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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  August 31, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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it's a monday evening here in japan. glad you can join us on newsline. we start off with a quick look at the hour's top stories. crews if japan's only nuclear working plant have brought it reactor to full capacity as they prepare to resume operations. police have searched the apartment. they found ball bearings similar to one used in the shrine.
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they say islamic state militants are destroying more artifacts in the ancient city of palmyra. crews at japan's only nuclear plant are getting ready to resume operations. engineers in the sendai plant brought it to full capacity. they plan to have checks september 10th. it will generate elericity for customers the same day. it would be the first to do so under regulations created after the nuclear accident in fukushima four years ago. they restarted earlier there month. a problem with the cooling system delayed plans. workers were able resume those efforts last week. except for the reactor at the sendai plant, all of japan's nuclear reactors are offline. police in bangkok say they
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found bomb making materials in the suspect's apartment. they arrested a man on his role in a deadly attack at a shrine and explosion. they suspect the blasts are for retaliation. >> police are questioning a foreign man on saturday for its alleged involvement in the august 17th bombing that killed five people and another bbing the same day. the man's name remains unknown. police searched his apartment and confiscated turkish passports and metal balls similar to the ones used in the attack. the spokesperson says it may have to deal with the group handling fake passports. >> the bomb attacks might have been carried out as revenge against the government's clamp
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down on knowledged passports. >> some local media reports that issues with readers may be behind the bomb attack. the waiver of muslims are a minority in ethnic china and an increasing number of people left carolina for thailand to escape alleged oppression. many eventually make their way to turkey. the number intering turkey rose to a couple thousand lasted year achatillon. in thailand, many have been detained for staying illegally. despite an appeal by international human rights groups for their protection the thai government sent 100 equipment and ch iran to chosen in july. in response, exiled leaders in turkey staged protests against the thai and government.
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some protect into the consulate general of thailand and broke windows. police also searched another apartment. the suspect was known to visit police officials say local residents saw about ten foreign, who appeared to be turkish going in and out. police are questioning the suspect and trying to find out more about the case. >> thanks, for the updates. officials in the prefecture of okay okinawa. they are considering permission to drill t. survey got under way. leaders in tokyo and walk agreed to relocate the air station to the site from a densely populated district. but local officials want the base moved outsikinawa.
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>> the prefecture will carry out an intensive study and closely monitor developments. >> officials from the central government and okinawa have been holding serious talks on the base relocation. they started early this month and are expittsburghed to end next week t. government has halted work on the base during there period. the under water survey is expected to continue until at least mid-september when officials will decide whether to revoke the permit to drill. germany's volkswagon will be ending its alliance with japan suzuki motor. we join that with a wrap up of today's business headlines. >> thank you very much. executives said international arbitration in london decided to give up its stake in the japanese auto maker.
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suzuki now faces a challenge of developing ecofriendly technologies on its own. >> suzuki motor is satisfied with the court's decision. >> suzuki executives say it will cost about $3 billion to buy back all the shares. they held a business alliance in 2009 aimed at developing ecofriendly tech followings, suzuki filed with the court in 2011 to ask for a determination of the capital and business alliance. they were concerned solings wagon was trying to influence their autonomy. suzuki says it has no plans to form tie-ups with other manufacturers t. two auto makers will continue talks on possible compensation for damages. the court has partiallying a only iffed volkswagon's claim that suzuki violated some terms
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of the contract. they made the budget requests for the next fiscal year and are asking for record total amount of money. it is likely to compete 102 trillion yen. the health, labor and welfare ministry is asking for the most about $253 billion to manage rising social security costs. the land ministry wants about $55 billion. men industry officials say they need the restore asian roads and bridges and also prepare for the 2020 tokyo olympics and paralympics. the finance ministries also asked for a record amount. officials say they need about $215 billion to surface the planing government debt. the deposit plans to spend as much as 4 trillion yen or $33 billion on priority areas to support economic growth.
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japan's first domestically produced aircraft will be ready for the skies. they will launch the plane on the maiden flight in late october. mitsubishi regional jet or mrj is a small passenger aircraft with fewer than 100 seats. mitsubishi earlier scheduled the flight for late may of this year but decided to make further improvements. mitsubishi wants to conduct ground tests at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. china's state run news agency says authorities are questioning a securities watchdog official on suspicion of insider trading and other violations. meanwhile, security authorities say they've punished about 200 people for spending groundless rumors online. shin awewa says the commission
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confessed to help increase the share price of a listed company. the official reportedly said he received prescribes from a company executive in return. he's also alleged to edge gauged in insider training. he says four other senior executives of china's leading stock protecters are being questioned for suspected insideer trading. it adds a journalist for a chinese economic magazine is suspected of spreading false information last moh. analysts say china wants to reyou a sure the public for feeling tough on illegal stock trading. now, a check of the markets, tokyo stocks ended lower for the first time if four sessions. for details, we go to our business reporter at the tokyo stock exchange. >> uncertainty remains over the economy for an interest rate hike. so many investors sold themselves to profi on recent gains.
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the nikkei average was down nearly 1.3% closing out at 18,890. it fell ending at 1537. for the month of august, the nikkei index was down 8.2% t. rally over the past three days could not make up for the deep dives we saw recently. here are some of the movers and shakers today. semi conductor shares will lower, especially in carolina. they under performed with as will of 4.51% forred avantist. oki electric iustry was down 6.19%. on the other hand fujitsu went up more than 2.36%.
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in all, markets are downbeat on profit taking. many investors are bracing for china's official data due out tuesda tuesday. >> thanks. now, many in the markets in the asia pacific region had heavy losses in august following a tumble in chinese stocks. the shanghai composite said 0.82%. a probe wade on sentiment. if august, the index tumbled 12.5%, falling for a third straight month. taiwan landed in the positive. the taiex gained 1.94%. semi conductors boosted the gain. markets in the asia pacific region gave a bit of a mixed picture.
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ho kong gained nearly 3% but plunged 12% and posted the sharpest monthly drop in years. here's a look at the other stories we are following. . officials in the economy ministry say japan's i don't think fell 0.6%. looking ahead, ministry officials report an increase in oductivity in augu. housing starts in july officials say were up 7.4%. rental untsdz up 19%. the number of homes built for sale dropped 9%. fisherys officials from around the pacific rim are gathered in a northern japanese city to look at ways to restore the world drind i dwindleing stock of pacific bluefin tuna.
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overfirst quarter reduced it to a third of what it was 20 years ago. now, let's take a look at our global economic calendar for this week. first, india will release the gdp data on monday. on tuesday, we'll find out how china's factories did in august. the official manufacturing pmi in july dropped to 50 from the previous month 50.2. over in frankfort, officials at the european central bank will hold a policy meeting on thursday. the u.s. jobs reports for august will come out on friday. employers in the non-farm sector added more than 200,000 jobs in july for the third straight month. on the same day, central banks from the groups of 20 countries will kick off a two-day meeting in ankara, turkey. we spoke on events 23478 coming weeks with a senior associate professor. he is keeping an eye on india's
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gdp just later monday. asia's third largest economy grew 7.5% from a year ago in the january to march quarter. it was a higher than even china's figure. they expect india's grooet growth will remain strong. >> i think it's the highest consumption, fern investment, foreign inflow has doubled and it is strong. however, the bunk lending is is not improving despit they have cut the interest rates three times there area. also, it's a great product
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despite these families p. >> last week stockmarkets around the world went on a roller coaster and the price of crude oil sank to six-and-a-half year lows. the economy will be affected by the market moves. >> one ting, they have dropped r. the indian economy is dependent upon the import of oils and other qualities. global prices are going down. for every group, half go to the government. half to the private success.
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it's in good form if india. >> that'it for this hour. james, we'll hand it back to you. >> thank you very much for those updates. japan's foreign ministry is looking at documents that brought them to world war ii for the first time in two decades. the original japanese instruments of surrender is on display in tokyo. the document was signed by representatives of japan and the allied forces september 2nd, 1945 this followed japan's acceptance of the declaration in august, which brought an end to hostilities. the english language document includes the unconditional surrender to the allied powers. the authority will be superseded by that suprem xander for the allied powers. then foreign minister and other representatives signed the document, includes is the 60 of
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douglas macarthur as the supreme xander t. canadian representative signed his name below the line instead of amove. everyone who signed after him had to append their name below the space intended for it. the original number one document is also on show. this jap needs imperial armed forces is to cease fighting and lay down arms. >> this edition is encouraging reflection on the past and renewed commitment to peace. >> both documents will be on display until december 12th. generals foreign minister struggles through a civil war and asks for japan's interview with nhk in tokyo. >> we immediately need more relief. we need more humanitarian assistance. it's fought enough. we feed jap to help us and
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push for more food and medicine. >> the conflict began if march between shia rebels. u.n. says more than 4500 people have been killed. people are suffering from serious shortages of medicine drink water and food. >> seven out of ten yemenese today can fought make sure where the next meal is going to come. >> the minsters expressed concern over the impact it's having on the mt vulnerable members of society. >> can you imagine children thinking of bombs and airstrikes. >> japan's efforts if launching a program to promote the self reliance of yemeni women. she says there needs to be more support for vocational training. islamic militant versus
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destroyed another temple in the ancient city of palmyra. the syrian observatory says the temple of pell has been partly destroyed. the roman era structure was built in around the first century a.d. there have been no words about the report from the islamic group. last week the militants published photos. also in palmyra. the an sent city is a unesco world site. they have demolished assets paced on their extreme islamic law him analysts say the destruction is one way islamic state leaders aim to demonstrate to the world the group's power. a legendary japanese judo star retired. he won med also, starting at the atlanta games. the 40-year-old is thenly judoist in the world to have won the event three times in a row.
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nk has more. >> reporter: he held a conference to tell his fans that he is retiring. >> i reached my physical limit. i tried various kind of training and medical treatment, but decided to retire after struggling to get back in shape. >> his glorious career began in the 1996 atlanta summer games. he showed the world his highly skilled shoulder three. none of his opponents were able to escape from his moves at the 2000 games in sydney or in
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athens in 2004. nomura is a legendaryjudoist not only because of his accomplishments but by the way he pursued them. he has the highest score a competitor can earn in the jap feeds martial arts. but he was not always right. he had to undergo operations on his knees. >> the more i get injured and the older i get, the more pain i have to endure. judo is very precious to me. >> he worked hard to try to maintain his status at the top of the fort, but nomura missed the cut for the last olympics in beijing and london. he finally decided to retire from his active career. this competition was his final
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fight. about 3,000 people came to watch his finale, more than double the amount that usually attends the event. ten seconds after the 1st but started, he won, using his favorite one-arm shoulder throw. nomura also gained in the 2nd bout. this was his first competition in two years and his technique excited the crowd. in the 3rd match, nomura lost just 26 seconds in. his opponent was 17 years younger. >> whether i lost or won, it was always by equal. that represents my life in judo. i have been very happy as an athlete. >> nomura says he is still
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unsure about his future but wants to share all he's learned by practicing with the young judoists aiming to compete around the world. >> kudos to nomura for his acheech r chiefments and to june for that report. in tokyo, the current temperature reading 24 degrees celsius orient 75 degrees fahrenheit. dr viewers in western europe are preparing to deal with a temporary front. >> it looks like it will start in the morning hours, spreads to the north and west. it will start to affect more of the inland areas of the continent. you can see the line extending over the southern tip of the scanned favian presence la. so already we are seeing some of these rain and storms moving through those areas, now,
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further toward the south, we are going to see the clouds continuing to move to france and germany. we are going to see this spencefy into the possibility of strong storms t. reason why is we have high pressure further down to the south. that's driving in the warm air. as low pressure comes in with the cold air from the north and the west, that mixing is leading to instability and so we will see the storms really picking up from this particular setup. we are looking at the possibility of seeing strong winds, some large hail mixed in with this as the storms become very, very tall into the atmosphere. you can't rule out an isolated tornado and flash flooding as those showers dump all this rain into the region. you may notice this area moving through to the north and east. >> that is a trough. when it tilts, it heads to stronger storms. so coming up on monday as we go throughout the day time hours,
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we will see these storms really fire up. down to the south and east, looking at warm temperatures, i mentioned the pressure pumping in that warm air, mid-30s to rome and a24ethens. amsterdam and brussels, you will drop these temperatures to the teens on tueay an wednesday as that cold front moves in. in warsaw, you will be stuck in the 30s when you start to cool down as you go into wednesday. now, let's look at the forecast further down to the south in the cape verde island, we have a hurricane named fred moving towards the north and we69. now, it is going to bring a lot of heavy rainfall and winds to the cape verdee islands. it will weaken. it's quite cool. it will prevent the system from generating more nempblth once it
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creates more rainfall, it will waeng, expecting to become a depression as we go into the weekend. now, moving further to the east over into asia, we are keeping an eye out on this long area of rain and cloud extending from japan florida china. we are into a rainy period t. rain extends further towards tokyo and most of japan on tuesday and rain from taipei into hong kong expected as well. a quick look now, wrapping things up with a look at the eastern and central pacific. three named storms moving towards the north and west. the one named ig nasio, moving further towards the north. while the waves will be big, it looks like the rain will stay north of the island cane as we go through the the next two days. i hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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and that was this hour's news and weather from our studios here in tokyo.
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bye for now. ññ3w3wño
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focusing on the migrant own boards thets calais.nister at the mediterranean's largest ever natural gas field has been found off the coast of egypt. that could supply the country enough energy for decades. horror film director wes craven has died. much red millions elmegoers with nightmare on street and scr


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