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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 24, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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its losses over the course of the day. it is still sharply down here in the united rates. it is mirroring what is going on in europe. fifth day running in the united states. this meltdown, it is all about concerns over china and economic slowdown there. you have the world's biggest economy and second-biggest economy. there is a direct effect. major concern, this slowdown in great momentum in china. one senior analyst said that today's falls are all about china. >> china seems to be the buzzword there.
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some analysts say that we should not be surprised. this has been a long time coming. >> for the last four years, u.s. stocks have been revising steadily. over the past four days, we have seen a slump. this meltdown on monday. blue chips like apple fell today. stocks down as much as your team percent on the day over the course of trading. oil are all down dramatically. when the top shanghai index lower, wall street could hardly not feel the effects of that. >> i bet you were not expecting to see that today.
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thank you so much for the update from the new york stock exchange. now from a former chief economist at a french bank. also the founder of the bank consultants. the only how you are feeling this evening. crisis,began, this since one year. people say that it is not a problem. we will solve it. it really is a problem of coming from -- less growth than before. happened from this crisis. week. it in one
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this really is dramatic. surprised anyone be given that we have been talking china for asown in long as i can remember? >> the surprise is this. it works together. know there is something fishy on the oil market. you know that there are some problems. you realize that it is worse than you had in mind. at the same time, this is a crisis. >> we are a french channel in any directou see impact on the lives of ordinary
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people? people that maybe watching and wondering what this means for them. >> we have cheaper oil. where itve to places would be cheaper. that is the good side of the crisis. growth. less can reinforce that from here. we have less rules here. europe is more in contact with those emerging places than the u.s. we are more involved in the global economy.
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it is not supposed to last long. >> thank you so much for that analysis. latest figures from wall street. the dow jones down just under 4%. the nasdaq is down just under 4%. that seems to be the number that wall street is down. 4%.n we will bring you more on that through the course of the evening. the french president francois hollande has been talking about those economic concerns. saying that hes believes the global economy is strong enough to withstand the china shock.
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talksal purpose of the with angela merkel is the crisis of -- was the migrant talks. >> europe experiences its worse refugee crisis since world war ii. it france and germany are standing side-by-side. angela merkel and francois hollande met to offer a unified response. >> it is currently not implemented. france, both call on all member states to realize this. especially when it comes to registering migrants, respecting minimum standards of accommodation, and minimum standards of health care. 800,000ny expects the to sign applications this year.
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they want welcome centers in greece to be set up as quickly as possible. delays cannot be tolerated according to angela merkel. eu members then can take their first share of refugees. toit is indispensable register the people that come to our shores and europe. and at that moment, make the necessary distinction from those seeking asylum and those coming as migrants, which we can understand, that cannot be accepted as is. migrants arrived in greece by sea from turkey. others headed to macedonia, a country struggling to deal with the influx. migrants try to cross the border, aiming to reach western europe through the balkans.
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migrants hasof been a very real news story in germany the past few days. just during the course of this past weekend. early on, i spoke to our correspondent in berlin. set to beeting was about ukraine. because of recent events in protestersti-asylum clashed with the police. there were neo-nazis amongst them. angela merkel said that it was discussed adding that the protest would go on in front of refugees that had gone through so much to be there. were others that were not worthy of germany as a country. president hollande said that the eu commission needed to do a lot more to put pressure on the countries to make sure that
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existing regulation was lamented. -- implemented. and that we need a common strategy to deal with this crisis. >> this weekend alone, thousands of migrants arrived in serbia. many of those who have come to serbia in the past few days have been women with babies and small children. catherine clifford tells us more. >> it is a early morning and this group of migrants have just arrived here at the serbian order. -- border. it has been an exhausting journey and many have fallen ill. assembled thisly camp north of the border. >> we believe that in the last 24 hours there were over 6000. this is a very, very approximate
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number. entered serbia. >> after getting what rest they for a space.cue this is put in place by authorities to transport them. for these migrants desperate to press on in this journey, it means yet more waiting around. to go outside from here. >> they hope to get their hands on short-term permits that will let them continue on to the north of the country. they will then cross into hungry and then the rest of europe. it is an ongoing journey for most of these families. they keep their destination firmly in mind.
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>> i am going to go to germany and start a . a good life with the idea that i am going to college. expects to take in a record 800,000 refugees this year. >> thousands of ukrainian servicemen marched through the capital kiev today to mark their independence day. he conflict rages on for a 16th month. the conflict has claimed more than 6000 lives. that the ukraine it would continue to send off the russian backed rebels. >> this is one that we have pass by walking on thin ice. be smallest misstep can fateful.
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the war for our independence is ongoing. and it is possible only to win by combining extensive efforts, diplomacy, political responsibility, and stamina. >> the crane he and president ukrainianheir -- president speaking there. francois hollande awarded the legion d'honneur to three americans and a businessman. a gunman boarded a train the other day. they said that their current had saved lives. josh tells us more. >> heroes of france. that is how three u.s. tourists and a briton was welcomed in the morning. they overpowered a man on the train between amsterdam and paris three days earlier.
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spencer stone, in the name of the french republic, i make you a night in the legion d'honneur. therancois hollande gave highest honor to three u.s. citizens and also to a british business consultant. >> your heroism has been an example for many people. this faced with the evil of terrorism. you show the good of humanity. >> the four men were all passengers on friday evening. them and another french citizen who wish to remain anonymous confronted the moroccan man who brought an ak-47 into the carriage. a dual french u.s. national was only wounded. the suspect ayoub el-khazzani
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weapon ing of brussels and was meant to scare passengers, not carry out a massacre. >> the suspected gunman ayoub el-khazzani spoke of the intended that his son to carry up the massacre. it is said that the two had not spoken in a year. he said that he was poor and homeless and just intended to rob passengers on the train. suspect --er of the he called his wife and five children over. madrid andwas in then moved to the south. he told the father that he could not understand. his son never talked politics
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and was only interested in foot wall and fishing. >> he was a good boy. very hard-working. regularlyhis brothers went there. people that knew him have expressed their disbelief. cold water onrew them. we could never imagine that this young man would become radicalized. has known about his activities prior to the train attack. the first lawyer that spoke with him in paris found him in poor alth. >> he was very weak and very thin. one could say he was suffering from malnutrition. it was incredible that he could stand. he claimed to be homeless. to me, that sounded credible.
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left home a year and a half ago to work in france on a six-month contract. he was sent back after only a month. >> groups in france have expressed their horror following a weekend attack on a mosque. the place of worship was almost entirely destroyed in a fire. it came just two weeks after a molotov cocktail was thrown into another mosque. there has been a 280% increase in islamophobia attacks in france this year. protesters in beirut have colin for a day of fresh rallies. demonstrations turned violent over the weekend. they dealt with garbage collection. the focus of the protesters have shifted to a broader issue of
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corruption and political gridlock. >> cleaning up after two days of violent protest in beirut over uncollected garbage. they decided to quell further antigovernment protests. whereisited the area protesters begin to on sunday night. >> we will protect and safeguard protesters. we will let them say whatever they want, as long as they do not attack internal security forces members nor the army. >> there is rage at political gridlock in the country which has long been simmering in society. leaders have not been able to decide on a president for more than a year. services have suffered. the situation has not been helped by the war in neighboring syria.
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these problems were not acknowledged. >> it should happen. we have no water, electricity. now we have garbage. no, they should have done what they did. we are for everyone right for the man that they have asked for. troublemakers joining the protest and committing violence. >> on sunday, the prime minister threatened to resign, frustrated by his government's failings. that would trigger a const touche no crisis because -- crisis because a replacement would have to be chosen by the president. dramaticrse, a very start to the trading week here in europe and across the atlantic. commodity prices injured a nosedive today.
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about 8.5i close down percent. u.s. and europe followed suit. firms taking a big hit that are exposed to china. industries have clawed back some ground. earlier the dow jones was down about 1000 points. it is still down almost 4%. a wide range. there were a couple of inter-day highs today. u.s. oil prices tumbling more than 5%. barrelishing below $40 a for the first time since 2009. >> that is a very low level indeed. open he would have thought that. -- nobody would have thought that.
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this is a day that has been even a name. it has been given black monday. certainly a very our cloud casts cast overoud investors. fear about china's economy slowing down. can it hit its growth targets? looks at the ripple effect around the world. >> chinese stocks plunged by ..5% after a major slump last week, many investors were asked acting beijing to announce -- very clear that the chinese authorities have not been able to successfully rebalance their economy. part of the strategy in doing that was to effectively create a
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stock market boom to create a wealth effect. that has failed. >> china announced that it was aiming for a yearly growth around 7%. they said that that target was too high. china's unexpected devaluation of their currency two weeks ago noted that the economy may be in worse shape than expected. and are seen struggling having consequences over global growth and commodity crises. fragileenough to send markets tumbling all over the world. >> you see concerns about the formation of interim greek governments waiting on the markets.
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the price of oil is clearly playing on markets. almost perfect storm of geopolitical events. beijingexperts say that may resort 2-d valuing its to lead toain, only fears of a chinese lead global economic downturn. do you think they were hoping to hear from the chinese authorities? >> over the weekend, they wanted to see stimulus measures. >> we saw the dramatic fall on the shanghai composite. earlier, i put the question to michael houston. i asked him why europe and the u.s. were so vulnerable to china. ,> i think in terms of europe some of the most current economic data we have seen,
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germany has a significant component of its economy which relies on chinese exports.
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