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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  August 10, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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>> hear in japan, it's a monday evening in tokyo. all eyes are on japanese prime minister shenz abe as the country marks the 70th i was in of the end of world war ii this coming weekend. abe will release a statement on friday reflecting on the war. nhk has learned abe plans to include such expressions and apology and aggression in the statements. that would uphold the previous conduct during the war. abe has been discussing a draft
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statement that senior members of his party and coalition partner. he may make minor changes to statements before it is endorsed by the cabinet friday. sources have told nhk the draft contains expression of apology and aggression as deep repercent and colonial rule. all were used if statements issued by the prime minister in 1995 and junicho koizumi years later. they say abe wants to avert controversy over his choice of words and convey his true message on the war. the operator of the sendai nuclear power plant is going to restart the official reactor tuesday morning. once online, it will be the first to operate under stricter
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regulations. officials have reported to regulators their plan to activate the number one reactor. the unit has been undergoing mandatory inspections by the nuke cheer regulation authorities since march. the operator says it will carefully monitor all equipment for potential ab formalities as the facility has been offline for more than four years. japan has been without nuclear power since september, 2013. members of the group has organized a protest in response to the facility. they say about 350 people are participatin participating. >> the resistance haven't been able to discuss the safety with the authorities. >> the group plans to continue zrakt on tuesday. officials and towns near the
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sendai plant have been drafting emergency plans. they are figuring out how residents would evacuate if there is an accident. some are questioning whether an evacuation would be possible. nhk surveyed nine moount municipality, officials in six said they were concerned roads would be congested and create confusion among those trying to evacuate. some designated evacuation routes are narrow roads with no sidewalks for pedestrians. others are close to the sea and could be flood in the event of a tsunami. official versus begun widening roads and reenforcing embankments. they say it could take seven or eight years to complete the work. japanese government officials want to avoid an outright clash with okinawa over the plan of a military base there. they have begun a month long
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reclamation on the project would they hold talks with officials t. standoff has history behind it. nhk world has more. >> despite the expansion, about have it people in okinawa are protesting the location plan. >> i want the central government to listen sincerely to what the people of okinawa are saying. i want construction to stop for good. i hope the talks don't end up being an empty gesture. >> okinawa currently hosts about 70% of u.s. facilities if japan. government officials plan to move the u.s. marine corps air
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stations to waters less pop lated in na go city. they have planned to start reclamation work off the coast after completing a drilling test. but work have been halted until september 9th. okinawa governor opposes the plan to move the u.s. base within the prefecture. hess elected by a landslide last november. >> my goal has been not to allow a new base to be built in hiroko. i want to try my utmost to make sure that goal is achieved. >> they set up an independent panel with the aim of counseling the approval of the reclamation given by his creditors. last month the panel put together a report saying there were illegal flaws in the approval process. >> that led to can selling the
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approval. . the central government plans to tell okinawan officials it's the only solution. >> after a cooling off period and a calmer atmosphere, we would like to explain once again the government's stance on removeing the danger of the air stations and relocating. we also want to explain our effort in lifting okinawa's burden. >> the central government plans to delay the location may act the time table agreed with washington for the return of some facilities in okinawa. the two sides have inic a one month truce in which to work out their differences. but observers say the negotiations will be difficult. the two sides are still far apart. and if the talks collapse, it
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will be a heavy blow to the administration. nhk world. >> heavy monsoon rains triggered mudslides, leaving scores of people dead and thousands displaced. the rains began in late june and worsened after a cyclone struck late last month. officials say 99 people have been killed and 360,000 forced to eevacuate. they say it's spreading to the delta regions. many people remain trapped at home despite rising waters because they do not have the means to escape. >> our house is destroyed and washed away as soon as the rains starte
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started. >> the united nations provided $9 million in emergency assistance. u.n. workers say food and medicine are still woefully short. hundreds of residents in the u.s. town of ferguson have gathered to remember an unarmed black teenager who was shot dead by a white police officer a year ago. the residents offered silent prayers on sun for 18-year-old michael brown at the spot where he was shot by officer darren wilson in august, 2014. then they marched through the missouri state town demanding police reform. the shooting triggered protests, mainly bying aen americans who accuse the police of brutality towards black people. >> they shoot us down in the streets. >> that's right. >> our human rights have been violated. >> the protest spread nationwide of a grand jury decided not to indict wilson. president barak obama later ordered local law enforcement agencies to review the use of
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heavy firearms. in a bid to rebuild trust with black communities. obama also instructed police to wear cameras to help improve transparency, but the country's racial riff shows no sign of narrowing. a spate of killings of blacks by white police officers has followed the ferguson incident. workers in japan's service industries are feeling better about the economy. business sentimentings improved in three months. intense summer heat spurred sales of air conditioners. officials at the cabinet office surveyed more than 2,000 workers. the index if july rose 10.6 from the previous month to 51.6. a measure above 50 suggests people are opt mick about business conditions. many of the respondents reported
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strong sales of air conditioners, beverages and ice cream due to the hot weather. government officials maintain their economic assessment saying japan's conditions improve modestly. the leading index fell marking the sec straight month of decline. officials attribute the drop to rising food prices and concerns over the slowdown in the chinese economy. japanese share prices ended higher on monday. a rally without investors if a buying mood. our business reporter has more from the tokyo stock exchange. >> thanks. well, investors archbishop bit nervous after the u.s. jobs report and after sluggish data out of china over the weekend. after the chinese marketed opened, a rides in the composite helped carry those losses. so let's take a look at the closing levels for august 10th. the nikkei and topics opened
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lower. the benchmark closed at three-week high. take a look at the broader topics, the highest close for 2015 and that managed to end higher for ten days in a row. now, over the weekend, china reported disappointing data of producer prices and exports for july. so japanese companies with extensive ties to the chinese market were sold off, today, for example, the robot maker fanuc is down 1.8%. and komatsi was down 1.27%. the most treated stock and the biggest loseer tepco, on friday they purchased a massive amount of tepco shares because the company was widely known as the role model index. despite the high index, it failed on friday, so after the
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weekend, they let go of pet teco shares. on the other hand, shares added to the index traded higher. and on the earnings front, they jumped after posting record operating profits and kddzy not alone. the majority of japanese companies are beating estimates. bottom line, it's supporting the parks in tokyo. >> thanks. checking on other markets across the asia pacific region. in china, shanghai composite index surged close to 5%. the disappointing data from china on producer prices and exports failed to hold back stocks if shanghai. instead, hopes for restructuring if key sectors lifted the index. in sydney the s&p, asx 200
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gained 0.6 announcements, pushing the australian benchmark higher. the index in the philipines was basically flat. seven years after the end of world war ii, the number of japanese who have not experienced the war first hand is growing as the generation that lived through it dwindles. some of the attend ands of those who fought in the war are selling the memorabilia their fathers and grandfathers brought back from the battlefield. >> reporter: he runs a shop in tokyo that sells items used in the war. he received a call from a person who wanted to sell some military memorabilia.
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he says large numbers of war-related items have hit the market in recent years. >> watch this. the car is packed. >> the shop is packed items once owned by members of the imperial japanese army and navy. they take up not only the shop, but also the second and third. some of them are so rare that my co-op cannot set a price. >> this military store shouldn't be here. it belonged to a member of the imperial family. >> this case contains a military yum for high ranking officers. most of them were so inspired after the descendants.
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not all his customers are interested in history. this designer from italy says he's attracted to the design and the fabric. because it's interesting. here, everything, you know, are looking for some detail and construction and maybe color and fabric. >> teenage shoppers treat much of that no differently than they would items in the department store. >> this tells you everything you need to know. i checked these items within a year or two. that's the first time that's happened in 20 or 30 years. >> we accompany him to the tokyo suburb.
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he had the object going true his father's belongings. they included a uniform. >> my father would not have been able to discard them. >> his father was an engineer. he was in the army at the end of the war and didn't talk a lot about his experience. he says when he sees this object, it helps him understand a bit about his father's rights as a soldier. >> he must have kept them as reminders of his days in the army. that's probably why he didn't give them away. >> he said he wanted to keep his father's things.
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but he didn't have enough space in his apartment and the uniform would be difficult to care for. >> i'm sorry, i can't keep them. if i sell them, i won't be able pass the stores that i tell down to my children. but i don't have a choice. >> the number of people who experienced the war is decreaseing each day. fewer an fewer people know what things were like in japan before the war. military items or historic relic can teach us about bad times. >> he said people have their own reasons for finding these pieces of the past. but he believes that as they move from the families of those who care for them into the hands
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of strangers, much of their significance is being lost, nhk world. >> thank you for that report. leaders from around the world have been searching for a consensus on nuke cheer weapons disarmament. this spring, discussions took place at the united nations in the review process of the new non-pro liviation treaty. they showed how the bombing destroyed his homedown town and people's lives. >> an international audience came together in the united nations to see graphic evidence of an atomic combom bomb attack. he produced the film.
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>> he was born in the race in-house next to the building known as the atomic bomb. he lost his parents and brother to the attack when he was 7. he was outside the city at the time. two days later he went back, but things will never be the same. he tried to shut out the painful memories. when he turned 60, he can't keep mind. he felt the need to pass down to future generations what it used to look like. he used computer graphics to recreate the streets and houses before the explosion. his documentary films have been screened abroad. he realized that many people didn't know the consequence of the bombings.
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>> it's simple. >> if reality, a large number of civilians were sacrificed and subjected to suffering, but many people don't realize this. >> he told him how to make sure the facts were under foot. he interviewed former residents to learn more about what they have experienced. createing the new film took five yeempts it was ready for viewing in new york. he depicted the daily life of people. in addition to the computer graphics, he included videos, drawings and photos he checked. in the morning of august 6th, 1945, the bomb was dropped.
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. drawings by survivors portrayed the agony, including the own recollection. >> the baby suckling his dead mother. e young mother singing a lullabye with her burned baby in her articles. >> details like those have stayed with survivors over the
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. >> he held the connection with the survivors by the time the film had ended. >> it is so important that people actually emotionally feel the tragedy and brought to life something that was blown away to remind everyone in a very sensitive way the reality rost nuclear bomb. >> thank you very much. i remember always.o nuclear bomb. >> thank you very much. i remember alwayf nuclear bomb. >> thank you very much. i remember alway nuclear bomb. >> thank you very much.
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i remember alwayt nuclear bomb. >> thank you very much. i remember alwayhe nuclear bomb. >> thank you very much. i remember always. of the nuclear bomb. >> thank you very much. i remember always. >> i feel a sense of accomplishment. in this special environment of the united nations, i could feel that people understood what i wanted to convey. >> they hope people everywhere will think enough in ways to create war free from nuclear efforts. nhk world, new york. >> serving as an important conduit with survivors. thank you for that report. it's time now for world weather. japan meteorological agency announced the effects of el ninio will likely continue into the winter. we have the details. >> james, el ninio has been lingering since last summer. el ninio, itself means the little boy in spanish and temperatures also in south america are warmer than normal. now the most interesting thing occurred in 1997. this area of red indicates
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temperatures are warm over the waters. now this year the current el ninio could be rivalry to 1997's el ninio. the war on temperatures over the waters could increase the numbers of tropical storms over the east pacific basin. typically, there are about 16 named storms a year over this basin. but unfortunately, we already have eight and more can happen. the current one is this one. hilo, right now a category 2 system. this one will likely weaken. however, it could hit hawaiian islands by friday local time with a low pressure tropical depression. so please be careful of the stormy conditions and we have another storm to measure near japan. no we have number 14 named storm over the west pacific basin. this is attacking lots of strong
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winds and heavy rainfall. this one caused about 300 millimeters of rainfall over the islands over the past 24 hours. more rain is expected because it has been moving at a slow pace, moving at 10 kilometers towards the north and northeast. it will move away from mainland japan. however, they will face high waves and showers. now as you can see, a another area of rain coming in is from the west. this is caused by the remnants. the storm made landfall in taiwan over the weekend as a very strong system. also, it has caused lots of damage to taiwan. take a look at this video coming out of the north. taiwanese residents are caught in a path. people are killed about 185 people are injured. homes were inundated. in the greater taipei area,
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authorities worked to rescue two dozen people trapped by a mudslide. parts of the road washed away in the new area. at least nine have already lost their lives in the provinces of china. now again, it's a very strong time. it has caused tremendous amounts of heavy rainfall over taiwan. the northern areas have had about 1,300 millimeters of rainfall enhanced over a couple days or so of flooding. landslides are taking place. this has weakened to a tropical depression, but still packing lots of energy, lots of moisture. 300 millimeters could fall and the system will likely act the southern peninsula as well as western japan as well. so you will see rain coming down on wednesday, sunny weather will continue until wednesday due to remnants of the typhoon,
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triumphs will be quite hot in your forecast.
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>> we invite you to log on to our special reports. thank you all for watching news line. ññ
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to live from paris. let's take a look at what is making headlines this hour. , inence erupts in turkey istanbul, where attackers opened fire outside the u.s. consulate. clashes are caring that are occurring in the southeast, which four police officers and one turkish soldier killed in the attack. one man is seriously wounded in the american town of ferguson, during a in a shooting protest to mark the one year anniversary of michael brown's death.


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