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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 11, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> you are watching france 24. time for 60 minutes around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. the eu approving new guidelines for labeling for products made in jewish settlements. israel is calling it anti-semitism in disguise.
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partial results in burma give the -- 90% defeat of already declared. help.5 billion euros to ease the migrant crisis. also coming up this hour, the biggest day of the year for shopping online. our business update will tell you why single day is raking in billions. and france marks the end of the first world war with its annual parade on the shuttle still is a d'lysees. champs more on the top stories. ♪ genie: the european union has
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backed labeling on products from jewish settlements, a move that has been firmly condemned by israel. will be marked that are deemed illegal under international law. forthcoming our correspondent has been covering it from there and joins. how will this exactly work? according to an internal aef, it coulde ee apply to wine and certain products that were made in the israeli settlements. the labeling system would take its precedent from belgium and denmark, that already have this system. they would have to carefully put the postcode on these products so they cannot benefit from a
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preferential tariff that is currently in the eu trade system. this is according to a dossier that was proposed by the european commission that has been sitting on the diplomats thator a number of months had been delayed, especially during the nine-month john kerry effort. prime minister benjamin u.s.,ahu's visit to the calling on them to hold off on this controversial decision, but a decision has been taken and it could be applied as early as tomorrow. israel'sis is bringing relations with the eu to an all-time low. tell us about israel's rick -- reaction. >> the energy minister from israel has called this disguised anti-semitism.
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he said the eu is calling this a technical decision, saying it is just providing information to european consumers. the energy minister from israel is calling it something else. he said the european union could not be called an honest broker in the piece deal anymore. -- the peace deal anymore. others have said they should go further on the import bank, like they did in crimea last year when it was annexed. thank you. the historic result of the election in burma will not be in for at least two weeks. but it looks like on funds and -- suu -- uncensored she kyi has won in a landslide.
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here is more. >> they have stopped short of conceding defeat, but they have congratulated the party. the government has congratulated on theirnd suu kyi results so far. but as you say, people see this as a potentially forgone conclusion. have been --ats 212 seats have been one by the party compared to 10 by the other. a massive landslide and a huge embarrassment. the concern is that those results that are trickling in, only 40% reported so far, the president is now setting up talks with the opposition leader and the military. the election results should be catching up with the pace of the politics, because there is a long history of fractured and
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dangerous politics here in burma. discussionsthat the are so going forward, but we do not have the confirmed election results yet. genie: thank you. the eu is set to give africa over 3.5 billion euros in exchange for help tackling europe's migration crisis. this came at an eu-africa emergency summit on malta. it gathered around 50 leaders from the two continents in the latest strategy from the eu to turn what has been the biggest flow of migrants since world war ii. more countriesde in africa to take more migrants away and to stop smuggling them in. many children have drowned in their desperate attempt to reach greece. they died when their migrant boat sank off the coast of greece.
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slovenia has started erecting a barbed wire fence on its border with croatia. soldiers began unwinding the wire early this morning, stretching it the slovenian side of the river that divided two countries. slovenia's prime minister says his country expect about 30,000 great to reach the borders of the tiny nation of just 2 million. next to a farming visit -- , aming village in rural mali village that is getting older and older because many people -- young people are joining the african migrants in europe. this young village is losing its young men in search of work, money, and a better life. they are joining the exodus of african migrants on a dangerous trek to europe. rainy season, the young are forced to leave to try
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their luck elsewhere because we don't have enough resources. we don't get enough water. this is what drives people to join the world exodus. villagersitors -- the scrape together their money to help the young men on their way. over to morocco and across mediterranean to europe. this man helped raise money for his brothers voyage. >> my brother spent to exhausting years on the road. thanks to god he was able to get to spain. that day, the village didn't even have enough to eat. he helped us a lot after that with food and construction. and even when the old fell ill, he held a lot. without his help, the elderly would have died. >> many of the women in the village have not heard from their husbands in years. living illegally in europe, the men cannot journey home and children must go without fathers.
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a local radio presenter used to campaign for the young people to stay, but her warnings fell on deaf ears. vignette people who are from here, there are plenty of them that have died on the road. whove an older brother died. his boat sank from morocco to spain. he lost his life. despite everything, my brother continued -- my young brothers continue to leave. for now, this migration shows no signs of topping. and women have started to leave, too, risking death for the chance of a better life. we will come back to france where authorities say they foiled a plot to attack military personnel. a 25 euros and has been arrested on suspicion of planning an attack against a naval base in the southeastern city of toulon.
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the group had been monitored after trying to travel to syria twice last year without success. government has filed a challenge against a decision talane econoline -- the ca independence from spain. they are calling on the tribunals to suspend the parliament's decision while it is being studied. it also wants the court to warn catalano officials against taking any steps in that process. next now to the united states were republican presidential candidates went head-to-head in a new debate. this one was focusing more on business. billionaire mogul donald trump has led opinion polls for months now, but he is not in with retired narrow search -- but he neck an with rupert -- retired with
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neurosurgeon ben carson. has plenty of slinging to do. mr. carson: i have no problem with invented. what i do have a problem with is being lied about your it when i look at someone like hillary clinton -- being lied about. when i look at someone like hillary clinton, who sits there and tells her daughter and government officials that, no, this is a terrorist attack, and tells anybody else it was a video, where i came from, that is a lie. people who know me, know that i'm on -- i'm an honest person. focused on the immigration plan, hoping to build the wall between the border with mexico. many fear it could alienate hispanic voters.
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and he expressed his aspirations with -- for the russian president. mr. trump: if putin wants to go knock the hell out of isis, i am all for it. forf it is a good idea russia to be in syria and let isis takeout assad and then let putin takeout isis, that is like a monopoly game. that is not how the real world works. >> jeb bush and marco rubio had a solid night. rubio was keen to fight back over criticism of his lack of it. -- lackbush sought to of experience, while bush sought to himself back up after slipping in the polls. parade of theual end of world war i. annual celebration
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of the armistice of 1917. you can see the parade to the tomb of the unknown soldier. just months before the end of the word -- war on april 2, 1917, chlorine gas was deployed as a chemical weapon for the first time. that is when the german army released it on the trenches of the allied forces. after that, war would never be the same. 1915, a2nd of april sunny day on the belgian front. a slight wind blows from the northeast toward france. all was quiet on the battlefield. at around 5:00 p.m., a cloud of yellow green gas started drifting toward the german trenches. surprised by the site, initially the allied forces did not move. >> from the beginning, they thought the german trench was on
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fire. they started to open fire, but when the gas reach them, they felt where they were -- they fell where they were. those that sort of running -- those that started running inhales more chlorine. gas was a new weapon, designed to break the stalemate of trench warfare. that damagesemical eyes and lungs. the german army had developed gas masks to protect its troops. it was developed in secret. more than $5,000 was stored in cover of night. >> the allies didn't react because they did not how to react. it was unimaginable for them. 1200 allied soldiers died in a few of -- in a few hours. thousands of others, french and canadian, blinded, retreated from the frontlines.
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the geneva protocol was signed, pledging to never use gas in warfare again, but it continues to be used as a weapon of war, even 100 years after the first attack. franceyou are watching 24. let's take a look at today's top stories. guidelines --ling changing labeling guidelines on products coming from jewish settlements. israel is calling it anti-semitism. partial results of the election in burma give the nld over 90% of the seats. says it will give africa over 3.5 billion euros to ease the micro crisis. -- the migrant crisis. the summit is going on now in malta. time for business news with stephen carroll. you are starting with the biggest day for online shopping,
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single day in china. >> it was sort of an anti-valentine's day in china, by made into a retail event alibaba in 2009. this is the most successful one yet, and the latest figures show that $10 billion had been sent the first 12 hours of singles day. there are still a few hours left. we have not had an update for the past six or seven hours. we can expect that to be even bigger. it is already a record-breaking amount, more than black friday and cyber monday put together. you're the details. >> -- here are the details. >> on singles say, not looking for dates, but bargains. alibaba made at the concept six years ago. singles could indulge themselves around the holidays.
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far more people are indulging online. it is the world's biggest shopping event, more than the u.s. cyber monday and black friday put together. star of the show was a few meters above the stage. a big screen showing how much selling by theis second. last year's record was beaten by 12 hours. >> the number of people shopping online has been increasing at a faster rate. and the number of products available online has been increasing every year. e-commerce is winning over more and more customers in china, including things like groceries. -- to't have to elevate validate e-commerce anymore. it is rapidly taking over. forhe shopping is critical alibaba, which has disappointed some investors in the past year. buttock has fallen 40%,
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kicked up against last september. it seems it has passed as a group. genie: next to a megamerger in the beer industry. stephen: the world's number one gruver -- grew or, a b and ev, a dealb inb worth about 100 billion euros approved in its takeover of sab miller. the new covenant -- company will be headquartered in belgium and will produce around 30% of the world beer. genie: how is that affecting markets? stephen: sab miller shares were up. ab inbev shares
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were also up. this after they said they would guarantee dividends for shareholders after a cyber attack cost about 40 million euros. what leaders say at an event speaking in london later. orlsberg is to cut 2000 jobs 15% of its workforce after --orting losses of 1600 losses in the last quarter. carlsberg says it is mostly due to a slowdown in eastern europe. headlined hisent country's intention to do a deal his visit touring paris last week. tehran had previously said it wanted to buy 500 new planes in the next 10 years. the smallest recall of cars.
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has recalled them because of problems with airbags. genie: i think that is a first, isn't it? recalling one car. interesting. outrage and social media. stephen: this is starbucks red cup. this used a lot of -- design is simpler in previous -- than it was in previous years. it is just a plain red background. in previous years is featured snowmen and that sort of thing. thatontroversy is controversy -- is that on social media many are claiming that it is an attack on christians. i don't think you are going to find christmas on the outside of a cup. i think it comes from a deeper place.
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the site that, i think they are doing a nice job of making it so it appeals to everyone. red is a christmas color. that is good enough for me. >> i thought it was the opposite, that people were protesting that it was to christmas be -- to christmas because it was red. i found out it was the opposite. >> i really don't care. genie: i think i would be like her, i don't care, i just want my coffee. stephen carroll, thank you for that look at today's is used. it is time for the press review. -- today's business news. it is time for the press review. flow is here with us to take a look at the business news. he will start with that letter from david cameron to british prime -- to the british parliament, his demand so to speak. flo: if you did get a chance to
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read the letter, the guardian has a tendency summary that boils his list down to essentially, "can everyone be a ?"as your to britain said, the paper has been calling it his wish list. cameronsee david slipping it into the mailbox just under his letter to santa claus. genie: many papers have been saying they have been disappointed with his list, but interestingly, not for the same reasons. flo: looking at the british skeptic paper, the daily mail, they said it is too weak. they said, is that it, mr. cameron? they said he left out a bunch of demands. the independent, which is no pro-european -- more pro-european, said no one in the country except for a small group
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of skeptics even once this referendum. even david cameron seems like he is dragging his feet. a lot of papers are still continuing to focus on this report from the world anti-doping agency that alleges widespread doping and corruption in the russian athletics federation. how theyou look at russian papers are reacting, they are reporting about the official reaction. russian officials say these allegations are groundless and politicized. this article in the moscow times is focusing on the sports minister. he essentially says russia is being persecuted. he also says everyone does this and why are we getting punished for it? cartoonists are having a field day over this story. i pulled up to from the washington post from tom tolls. one shows vladimir putin reacting, and you can see that he is shocked. he looks like he has been doing
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a little bit of doping right there. you can see the gold medal around his neck is the gold medal in steroid use. putinn also see vladimir flexing his muscles on the international diplomatic stage. meanwhile, a very fat european on ginny barack obama look saying, now it all makes sense. genie: what are the paper starting to say about last night for the presidential debate for the republicans? buzzwordsingers and were this statement. -- the statement. an article focused on the fact that these are televised debates and that politics has really become like reality tv. it is all about generating entertainment for an audience. according to this article, it is all bad for democracy. ratings driven debates promote entertainment, not substantive
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discussions on policy issues. i've pulled out a newsweek article that agrees with this. they have invented a game called the ultimate drinking game for the republican debate. it is called the gop debate bingo. here is aan see series of names or sentences, policy issues essentially. if they came up during the ,ebate, you take a set -- a sip as you ever get a whole row, take a shot. you can play this game with water if you want to play it more responsibly. i might pull this out for the next debate, which is scheduled for december 15. genie: today is november 11, remembrance day. we have a special report on the first world war. flo: it really points out the fact that there are fewer and fewer eyewitness is to that time.
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they talk about the last witnesses of the great war. that theremind readers last surviving soldier who fought in the trenches here in in 2008.e died the only people who are around today]=ññ
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debra: next up, it's the pandemic that has touched millions--aids. 30 years after the first confirmed cases appeared, where are we now? and what's working in hiv prevention? find out in a special report from psi and announcer: "viewchange" is about people making real progress in tackling the world's toughest issues. can a story change the world? see for yourself in "viewchange: hiv prevention-- looking back and moving forward." debra: i'm debra messing, ambassador for psi. it's been 30 years since the centers for disease control confirmed


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