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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 6, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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anchor: hello and welcome back to live from paris. and let's in paris give you a reminder of our top stories. london just got a bit more red. beaten and set become london's new mayor. it was a campaign characterized by mudslinging but it is over now and turnout was more than 7% higher than the last election. a turkishcape for opposition journalist who was shot at three times outside of a courthouse.
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escaped unharmed but was given a five-year prison sentence for revealing state secrets. reached hundreds of thousands in canada as a fire continues to blaze out of control five days after the breakout. ♪ anchor: thank you for being with us. the results are in and it is a victory for labour khan. it is now according to far more in british reports and papers. about the battle for london's mayor which was predicted to go to the son of a bus driver. he was going against zac
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goldsmith with the party. absolutering you the final results as soon as we get them. earlier, i spoke to our london correspondent and i asked her what this meant for labour. reporter: a victory of the labour candidate and the fact that sadiq khan will get the job to become the mayor of london to succeed boris johnson is significant. two-term reign to end at city hall. sadiq khan is the son of a pakistani immigrant. his father was a bus driver. and, sadiq khan will become the arst muslim mayor of london,
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multicultural city but also of the western capital. this is significant. a man who says he is happy to bring up his daughters here because london gives a chance to everybody. he says he wants to reduce it does is but what gives a boost to the labour party. it certainly does not hide bad result on a national level for the labour party. belle: it was not just the london mayor being voted. council elections throughout the u.k. and labour is looking shaky in scotland, but not so much in england. it was not a bad picture for the party throughout the u.k. >> that is right. there were very grim predictions and they have not proven to be true. it was predicted to be a grim
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night, catastrophic. those with the words being used by certainly critics of jeremy corbyn and and quite a lot of experts on elections. the fact is it is a disastrous night, it was not a victorious night either. in scotland, yes, they have taken a drubbing. the national party is short of two seats of a majority, put the labour party would have expected them to come second. not at all the conservatives. they are divided on the eu referendum. example, sadiqor khan winning in london who is seen as anti. he's staying in. the labour party has had quite a slapping down in london, although they retained a
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majority in the welsh parliament. in england, it has not been catastrophic. this is certainly not what you expect from an opposition party who say they want to win the next general election in 20202. jeremy. jeremy corbyn has a some breathing space. the coup talks has quieted down. there is certainly a lot of work for the labour party and jeremy corbyn. giving us her analysis on those elections. an opposition journalist in turkey has had a narrow escape. shots taken ate can dundar. he was left unharmed. the editor of a centerleft newspaper was outside the courthouse when he received a verdict in the trial -- five years in prison.
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over reports he published last armsalleging turkey sent to islamist rebels in syria. and, staying in turkey, strong words from president erdogan to the eu. he warns turkey will go its own way if brussels does not ensure visa-free travel for turks. this comes after a refusal to change its anti-terrorism law. the criteria for the eu deal. reporter: turkish president erdogan takes a swipe at the eu as ankara and brussels come close to reaching an agreement to lift visa restrictions. erdogan is defined, concerning some eu demands. >> the european union lets terrorist build camps and provide opportunities in the
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name of democracy. tells us if you change your anti-terrorism legislation, we will lift the visa restrictions. sorry, we will go our way, you go yours. reporter: turkey must fulfill eria more crit before they will lift the visa requirements which includes narrowing their legal definition of terrorism and protecting personal data. erdogan thanked his supporters after the prime minister announced his legislation, closing a rift between the two. the prime minister had lukewarm support for the president. he's expected to be replaced by someone who will push for the reform which erdogan said must be done as soon as possible. >> the presidential system issue is not his personal request. the place in which turkey has
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found itself in as a result of its experiences has created an urgent need for both the presidential system and a new constitution. reporter: since he took office as prime minister in 2013, erodgan has gotten more power, purging that is assuredly of his opponents, jailing journalists and crushing protests. libya's government has sent militiamen to the city after it was overrun by the islamic state group. ber assault began when a bom detonated, killing two police. this comes as the unity government in tripoli announced a new military command to take charge of the battle against the jihadists. we have more. therter: in misrata, islamic state group draws
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nearer. struggling to cope with the wounded on thursday after an assault by jihadists not far from the city. earlier this week, militant vehicles were spotted close to city checkpoints. militia try to counter the militants. a few days later, abu g harib fell to the group. a few hundred kilometers separate the militants from the city, stoking fears that the group could gain ground near tripoli. 's turmoil, the islamic state in 2013. putsecent push to the west tripoli under direct islamist threats. this gaining ground came as forces in libya say they were campaigning to retake the city.
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finding itself under even larger threat, the government will try to stop attempts at least it forms a uniformed military command. belle: now, in an unexpected change of heart, pope francis has accepted the charl amgne prize. the catholic leader used this opportunity to appeal for greater unity within europe and a revive european humanism. >> waves of applause for an overwhelmed pope. on friday, pope francis was awarded the charlamagne prize. focusing on the plight of young people and refugees, he uses this opportunity to criticize a
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change of postwar european values. europe thatf a promotes and protects the rights of everyone without neglecting its duties towards all. which itf a europe of will not be, that its commitments the human rights was its last utopia. awarded for promoting unity in europe, this year's prize comes at a time where european country seem to be driving a part other than coming together. whonscrupulous populace have taken advantage of the situation to put fear into ordinary people, fear may understandable but it is a bad policymaker. reporter: having just returned,
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the pontiff made dealing with the crisis in europe one of the defining themes of his papacy. belle: all eyes on north korea as it holds its first congress of the ruling workers party for 36 years. the usually secretive country has invited for journalists to cover the ceremonial opening. the grand affair in which kim jong-un addressed the crowd. he is expected to use the congress to further consolidate his control over the country. his leadership has been characterized by a jewel policy, simultaneously pursuing nuclear weapons and economic development. let's take a listen. of the seventh party congress, the military and the people had great success of a hydrogen bomb test and an earth surveillance satellite to illuminate the powers.
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day campaign has been created and the results have been accomplished. belle: that was the north korean leader. evacuations are continuing in the western canadian oil town of fort mcmurray. more than 100,000 people have fled their homes after a colossal fire destroyed entire neighborhoods. the latest evacuees are stranded north of the town and being exported in a convoy of over 1000 vehicles. police helicopters overhead. part of the city is still burning as the blaze reaches its fifth day. let's go to our correspondent who is in the area. can we hear you? yes. a lot of the convoys of vehicles are underway. well over 1000 cars. it is a massive mobilization. how is it going so far? reporter: so far, reports are
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that it is going pretty smooth. vehicles about 1600 that are being taken from north of fort mcmurray. they are being taken 50 vehicles hometown through their south of edmonton and calgary. belle: this is not the only wildfire we have seen in western canada recently. there were two fires that joint together. what is going on in the region? reporter: british columbia has had its bad share of force fires in the past. there are a couple in the northeastern part of british columbia burda -- next to alberta. they have merged to create a bigger fire. in other one is on the border of alberta. british columbia firefighters are going into alberta to fight
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it to free up the firefighters to help fight the 30 forced fires may have -- forest fires they have. the main one is near fort mcmurray which is 101 hecatons. belle: who fights of these fires? who decides? if you have fires joining from one province to another, who decides? reporter: it works the same way going south because we border with the united states. when it crosses the border, the firefighters or state firefighters take over. in this case because fort mcmurray is basically burning to the ground, in this case, british columbia has said do not bother. we will go in if you don't mind. we will fight this fire so you guys can pool your resources into getting people out and protecting fort mcmurray as much as you can. belle: we are seeing a lot of teamwork. thank you, craig, in
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vancouver. now a reminder of our top stories on france 24. london just got a little more red. labour sadiq khan has beaten zac goldsmith to become london's new mayor with a campaign characterized by mudslinging but it is over now and turnout was more than 7% higher than the last election. a lucky escape for a turkish opposition journalist who was shot at three times outside a courthouse in istanbul. can dundar escaped unharmed but was given a five-year prison sentence for revealing state secrets in a report he wrote. and evacuations reach hundreds of thousands in canada as a wildfire continues to blaze out of control five days after it broke out. it is time now for a look at the
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business news. mark is back with us. first off, greece. it is back in the spotlight after another austerity standoff. mark: we have seen greece grinding to a halt as a nationwide strike has taken hold. industrial action has hit trains and frerrys. healthcare services and schools have been impacted. workers have been protested against the plans to overhaul tensions and increase taxes. it is for greece to qualify for more money. we have more details. reporter: grinding to a halt. services across greece came to a standstill after a three-day general strike kicked off. labor union says the new austerity measures will act as the final nail in the coffin for workers and pension rights.
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this cannot go long any longer. the government has to understand that too. >> they should take back these measures. these are not things a supposedly left-wing government does. reporter: the greek government wants to have reforms to secure a 5 billion euro bailout. one of the most contentious measures under debate include an overhaul of the pension system. the government argues the program will redistribute already stretched finances more evenly. >> we are voting on ambitious reform in parliament which brings the pension system back into a viable track. we are at a crucial crossroads, though we are determined, much more experienced and stronger than ever. that is why we will succeed. we will get this country out of the crisis. reporter: the parliament is expected to vote on a new reform
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eurozonebefore europe o finance ministers meet. not all agree. the imf is asking the others at the table for debt relief. the body says the current measures in place are possibly counterproductive. markus: from greece, we will move on to the american economy. hiring slowed last month. the economy added the fewest number of jobs in seven months in april. sparkingjob growth is warnings that economic activity is slowing stateside. economists were expecting about 200,000 jobs in april but just got 160,000. that is below the average over the past six months. the u.s. is still outperforming other developed economies when it comes to job creation, but employees seem to become more
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cautious about hiring. the official unemployment rate during the month of april remained steady. it remains at 5%. u.s. president barack obama says the u.s. economy faces headwinds abroad. president obama: the global economy is not growing as fast as it should be. we are seeing lagging growth in places like europe, japan and china. in the united states, folks are still hurting. we have to do everything we can to strengthen the good trends dangerousrd against trends in the global economy. markus: the stocks started the day in negative territory, but we saw a comeback of sorts a few hours ago. we are currently seeing both u.s. shares above the flatline. the dow jones leading the way higher a.
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this as oil prices started heading higher which brought a boost to sentiments stateside. the dollar has been weakening somewhat against the europe. in europe, there has been a bit of a mix with ending below the flatline. european shares did take a hit after the disappointing jobs figure from the u.s. the dax is above the flatline. let's bring up some other stories we have been watching. better times ahead for the global steel market. the chief financial officer of the world's biggest steel maker says sentiments have improved. they have been grappling with weak prices and cheaper imports from china. the company posted a loss of more than $400 million for the first quarter. oftsche bank is the target
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alleged market manipulation in italy. the german lender officers in milan have been invaded by police. five former executives have been accused of misleading markets after saying the market was unstable. at the same time, deutsche bank sold off its holdings. the lender says it is cooperating with the investigation. the japanese tech company toshiba is trying to take a new leap after an accounting scandal. the medical equipment manager is now the new chief executive. he was not involved in last year scandal. they have overstated its profits. the new ceo says he will try to make it more transparent. next, we will move to zimbabwe where households and businesses are facing a cash crisis. earlier this week, the central bank capped withdrawals to ease
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a cap shortage. it also unveils its own version of the american dollar. it abandon its own currency in 2009 after hyperinflation made it worthless. it has adopted a multicurrency system with most transactions taking place in u.s. dollars. alexander explains. alexander: with the cash machines drying up, all of these people have the same struggle ahead of them. >> we are given limited amounts. $400. >> from now on, i will keep my money at home. we have lost all confidence in the banks. struggling with a cash shortage, zimbabwe central-bank has limited withdrawals and has plans to
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bring back its own currency. not printed its own notes for seven years after inflation spiraled. the growing number of zeros made the paper almost worthless. a multicurrency system was adopted. cash from south africa month india, japan and australia as well as the euro and sterling became legal tender. more than 90% of the transactions in zimbabwe today are in the world's largest economy. system --ticurrency it's their way. right now, we are using more than one currency. alexander: the problem is there are not enough u.s. notes to go around. to central bank is working
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circulate the money within the next two months. manus: if you are a betting or woman in the u.s., you could be in for a big win. $415kpot to the tune of million will be up for grabs on saturday. it is the largest prize at stake in the powerball lottery. all you have to do to get your hands on this win is the pick the right six figures. it is the seventh of biggest powerball jackpot ever. you may want to hedge your bets. according to estimates, each ticket has one chance in 292 million to win. so, as i say, you may want to hedge your bets and maybe find another source of revenue. belle: can i buy a ticket? alexander: i think there are ways you can do it, but i'm not sure how that works out. belle: you can ask a friend but
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if they won for you, they would have to be a good friend. would you split the winnings? markus: that is not for me to say. $415 million pales in comparison to the biggest jackpot in the powerball lottery which actually was handed out back in january. that jackpot was $1.6 billion and that split between three individuals. belle: i would share that with you. markus: that is very kind. i will take you up on that if you win. belle: an offer you cannot refuse. don't go anywhere because i will be back in a minute with more news. michelle will be here with eye on africa before the next half hour is out.
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