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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  August 27, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sarah: you are watching dw news live from berlin. a dark day. at least 20 and perhaps as many as 50 migrants found dead in a truck and abandoned on a highway near vienna. the discovery came as leaders met to tackle europe's migration crisis. just in time, ukraine does a deal with creditors. they will take a haircut.
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in 10 years after hurricane katrina devastated new orleans, the city will see the progress made and the challenges. i'm sarah harman, thanks for joining me. that shocking discovery, police found an abandoned truck crammed with at least 20 bodies. it is the latest in a larger humanitarian tragedy. they are trying to reach northern european countries but the continent is struggling to cope. >> police found the truck on the shoulder of the main highway. they said the state of the
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bodies made establishing the identities and even the exact number of dead migrants difficult. they could've been dead for several days. the truck was abandoned on wednesday and it's back door left open. the grisly discovery was made as leaders addressed the migrant crisis in vienna. of course, we discuss migration today. we are shaken by the news that up to 50 people lost their lives because it got into a situation where the traffickers did not look into them. these people were on the way to look for more safety and protection and had to die such a tragic death. this reminds us that we must quickly tackle migration in europe and solidarity to find solutions.
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the chancellor also called for more international cooperation to address the influx of migrants. it shows that we must take responsibility and give asylum to people who are on the run. hundreds of thousands of migrants from africa and the middle east are trying to flee to the eu. many used the overland balkan route. from there, they make their way to austria, germany, and other nations. leaders expressed hope that the conference would lead to a european solution to the problem. but the influx of migrants is expected to continue in the coming months.
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>> our correspondent is on the story for us. absolutely shocking discovery. when doing know about the identities of the people in that truck? >> the nationalities are still unknown. there are quite sure that the refugees are making their way through the balkans to hungary and austria. the decomposed bodies are being removed and brought to vienna. it will take several days to establish evidence to see how many are on this track. it is the worst case of smuggling never reported in austria. the driver is still at large and a manhunt is underway.
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sarah: angela merkel address this. are we going to see concrete action? >> this has nothing to do at the actual fight against smuggling. this is still to come. the possibilities are very restricted. and it is very difficult to find this. smuggling would no longer be a business model. sarah: we'll have more on the refugee crisis later.
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>> a murderer's conflict in the east of the country and alarming economic contraction and moving default. the agreements reached now includes a write off on investors holdings. ukraine fought hard to reach a deal. the remainder will be restructured, though that will involve slightly higher interest rate. >> this is what we call a win-win situation. the creditors have met our demands.
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we will receive substantial financial relief and will be able to get back to the stable economic life faster. >> the conflict has weighed heavily on ukraine's economy. moscow insists on full debt repayment. ukraine's prime minister remains firm. >> under no circumstances will russia receive that are conditions than other creditors. it is their decision. accept our conditions or you will never receive better conditions. but if ukraine doesn't lead -- repay russia, a could lead to more trouble. they can't support other countries with more sovereign states. confidence seems to be returning after the volatility of shares swinging upward.
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china's leading industries -- indices saw a five-day losing streak. about four years yesterday, u.s. stock markets are up more than 2% again and we have our markets man in new york. we seeing a solid turnaround here? >> you could say that it was a pretty wild ride on thursday. all of a sudden, the market tanked and we had about 40 and the last hour of trading, we were up again quite a bit. we are up by about 1000 points. some investors say that it is
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not necessarily the same of what we're seeing right now. >> let's take a look at the massive rebound at chinese stock markets. how sustainable is it? >> there is still a lot of skepticism. if you look prior to thursday's session, it's not so much the concern about the growth in china, everybody knew and expected that but what was a bit of a shock to investors was the feeling that beijing does not necessarily have the control over markets. we have debt issues over there. how sustainable this is -- >> thank you so much for your analysis.
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sarah: details about the gunman that killed two journalists before fatally shooting himself. he posted a video of the incident on social media. people have been paying tribute to his victims. >> wdbj in roanoke, virginia. >> i wanted to do something. i don't really have the words other than come out and pray and show our support. >> a reporter and cameraman are still in their 20's.
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the suspected gunman was a former employee. but he lost his job there two years ago. the cameras were rolling at the time of the attack. the alleged shooter then posted his own footage on twitter and facebook. flanagan led police on a chase that lasted several hours. he fatally shot himself after his car crash on the side of the road. >> this is another example of gun violence that is becoming all too common in communities large and small all across the united states.
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there are some common sense things that only congress can do that we know would have a tangible impact reducing gun violence in this country. >> the murders have caused sadness and outrage. we will see if it is enough to spur real performance. sarah: the u.s. suffered one of its worst ever atural disasters. they lash the city with wind close to 300 kilometers an hour. new orleans has rebuilt itself and president obama is on hand to help celebrate its revival. but it was a terrible ordeal for the city. >> hurricane katrina slammed into new orleans. the rising water submerged houses and cars. survivors were stranded for days on rooftops.
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hundreds died and more than 100 million people were displaced in one of the worst natural disasters in united states history. new orleans has made a major comeback. with the help of billions of dollars of recovery money. hundreds of new restaurants have opened. there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. >> they are continuing to struggle. katrina and rita did not cause all of our problems. we had plenty before the storms hit. one of the things that we struggle with is moving in the right direction.
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>> especially in black neighborhoods. many people there are still facing the consequences of the disaster. one man who lost his home says -- >> what are you going to do in terms of repairing the street? if i need money, getting some type of funding for the federal government, we build our home and come back. a lot of people want to but they can't afford to. >> people are continuing to work to rebuild their homes and lives. >> and we still have a lot more news to share with you after the break. a migrant family on the ground. the long journey to reach the eu through the balkans.
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they try to manage the worst refugee crisis since world war ii.
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sarah: live from berlin, this is our top story this hour. migrants have been found in the back of a truck. it it was abandoned near the hungarian border. on this week, we are focusing on challenges facing europe and our special series, what next for
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europe? we're looking at the huge influx of people to the continent. many of them are fleeing hunger, war, and poverty. this migration crisis will define the decade. the challenge has become increasingly urgent for the european union. a dramatic increase in the number of people heading to europe. greece alone has seen a 750% increase. most of them are not planning on staying there. many are trying to get to more prosperous countries like germany and other european countries where there are no border controls. they follow what is known as the western balkans route. our correspondent joined a group of refugees that are trying to make that journey. >> they crossed the border on
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foot, carrying what little they have left in backpacks. more than 2000 people arrive each day. it is already overflowing in the early hours of the day. everyone here wants to travel further north as soon as possible. but it is not easy to come by. mohammed has been waiting for a day now. he is an english teacher. now he's stranded. >> this is a problem, but there are many people and for many nations, this is a big problem. >> the small town is completely overstretched. the only facility is by the rails which is where the refugees sleep. there's hardly been any international support.
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>> they let all of the refugees arrived through to us. should we start working for the army or the police in order to regulate the border? >> the police will be allowed to decide who gets to board the trains heading north. on the other side, special buses. it finally, there is relief. many have had horrifying experiences. >> my wife and i floated at sea for almost an hour. fortunately, we have a life jackets and rescued us.
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>> those without money or papers have to sleep outside. the memory of the war here in serbia is still fresh. almost everyone here feels sympathetic towards the refugees. the route to the eu is he coming more difficult with every passing day. hungarian army is blocking off the border with a four meter high fence. >> construction again, the number of border crossings has gone up. they don't leave it will keep the refugees from coming. >> they left war and suffering
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behind and are determined to overcome this final hurdle. >> we see people suffering and dying in the middle of europe, trying to have a better life. why is europe so poorly prepared to deal with this? >> is not only the european union. the member states are solely responsible and are not prepared. they say they don't want refugees, we don't take them in. even these countries could of the estimations that have been there. nothing happened. keep in mind that they try to construct the common a filing system.
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so far, it hasn't worked. sarah: germany is pushing for just that. to take in more refugees. even if they agree, will that be enough? >> distributing the migrants, the root causes, they have to take up with these conflicts and work together with the countries surrounding europe. it doesn't happen because the political will is lacking or it is simply impossible. this crisis will go on for quite a while and for many years to come. there's no easy solution inside.
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>> many of the 190,000 at the -- asylum-seekers are being housed in empty schools, sports halls, and tents. one hotel has even opened its doors. >> they sit down together. people in a native country and others that have fled violence. german tourists and refugees share the same roof. they have no idea who is who. they could have german guests, a migrant, or a volunteer. they had been living in germany for two months. she first stayed at a refugee center. now she is a guest at the grand hotel and is enjoying the chance to have more contact with
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non-refugees. >> you get to know people and you get to have contact with people who have a lot of activities and events. >> she wants to organize a movie night at the hotel where guests can screen their favorite movies from home. she helps other people will join the fund. people staying here work together to create a comfortable living environment. a clean their rooms and cook in the kitchen. this young woman from uganda and a german volunteer are preparing food for hotel residents. the grand hotel opened in 2013. public donations helped finance the project. anyone can make a reservation to stay in one of the modern rooms designed by local artists.
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travelers come to see the art and speak with refugees. it's not disco biodel thing where we love each other and want to be together. it's a way to interact with each other. just so everything is not so segregated. 60 people seeking asylum in germany live at the grand hotel. 12 rooms are kept free for other guests. the hotel's founders want to expand further so that they can house even more gas and more refugees. >> if you want to find more about challenges facing as a result of this crisis, we have a special on our website. turning now to some sports news, the draws have been made for the
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football premier club competition, the champions league. the german teens involved have very different tasks ahead of them. byron will meet arsenal and should have an easy time of it. they got put into the group of death. there are other two opponents and are far more manageable. last but not least, facing dutch champions, manchester united, and cs k a moscow. for details of the draw in full, go to our website. as a reminder of the top stories we are following for you this hour.
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the decomposing bodies of between 20 and 50 migrants were found in the back of a pickup truck. the refrigerated truck was abandoned near the hunt gary and border. this latest tragedy comes as eu and balkan leaders are leaving indiana. q so much for watching. we'll see you in 30 minutes.
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laura: first there further calls for change in europe's immigration policy after the latest tragedy involving people trying to escape war and poverty. the bodies of up to 50 migrants were found in the back thursday close to the border with hungary. german chanceler angling merkel says it shows they must deal with the migrant crisis. reporter: inside dozens


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