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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  August 3, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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o the japanese prime minister has apologized for controversial remarks he made on set of security bills being deliberated in the diet. nasa is building a new
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launch site for manned rockets. a young american man who lost his sister in a tsunami four years ago, is starting a new life here in japan and taking on his sister's legacy. an aid to japanese minister abe shinzo has apologized. he says legal stability is not an issue in terms of how the constitution is interpreted. he withdrew his remarks and rejected calls to resign. >> i recognize that constitutionality and legal stability are secured in the proposed legislation. i deeply regret causing serious understanding. by using the expression that legal stability doesn't matter. >> he says he was called to an upper house security deliberating security bills. the legislation would expand the
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rules and allow japan to exercise right to self-defense. he will continue do his utmost as an ad advisor to the prime minister. the security criminal of the ruling party says it's important for government officials to give a full explanation. he says they tend to stress what they want to say and lack sufficient explanation on other points. the secretary general of the largest democratic party says he wasn't convinced he recognizes the importance of legal stability. he says prime minister abe should be held responsible for appointing him as a specialed a vosh. japan's top government spokesperson says it would be extremely regrettable if a u.s. agency spied on them is true. whistle blowing organization wiki leaks released documents that it says are proof that the
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national security agency sfoops on japan. the website says it includes snsh officials and bank of japan and major trading companies. it says the wiretapping dates back to at least 2006. >> i would decline competent on unsourced documents released by the private organization wiki leaks. if the asseron is in fact true it would be extremely regrettable. >> he says he is in control with james clapper. he says he is demanding that washington confirm the facts. he says full fledge measures are already in place to protect intelligence and he believes no top secret or classified information has been leaked.
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the soyuz is the only capsule capable of sending astronauts and cosmonauts on a manned mission. so the country is spending $6.5 billion to build a new space center. nhk alexander reports. >> reporter: this is the far eastern region where russia's new space center is under construction. nhk is the first foreign media organization for poor. the space center sprawls over the area. 450 facilities of the few. the total cause around $6.5 billion. russia sent the first man into
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space 54 years ago that was during the summer period when russia and the u.s. led the global space race. but all this ground to a halt with the call up of the soviet union, page budget cuts in the space development program the base for this program, since the fine 50s it is located in kazahkstan russia is compelled to rent this site at a cost of over $18 million a year once more, the launch site is out after nearly 60 years of service. the russian president vladimir putin wants to build a replacement that simt silt within russia.
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capable of manning the spacecraft with millions of satellites. >> russia is a leadish in space exploration. there is no doubt the space center is the most important project. the massive scale for the project is vital. >> behind me you can see 32 metres high. the launching system area d. rock itself will be a believer to the launching area the center boasts state of the art equipment. an ad advanced system automatic ally checks nearly 500 items before lunch. >> the new space center is equipped with russia's latest technology. there is no doubt it will be a great advancement. >> putin also ends the jump start of the economic development in the far eastern
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region nearly 30,000 researchers and workers will be living near the site the government hopes all that brain power will spur on the space industry. russia says the launch pad for the soyuz rockets will be ready at the end of this year. the first launch is set for three years hence. if all succeeds russia will have given the space program a major boost on the world stage. nhk world. >> thank you alexander, for that report. coast guard officials have identified a missing body in japan t. four has been raging since friday despite efforts to contain it. a rescue country found the body on the vehicle's deck where the fire appears to have started.
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officials later confirm it's the only missing crew member t. sun flower was carrying 71 passengers, were evacuated safely on friday as we see by this video. many japanese auto makers are reporting ro bust earnings not from domestic sales. we have more. >> well the japan auto brand is strong and well overseas james, business abroad is boosting the bottom line for nissan handa and suzuki. new car sales in japan fell for the seventh straight month. industry officials attribute the decline on a tax site on many vehicles in april. the officials say more than
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425,000 new vehicles were sold last month. sales of new cars were showing some signs of recovery. last month the drop is bigger than the previous months. new car sales, excluding mini vehicles fell down more than 1% from a year ago. industry officials say summer bonuses did not have the effect they were hoping for him they are now pinning their hopes on each company, coming up with few efforts to stimulate sales. suzuki posted record profits. sui sur can i executives say the sales hit more than $6 billion. up 8.8% last 84. profits up 8.3% from a year ago.
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the weaker yen also helped push up profit. india counts for 40% of the sales t. company sales if japan fell 17% from a year earlier remember the executives say the business outlook is uncertain. they kept the forecast unchanged for the business 84. check on stocks the latest factory activity wade on china. the final reading of the markets purchasing manager index fell in july. that's the lowest since july 2013. it came in question low 50 for a fifth straight month. a reading below that level indicates a contraction. the shanghai composite hit the lowest close. the index expend tended its losing streak.
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in hong kong shares were retreating from friday's game. it found nearly 0.9% to a one woke low. japanese stocks ended lower. let's get the details from our business reporter at the tokyo stock exchange. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well gone the chinese pmi involves new orders and concerns over the chinese economy are weighing on asian markets. it wasn't a good day, a good start here in tokyo. the nikkei closed down .2 of a person. the topics ended flat as bargain hunting pushed up the index. in july the shanghai operated despite best efforts it lost 14%. all these negative factors. japanese companies highly exposed were sold off today.
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for example, nitto denko last 4% scales sales and weak demand hit construction makers like ko mr. atsu. and now the trade talks, the deal has been thought to bean significant production. after they failed to strike a deal over the weekend, truck makers were sold off down a quarter of a percent. now, bucking the trend today was honda and shiseido. profits were among the best performing shok stocks for today for shiseido. the markets both ended lower. anything related to coin may continue to drag down the marks this month. markets watchers are saying japanese markers usually fall in august. because many investors are away on summer vacation.
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that's it for me. back to you. >> thank you for reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. ministers of countries involved in the transpavgs part pacific -- transpacific partnership or tpp. countries like australia and emerging make thes say this makes health care too expensive. they're demanding quicker access to jenneric drugs.
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another issue was dairy projects. usually officials want to export more and they maintain a tough stance. japan's minister in charge of the talks express frustration at a news conference. >> one country is making excessive demands. i think the officials feed some time to cool down. >> so did the negotiators make any accomplishments really to speak of? >> well they did make some progress, for example, on the export price to japan. farmers in japan have struck concerns about this. the ting is government is ready to increase how much foreign rice is found by. there was another progress too, in the service sector if southeast asian countries. you could say the attitudes of members have profited.
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behind that is the bill the u.s. congress passed ifdown. the bill gives authority to president barak obowl to fast track their free trade negotiations. before this experts believed officials would reach an atreatment at this time. >> as we foy that didn't really happen. so what's next on the agenda? >> japanese officials want to hold another meeting by the end of this month. they believe a meeting can be reached then. it depends on individual members and time is running out. obama's term will end in 2017 and the presidential election is coming. alen says if officials can't reach an agreement during the presidency, there are a risk talks will break off all towing. business people and markets around the world are still watching. and that's it for business news. i'll leave you with the markets.
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the 2011eeth quake took many lives, including a young woman, taylor anderson. she is remembered as saying she wanted to become a bridge between the u.s. and japan. now her brother has decided to take on her legacy and start a new life here in japan. nhk world tells us more. >> 24-year-old jeffrey anderson is a long way from home. it's from the southern u.s. state of virginia. on sunday arrived in japan. >> good morning. good how are you? >> he became one of this year's nearly 2,000 new members of
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government sponsored japan exchange and teaching program or jet. >> good morning. everyone. everyone. >> these young people from over 20 countries, including the u.s. canada and australia, are going through a two-day orientation in tokyo. jeffrey and others will then be sent to schools across japan to assist teaching english to children. jeffrey's older sister taylor was also on the jet program. she was lig in a northeastern city. her parents say she dreamt to become a bridge between the two nations but the giant tsunami abruptly took her life four years ago. she was 24 hour-years-old. >> we are very close and she was
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very supportive and it was hard to lose her. i think i am here because of her. it all started with her taking an interest in japan. >> just a few months after her death, taylor's family set up a foundation in her name. they have been visiting the affected region frequently donating english books to schools and hening to exchange students between the two countries. jeffrey found out more and more about japan along the way. he also feed to see more parts of the world. so he spent a year-and-a-half in mozambique until march. now he feels ready to take his sister's legacy head on. he's looking forward to meeting his students in western japan. >> queen we would talk what about i do after college she would say, come to japan.
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i do imagine her in my head as a person who's happy i'm here. i'd really like to learn japanese and i'd like to physical out how to best engage my students in a fun way. also, i would like to travel as much as possible. >> reporter: jeffrey's parents are planning to visit their son later this year. the anderson family's bond with japan looks to be expanding wider and stronger for years to come. nhk world, tokyo. >> this summer people in japan are commemorateing the 70th anniversary of the bomb attack on hiroshima. some people are received few instruments with an important link to that day. they were hand crafted from the wood of the tree that survived the bombing and became a symbol
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of peace. nhk world pet the man who gave the tree a few lease on life. he is working on a special order. he has provided the root. >> this is timber from the juniper tree that survived the atomic bombing. they have 5 kelometers from the center of the explosion. this is the stand between these two trees. >> he provided the explosion, but the dying last year they
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tried to transplant it. the details have used the tree in their peace education program. >> sure he survived and managed to live for a long time. even though it has died watching over is. i want the children to think about how precious life is. >> after considering varies ideas. >> when i heard the tree had died, i wanted to work with its wood and give eight second life. >> the juniper season. >> oh that's no good it cracks depending on the grain. >> this wood needs careful handling. especially when he is drilling
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it. it. if the root cracks he doesn't want to waste any of this precious root. >> since the tree was entrusted to me i want to make the best possible use of it. they have come to present them to the students. >> the entire school sings along on the stage. we perform.
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it's in the explosion. >> the tree survived the war. i will think about the importance of peace. >> i am very honored to have participated in the project. the tree has great significance. i hope these instruments will be passed on to future generations. >> it found its voice and its music has become a play for peace. peace. >> thank you very much. some worrisome news in the western pacific. a storm system there is predicted to develop into a super typhoon. here with the details is jonathan oh. jonathan. >> hello, james, yes, we are
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keeping an eye on this typhoon as it continues to move towards the west and north west. this system starting to pick up some steam. it hits hard. let me show you some pictures. >> you may know this is a car. it's flipped over. another perspective tree blocking roadway. it packed a punch. the wind damage is much more extensive. people are trying to walk around this system is strong. as you go into wednesday, it's expected to be a violent type on wednesday which means it will have a lot of strong winds and heavy rainfall as we continue on through the next two days. as we look forward into the
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future. foy it is setting its sights for taiwan. so as we get close to the time we will have to watch out and see what this can do. rain all a big part of the system so we're not very far off and i want to point out the waters are extremely warm. so we'll keep an eye on that. in the meantime in contrast to this extremely low pressure system, we have high pressure coming into japan and the korean peninsula, temperatures are going up. you need to look out. because we have highs in the mid- to upper-30s across japan, close to more than 9100 people for heat related issues so this
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is a very tough situation. summertime, people need to enjoy outdoors. you feed to stay cool as much as possible temperatures in the upper 30s. mid-30s in tokyo as we go through the next tu days. now, as you look at the forecast for north america, you see these clouds blowing up in the ohio river valley there is a cold front pushing towards the east. this is going to bring thunderstorms. we are looking at damaging winds, not so much a tornado concern. but we are also looking at a margin for severe storms into the central plains him we had the mesh monsoon in the desert storm. so be on the lookout for that.
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thunderstorms possible. rain and thunderstorms into the northeast monday. high temperatures the big part of the forecast for europe as high pressure continues to control the weather pattern. we're looking at highs in the 30s. look out for sunny skies as we go through the day. hope you have a good day wherever you are. and that concludes this
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edition of "news line." more to come here on nhk world, so stay with us. .sx sx4xc
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' agreement for a new bailout for the country. nigeria's army claims to have rescued 178 people from the clutches of both are wrong. -- of the boko haram. and john kerry in qatar to reassure gulf states that the nuclear deal with iran is a good one for them.


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