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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 3, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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' agreement for a new bailout for the country. nigeria's army claims to have rescued 178 people from the clutches of both are wrong. -- of the boko haram. and john kerry in qatar to reassure gulf states that the nuclear deal with iran is a good one for them.
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sisley excels closure, nothing being traded, all shut as the turmoil around greece's finances have been dealt with. greece's stock market has remained shut. it's reopened a few hours ago down 23% at the start. it has now recovered slightly as the day has gone on. one of the smallest stock exchanges in europe, but still. reporter: a few photographers and a steady stream of figures, the opening of greece's stock exchanges small but symbolic. for five weeks, it has been closed. the government wanted to avoid a massive selloff.
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but it does not mean a complete return to business as usual. greeks are not allowed to buy their shares via bank accounts. those bringing cash into the country will face no restrictions. keep in the little cash desk keeping the little cash they have in the banks is crucial. recapitalization of the banks remains crucial to greece's negotiations to its creditors. it is estimated that they need 25 billion euros to operate normally. >>stewart: french police have again blocked migrants overnight trying to access in the euro channel to the u.k.. hundreds trying to evade the french police to make the crossing.
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claire: another day, another attempt to cross the channel. but these migrants have returned to their camps frustrated. they say it is getting harder to break through fencing and get onto the rail checks. >> now it is vary hard. -- rail tracks. quacks now it is>> now it is vary hard. reporter: 14 and traveled from a scanner stand -- from afghanistan with one goal, get into britain. last week, prime minister david cameron pledged 10 million euros to improve security around calais. >> this situation will saw --
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will not solve itself with more police and more money and more dogs. i have read tabloids that insult the french saying we are cowards saying we will not send in the army. reporter: they migrants trying to get to france from britain has led to finger-pointing on both sides of the channel. in the night from sunday to monday, french police say they stopped 1700 migrants tried to make it across. stewart: tunisia has been coming in. malian soldiers have been killed in an ambush in an area notorious for jihadist attacks. officials say they were fired upon near them paula. in january, 10 malian soldiers were killed in a raid on that base in them paula -- in an pollack --
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figures from the nigerian army claims it has rescued from the grasp of boko haram. several camps are said to have been destroyed. reporter: deep in the notorious forest, hundreds of hostages run to freedom. back in may, the nigerian government released these images. their forces entering one of the boko haram's strongholds forcing forces to flee and allowing women and sugar to be liberated. traumatized but safe, many were transferred to refugee camp's. on sunday, the nigerian government announced that 178 hostages, more than half of them children, were freed.
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they forces said they also captured a boko haram commander. but these victories come amid setbacks and an uptick in violence. in the last week, boko haram fighters have continued to carry out attacks in nigeria chad, and nauru. on saturday, the pledged to deploy 800 soldiers. >> i think mr. president for making sure the terrorist group boko haram will not extend this week. reporter: the force created to combat the insurgency has been dog by delays. the troops from nigeria, chad and niger were scheduled to deploy on friday. but it is doubtful significant
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missions will start before september. stewart: his mission to reassure gulf states of the nuclear deal with iran is a good one and it will make the middle east more secure. u.s. secretary of state john kerry in qatar talking with officials of six golf states. -- six gulf states. john kerry has already tried to persuade his own republicans and democrats at home that this is a good deal. is it going to be as tougher him to sell this in the gulf states. guest: it will be tough in the sense a cousin of the prevailing suspicion and fear, if you will of iran and the possibility that this deal would give more cash as well as more resolve to assert itself in the region. yes. but from the point of view of
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the long-standing u.s. effort to reassure its allies in the region -- remember, john kerry was just in egypt largely doing the same thing with the egyptian government there. before going to go half -- before going to doha. the u.s. has been going to several states to remind them that things will fundamentally not change in the u.s. has the gulf states' back. if you want to talk about the regional threat, including possibly from iranian ballistic missiles. stewart: israel isn't reassured. it is not what to be easy with all of these states, is it? guess: i believe john kerry decided to make his visit simpler. it is basically a stopping off point before going to the far east.
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what he is doing in cairo and in doha. since defense secretary asked carter had been in -- ash carter was in israel, john kerry does not feel the need to go to israel right now. inasmuch as prime mr. netanyahu plans to start his own lobbying effort in the united states opposed to the iran deal, i don't think kerry saw any a point in trying to going to persuade a skeptical and hostile israel. stewart: a business deal with iran? guest: you mean a among the gulf states? business as been going on more or less with iran no matter what. i think the deal with iran
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doesn't fundamentally affect the relationship between the gulf and iran. what is probably more important for the united states, by showing up in iran -- in the gulf states, is to make clear that business, as far as the united states and the gulf is concerned, is going to continue on the commercial front. the united states is very worried about how, as this gulf skepticism about the iran deal lays out, vis-a-vis relations with washington, some other american partners in that deal like france and the united and him, stand to move in to try to take advantage of the gulf -- the united kingdom, stand to move in to try to take advantage of the gulf. they are looking to conclude arms deals with gulf. states it's about business. it's about security relationships, relationships grounded not just in government
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to government relationships, but also the private contractors and all that are associated with them. absolutely. the u.s. has a lot at stake in the gulf and john kerry is out there to reassure the gulf states that everything is fine. the u.s. is remaining present. and is committed to standing up to any real iranian threat going forward. stewart: the iranians are watching this recklessly as well. they want to hear the reactions from all these other countries. guest: the iranians have been vary clever in standing -- very clever in standing back a bit. they have put it on the table and wait to see what happens in washington as far as how the house and the senate it reacts to the steel. the iranians -- the senate reacts to this deal. in terms of the relationship with the gulf states if for any reason the gulf states don't
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seem to be recep of to the reassurances -- be receptive to the reassurances from washington, iran will become more diplomatic to take advantage to their own advantage. stewart: thank you for coming in and joining us, former u.s. state department official. let's bring u.s. again the news we brought you earlier. at least 12 people have been killed in syria as a syrian government jet crashed into a market in the northwest of the country. most of the dead are said to be civilians. the town fell to a group of insurgents back and may -- back in may. a wildfire raging through the foothills and canyons of northern california's coastal mountains has now more than doubled in size. it is the fifth the day. of the fire.
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more than 6000 buildings now said to be under threat. the fire has spread over 54,000 acres. reporter: these men and women belong to a mean of some 2000 firefighters who have been battling a blaze that just won't go out. some 20 fires raging across california. it has scorched more than 20,000 acres. that is the equivalent of nearly four than -- 40,000 u.s. football fields. located north of san francisco in lake county, the fire burned 20,000 acres in just five hours over the weekend. >> that is anomaly mobile amount of acreage burned in such a -- that is an unbelievable amount of acreage burned in such a short time. but the drought is allowing them to grow so quickly. reporter: the rocky fire is far
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from being contained and it is not the only one. the lost progress nest -- the los padres national forest is also a blaze. more than 12,000 people have been told to evacuate. the governor called in the national guard and declared a state of emergency on friday. neighboring states have also sent troops to help. in the midst of a four-year drought, with bone dry grasslands, weather conditions in california aren't helping. lightning storms with little rain could be the source of some of the fires. but experts say the vast majority, over 90% are caused by human error. stewart: one day, he was a karate teacher, the next day a fish fryer. it is the story of a man from texas. he set out to work 50 different jobs in 50 different states, each job for just one day.
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reporter: this road trip was work and not just play. he was on a mission to get a job as a karate teacher and then quit after one-day. the newlyweds took off in a used then to work 50 jobs for just one day in all 50 states of america. finding someone to hire him wasn't always easy. >> it's night: 23 in the morning. i've already -- it's 9:23 in the morning and i've already gotten three no's. reporter: some of the outliers is joining a stadium cleanup crew and reading a zombie at a farm in maryland. >> all these things that i did that i never would have considered as careers, and i
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would be happy doing just about any of them. reporter: 13 months and more than 30,000 kilometers after they set off, he completed his final and favorite job, a park ranger in alaska. his next challenge is finding a job to hold down for more than a day. stewart: here is the main headlines. greece's stock market reopens sharply down after five weeks of closure. nearly 23% down. despite the agreement of a new bailout for the country. nigeria's army claims to have rescued another 178 people from the clutches of boko haram. the army also claiming to have destroyed several camps of the islamic extremists. u.s. secretary of state john kerry in qatar to reassure that the nuclear deal with iran is a good one. now we are going to go back to the greek story. stephen carroll is here with it.
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open again after being closed for five weeks. stephen: a pretty sharp plunge on opening day at almost 23%. things have come back a little bit since that, since the open. this is the first time that investors have had a chance to react since the referendum held and the bailout on june 28. there are some restrictions on share trading mostly preventing greeks from transferring money from their bank accounts into the stock market. let's go to london and speak to michael houston, chief market analyst at cmc markets. take us through what is happening in athens today. it's a pretty dramatic selloff. michael: yes, good afternoon. it's not altogether a surprise this plunge in the athens stock market. they've been off for five weeks now. they were suspended just prior
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to the end of june. and the imposition of capital controls. the economic data out of this morning, we saw the extent of the damage to the greek economy. manufacturing, pmi, dropping to an all-time low of 30. 50 is essentially stagnation. 51 is expansion. below 50 is contraction. you can see the effect of the past five weeks have had in the greek economy. banking shares in particular were suspended. a limit down 30%. that is a significant pressure point for the greek economy. there will be significant negotiations about some form of recapitalization for the great banks because, essentially without any recapitalization of these banks, it will be vary difficult for the greek economy to actually grow and recover.
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michael: the european markets do not seem bothered by what is happening in greece. how important do you think is this moved to reopen the market? michael: it is important with respect to some normalization to break markets -- to greek markets. but significant restrictions on what investors can and can't do on greek stocks, the short selling ban, these are significantly record lows, particularly the banking stocks. there are still significant emergences between not only the politics within greece but also within the creditors themselves. the imf is calling for debt relief, something that germany is implacably opposed to. on august 20, greece has two do a repayment to the european central bank. so the fact that they stuck
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market has reopened, there still remains significant obstacles. stephen: thank you. let's take a look at some of the figures michael was talking about. greek stock market opened down 23%. it is down about 17% at this stage. the rest of the european markets, we see things moving along a little bit as well. we have seen gains in paris and frankfurt. in london, things down slightly. but no great impact to the rest of the european markets. stewart: opportunities for foreign companies as sanctions are lifted in iran? stephen: renault previously had
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great success in iran. they are hoping to quadruple their production by 2020. reporter: just a few months ago these car parts could not have been imported to iran. today, they are being used to make the tondo. the restrictions on their business, the company suffered losses of over 500 million euros. >> they production lines did not stop but there was limited activity. the factories were working at about 15% to 20% of their capacity. and that is just not tenable when you have six cars. reporter: in the past, renault was one of iran's biggest carmakers. that is a position they want to win back.
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with a current annual input of 100,000 vehicles, renault is looking to triple or even quadruple this number in coming years. >> we are planning to bring out the thunder model and the pickup model. we are testing the renault capture, which has worked well in europe. we sold 800 vehicles online in iran in just four hours. we aim to be in the top three in the market here. reporter: many foreign carmakers are now looking for a piece of a growing iranian market. volkswagen, one of her know's main competitor -- one of renault's main competitors, as well as peugeot are hoping to make a return to iran in the coming months. steven: we will have to see how those things pan out. stewart: thank you very much.
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now it is time for today's press review. we are going to begin with the u.s. secretary of state john kerry visiting the nihilist. he is -- the middle east. he is now in doah. -- doah. -- doha. reporter: a saudi news network it is easy for superpowers like the u.s. with more than seven kilometers away from iran to make a deal to but golf countries -- but gulf countries need guarantees. he says iran pretty much violated all of the agreements from 2001.
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arab gulf governments cannot bet on the lives of it citizens on good intentions and personal analysis. so not much trust on iran there. stewart: the migrant crisis that the channel tunnel continues to have. reporter: the fact that the interior ministers of both france and the u.k. have shown a united front recently, which is quite unusual. we have heard a lot of thing are pointing in the last week or so. they both come out saying this is an absolute priority. 10 million more euros have been given by the u.k. to beef up security at the channel tunnel. but they are only the front line to deal with this issue. they want support and from the rest of eu. that makes us think back to a
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few months ago when italy and greece were asking exactly the same when the migrants were appearing on their shores in the numbers. a separate angle focusing not only on callie but in paris where the migrants have set up camp in the plaza for fashion and design. they have set up this camp under a nightclub. so you have these two worlds colliding. they are sudanese, moroccan coming canadian, and their days -- rocking, and guinean and their days are filled with waiting for the police to count them. their nights are filled with the sounds of this nightclub. there are stories of people
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accidentally knocking their glasses over and's rating the people before -- and spraying the people below. you see the contrast between these two worlds. it is a shocking border, worlds apart. in the u.k., an opinion piece exposes what it calls a political hypocrisy on the u.k. side. prime ministers across the u.k. not only david cameron but tony blair, say they welcome refugees but david cameron doesn't even bother to attend that britain is a century anymore. it reminds us of that refugees want to come to britain because of the low-wage and, unlike france, the british people don't have id cards, which makes it a lot easier for illegal immigrants to work. it reminds us as well that britain has taken just a few hundred of the 4 million displaced syrians that are
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trying to find work around europe. the channel will become the berlin wall where innocent people die trying to cross. the guardian goes on to show from invoking language used by cameron last week to describe migrants. he called them a swarm. this is the new political lexicon. sx sx4xc - hello, i'm john cleese.
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