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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 31, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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the capital. callais is set to build a camp to house migrants. trains are arriving in austria fter being blocked in hungary. chancellor merkel says if you have failed on migration, it fails on its commitments to civil rights. wes craven the film legend, dice. you are watching live from
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paris. anchor: train loads of refugees began arriving in austria. many of them heading on to germany to accept asylum seekers. merkel says if it fails on migration, it fails on civil ights. we have more. reporter: confused after hundreds of migrants are on trains. many of them spent days waiting n refugee camps. police stopped them from leaving if they didn't have the correct
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documents. it appears to have been relaxed. >> completely new situation. maybe german government or others can handle this and let the people go. reporter: those who sought asylum in hungary would not be able to enter austria. transit countries in the east are struggling to cope. hungary has seen 50,000 new arrivals in the last month. speaking in berlin, the german chancellor urged other nations to accept more migrants. >> if we are unable to agree on a distribution of refugees within europe, then some people will question us and we don't want that.
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reporter: germany takes in more refugees than any other e.u. country. 300,000 have crossed into europe this year alone. anchor: i'm joined by a correspondent in buddha pest. we saw the first train loads of people moving out of hungary, what is the situation now? a lot of pent-up refugees have been camping at a station this week and four trains that left for munich via vienna. when i was at the station, the scene was quite confused. the police presence was sporadic and many didn't have passports or identification documents did board those trains. the authorities say nothing has changed, but they still will
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insist upon these passport controls that have been in operation for weeks now. but, in fact, we now know already that they have begun arriving in vienna despite delays and holdups. and trains were sfopped temporarily. the authorities have been forced o shift numbers to allow migrants to destinations. anchor: a bit of a spat developing between france and hungary on comments made by the french foreign minister. >> that's right. blasted hungary in particular for what he said was a scandalous approach to the crisis and mentioned the number of european countries. kilometer tohe 175
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prevent migrants. and the prime minister has been the most outspoken among european prime ministers in . rning the problems hungarians have said the statements are misinformed and hungary is doing its duty to defend the external borders. t is turning into a route. nd it seems for weeks ahead of of time. and the crisis will be discussed. anchor: french prime minister is in callais, the french port town which has become another symbol of the migration crisis and
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building a camp to house those trying to reach the united kingdom. >> our responsibility is to make sure that asylum rights which are fundamental rights that are crucial in europe and france are fully respected. d to do so, we can't build barbed wire fences who are tortured and oppressed. these people should be welcome here. anchor: two journalists are placed under arrest and giving their side of the story. reporter: three days after being released from custody, the french journalist says he never intended to black mail the king of morocco. the media deliberately targeted us. we were tricked.
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it was a setup. in the conversations that were held and recorded, there was never a single threat against the monarch or his entourage. reporter: the journalist and his colleague were to publish a book that had compromised information. they said they were approached youoffered them two million are oost. >> i gave into temptation and i take responsibility for that. i have had personal and family problems and seemed like a way out. i have been a journalist for 20, 30 years and this was a private answer action and nothing to do with journalism ethics. had i really black mailed the king of mock ocko, i would be keeping a low profile. reporter: and the book may never see the light of day. the publisher pulled out of the
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contract on monday saying the bond of trust with the journalists had been broken. anchor: 100 people were wounded outside the country's parallelment. we have details. reporter: what is thought to be a grenade explodes outside the ukrainian parallelment. members of the national guard and policemen are wounded, some in critical condition. riot police say they have arrested dozens of people linked to the blast. protests started peacefully, hundreds of people gttherd here to prevent m.p.'s for voting. the new law would give more autonomy to the pro-russian
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east. the decision is part of a ceasefire deal reached in february, but many say it's too risky. >> the new law means there is going to be an open border with russia and we'll have to pay to rebuild the region that was destroyed. why should young patriots feed old separatists. reporter: inside parliament, m.p.'s had a heated debate. some showed their fists saying the bill is pro-russian and anti--ukrainian. despite the protest rgs the first reading of the bill was adopted. even if it does eventually become law, it isn't to going to side with the separatists ther, or they could police themselves.
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anchor: concern is growing for militants may have destroyed one of the middle east most temple. onfirming the fears. police in thailand arrest two new suspects in last month's bangkok blast. authorities are now looking for a young woman after a first suspect was arrested over the weekend. reporter: two weeks after the deadly bombing, visitors are flocking to the shrine in bangkok under heavy security as police say they are narrowing in behind the explosions on august 17 and 18. one man was arrested on saturday
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after police found explosives and several fake passports at his apartment. in a separate raid in another apartment on sunday, they found similar bomb-making materials and now looking for two more suspects. >> after an investigation, the court has issued arrest warrants for the people who rented the room. the first suspect is a 26-year-old female. and another male of unknown nationality, who lives in the room. reporter: 20 people were killed and over 100 injured including many foreigners after this attack two weeks ago. authorities believe that a group is behind the attack. >> there is the issue of getting in and out of thailand and the preparation of accommodations and third, the roots of escape, fourth, components. foreigners alone cannot be doing
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this. reporter: the group could be turkish sympathizers. last month, protestors in turkey stormed the compound and forced it to temporarily closed, but no group has claimed responsibility for the bombing and authorities have not ruled anyone out yet. anchor: thousands of people have hit the streets of the capital the city. minister. andal- reporter: kicked off national celebrations and after more than 200,000 people hit the capital after two days of protest. the government has been rocked by allegations of corruption
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after it was revealed that million was transferred to the prime minister's account. they say it came from a middle eastern donor. >> me and my loyal colleagues promise and guarantee that we are committed to bringing prosperity to the nation and to the people. reporter: in the wake of the scandal, the deputy and several ministers shot down calls tore his resignation. the prime minister's popularity is at an all-time low. >> it is relatively low compared to what he has enjoyed in the past. he does have an uphill battle to win that support. and doesn't need it right now.
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reporter: a nation of 30 million, malaysia's growth has been hindered by slow-paced reforms. concerns over the political scandal contributed to the malaysian currency plunging to a 17-year low earlier this month. anchor: wes craven has died at age 76. known for his screen franchise, he had been suffering from brain cancer and bringing to life freddie kruger on "nightmare on elm street." >> why do you want to know my name? >> he was hollywood's master of gore who brought nightmares to life. it haunted a whole generation of the 1990's.
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the director was credited with re-inventing horror films. >> you have to know what the audience is thinking and know where their fears are. and you kind of like the audience. i have always felt like what i'm afraid of is what the audience is afraid of. reporter: wes craven was born in cleveland to a strict christian family, where he wasn't allowed to watch movies. after college, he briefly worked as a english professor and d.j., but filmmaking was his calling. in 1984, he became a household hollywood name after bringing to life the child killer in "nightmare on elm street." and launched the career of johnny depp.
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he was as unpredictable. he directed a nonhorror film with streep in 1999. he was an author and loved music and a bird conservationist. he died in los angeles where it all began. and unique talent for terrifying his audience. anchor: you are watching life in paris here. freezing rain loads of refugees began arriving in austria. people blocked for days. many are headed to germany where chancellor merkel says if it fails on immigration, it fails on its commitment to civil rights. callais, france is set to build a camp. wes idding farewell to
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craven. time now for a special report here on "france 24." . two reporters in greece who have fled the middle east to seek a better life. 200,000 have crossed into greece and from there they been going o macedonia. ir in our series, journey into exile. reporter: it is a few hundred meters down the road, but they must find another way. they will walk to the nearest town. they are shown the way. they split them into groups of 50. will everybody be able to cross
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today? >> we are going to cross the greek border and we are going to europe, to sweden or to germany. we see death in syria and drowning in turkey and the slavery by high price of life and we see humiliation for the syrian people. reporter: most are young and children. the heat is relentless. all agree it is much better that brought them from turkey. >> the sun. it's the heat. i'm going to germany. my son is there and my grandson. reporter: hard to grasp the volume of people and keep children from wandering on the tracks. up to 7,000 people would cross on sunday. >> we are seeing an average of 2,000 people crossing the border
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every day. reporter: 30,000 refugees have crossed over the railway in august alone. they pass through a tiny village with just 80 residents. greek police have guided them along their way. thousands more are set to cross every single day. anchor: it will be continuing out throughout the week. time for business. say hello to william and starting off with a bit of aftermath in china. reporter: about 40% of the shanghai composite index has crashed with fear of an economic slowdown in china. global demand for goods was down, manufacturing figures were dropping. and the list goes on. on television, there was a different explanation. authorities have held several people for stock market violations and arrested many,
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many more. they include officials from the security watchdogs and a journalist who apologized earlier on air. >> i'm regretful to what i have done. i should not do this to catch people's eyes. i caused great damage to the stock investors. reporter: it will stop proposing up its economic markets with large scale purchases that have dragged down equities. u.s. stocks are trading down 1%. investors are anticipating the all important jobs report from the u.s. federal reserve. one energy company that traded ell today was italy. italian firm said it made a massive discovery off the coast of egypt that could be one of
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the largest gas fields. reporter: a super giant discovery that's what the energy group says they found in the form of a potentially extensive natural gas field. after signing a $2 billion exploration contract, egypt in june and announced on sunday that they may have hit the jackpot. the gas field covers an area of kilometers. in a statement, n.e. said this is the largest gas discovery ever made in egypt. it could become one of the world's largest gas finds. the discovery after its full development will be able to ensure some sign of egypt's natural gas demands for decades. that's potentially good news for the energy-strapped egyptian government. it had to ration gas supplies
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and gas. another potential big winner in this find, italy. it owned 30% of the gas group. europe could also benefit, but thanks to egyptian gas, it could hint thetically be less dependent on russia. the group plans to fast track the project and could begin drilling next year. >> staying in the industry, the gas in the oved north sea. reserves are about a quarter of a billion barrels of oil and expected to produce enough gas to meet 5% of the u.k.'s needs. it will lead the project and the danish energy group says it will create 400 direct jobs. time now for a look at some of the day's other headlines.
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india's commission says google has abused. the commission says it is focused on the online advertising and there are similar claims from regulators. google has been in a legal dispute with the european commission with unfairly promoting its shopping services and search results. toshiba pushing back to september 7, new accounting errors were found in one of the worst corporate scandals in four years. it found that the japanese firm overstated its profits which led to a shakeup on the board and resignation of the c.e.o. lower oil prices have weighed down profits. the russian oil giant reported a 22% drop in quarterly earnings. despite that, the results were
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better than analysts had expected. it sells its oil in u.s. dollars. here in france, there is a growing controversy regarding the departing c.e.o. who is to receive a 14 million euro payout, following a number of cost cutting measures. we have more. reporter: despite the welcoming sign, employees have little to be happy about. on their minds, their departing c.e.o.'s large payout. >> hundreds of our colleagues are sacked here in france. thousands more around the world. and he has no problem taking the money. i'm not even surprised. i'm disgusted. reporter: back in march when he
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sold his company to nokia he promised to give up his compensation. he will be leaving with more. over the next three years, he will be receiving one million euro stock options and 4.5 million for his noncompete clause and the news sparked outrage among union leaders. >> according to the company's rules he wasn't entitled to a payout, so they changed the rules for him. >> he decided to re-sign. reporter: they approved the payout and the president says he deserved it. >> he managed to rebuild trust among the company clients and have to downsize and the way we did that was remarkable. some positions were going to be affected. we reduced the number to 630. and we found solutions for
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everyone. reporter: he won't be out of a job for long. this tuesday, he will join a telecom company. reporter: in illinois, the state is unable to pay the lot erie winner who won $250,000. we have one winning lottery ticket. illinois is in a budget crisis. officials say they cannot pay any lottery winners who won more than $25,000. this budget crisis affects a lot of people, students are having to pay back grants and big, big w
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