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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 29, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> you are watching live from paris on "france 24." the pentagon says 16 u.s. military personnel have been disciplined for their role in last year's deadly attack on a hospital in afghanistan. monstrous violence in syria -- the words of the united nations. is a fresh setback for the president -- a south african court rules that a seven-year-old decision to drop charges against jacob zuma should be reviewed.
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we begin in the united states where a top general told a pentagon news conference earlier that 16 military personnel have been disciplined for their roles in last year's aerial bombardment of a hospital in northern afghanistan. 42 people lost their lives in that attack on a civilian hospital, which was operated by the medical charity doctors without borders. in question said the attack was a result of human errors and equipment failures. >> investigations concluded that certain personnel failed to comply with the rules of engagement in the law of armed conflict. however, the investigation did not conclude that these failures amounted to a war crime. the label war crimes is
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typically reserved for intentional acts, intentionally civilians or protected objects or locations. again, the investigation found that the incident resulted from a combination of unintentional human errors, process errors, equipment failures and none of the personnel knew they were striking a hospital. >> that was from a news conference at the pentagon earlier on. latest from the vince in washington. >> 16 members of the u.s. military involved in the of that bombing hospital will be disciplined. that means no criminal charges will be brought up against them. no one will be facing a criminal trial, despite allegations made that this incident, this tragic a matter of fact, was a violation of the laws of
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war, a war crime in essence. these 16 will be facing various disciplinary measures that range from revocation -- for instance, the commanding officer losing command and being taken out of afghanistan -- others being taken to counseling or retrained and receiving letters of reprimand. nothing all too tough. in washington say they are trying to take steps to curb the deadly violence in and around the syrian city of aleppo. the united nations human rights chief says that the reports of military buildups in the area could lead to what he calls a lethal escalation in violence. themast 50 people, amongst six doctors, are now known to have been killed earlier this week when a hospital supported by doctors without borders was hit by an airstrike.
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the syrian army has declared a temporary truce in the capital, it's -- and its suburbs, but aleppo is not included. >> the army's announced a .o-called regime of silence the temporary cease-fire is due to kick in at 1:00 a.m. on saturday and will last 24 hours. meanwhile, fighting has intensified in the country despite the truce. s -- a opposition activist day after dozens were killed in airstrikes. >> we were fast asleep before we had to get up for friday prayers.
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suddenly, the airstrike started. it was a massacre. so many people were killed, and they just kept on bombing us. where can we go now? >> fears of more violence prompted religious leaders to suspend friday prayers. in 2012, opposition fighters stormed aleppo and took over several neighborhoods. it has become the main battlefield in syria's five-year civil war. >> people across iran has been voting today in the second round of parliamentary elections, the first round of which saw moderate and centrist allies of the president losing gains. more than 60 constituencies were undecided or too close to call, hence this second round. results are expected by sunday. >> a runoff between reformists
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and conservatives to gain control of iran's parliament. in this second round, voters outt 68 remaining in pe's of 290 seats. in the first round last february, the reformist were allied with president rouhani and made significant gains. of the deputies already elected, 100 three are conservative. 95 are from the block of reformists and moderates, while 14 are independent. in tehran, reformists and moderates won by a landslide, capturing all 30 seats, but this round covers smaller towns and cities where support for conservatives is strong. >> members of parliament should pay attention to demands of the people. problems to resolve for their constituency and the government to support them. >> reformists and moderates need another 40 seats to gain a
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majority in the legislature, and they welcome foreign investment and easing the relations with the west and social reforms in iran, while conservatives oppose the deal that limits the country's nuclear program. results are expected on sunday, and lawmakers will be sworn in next month. >> the french interior minister says more than 200 people have been arrested nationwide, following clashes thursday night. dozens of police officers are reported to have been injured amidst the violence, which directed after a movement which supported laws in the movement. the city mayor called the violence unacceptable. >> flying bottles, bricks, bolts, and the field of a ofrrilla war in the heart paris. these scenes of chaos have become a regular occurrence since the anti-labor law protest began in france, but with a majority of demonstrators
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self-proclaimed pacifist, some are saying the violence is organized. around 300 individuals in paris on thursday -- their message was clear. their only objective -- to harass law enforcement. >> they are perfecting a strategy, which is to take out pavement, tohe stock car in their bags, and to use them as projectiles to attack the police when they choose. who is hiding under these black masks? according to the secret service, most belong to radical left-wing evens, and some are not french. >> we heard people speaking german and english, so we can see that these are anarchist groups. it has nothing to do with the people here to directly --
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democratically protest the law. >> the police have responded to the provocations with tear gas and flash bang grenades. an exaggerated use of force according to some student unions. >> rather than isolating the vandals from the rest, there has been a conscious choice to confront all the demonstrators together, including the pacifist , with brutality and a use of force that is disproportionate. the interior minister says they are only doing their job. >> the instructions were to firmly oppose any outbreak of violence and maintain public order. >> over 400 people have been arrested since the protests began in february. >> with venezuela in the grip of a deep recession and with access
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to food and electricity becoming increasingly difficult, the country has organized a referendum over if president nicolas maduro should remain in office. they claim to have over 300 times the signatures needed. president maduro has refused and is calling the motion sabotage. the united nations security council today voted to extend its peacekeeping mission in western sahara, highlighting the divisions in the council. toy 10 yes votes were given that text, which is just one more than the required minimum. last month, morocco expelled dozens of staff members from the united nations mission in retaliation to comments made by the secretary-general who called morocco's claim to the territory and occupation. africa ruleduth today that a seven year old decision to drop corruption charges against president jacob
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zuma should be reviewed. the decision to drop the charges, which relate to a multibillion-dollar arms deal, paved the way for xoma to become president. freshs ruling puts pressure on an already embattled leader. >> he has faced a series of corruption charges and recently survived an impeachment vote, but the troubles are not over for jacob zuma. the south african president chargesce up to 800 after a court ruled prosecutors were wrong to dismiss a case against him in 2009. >> he decided to discontinue the .rosecution of mr. xoma considering the situation in , he has finds himself been demanded to act independently and without here
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and favor. >> some of the charges date back to 1999 and relate to a multibillion-dollar arms deal. when they were dropped, they cleared the way for xoma to be elected president. the ruling is a small victory for the opposition who campaigned for him to be retried. victory foronly a also forof law, but the political party in pursuit of accountability. >> the legal wrangling is far from over and friday's court has now put pressure on south africa's in battled leader who last month lost another major legal case when it was determined he violated the constitution by using millions of dollars of public funds to renovate his home. in norway say all 13 people aboard helicopter which crashed in a coastal area in the west of the country are presumed to have been killed. 11 bodies have been recovered so theand the search is on for
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other two, but police say they are not hopeful. concerns are beginning to emerge 's recordelicopter because the norwegian civil aviation authority is quoted as saying that the craft had been due to be serviced twice last year, but those services had been delayed. around 20 people were arrested last night in california as the republican presidential front runner held a rally their in the town of costa mesa, which has a sizable latino community. demonstration by trump's opponents and also by supporters turned violent. then clashes broke out. california is t -- key to trump has hopes for securing the nomination. the court of arbitration for sport has been today hearing an .ppeal going into court, he said he was
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optimistic his ban would be overturned. he was in high spirits about lifting of hisa six-year banned from soccer. >> today, we are at the beginning of the game. on a final, the game is starting and we are all on the same line, so i hope the outcome will be good. >> are you optimistic that the >> of course i'm optimistic. we are going to win. i am going to win. >> he attended an eight-hour hearing at the court of , who willn for sport decide on may 9. one of the witnesses called to appear was former fee for president -- former fifa president sepp blatter. >> i hope my participation has
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helped to find a solution to the problem. concerns a $2 million payment he received. though the former football star's work lasted only until 2002. he said the delayed payment was due to the organization's financial situation and his defense has plan to show an invoice to prove the payment was legitimate. if the ban is lifted, he could resume his job and preside over the euro 2016 games. restored, ihts are will be at the world cup. if not, i will listen to commentators. >> a summit is under way in kenya with a goal of tackling the illegal ivory trade. the kenyan president has added his voice to the gathering,
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which is also being attended by other african leaders and animal rights groups. >> a push to raise awareness of the perils of coaching at the invitation of the kenyan president. as well as -- animal rights groups and african leaders are gathered in the nation. they are using the summit to demand a total ban on the ivory trade. >> poaching is aided by international criminal syndicates. it fuels corruption. it undermines the rule of law as well as security, and it even provides funding for other transnational crimes. >> but simply stemming the supply of ivory will not be enough. the man, needs to be tackled. of particular concern, the enthusiasm of the asian market, where a kilo of rock tusk can
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fetch in the neighborhood of 800 euros. saturday, in the nairobi national park, kenya will burn 5% of the global stock of ivory. >> it is important because kenya is demonstrating practically that kenya believes that the only value of ivory and the rhino horn is either on the elephant or the rhino. >> in africa, some 30,000 elephants are killed every year to satisfy the ivory market. kenya has already and limited in number of anti-poaching measures, including ivory sensitive sniffer dogs at airports, and they are starting to bear fruit. last year, 94 elephants and rhinos were killed by poachers, compared to 164 the previous year. >> let's get a recap of our top stories. citing human error, the pentagon says 16 u.s. military personnel are being disciplined for their in last year's attack on a
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hospital in northern afghanistan. the monstrous violence in syria -- the words of the united nations as assad regime calls truce on the nation, but aleppo has seen the worst of the bloodshed and a fresh setback for the president of south africa. a court reviews a seven-year-old decision to drop corruption charges against jacob zuma. time now for a check of the top business stories. let's start by talking about oil prices. >> we saw some big gains for u.s. oil over the month. for the course of april, it is set to gain about 20%, though today, it ended down in the red. you can see a look at the oil prices. u.s. oil ending down just below the four -- the flat line. brent crude unchanged from yesterday. that international benchmark is brent crude, and it was earlier set for its biggest gain in
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seven years before dropping down. the international monetary fund says losses for major oil combined could reach a half trillion dollars. the figure includes 2015 and 2016. earlier, i spoke to the imf chief for the region about the prices.f lower oil >> last year, the oil exporting countries lost $400 billion in terms of oil export revenues. this year, they will lose andeen another $100 billion $150 billion, depending where oil prices settled. these are large sums for these countries. these countries have swung from having comfortable budget surpluses in 2013 to having large deficits. they will need to over the next few years balance their budgets and need to get used to the new reality where oil revenues will be lower, and they have to become less dependent as economies on oil.
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>> that's because of the lower oil prices, but is that conversely a benefit, an advantage for some of the countries in the region? to what degree are they benefiting from cheap oil? >> it is a benefit for countries in the region or oil importers. countries for whom oil imports were a big part of their import some breathing space. on average, a little over 1% of gdp. morocco,countries like even more. you see that is one of the reasons why the economic oil importinghese countries today are beginning to show improvement after four of difficult times when they were going through not only external shocks like oil prices but also in some cases, political transitions at home. this year, they are about to grow about 4% -- some little better, some of the worst -- and we see that improvement going forward. ill not enough to generate the kinds of growth they need for
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jobs for their young people in the medium-term, but better than it was a couple of years ago. >> we can see in the u.s. wall street in the red, largely digesting negative earnings after apple announced its first revenue decline in 13 years. the company down earlier over 2%. seemed to have a weekly decline over 12%. in europe, similar story. fresh signs that the eurozone recovery is speeding up. enough to beat economist and also twice as much as the previous quarter and the fastest pace since the start of 2015. also good news for the european central bank, who has been increasing stimulus measures in a bid to revive the economy.
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unemployment fit -- and employment figures show unemployment for the block fell to the lowest rate in 4.5 years. as the referendum approaches for britain to vote on if the u.k. should stay in the european when group says insurance companies rely on the link between britain and the eu. -- do weseem to have have this? i guess we are going to have to move on. technical error. let's look at some of the days other business headlines. exxon mobil reporting earnings dropped 63% in the first quarter but still better than economists had feared. low oil prices have made the u.s. is largest oil group look to cut costs and investors have noticed. shares are up 13% so far this
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year. on tuesday, standard & poor's stripped exon of its prized aaa rating. the royal bank of scotland reported its losses to have nearly doubled to one million pounds. rbs said a one-off payment to the u.k. government dragged down and otherwise profitable period. renault's board has decided against a majority of its shareholders and stuck by ceo after apay its nonbinding call when 54% of shareholders voted against the chief executive's pay package. good news for the economy -- the economy grew at .5 percent for the first quarter of 2016. the increase comes as consumer spending grew at its strongest pace since 2004 and businesses
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are feeling the boost. up is picking after three slow years, this areany press order books filled up. >> big orders headed to algeria. this client used to make orders of 500 kilos, but now it is five times, so now we are very happy. this month is going great. >> the firm, which makes artificial flavoring, has seen its revenue go up, a good performance which has led the ceo to boost investments. for example, building this brand-new warehouse, an encouraging sign for his employees. >> we were afraid for our jobs. now that things have picked up again, we feel a little better. >> french business investment has risen 1.6% since the start of the year, a level not seen since the 2000 a crisis.
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this small business in the paris area is having a similar experience. orders for the company's water fountains have gone up since the turn of the year, which means he ceo had to hire more people. >> occasionally when we are late on orders, we will hire more short-term temps as well. >> he also built a new production line. >> we are finishing up the line in the back, and it will increase our production capacity. our company is looking to hire even more with four more positions to fill. from the business news. i will be back in about an hour. >> thank you very much indeed. i will be back at half past 9:00 paris time. °bq
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04/29/16 04/29/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: on the road in tucson, arizona, this is democracy now! [chanting] don't shoot students! don't shoot students! amy: that's the sounds of student protesters at the university of california davis being pepper sprayed in 2011. the video went viral.


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