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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 26, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> we are broadcasting live from paris. it is 1:00 here in france and here are the headlines. the german chancellor gears up for tomorrow's summit in vienna that will be dominated by the migrant crisis. before that, angela merkel will visit a refugee center hit five violent protests -- hit by violent protests. ministers are set to meet to come up with new security measures to prevent terror attacks on public transports. this comes after the terror suspect has been charged with terrorism. further violence breaks out in lebanon as the government affairs to -- fails to deal with
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uncollected rubbish piling up in the streets of beirut. shares slide in europe again as investors shrugged off china's attempts to deal with its long economy. carol will tell us more about that in business. angela merkel visits a refugee center in eastern germany. that is where neo-nazi protesters recently clashed with police as they refused the arrival of more migrants. the german chancellor condemned the violence and called on europe to find a strategy to deal with the influx. the worst since world war ii. for the first time, german authorities about simplify the
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process or asylum-seekers. refugees were no longer -- will longer be sent back to the first eu port of entry. they will be able to apply in germany itself. reporter: these migrants crossed into europe but for most, their journey is not over. many are refugees fleeing conflicts in syria and yemen. their aim, to continue on to europe in search of work and more affluent countries such as germany and sweden. the eu policy previously made this journey difficult. under the dublin regulations, the first country and asylum seeker arrived in is required to process the claimant's application. they could be returned to that country of entry if they moved to another. in thesults in countries external border of europe taking in the most. following calyx scenes along its
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border, reacting in a gesture of european solidarity, germany stopped returning syrian asylum-seekers to their first country in the eu. the increasing numbers of refugees and migrants entering germany's borders. its leaders have been unable to agree to a system of quotas that would share the burden among the eu's members. >> an increasing number of migrants are now using the balkans reach to reach northern europe. andrew byrne is the financial times correspondent and he joins us live from budapest. you are at the kolodny railroad station where hundreds of migrants are camping. tell us what the situation looks like. andrew: the number of migrants entering hungary in the last few days has risen sharply. these are mainly syrian, and afghan and iraqi migrants who
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traveled to europe into hungary which is a gateway for many of these migrants into the european union. migrants.reds of many of them are trying to make their way onwards to cities like vienna. you are seeing families, often young children. it has become one of the most striking symbols in budapest of how authorities are struggling to deal with this influx of migrants and refugees. >> the response looks harsh. tell us about the security measures that could be imposed. andrew: hungary has perhaps been most vocal in its warnings about this influx over the last few months. in june, the government announced 175 kilometer long razor wire fence. they hope to complete the first phase of that by the end of this month.
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that does not seem to have -- i have the migrants spoken to coming from afghanistan and elsewhere have heard about this fence. it has caused them to accelerate plans in tried to reach europe before the fence is completed. just yesterday, police reported a record number of migrants crossing the border, 2500. many of them are crawling under this fence, trying to get past it through other means. it is questionable how effective this fence is becoming. in response, the government called a meeting of its national security committee in budapest. it is considering asking the army to increase security at the external border of the european union. hungary is taking ad hoc measures to increase security and it is unclear how effective any of these measures will be.
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>> thank you for that update. andrew byrne reporting from budapest. landed at heroes has the rams nine air base in germany. spencer stone is due to be treated at a military hospital injuries he had after virtualizing tro lysing a terror suspect on a train last week. at a, two fellow americans british man were given the legion of honor for their bravery. french minister of the interior will meet with transport managers this weekend in a bid to implement new security measures. take a listen. translator: we need to look at reinforcing security controls in stations. ip -- ido look whether should be obligatory and whether
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the police can carry out random baggage checks. nondiscriminatory ones. perhaps putting multinational police teams in trains. aboutay's meeting is european ministers coming up with proposals. >> the investigation is ongoing. the paris prosecutor said the terror suspect is facing terrorism charges. authorities say he premeditated and attack. ayoub el khazzani is thought to have watched a jihadist video before his assault. reporter: these are the first images of ayoub el khazzani since his attack on a train was supported last week -- was
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thwarted last week. france announced it was formally opening a terrorism investigation. translator: these attempted onders concern every person the train from amsterdam to paris. reporter: prosecutors made the move based on a number of grievances including saying that el khazzani has potential ties to terrorism. the amount of weaponry he had for the attack and non-credible excavations as to how he acquired the weapons. he said he found them in a bag the night before he took the train and investigators say the attack appears to have been premeditated. evidence was found on el khazzani's mobile phone that he watched a jihadis video on the train minutes before he carried out his own attack. translator: i would call his plan sensible. it involved robbing the passengers, smashing a window in jumping out to make his escape.
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his answers became more and more evasive as the investigators questions were detailed. he claimed memory lapses or refuse to reply. reporter: prosecutors say they will investigate where all caps on a -- where el khazzani's weapons came from and whether he had any accomplices. and thehours of talks divided lebanese government has failed to find a solution to the garbage crisis. rubbish has been piling up in the streets of beirut sparkling violent protest -- sparking violent protests. reporter: this is not the only thing on lebanon streets. a crowd clashed with police in beirut. tension has been mounting over the government's failure to deliver basic services. it has been one month since rubbish has been collected. earlier in the day, more signs of frays in the national --ernment after crisis talks
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the cabinet ejected the winning bidders to manage the country's waste over high cost. translator: the government is not accepting the results of the tenders. a committee to discuss alternatives to present to the cabinet. >> rubbish collection has long been privatized in lebanon but the most recent contract expired one month ago. public outcry gave way to a movement called you stink. criticism beyond uncollected rubbish and an indictment of politicians themselves. people have accused officials of infighting, pointing to the parliament's inability to decide on a president after 15 months. translator: we are coming from all across lebanon to demand a new government. ,> after clashes turned violent the government put a concrete wall outside its main building to prevent protesters from reaching it.
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it has been dubbed the wall of shame. authorities began removing it on tuesday. only 24 hours after it was erected. government says more than 1000 of its citizens have been unfairly deported from neighboring venezuela. venezuelan authorities say the expulsions are necessary to crack down on people smugglers and crime. chris moore reports. mattresses, furniture, these colombians are grabbing everything they can. they are being sent back to their homelands across the river to shira. on the opposite side, colombian police and the national anthem. [singing] translator: this is a sad day for us. i've seen people in tears.
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there is a lot of uncertainty. >> houses marked d for deportation. soon they will be destroyed. my children cried. everything they had, destroyed. it is sad to invest so much and end up on the streets. i am very disappointed. thehe exodus started when border was closed indefinitely. after four people were killed when smugglers attacked a security patrol. contraband is big business across this porous frontier with subsidized, smugglers can make a profit selling in colombia. has condemned this wave of expulsions.
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firefighters1300 are battling wildfires in washington state. 12 fires have reportedly burned more land than the entire state of rhode island. the u.s. has called for international help and firemen from australia and new zealand have come to the rescue. >> burning its way into the history books, washington state is battling its largest ever wildfire. with the national weather service issuing a red flag warning for the area, there appears to be no relief in sight. 403 square miles had been burned up and over 1300 are fighting the flames. >> i am 69 years old and i've seen a lot of stuff. i am telling you now, you have never seen anything like this. >> another 500,000 homes have been declared at risk and residents have been asked to leave.
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firefighters are in a race against the elements to save homes and businesses. many have already burned to the ground. the u.s. is in the midst of one of its worst fire seasons on record. some 11,600 square miles scorched so far. here is a reminder of top stories. the german chancellor gears up for tomorrow's summit in vienna will be dominated by the migrant crisis. before that, angela merkel visits a refugee center that has been hit by far right protests. eu interior ministers are set to meet this weekend to come up with new security measures to prevent terror attacks on public transport after the terror suspect has been charged. further violence in lebanon as the government fails to deal with tons of uncollected rubbish piling up in the streets of beirut.
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it is time for business news. stephen carroll has joined us in the studio. china still causing havoc on the world market. tell us what the latest figure is. stephen: we will go through what happened in asia this morning. the chance for the asian markets to react to what had happened yesterday. we were talking about the interest rate cut by the chinese central bank. shanghai had a bit of a roller coaster day. up by 2% at the break, closed down 1.3%. nothing like the falls we have seen in recent days. down 8.5% on monday. things are calmer in terms of the size of the fall of the chinese market but it is still not a great day for them. there was recovery in tokyo. markets not share too pleased by things that are happening in china. european markets trading down.
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.5%.d . >> it does not look like the crisis is over. stephen: not for the moment to read are waiting to get some sort of idea what the chinese authorities are going to do about the slowing economy. this is what fuels this crisis, fears over china's economy slowing down. is beijing going to step in with some sort of stimulus measures? try to doonal move to with the situation but in the past beijing has done things like spend $200 billion intervening directly in the stock markets to prop up share prices. we have not seen action this time around. people want to know what they are going to do about that. standard & poor's saying in there has been decline in profits for big chinese
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companies. that is creating a bigger underlying problem that is going to don't china. aunt china. one of the peculiar things, elsewhere in the world you have money managers. in china, 80% of publicly traded shares are held by individuals. that has contributed to volatility on the stock markets and it means they are bearing the brunt of losses. our team in beijing went to meet some of them. >> equity has improved in recent days. for white-collar workers, the fresh air has not made their workday better. by mood has been soured china's recent market turmoil. translator: i have heard some bad stories. this is the second crisis now.
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i'm afraid the government can't do anything. about 80% of market participants are retail investors, many of whom have little financial knowledge or investment training. china's middle-class workers invested heavily in the stock market but after months of euphoria, these people are suffering losses. many of them are trying to get out of the market altogether. translator: i am a real estate agent. a lot of my clients are trying to sell shares. hugecould have consequences for the economy. >> beijing has shown its determination to restore confidence for the millions of chinese retail investors. with more than 19 million individual shareholders, china's stock market directly impacts purchasing power. without a national pension program a lot of these investors
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are counting on stock investment for their retirement. stephen: more headlines for you. one company that is not worried about china's economy is boeing. the aircraft maker has raised its forecast for demand from .hines the world's biggest advertising firm, w ppp, has seen profits rise. 7% to 7.9p by almost billion euros. becausell stay in china ali baba is telling its staff not to worry. stephen: shares in alibaba listed in new york. they had been hit as so many companies have by the shares slump in recent days. falling below the price it initially launched on the stock market.
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an attempt to allay fears about the fate of the company the chief executive road to the -- wrote to the 35,000 people who work at ali baba telling them it is not the first time the global stock market has plunged. with philosophy he said, sometimes the lonely journey is sticking to your principles that you have to go through a lot of ups and downs. >> all about positive attitudes. thank you very much. coming up is the press review. florence is heal with us -- is here with us. china's stock gets are grabbing the headlines. florence: still front-page news in china. china daily being very factual today. this headline on their front page, bank lowers lending rate to ease debt.
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the chinese central bank that cut its lending rate to calm stock markets. interesting the way the chinese media is covering this. there is no editorial in china daily about the stock market crash but there is a cartoon. it has a bear with a vacuum cleaner. sucking money out of the world. this might seem like a strange cartoon. it seems like china daily is trying to point to readers what a bear market is. a pessimistic market where prices fall encouraging selling. china daily is perhaps trying to explain to investors who are panicking, given what the events on the stock market. let's take a look at another cartoon in the independent today. a panda bear, representing the chinese stock market, taking a .umble while the world looks on very small umbrella, wondering what the effects of this will be.
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>> looking quite scared. in france papers are focusing on last week's attack -- boiled attack on the talus train -- foiled attack on the train. florence: the prosecutor gave details getting a lot of attention in france. prosecutor said there is no doubt the attack was a targeted and premeditated jihadist attack. the suspect is accused of carrying out a premeditated attack. at this press conference, the paris prosecutor said they had access to his telephone and the telephone revealed he had watched jihadist cup again to video -- propaganda video before carrying out the attack to fire himself up to be able to carry out this attack. the suspect's version of events is that he found this bag full
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of weapons in one of two rob the passengers. >> the incident has raised questions around train security across europe. the french transport minister has come under fire for a proposal he has made. florence: one of the questions is how can you make train stations and trains more safe. some say it is unfeasible to --e trains into airports train stations into airports. what is controversial about random checks, he was ready to risk the racial discriminations that might follow this increase in random checks. that was something he would be able to live with. le monde goes into the controversy he sparked. he says we need to discriminate to be effective instead of standing by in being a spectator . critics say essentially what he is encouraging is the crime of looking like a terrorist, whatever that is.
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in france, racial profiling is very much a legal. it is however carried out by police. when francois hollande was running for president he promised to abolish racial profiling. managed ton who overpower the suspect are still getting a lot of praise in the press. florence: monday they received the legion of honor. ceremony of that award is getting a lot of attention. americans.ysomething they are getting a lot of attention in this article in the new york times. this article is from the fashion and style section. they are focusing on what they are wearing in this photo. polos and khakis -- and khakis.
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it did raise some eyebrows. one man on twitter said my favorite part of the american heroes is that they rolled up to the legion of honor's in khakis and polo shirts. this article wonders why they did not wear a suit and tie. they said they probably did their best with what they had on hand. you cannot buy a suit on the weekend. closed, etc..were according to the story, they scrambled close together because all they had in their backpack was shirts, shorts and t-shirts. >> imagine if they turned up in shorts. let's end with an embarrassing story for a little boy. florence: luckily for us at least this was caught on tape. i think we have some footage. it happened in taipei, taiwan.
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this boy in the top left corner following a group. he falls, catches his fall. why is he looking so on culpable? -- so uncomfortable? a 350-year-old painting called flowers valued at $1.5 million. luckily for him, this painting is insured so he will not have to spend the rest of his life paying back for it.
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