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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 7, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching "france 24," life around the world. iceland's names a new prime minister, replacing the first world leader to be brought on by the panama papers leaks. they are forming an independent commission to review the finances -- a hearing today in court, his lawyer said that could take weeks.
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dutch voters overwhelmingly trade a treaty to boost between the eu and ukraine. it was seen as more of a public opinion towards the eu, which seems to be against. how do you convince a public servant to leave a job when they cannot be fired? how the mayor of one frenchtown is doing just that. the grant mecca of men's fashion now has its very first female master tailor. that and more on the way, but first, our top story. ♪ ♪ >> since the penama papers first leak earlier this week from a shedding light on how the rich and powerful use tax havens to
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hide their welcome of the country of panama has been fighting to keep its name out of the mess. on wednesday, penama said it is creating international panel to help improve transparency in its financial institution. the panamanian president made that announcement wednesday on tv. >> the panamanian government by via are foreign ministry will independent panel of experts to evaluate our current practices and propose the adoption of measures we will share with other countries of the world in order to strengthen the transparency of the financial and legal system. >> dozens of public figures have been listed in the 11.5 million documents. canceled director publicity events after his name popped up.
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roberto carlos is also on the list, as is formula one driver nico roseburg. the premise to her of iceland resigned wednesday -- prime minister of iceland resigned wednesday. from agriculture minister to prime minister, he takes the reins in iceland at a precarious time for his government. >> i'm taking the premise to -- prime minister seek him i will try to do my best. -- i'm taking the prime minister seat, i will try to do my best. >> on tuesday, the country saw its biggest protest in history. it led to the prime ministers stepping down. he was embroiled in the the
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panama papers and scandal. he failed to disclose that his wife at interests in those banks and stood to gain a substantial amount money after the bankruptcies. at a time when citizens were enduring tough austerity. androngdoing has been found details shocked many good for a third day in a row more protests in front of parliament. the government needs to show more efforts than just changing one prime minister for another. we need to get political parties out of government. >> the government has said it will call for early elections in autumn. it stays in power are numbered. >> the suspect from the paris
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attacks in november is being that he appeared in court today to france transfer could take weeks. exercised his right to silence following the suicide bombings in brussels that left 32 people that. slam haser now says abde not cooperated with authorities -- >> regarding his removal to france, this is going to happen. the belgian arrest warrant must be lifted before he can be extradited to france. this will be done in a few weeks. abdeslam is still being held in relation to another case. that process will take several weeks.
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for more, let's bring in our brussels correspondent. slam's lawyer abde saying his client will be sent to france, but not for some weeks. why would that take so long? he will also be questioned the attack in brussels on the 15th of march. they found the fingerprints of and anm and detonators isis flag. police want to hold another eslam link toabd
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that very day and allegations and reports that been here in the press the last few days that an attack has been planned for easter sunday. they were planning to go to the streets of belgium and opened -- openopened fire on fire on people in bars and restaurants. he will not be charged for his links to the brussels attacks. indeed, he will be extradited back to france. the question is when. he said in a couple of weeks. that could turn into months depending on when the belgians let this happen. this will happen without alerting the media. whenedia will only be told he is behind french farce. investigation is continuing
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into the attacks in brussels, particularly in the search for that infamous man in the hat we saw in that video footage just before the attack. what are things like for people in brussels? >> the investigation is very much underway. we are hoping for a press conference at 2:00 linked that investigation. maybe they have identified that man in the hat. things getting gradually back to normal in the belgian capital. they are stopping every evening at 7:00 already, which is quite a headache for residents in belgium. on the metro, there's a lot of military presence, military soldiers on each platform searching people's bags and looking around. they clearly have not found that man in the hat.
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museums had to close for a number of days. if you talk to shop owners and restaurant owners, they say things are not as bad as they >.e after the lockdown >> the new eu plan to stem the flow of migrants is working. numbers have now dwindled to just a few dozen a day from a high point of some 9000 a day six months ago. the agreement came into effect on monday. still trying to cross the sea to get to a better life. as natalie explains now, it is still very difficult to understand the situation on the ground. monday, soed just on
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it is difficult to assess -- we've seen a drop in arrivals, no more than 17 to the greek shores yesterday. on the day the deal actually started being implemented, we return and 39 arrivals. i think it will take us a few the weeks to see how transfer will make its presence established here in greece into the spring and summer. , we have an increase of asylum applications at the various detention camps. a way for asylum-seekers, refugee migrants to make their confirmedin the eu instead of being returned to
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-- it where they last will take a far greater amount of time in order to be able to call this a success. at the end of the day, these people are fleeing wars as they stay in a camp in greece or turkey. staying in turkey might be a better solution than staying in their homeland. crisis is top of the agenda today in talks between the french and german leaders. francois hollande and angela merkel will be sitting down in the french town. pope francis will go to the greek island of lesbos. the pontiff is hoping his trip on april 18 will draw more global attention to the frontlines of the migrant crisis. dutch voters have overwhelmingly rejected a treaty to boost trade between the eu and ukraine.
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the treaty had already been signed by the government and has been approved by all other european union nations as well as ukraine. it is a nonbinding referendum seen as more of a gauge of .ublic opinion toward the eu >> the turnout was 32%. one third of dutch voters. 61% against and only 38% in favor. only one third of the dutch turned out to vote, that 61% is a very resounding no. there's a lot of speculation here that many in the yes camp the thresholdping of the referendum would not be reached because then the government would not do anything. the next few days, they will be thinking about what this means,
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what does this say about turnout. we had to london where we focus on that mecca of men's fashion, one of the finest places the world to shop to men's suits. change is coming. in the form of the first female tailor. >> it has been a man's world on savile row until now. it is the first female owned boutique on the iconic london street. >> i feel quite proud of my achievement, 20 years i've been training and working in the row. , bornted my own business on the true values of savile row. it is nice to be here.
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past 200 years, savile row has been the place to get tailor-made suits for men. the tailors and storeowners have predominately been men. that is changing. according to the director of the oldest shop on the block. it is still evolving and it will continue to evolve. over the last 10 years, the number of female artisans in workshops and the cutting rooms -- she's the only one who put her name above the door. that is very significant. >> dreaming of that just for you garment? it is time to save up. the handmade suits range from 4000 to 10,000 pounds a pop.
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iceland has named a new prime minister, replacing the first world leader to be brought down by the panama papers leaks. panama forming an independent commission to review its finance industry. the only surviving suspect in the paris terror attack due to be transferred to france from belgium. his lawyer said that could take weeks. dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected a treaty to boost trade between the eu and ukraine. that nonbinding referendum was seen as more of a gauge of public opinion toward the eu which looks to be decidedly against. business news now with our own stephen carroll. starting with a warning from the -- >> wto says global trade will see its fifth year of slow growth in 2016, the worst period since the 1980's.
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they expect the volume of exports and imports to grow by some 2.8% this year, the same rate as last year. they are the slowdown in china and the turmoil in the markets of the gloomy outlook. reaching european shares turning into the red -- there have been some shaky games earlier in the session. investigators -- investors keeping and i on the currency on the-- keeping an eye currency markets brent crude trading down on the day. an update from samsung. they expect profits in the first three months of the year to be up 10% on last year. model,that its latest the galaxy s7 is selling well. the south korean company has seen profits under pressure from rivals. >> let's focus on the panama
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papers and the french startup that helped sift through information. >> they were working on finding the key details in those 11 million documents. the french technology company was approached to help in that task. we spoke to the ceo. this information already exists in the data, but it is really huge. the ability tos find specific names inside the data and then check if there is a connection between bank accounts come offshore companies. and follow the connections like we follow the money as well. also in france, the mayor of a town near paris is try to do the unthinkable, cut jobs from
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the public sector. >> protection for workers is very strong in france. service workers are practically unpardonable. u- on fire opal -- o nfireable. it is an unprecedented move in the sector. >> public servant job for life is no longer the case in a town northwest of paris. the mayor's wants 200 municipal employees to take redundancy and they won't be replaced. the business development advisor is going to become his own boss. >> after 30 years of public formice, i'm going to my own private enterprise. cgt union is firmly against the cuts.
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will mean fewer -- >> the mayor says with funding to local governments cut, 200 employees is too much for a town the size. >> 200 extra workers do little. even so, we have to have some vision here. when.arties -- both parties win. >> the mayor wants to offload workers he deems unproductive against their will. >> there are some people who do nothing who know nothing will happen to them. they will be disciplined. so, they have no reason to make any effort. >> the law does not allow for the dismissal of public
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servants. >> a slightly embarrassing recall for the daughter of donald trump. >> she's had to recall 20,000 scarves because they had a risk of burning people wearing them. rayon scarves are two flammable. -- too flammable. the made in china products may pose more embarrassment for donald trump. watching to you for "france 24." now time for the press review. taking a look at the papers today. let's start with the penama papers and scandal and the guardian coverage on the involvement of china. the front page this thursday, eight members of
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china's red nobility among those caught in the panama papers and scandal. some of them have a very checkered past. eng daughter of lee p part of the oppression of protesters in tournaments where in the 1980's. -- tiananmen square in the 1980's. china has been very hush-hush about who's been involved in the penama access to that information has been very limited. firm had a lot of chinese clients. >> the reviewer was a massive effort, 5 million e-mails, hundreds of journalists around the world. this is a real success for investigative journalism. >> that is according to simon jenkins at "the guardian." we know firsthand that journalists don't have the best reputation and the profession
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has been thrown many curveballs. the panama papers show while policy can differ, getting out there and forcing politicians to act and for this, it is a real success for investigative journalism. thee seen this with resignation of the icelandic prime and asked her and the cameron placed on david -- icelandic prime minister and the pressure placed on david cameron. you have a different story about vladimir putin. >> he is creating a personal national guard of up to 300,000 men and women to help in the fight against terrorism, organized crime, to reinforce the russian swat and riot police. a new york-based professor in russian policy runs a blog called in moscow's shadow.
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is worried about public unrest and wants to hold on to his own power. it is his own personal army to keep civilians and the elite in check. army, heeading this has been a longtime ally of putin. utinthe moscow times, p is showing what he cares about most, holding onto power by suppressing the population. >> the death of a young italian men in egypt. of a phd student who disappeared in cairo on the day of the fifth anniversary of the arab spring uprising. his body mutilated, later found in a ditch outside of cairo. -- he was needed
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assassinated over his work with resistance parties. he was kidnapped and killed by a mysterious criminal gang. italy blames egyptian security officials. this has been reinforced by a series of anonymous e-mails that egyptian authorities, al-sisi wereneral responsible. >> this has spiked tensions between egypt and italy. italy accuses egypt of stonewalling for the last couple of months. they threatened to pull their ambassador out of egypt. the e-mails would fast-track
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-- italianatic route authorities point the finger at the egyptian chief of police, abi.ral shal he may be sacrificed in order for egypt to restore diplomatic relations with italy. convicted ofs been murder found a new career as a murder expert. >> he was convicted and later acquitted. he was the former boyfriend of sun is knox -- the reporting this. acquitted -- he spent four years behind bars and was widely believed to have played a part in the murder. his experience as a former
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jailbird has come in handy for his new career as a murder expert on an italian tv show called the mystery of the week where he lends his so-called expertise to real-life murder cases. >> thank you for watching "france 24." for a closer look, you can check out coming up in the next half hour, we will zoom in on the most controversial political party in france come of the far right national front. -- party in france, the far right national front. ♪ >> french connection. >> they are known for their cuisine and saying hello with a kiss. the only work 35 hours a week. how true are these cliches about france? charles tears apart stereotypes.
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what makes the french so unique. >> french connections on "france 24" and
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