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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 14, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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you are tuned to france 24, you are watching live from paris. it is 1:00 p.m. local time. we bring you all then latest news for the next 60 minutes. in the wake of the paris and brussels terror attacks, your votes to tighten up security, introducing a pnr sharing flight data on airline passengers. twoigeria, a sign of life
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years after the chibok schoolgirls were kidnapped. 15 of the girls are alive. taking questions in his annual tv phone in, russian president vladimir putin speaks out on syria, saying the syrian people need to adopt a new institution. also coming up in the next hour, we will have the business news. we will be meeting a french entrepreneur starting companies in london but being called back home by the french government. much more live from paris. thank you for joining us here on france 24. just before we get to the days international news, we are going
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to start with a little bit of glitz and glamour. the countdown is on for the cannes film festival. directors and film stars will be heading to the french riviera for one of the film industry past major competitions. cheney gorge a lot was a that announcement. let's talk about star power. which big names will be heading nes? to can cannesselection for the film festival is the best kept secret in cinema and it just came out about an hour ago. it will start with the biggest theme, steven spielberg, who was the president just a few years familyl be screening his
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friendly movie the bfg. that will be with the actor that one best actor for bridge of spies. -- woody allennd kristen stewart, and perhaps the most glamorous i think for this festival, he will have for the first time ever julia roberts will be with one of her best friends in the business, george clooney. that is for jodie foster's new movie called money monster. take a look. at the heart of this is the competition. 20 films have been shortlisted to be shown. : we must have had some technical difficulties with that
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click. we will talk a quick bit about the selection. viewedlms are set to be and any film as long as it is one hour has to be screened by the selection community -- committee. they narrowed it down to 20 films. sean penalty in the competition with the last face, starling -- starring charlie's tehran about thie.rlise there are also not just those big names but lots of art-house favorites. the brothers from belgian who in thee two palme d'or's past. all of those films will be decided upon by george miller, the president of this year's can
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nes jury. this is a victory lap for george miller because his film, mad max, fury road 16 oscars, the most of any film this year. they will decide who wins the golden palm at the end of the festival on may 22. catherine: we are looking forward to the cannes film festival. be keeping us across all the events on the french riviera. right now, onto the international news. the year p.m. parliament has voted to beef up flight security, approving pnr, passenger name records, sharing air passenger data to track jihadist's and other criminals. this measure has been debated for five years and rejected it was recently
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reintroduced and sped up after the terror attacks in brussels and paris. let's get more on what this will mean from our brussels correspondent meabh mcmahon. talk us through this. what exactly have european states agreed to? meabh: for the last five years since 2011, when it was first put on the table by the european commission, representatives from ,he european parliament counsel, and commission have been trying to draft a directive regarding passenger name records. they will be especially monitoring people taking frequent flights to places like syria and iraq to wage jihad. the passenger name record means basically that all the data we type in when booking a flight -- shared with security and police officers and retained for up to five years. after six months, our names will
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be masked. it has taken two years to implement the passenger name record, a bit of a controversial topic. that is why it took so long to get through all the institutions. the european parliament has co-decisions so everything that was proposed can be checked to make sure it is ok. the problem that many political groups have, the far left, they had a big problem with this thinking it was creating a fence -- a fake sense of security and there was no need to infringe on people's privacy and hold onto their details. there has been a lot of controversy and we saw this minister said this will only work if it is an automatic sharing of data. the warning list should be shared with 28 member states,
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but that was not really the case. for people like timothy kier cho, the british conservative. he has been the main guy in charge over the last few years and is very pleased with himself. there has been a statement from the french government, very happy this pnr has finally been adopted. the biggest group in the european parliament have put out a statement, saying this is a great victory for the security of european citizens. they have two years to enter it. catherine: some of the details on this legislation are important because some of it was watered down somewhat. not have to share information, if we understand it, they are more encouraged to. what are the details on that? meabh: what is going to happen with the passenger name record, if for example somebody is
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thatg a flight to a place would join them to syria or iraq, the details will be shared with the country that the person is traveling from and traveling to. some people are criticizing this passenger name record and they believe everybody should be sharing these details. they argue that a european federal prosecutor should have access to all the dangerous criminals, and much bigger measures are needed. if you look at the bombings in ,russels, ibrahim el bakraoui his name had been given to a liaison officer in turkey. he was then put on a plane to the netherlands. nobody really communicated that information about that man.
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critics of this pnr and its current form say a proper list with proper data sharing would be the only way in order to fight against terrorism, because most of the terrorists are from the european union, many from brussels and many are known to police. many argue if they want to go to syria and come back, it can take many routes and not just a commercial flight. the pnr will just relate to commercial flights. pnr is a tiny tool in this fight against terrorism. catherine: thank you very much for that, meabh mcmahon in brussels. years after the chibok schoolgirls were kidnapped in nigeria, a proof of life video showing 15 girls has emerged. it is believed it was filmed in december, and the parents of
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some of the girls have positively identified their daughters in the footage. michaela cabrera has the latest. images sparked a global outcry. about a month after the students were kidnapped in the north east chibok, boko haram released this video. the girls gathered, reciting that carron. -- the koran. u.s. first lady playing it on the campaign two years later, 219 girls are still missing. amnesty international says some of them may have been forced to fight with boko haram. there is fear they have been radicalized. their parents are still waiting for answers. >> we want to see even one.
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so even if boko haram might be defeated michaela:. on wednesday, activists walked around, tying red ribbons on trees to remember the chibok girls. the bring back our girls movement is demanding the government and president wrap up its efforts not only in finding the girls, but in defeating boko haram. >> in nigeria we have not forgotten and we want the rest of the world to stay with us. >> we are still trying -- crying out for the government to rescue those girls for us. michaela: about 2000 girls and boys have been a ducted by boko haram since 2014. pleasantonrussia and
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fatah mayor's begin out this thursday, giving his views on everything from syria to russia's struggling economy. he is holding his annual televised phone in, taking questions from russian people on state television. here is more with our moscow correspondent thomas low. : what he has had to say is really built on what has come out of his diplomacy over the last six months or so. negotiation's need to be held that will lead into elections. a small part of what he said relates to foreign policy. he says that russia has withdrawn many of its troops that have left the syrian army in a stronger position and are now looking at taking back aleppo for the government. they said that was a small part. it we have had so
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far is about economics, and his people are really feeling the pinch of an economic crisis -- crisis. pensionsnot being paid and prices of food and goods and medicines are going up. for many people here, they think what is causing the problems our local power structures. to getves them a way around that's a they could talk to the president himself, who they feel is looking out for their best print it -- interest. catherine: ukraine has a new prime minister. he was approved by the parliament in kiev. he is an ally of the ukrainian and hent poroshenko takes over for the prime minister who resigned on sunday, sparking days of wrangling in parliament at a time when political tension has been on
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the rise again in ukraine. a reminder of our news headlines. in the wake of the paris and brussels terror attacks, europe votes to tighten up flight ,ecurity, introducing pnr sharing flight data on international -- on flight passengers. life twoa, a sign of years after that chibok girls were kidnapped. if video showing 15 of the girls alive. they are taking questions and his annual tv phone in, russian president vladimir putin out on syria, saying the syrian people must sit down for talks and adopt a new constitution. time now to catch up on the very latest business news, stephen carroll joins me. with astarting out meeting taking place with oil-producing companies.
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the question will be whether or not those countries are willing to decrease the oil production to boost oil prices. the international energy agency has weighed in on the subject and said any deal reached will have a limited impact on global supply. they do not believe the oil market will balance out until next year. here is how oil was trading a short time ago. we have seen prices rebound since those comments were published. the brent crude index trading at just over $44 a barrel, the highest level we have seen this year. catherine: turning to the stock markets, and bad news for the british fashion brand burberry. aephen: they are warning of challenging year ahead is sharply lower profits expected
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after sales collapsed in hong kong and macau. shares are down over 5% in london and the company says it is now focused on cutting costs. it has been weighing heavily on the stock markets on london, the ftse 500 trading in negative territory. markets,at across the just the dax frankfurt seeing some strong -- small gains. catherine: the french government is trying to win over some of its own young business people. stephen: it might sound a bit ironic but it is a tradition for entrepreneurs in france to travel abroad, taking their places -- their ideas to places where they have better access to investors. they want to support these entrepreneurs with the opening of a new french hub. the furniture definer --
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designer, created three years ago by a frenchman, now employs 240 people here. >> i met my business partner here. i know our first investor here. when it comes to e-commerce, the u.k. market is at a more advanced stage in the rest of europe. >> a startup that helps people in 24 countries find a house share, he also coordinates french tech hub. create arate and bridge between france and london in terms of tech startups in france. planning to open an office in the u.k.. >> he and his team developed mind games to help people sharpen their wit. london is a great place to
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start your company, much easier access to business. if you cannot afford new designer shoes, you can pick up a pair secondhand online. savoirve found french faire in fashion exports well. thatving that expertise, knowledge of being trained in france is a huge advantage. then we have to adapt to understand this is a different culture. >> london is home to about 200,000 french people, many clearly thriving in the business capital. stephen: it could be a stormy day at the british oil company bp. shareholders are meeting in london to vote on topics including a 20% proposed pay
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ceo, bringing his pay package to nearly $20 million amid a difficult period. many investors have already said they plan to vote against the pay rise. nestle has reported better-than-expected sales the first three months of the year. itsres were boosted by coffee brands. the first quarter was the slowest it had seen in seven years. catherine: this was a massive sports story in the states, kobe bryant's retirement from the nba. you have more on the business. tickets for that last game that kobe bryant was playing in were going for an average of $925, according to seat geek. sale of merchandise with his name has don't.
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sales of bryant branded gear month.500% in the last they have been selling two 59 countries around the world, with hong kong seeing the highest demand after l.a.. an interesting definition -- destination for kobe bryant. lookrine: time now for a at the papers and the french 24 press review. it is time now for our international press review. joining me now for a round up of stories.national nigeria, the two year anniversary of the kidnapping of the girls from the chibok school. what is some of the nigerian press saying? >> we heard about the video released supposedly showing that some of the girls are still
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alive, but according to the nigerian daily paper, five parents received phone calls from their daughters. this information was disclosed yesterday, and all of the calls were missed calls. when parents tried to call back they were faced with threats by who was on the other side of the line. catherine: interesting information. ,he disappearance of the girls the bring back our girls campaign which we saw go global, it has died down. down and twod members of the international crisis group are trying to bring it back, especially on this two year anniversary. have penned an article that appeared in a blog around africa. thatriters remind readers while the girls have come to symbolize the sort of brutality of boko haram, they are really only a tiny percentage of women
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and children that face violence under this group. they urged the nigerian government and the president, and international community, to find the girls and freedom. would be so, they say, a burden on the international community's conscience. catherine: barack obama has said that is has lost its course thanks to u.s. and allied efforts in iraq and syria, however on social media it is a different story. >> the wall street journal posted this article on their front page this morning, social media battlefield. twitter is the social media of choice, mainly because they can set up multiple accounts without having to disclose their real identity. man is acular notorious operative for the islamic state group, sort of their point person for propaganda.
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hours after the brussels attacks, he posted a message on black daysomising " for crusader nations." that message was taken down but he keeps popping up because he has several hundred twitter accounts. the shows for the wall street journal the internet has become a signature element of modern warfare. so much so, private intelligence firms are getting in on this and trying to help weed out these accounts belonging to the militants, but two very little success. according to one group, out of came back after their accounts were terminated. catherine: an extraordinary story in australia about kidnapping in a child custody case. >> it as a child custody saga
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between an australian mother and lebanese father, who took their two kids to lebanon and did not return them. she employed the service of a child abduction agency to retrieve the children in lebanon, and a tv crew were there to film the recovery. it went horribly wrong and basically the children's grandmother ended up getting physically assaulted, and as a result, the tv crew and australian mother have been charged with kidnapping, assault, and conspiracy. they are facing up to 10 years in prison. catherine: it is threatening diplomatic relationships between lebanon and australia, isn't it? authorities have called it aircraft and stupid,
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the actions of the tv crew and mother. lebanese to a newspaper, they will be forming a news -- a committee to address situation and find a resolution, especially since lebanese authorities are alleging that channel nine allegedly paid 150,000 euros for the child recovery mission. catherine: big questions there. we are going to end with a story, i guess we could maybe call it a happy ending. hasrth korean defector become a television star and south korea. >> some of them are. defections are highly risky but those who have made it have become reality tv stars in south korea. they take the example of a man .ho escaped by swimming a river she has appeared in more than
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100 reality tv episodes, and these shows range from dating to comedy to survivors like a denser shows. -- survivorq?q?q?q?q?q?q?q?q?
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>> it's invisible to most of us, but there is a crime wave going on unprecedented in human history. it's everywhere, in every country, on every contntinent, and it affects virtually everything. the goods we buy, the kind of jobs people do and where they do them, the safety of our homes andd families. it's theft on a colossal scale. >> you could say that it's the crime of the century because you'd always be foolish to try any other kind of crime. if you're organized and you know what you're doing, it is so profitable and it's so easy to get away with. it's just grown maybe a hundredfold in the last 25 years. >> the crime of the century is cou


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