was forced to open fire after he was "dragged" by dubose's vehicle. but the local prosecutor joseph deters rejected that claim saying there is no evidence the officer was dragged. deters called the killing "senseless" and "horrible." joseph: i have been doing this for over 30 years. this is the most asinine act i have ever seen a police officer make -- totally unwarranted.
8:52 am
it was -- it is an absolute tragedy in the year 2015 that anyone would behave in this manner. senseless and i met with the family just moments ago. it is just horrible. prosecutor said the whole interaction was based on a " stopped.rap on thursday two other university of cincinnati officers, phillip kidd and david lindenschmidt, were placed on administrative leave after being accused by dubose's family of lying about what happened. newly released body cam video shows the officers corroborated tensing's claim he was dragged. >> he is dragging me. i thought i was going to go
8:53 am
running. he was dragged me, man. >> are you good? >> i am good. >> for my purposes, for investigation part, i need to know where it started -- on this side of the tape -- is that correct? >> yes, just back of the intersection. >> and it looks like you got dragged. >> correct. released thursday from the guardian. well for more we go to cincinnati where we are joined by iris roley, who is a longtime police accountability activist with the cincinnati black united front. she has been working closely on the samuel dubose case and with his family.
8:54 am
but her work began more than a decade ago in 2001 when riots broke out after the wrongful death of two unarmed black men by the cincinnati police department. roley helped document more than 400 stories of police brutality and misconduct for a class action lawsuit that led to the historic collaborative agreement and the memorandum of understanding between cincinnati and the department of justice. welcome to democracy now! if you can start off by talking about the family reaction at this point, since you watched the video when it was released with them. good morning. the family's reaction has been far superior to my family's's reaction. we have the same incident with university police with my cousin kelly in 2010 he was a mental ased to death.s t
8:55 am
i have watched the family you -- and dealth such with this with such grace and dignity. it has been phenomenal. the children has -- have been asking the most appropriate questions to be children, and it made me step back and think about some things. his sisters, brothers, and his friends are all trying to honor samuel dubose's legacy, trying to be more like him, and they want the police to -- community to be peaceful and calm. they have been giving gifts to the community even in their gift -- time of grief. after the indictment, protesters gathered. sharona:'s --samuel dubose samuel dubose's son spoke up. sam: he did nothing.
8:56 am
had an open liquor bottle. a head.t him in he lied. he know he was not going to get locked up. ,my: that is samuel dubose samuel dubose's son. 43 years old, killed this past july 19. another 43-year-old was killed one year ago in staten island, eric garner. has metpolice officer the bond. his lawyer said he is raising it hand and fist. what about the other two officers that have now been -- what is the word -- they have been suspended or paste on
8:57 am
administrative leave. can you talk about them confirming what ray tensing said, that he was being dragged, not saying that the man was dead in the car? the car started going after he shot him in the head. iris: that is extremely difficult for me to imagine that these officers are not being charged because they clearly lied. officers were two involved in my cousin's murder as well. there is evidence they should no longer be on the force. i think the university president should have fired them also, as well as the prosecutor charging them with this blatant lie. it is clear even though all three officers knew that officer ray tensing had a body camera andthey still chose to lie
8:58 am
that is problematic for people trying to reform police departments build stronger community relations with police, in particular the university of cincinnati's police department. amy: now, it is very rare for a police officer to be charged with murder. you heard the chair breakout in the courtroom. can you talk about the significance -- we just have 10 . very stronghe d.a response, the indictment for murder, not to mention the mayor backing him up? iris: the mayor had the same problem where he was chair of public safety and that is when the language -- when the violence spilled into the streets. african-americans in the city of cincinnati have had a terrible relationship with the prosecutor joseph deters. we are waiting for the conviction. the officer has bonded himself up.
8:59 am
amy: we hope to speak to you again next week. our broadcast.r democracy now! is looking for feedback from people who appreciate the closed captioning. e-mail your comments to or
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>> this week on quadriga, in germany? ome huge numbers are making their way to germany. of thousands ared arrive this year alone. they're fleeing from war and persecution in the middle east and poverty and prospecnnomic


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