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>> you are watching live from paris. date to ourou up to top stories. ?ould it be a lifeline , confusionspeaker reigns from where proceedings go from here. , a terrorgo on trial cell broken up last year. and thought to have links with paris and brussels attacks.
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standing down after a court refused to overturn his ban from football. the former hero would be barred from the game the next four years. thanks for watching. we start in brazil where confusion reigns after the act speaker at the lower houses annulled. it allowed impeachment proceedings against the president to go on to the senate. standing in after the previous speaker was suspended and said there were irregularities during the april vote. they urged caution upon hearing the news and said there was a hard fight ahead.
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>> disguised by an impeachment process. an impeachment process without acis and illegal. an appeal has now been accepted and that process has been suspended. >> i spoke to our correspondent in rio de janeiro. surprise.ery much a she was at a speaking engagement and basically announced the impeachment process. nothing was official and urged supporters to be cautious. it was made at the request of legal counsel.
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they said there were procedural flaws in the vote. a majority of members voted in favor of impeaching him on charges that she broke fiscal laws to hide the budget deficit. members were unduly influenced by their parties and the way it played out, they say it was prejudicial against the president. and in a statement, he said he wants a rerun of the vote in the lower house. >> where does this leave the impeachment process now? >> the process is currently with the senate. werepper house members widely expected to vote in favor of impeaching. with this decision, it is unclear whether they will go
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ahead as planned. argue the a moment doesn't affect the seatings. takes could that affect the timetable for the impeachment process presuming it continues, of course. this just adds to the political uncertainty they've been living with for months now. the vice resident is by all accounts are from forming a coherent government. he is nicknamed the punisher and certainly about to become the philippines new president. comfortably ahead of his nearest rival. turkey has promised to kill criminals. he is renowned for turning a
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blind eye to extrajudicial killings. >> the most divisive residential race in years. just the right note. >> the people of this country, it is impressive. talking.tough they left ordinary filipinos poverty.wise red we are to turkey and no one else. wins, it would bring
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great changes to our country. >> she is not alone. as part criticism from his opponent. he warned he could put the country back on the path. it on boasting, they call international discussed, following comments on us trillion missionary that was raped and murdered in the philippines in 1989. chancellorafter the resigned earlier. lost support of the coalition colleagues after they suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the far right.
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he also stepped down from his role as the head of the social demo attic party. his tough stance on asylum laws. more violence near the syrian city of aleppo centered around the strategic town seized by islamist rebels last week. government forces have carried out more than 90 air raid in less than 48 hours according to the syrian observatory for human rights. they have broken a temporary cease-fire agreement orchestrated by the u.s. and russia. peace talks broke up without any real progress. francis foreign minister organized meeting earlier in paris between representatives from countries allied against president assad. john kerry was here and found it cautiously optimistic about reinstating a temporary truce.
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there has been heightened security in brussels as the trial begins and another nine have been charged still on the run. it all dates back to a police raid in eastern belgian 16 months ago. links have been made between the cell and the attacks in paris last november. >> they will remember for a long time the events. the belgian special forces launched an attack on this department. two grenades were thrown. police shot dead two men. the makingss found of five kilograms of explosives, three kalashnikovs, for
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handguns, and police uniforms. >> with the aim of killing police in public and police stations. success that was able to monitor them. athens, theyngs in would later take part in the paris attacks last november and also planning others in brussels. airport, itbrussels would be march of 2016, 18 months after that case. >> killed in a police raid after the attacks. eckstein of their accomplices stand trial.
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it is expected to last three weeks. >> the vice president has resigned after being accused of sexual harassment by female colleagues. seat as an empty parliament. ask the vice president has been accused by eight women of harassment and sexual aggression. his actions include explicit text messages, fondling, and blackmail. one of the women coming forward, she's a spokesperson who says she was a victim in 2011. >> i was in a meeting and needed a break so i went to the restroom.
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they put me up against a wall and tried to forcefully kiss me. i spoke to managers. one started off by saying you can't be serious, he's done it again. the other shrugged it off. revelationg monday's , he is contesting all claims against him.
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belle: announcing he will be stepping down after failing to have a six-year ban on football overturned. the hero was found guilty last year of an ethics breach of 1.8 million euros that he received from the former fifa head sepp blatter. he did get the call to reduce it to four years from six. let's speak to dr. david weber. david: i think in the broader
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, the justice being meted of thethe worst governing body. belle: is there no chance of coming back? david: you would say that his career in football is over. it will be without a figurehead that he was quite clearly a part
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of. the career is over. a few names have been circulated, but was important a is that it fif needs to take a long, hard look at it self. the investigations and the arrest were made in switzerland last spring. a year ago.
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they want to make sure this practice won't recur in the future. and that needs to change. belle: also mentioned in conjunction with the panama papers, will be -- will we be hearing more about him in the future.
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david: i think this is only the tip of the iceberg. he is fairly confident that he can get that over still. he left his position. whether or not it takes place, it quite clearly will be with more and more coming out about his financial affairs. belle: a change in the weather
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has taught -- brought a bit of hope. they are optimistic they can get a handle on the massive wildfire that devastated home neighborhoods after cooler temperatures and even some rain. the next phase can now begin. 34 people are now said to have been killed in a landslide in china's southeastern province. triggered ie was heavy rain and became deadly when it hit a construction site. they have raised questions over china's industrial safety. korea, speaking ill of the
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leadership. more than 100 foreign journalists. most of them have not been granted access. that has come to an end. the decision comes in spite of the u.n. revolution. they took on the new title of party chairman. >> the first in 36 years and one in which kim jong-un surprisingly proposed military talks for the shared militarized
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border. >> we have not given up on dialogue. the genuine dialogue will only be possible when the north shows sincerity about denuclearization. >> largely served to cement kim jong-un, four years after he came to power. members of the ruling workers andy reaffirmed kim jong-un plan for nuclear proliferation and economic development. promised ast leader responsible nuclear weapons policy. >> we will sincerely fulfill our duties for nonproliferation a new here weapons in order to achieve the denuclearization of the world.
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>> including a nuclear test and long-range rocket launch. belle: some business now, will is here. the eurogroup is discussing the future of greece. >> talks, that relief is officially on the table and it remains a very touchy issue between eu member states and a closer look. relief, discussing the thorny issue of cutting the amount greece owes its creditors. explained the debt relief would have many benefits.
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>> to facilitate. inserting a repayment profile and the coming years. >> they agree the haircut would be a boost for an economy that has suffered a budget cut. on what the debt relief will consist of. many states are only willing to consider extending payment deadlines and lowering interest rates. >> greek debt is a huge
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obstacle. government passed controversial reforms increasing social security and pension contributions in order to raise income. making a repayment in july. >> let's take a look at the stock market. been on wall street, gains in health care have helped offset stocks on energy. and the mining stocks.
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a look at other headlines, buying a battery maker to boost renewable energy business. demonstrates a tip to diversify revenue from volatile oil prices. uber and lift have to fingerprint drivers in order to keep a measure in hopes of winning out candidates with criminal records. they have since threatened to close down their services in the city. online peer-to-peer lender revealed it ceo had resigned after an internal review. an investor that was against his or her express instructions.
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appears the country has a new president. living behind a strong economy. is trickling down. >> it is not quite an asian tiger but the philippines is starting to report. the country has seen average gdp rates of over 6%. while the philippines is witnessing its best growth and for dirt -- for decades. >> the poor people like us can make a better living. >> i hope whoever becomes president will help the homeless.
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>> while the previous administration tackled corruption, this election is all about who can lift more people out of poverty. >> making sure that economic abilities can be enjoyed. >> promising to expand a conditional program to fund the poor as well as make restitution will changes. he's already said he would be willing to enter into a joint venture with the biggest power on the continent. china. pear-shaped, pink, and worth millions. 15.3 caret and the largest of its kind.
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let's take a listen to one of the organizers. >> the rarest of all the ratings possible. ever to the largest appear on the market. >> the diamond market is alive and well. your boyfriend is very belle: relieved. a cheap date, me. will be back with more news after the break so stay with us.
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