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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 2, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello mooimsz a waifks and this man dprin it, it is. >> (speaking foreign language.) i'm running for supervisor in district 3 where is district 3 it excludes chinatown north beach, fisherman's wharf knob hill russian hill telegraph hill as well polk street area. >> i have one reason why i'm entering the supervisor race to improve the quality of life for
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seniors and minority xhav the quality of life with seniors and minority is very important to me. >> living in chinatown for the past 35 years i have experienced first hand the disruption and impact that the earthquake has on our city we need to protect small business owners especially along strongly corridor and north beach where construction of central subway is in process to avoid further displacement the ideas i have to approve the quality of life among junior's and minority is to strengthen the number one industry of san francisco tourism that brings in $7 billion a yearly to our cities coffers keeping affordable housing stock we have and to promote new
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affordable housing and in-law unit units and establish no fee permit for currently performances is city parks. >> may ask what am my qualifications as a mother of 3 grown dates with four grandchildren and educator what has taught music and esl with city college of san francisco since 1976 is guess my nature to nurture and to bring out the better side of oneself one of the most recently accomplishment to bring out the money lingual elderly musicians to perform as street musicians in san francisco chinatown visitor and local alike love to see the are elderly sing and playing on the avenue it has not been easy to convince them to share they're rich theoretic
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custodial but now their happy that others enjoy their talented instead of sitting in their 8 by 10 rooms or at the park wasting away they see themselves as valuable to society if elected i will be devoted to the above mentioned proprietor and others which benefit district 3 and all of san francisco. >> please vote for waifks on november 3rd thank you now i'd like to say something in cantonese. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm julie christensen the district 3 supervisor for the
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city and county of san francisco i'm grateful to the league of women voters and sfgovtv in their their help in letting me introduce myself to you i wanted to thank you a little bit about myself and tell you how to make district better. >> i've been in the district for 33 years i'm custodian to handling committees and complies i live in a world i was judged on good ideas and measurableable results in addition to running my own business i volunteered link honoring hours on helping to build the north beach library and renovate the north beach parks i vod advocated for the central subway which one the supervisors one election in skaiment the mayor asked me to speed up into the position he
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wanted someone how would be good at advocating and work cooperate with the residents and city departments and elected officials i'm are you aware of u running in the november election to remain our district 3 supervisor i'll focus on 10 things we should do one we need to protect exciting housing and tenants i support rent control and strengthening ways to fight unlawful evictions we need to discourage speculation that leads to eviction and enforce reasonable restricts to short-term rentals i helped to stop 25 evictions and lobbied for funding to provide counseling services to tenant facing evicted but you number 2 we need more housing i passed legislation to allow restriction busy a.d. 20 no parents inside the envelope of existing
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buildings had over 40 units added to the affordable housing project 3 clean up the streets i've been working with public works in district nonprofits on a vigorous series of project to clean up the district four get crime rates down i voted to hire more bilingual staff to bring our force up to increase the number of beat officer, i'm working hard to preventive crime to step up up rehabilitation and 5 we need to do better on housing the homeless by providing more housing opportunities and mental health services we need to spend city funds more wisely and effecting for a greater effect and 6 improve transportation by extending the central subway by supporting rapid implementation of the embarcadero like that and
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supported the purchase of new clean power 7 we need to improve the public safety we need to make high injury areas like curtis street safer especially near schools and senior centers i'm working with the mta to plan for the sidewalks and intersections ready for the chinatown subway station and 8 optimize our libraries and parks as a volunteer i spearheaded major libraries and parks and supported the 2012 parks bond and supervisor secured extra fund to getting up keeping the cloubz and rec and park open 9 to nurture and protect our small businesses i negotiated with start to back off on planning and open think polk street and working to support our neighborhood cords and 10 to work together our district is an
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amazing place we're some of the densest neighborhood every day we welcome thousands of people to work and shop and visit our neighbors in working together our elected offices and city departments and private segment we can continue to marry district 3 is the one best in the city and to raise families and grow old with great relationship with city departments their working hard to help me help you i'm enforced about the san francisco democratic party and the alice club and the parents action committee and by san francisco young democrats and many other groups i look forward to work with for our city and district i look forward to meeting you in the neighborhood and look forward to your support in
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november. >> hello, i'm arena periodically to represent the good people of district 3 in this november's election we need a pragmatic and effective legislator with a proven track record and importantly someone who will represent the people and acknowledge we need more checks and balances at city hall i'll running because i think we need an individual voice at city hall someone that licenses and speaks up for the issues not bagging who is for it or what special interests has donated or what the mayor know that's lacking if usual looking for an example look no further than 8 washington the board of supervisors and the mayor rubber stamped a proposal to build
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high-rise $5 million luxury condo on our waterfront they didn't license to any of the community advocates and what did we do we went to the ballot and collected 33 thousand signatures in 29 days the first time we were over a generation it showed that city hall was out of touch a real housing plan for this city will regulate short-term rentals in a way not to lose 2 thousand units of rent-controlled unit a real housing plan low protect the existing tenants by enacting legislation to cut down on got you eviction a real plan will bring the developers to the table to mandate that they build for affordable housing than the mere 12 percent announced to but hours in the waterfront are not the only issues since i've left city hall in 2009 the city's
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budget has front yard pie 40 percent to $9 billion yet the city workforce is the same size where did the other 3 and a half billion dollars go the city is spending more per year on homelessness services yet over one thousand additional homeless people in san francisco and the street cleaning budget has doubted to $46 million are filthier than ever and the housing production has dropped by 8 percent from 2001 to 2009 when i severed on the board we approved over 25 thousand 5 hundred unit of new housing that's 26 hundred and plus is today, the board of supervisors has approved less addressing adds that to one thing no matter but think we can agree we need more defines and transparent
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more oversight and other i believe that democracy is best certified when we hold the competitive branch accountable and left lane i to ask the tough questions unacceptable our streets are dirty and itself quality of life is initialed you can't go backyard i go it is my attention to move san francisco in regard in a positive direction i believe any censures experience and my record demonstrate about and while since i've been in office whether it is saving the san francisco flower mart and a cherished institution spearheading the library hours and preserve to prevent consumer privacy and the single largest frontals in modern san francisco over 10 thousand units i will and can work with everyone in
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city hall to get things down such said repeated not putting me in city hall by all of us in city hall i hope you'll join a long business list of united educators and the city college faculty parks and open space advocates like the sierra and many district 3 neighborhood leaders and or not elected leaders including our city and state senator our former city attorney and 5 members of the san francisco board of supervisors and most of peripheries i had the honor of serving with too times they elected me as board president newsom for more go to aaron for the respect and however, the most respect i hope to get our
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support in november thank atten. >> i'm pleased to introduce our mortgage rapport an, etc. any sheryl anchors the a.m. and cast on nbc channel 7 monday through friday additionally she is the host of the emmy award-winning show i don't understand the headlines that look at in depth issues and hollering a lornlt volunteer for the league of women voters mother ratting many of the forums and a past recipient of the league of women winner of the award we're very honored to
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welcome sheryl jennings here tonight (clapping.) >> thank you so much for getting we have so many great questions trying to get them consolidated i'm really, really honored to be here with the distinguished panel rincon hill for district 3 tonight is an honor to work with the san francisco league of women voters i love what we do overwhelm a voter please be a voter and it is a good thing you're here because you care about this rose and community so thank you from me as a person that has to set and tell the news it is an hour to be in your company your stepping up to talk about the issues you'ller from commitments from the board of supervisors
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they'll say a chance to present their views in the city on exact 3 and answer the questions submit the questions you ask for the divorces by on a 3 by 5 with the final collections in a few minutes we have ground rules we have two sets of groups that are recording we know about sfgovtv manny derrick and scott that here helping us this is on the tub channel thank you guys and have an independent are company producing a documentary about politics and government the koffman productions if you want to know about that they're right over there raise your hand it is good have to a lot of people no litter or campaigns scenes
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arrest bad news described and campaigns and their supporter are to be respected fell r full and to remain quiet during the forum no shourt out campaigns reframe from person trader joe's and no videotaping or irrelevant 40 festivity photos is allowed it interpreters the sfgovtv procedure if you have not been here the commitments have one minute to answer questions as well as questions that are submitted to the league of women voters w w 70 defaming any rebuttals will be included in the commitments closing attempt not an opening statement and go to 14 to two minutes i know you
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have to wrap up we have timekeepers in the front row my time keepers sheryl overwhelms i didn't get our name restraining order ann okay. what the time keepers will hope hold up a yellow card the commitments have 15 seconds remaining and then a red card when it is time to stop and the time it up that's really clear so we have had really good experiences everyone is respect of time everyone has important things to say every ofs opinions you have important decisions this forum is an opportunity for your questions to be hired and answers by the wonderful commitments up here all right.
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so weighing we're going to begin i've been given the order in which the commitments will speak for the first question julie christensen tilly chang and, sir. >> here's the question you'll have to share the microphone second-hand sorry about that public entity; right? we'll go was that this the first question supervisor christensen you'll give it up what will you do to expedite the extension the central subway to north beach and fisherman's wharf what will you do to expedite the extension the central enable to north beach and the administrative reviews. >> everything i can you you know, i was part a right of the advisory committee for the thirty thousand more people low ride the subway we added those two stops who is most important
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two things the offer 8 thousand people that work in fisherman's wharf and the 10 million tourists that come through the neighborhood a 3 still drive if we can take a million or two million car trips off our streets in the north neighborhood to make it it easier for the people who work in our district to come here we can help to keep our businesses viable by remaining assessable for people not having to drive we ask stay more the neighborhood than we're likely to bottom without the transportation we're mrookt the acquisition of the property and gotten on the list for funding hopefully, we'll all ride it. >> thank you supervisor. >> okay. well, i live in chinatown right now chinatown
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was there's a lot of machinery parking on the streets i don't mind about the sgau central subway by the merchants are crying really not helping them at this point i don't know whether it is going further i'm not sure but right now the bus stops right in chinatown i hope city hall license to the madam secretary's and limiting it on stockton street a mess there. >> thank you. >> thank you, ms. jennings and hosting this evening date i was on the county board the t line that goes all the way from the cities borrowed to the caltrain and on the board that authorized and planned and most importantly working closely with the community to say dwaens the
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central scombau when i will do i'll work with you to plan the next phase where it should go and is impacts but, yes ultimate we must expend is to fisherman's wharf and the f line all public transportation good public transportation we listen to the people of chinatown that tells you that shouldn't go into the cord and the stholg corridors time to not do it from the top down but the bottom-up. >> the next order of questions is ms. tilly chang and the gentleman and supervisor christensen here's the question had a is your provision eaten issuing certification for bicyclists making the so-called ida staple stop ms. tilly chang. >> i think it is different in
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any countries especially china in bikes i support the idea of having stop for bicyclists instead letting us go without stopping so this is my view. >> thank you we're definitely in idaho and there's a huge amount of pedestrian injuries and fatalities both with is automobiles as well with bikes if we were going to get to all of our dream of vision zero and no pedestrian fatalities or injuries everyone has got to obey those laws let's be honest a low priority for police it the it is discuss it the politics of politics because the police have their hands fill with other things having said that, i'll not in favor of the idaho stop
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in san francisco, california and this is a tiff one i'll be voting on this as a supervisor i'm trying to keep an open mind i've heard from a lot of people certainly vision zero and pedestrian safety is important especially in our district that has simple crowded students i've certainly is heard from seniors and parents from the aids community about concerns about this and i think i agree with aaron this is kind of been generated as a teapot of police officer overreacted by endorsing and fellow supervisor that swung the pendulum the other way the matter before us we ask to deprioritize we're deprioritized i i know our district police has
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plenty of things on their plate they're focused on. >> (clapping.) thank you. >> so the next question mr. president wesson kin you'll begin and supervisor christensen and ms. tilly chang the question do you support chinatown to allow for technology and office uses. >> so zoning are a set of rules that are created by community that are done right and enacted by the protective testify government the reason we have a great chinatown we've passed a set of laws it didn't allow the encroachments of office use both into that community the allowance of office in chinatown can jeopardizes the wonderful fabric this is what gordon to any others are they resolutes
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the zoning district has been put in place through extensive public participation and public dialogue remain in place not can only implied by office space and chinatown will be an area for residents and visitors this is not subject to the pressures of the tech that ripping communities apart (clapping.) >> so, of course, we don't want to see chinatown became the financial district or primarily office you see our businesses and residents, of course not on the other hand, mr. president wesson kin mentioned governing from the top down we have actions and limits that came from the top down rather than from the communities an incident recently where too young women were nonprofit rented a space in
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chinatown the chinatown development center wanted that space showed up and called them tech companies and will probably get them thrown out of the space it brings up the need to mediate those difficult questions in a way that respond to changes in community over time and does it many a respectful and responsible manner no, we don't want to see chinatown be tech responsible i'm not sure what tech responsible is sometime all these ms. take the opportunity. >> again there are especially many restaurants closed and the 1920 c which is when 1920 women were allowed to vote so like supervisor christensen said perp involved that 1920 c and help
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the two women it is very difficult thing to say well, only restaurants and business allowed in chinatown but their that particular place on 950 grant avenue has been by and remodels so the two women taking over the space we have a gallery and i think it should be individual cases when it comes to high tech moving into chinatown public defender's i don't think it happens. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> the order of the next questions is handling sxhooeshgs, ms. tilly chang and mr. president wesson kin so the question the follow-up question recommend to business which will you do to help small businesses remain in san francisco. >> tough one keep the can he
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recall corridors viable their expensing challenges not only increases in rent and health insurance but the cost of goods by the way, the construction that will tap on polk street with the sewer replacement or the van ness rapid transit project will challenge those neighborhoods i have been working with the confirmation and office of economic workforce development for the businesses no chinatown and on columbus avenue looking for street improvements on polk and columbus in chinatown to make sure our corridors are viable and in places that draws visits in keeping our transportation available and working is a great way to keep people from you know headings here instead of heading to the mission all the time i side think we need to preserve those corridors rent control is controlled at the state level
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that is something that will be helpful this is going for toughing to achieve. >> ms. tilly chang. >> this is an artist i've been teaching at city college i feel that small business could be gridlock helped by you know having more to help them we have some right now behalf murals in chinatown and a perp organized physician on grant avenue that helps tours of visitors to go to the shops many best in chinatown are a small business they have to most of owners limited english they only way to do it small business and i try very horde harrods to listen to them and see warehouse needs as well as chinatown that is


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