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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 20, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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brent: this is dw news live from berlin. making friends -- may and merkel meet and agree britain needs more time before its divorce from the eu can begin. it is the british prime minister's first overseas visit. although she and the german chancellor are not negotiating the brexit yet, like the elephant in the room, they just can't avoid it. also, as alleged plotters appear in court, turkey says it will
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close more than 600 private schools to rule out government opponents after last week's failed coup. the president says the purge is not over yet. and donald trump moves one step closer to becoming the president of united states. he has become the candidate, now all he has to do is accept the nomination. i'm brent goff. good to have you with us. they are two leaders who at least to the world appear to get along just fine. that's the news because there was potential for disaster today as britain's new prime minister met the german chancellor, angela merkel, right here for the first time in berlin. both agree britain should have time to plan its strategy before formal negotiations to leave again.
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cautiously, merkel added a link the time of limbo was in no one's been -- was in no wins interest. may will be the president of france tomorrow. reporter: it is their first meeting in the new p.m. -- new p.m.'s first trip abroad. angela merkel is expected to play a big role in brexit talks. >> i'm very pleased to be in berlin. reporter: she stressed ties to main claim close ties to germany and europe. and maintained the brexit would take time. >> all of us will need time to prepare and the united kingdom will not invokoke article 50 unl our objectives are clear. reporter: merkel made it clear no one wants a time of limbo. >> from my point of view, a good
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preparation is important and is in the interest of the european union. we will wait for the right moment. reporter: many comparisons have been made between the two european leaders. both are pastors daughters and their rhetorical skills may be rather modest, but oath women are known for their assertiveness. angela merkel has ported her political adversaries and with the reshuffle, so has theresa may. >> i think what is important is we have two women here who have had a very constructive discussion. two women who i think it on with the job and want to deliver the best possible results for the people of the u.k. and the people of germany. >> exactly. i underline that in full. reporter: and though both may be
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conservatives, those are also well-known political pragmatist. brent: we want to pull in our political correspondent at the chancellery. he has been covering these talks. it is interesting what was said by these two leaders, angela merkel saying no one wants a long time of limbo, but when she was asked what do you mean or can you give us a calendar, we really did not get any firm answers. how long is too long? guest: ben is a good question. the meeting has finished and theresa may's motorcade drove through not long ago. as you yourself mentioned, the brexit article, famous article 50, will not be triggered this year and angela merkel wants to wait and see what the u.k.'s
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position is and what they want to bring to the table before starting the proper negotiation and defining a calendar as you ask. that is why they did not present a calendar today. it was more a meeting to meet with their first personal meeting. it was more a meeting to see whether there was empathy between them. brent: we have gone back and taken a look at the history books and this is the first time in british history the first visit abroad of the new prime minister is in berlin and not in 10 d.c. this speaks volumess about the importance of germany, but also the importance of angela merkel for britain. that. theresa may is a product of all of this brexit chaos and it is
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absolutely logical she makes a first visit to berlin then followed by paris because the topic that will dominate theresa may's government is precisely what the u.k. will do to leave the european union and what the strategy will be and what this common idea that she wants to get from the u.k. not only from england, scotland, northern ireland and wales, what that will be like. it is important that we get that and it will be followed with a visit to france. brent: we talk about these leaders because being two women -- we don't often make comparisons when two male leaders get together but the new primus are from britain certainly did not shy away from the fact that you have two women in charge. guest: that is correct and there
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have been plenty of comments comparing everything imaginable, even talking about theresa may's shoes. but it is important to stress the content of the conversation. she said it was two women who had a good working relationship today and i think that is important because just as they spoke about the content, it is important to see whether they can actually talk to each other. from what we heard, it does seem that they get along well. brent: thank you very much. ingres says it will close more than 600 private schools as part of its drive to root out government opponents after last week's failed6 -- failed coup. the turkish president says it's not over yet. academics have been banned from
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leaving the country. the attempted coup has prompted supporters of erdogan to call for the reinstatement of the death penalty. it's go to our correspondent in his dental. -- in istanbul. we know that erdogan met with his cabinet in an emergency sessssion. what elslse came out o of thahat meetining? guest: that is what we are waiting for. president t erdogan is due to address the country. it is expected he will annnnoune major new measures i in his ongoining crackdown. some repeports suggest he will takeke more securirity measuresd there's s growing speculation tt he could declare a state of emergency. there is a great deal of concern over what is about to happen. brent: we are seeing reports that president erdogan has said
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for the united states it would be a big mistake if they do not extradite the claret -- the cleric to turkey. that is almost a threat. the question remains has a formal request for extradition been given to the u.s.? guguest: president erdogan says they are in the process of sending documents to the united states. this, if it is going to succeed, turkeyey has to lilink the islac clericic to the coup plolot on friday. we understand the coconversati between president t obama and erdogan this weekek, the same message was given.. but i spoke t to a key foreign-policy adviser to the president and he s said at the moment, they appear to be compartmentalizing this. if the commission does they'll,
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turkey will off its mission to the united states, but it will not go beyond that. they are prepapared to accepepte ruliling from the e u.s. under y clear that this relationship continues. brent: thank you very much. here in germany, the interior minister has warned the country could face further lone wolf terrorist attacks. that is after a 17-year-old refugee stabbed passengers on a train monday night. authorities are now probing the background of the man who left five people seriously injured. reporter: relatives of the victims of the attacks arrived in germany deeply shaken. four of the five people wounded are tourists from hong kong. two of the wounded remained in intensive care. their doctor says they are in critical condition.
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>> it is still a tragedy -- it is still a threatening situation and will problem we stay threatening for a week or a day at least. reporter: the german interior minister revealed how deeply he had felt the attack. >> that is why my immediate concern is the wounded victims. i pray for their recovery. reporter: now germany's federal public prosecutor isis investigating the cacase. the perpetrators video may be an indication that he indicated he was a group that she was a member of islamic state. >> according to the latest investigation reports, much seems to indicate an attack by an individual perpetrator who felt spurred on by the propaganda of islamic state.
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reporter: the investigation continues into why the refugee attacked passengers on monday night with a knife and then ask. he wounded five people before being shot dead by police. despite increased security measureses, the interior ministr says the islamic threat continues and germany remains in the side of international terrorism. brent: the most remarkable rise of a u.s. presidential candidate in decades has been signed, sealed and delivered at the republican national convention. donald trump still has to accept the nomination tomorrow, but he's certainly not likely to turn it down. let's take a look at how trump's coronation unfolded in a big night in cleveland, ohio. reporter: during the so-called rollcall, republican delegates from across the u.s., delegates
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read their votes allowed state-by-state. it soon became clear donald trump had indeed one of votes to become the official candidate of the republican party. trump was expecting the nomination and members of his family were on hand to announce winner. shortly afterward, the new york billionaire address the conference the a video link. he thanked his supporters and said he was looking to bring real leadership act to washington. mr. trump: together, we received historic results with largest vote total in the history of the republican party. this is a movement, but we have to go all the way. i am so proud to be your nominee for president of the united states. reporter: donald trump is hoping to shore up support for his presidential it in cleveland and unite a republican party.
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it was a rocky start to the convention. there were a scenes and angry outbursts as anti-trump delegates attempted to block him from the nomination. among attendees, reaction to the nomination was mixed. >> i think it is wonderful. america needs a change and he is the one to do it. >> he claims with 11 million people here illegally, he's going to master port them all. that is not practical. >> i can't say i'm over the moon about it, but anyone but hillary. reporter: with the vote behind him, he can now focus on rallying his republican troops for november. brent: we will have more on that historic night coming up. still to come on this show, in trade, britain and germany are like conjoined twins. each depends on the other four its exports. we will look at what brexit
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means for both nations. how the air will be here with the business headlines. -- how the air will be here with business headlines.
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brent: welcome back. britain's new to -- new primus or has held talks with angela merkel here in berlin. he agreed britain should have time to plan its strategy before formal negotiations to leave the eu begin. she is now on her way to france to meet with the french president tomorrow. talks between angela merkel and
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theresa may were private, but i bet there's one thing we know they were talking about and that is exit. javier: how did you know? brent: lucky guess. javier: even know the brexit was the topic, a girl -- a german government spokesman said there would be no pre-negotiations between them. at the business community is not that worried about the u.k. leaving the eu according to a survey published today. let's see those numbers. 77% of german businessmen think brexit will have little impact on the german economy. 8% even think the effects will be minor and 15% think the economy is going to be strong. that means they are strong and think the exit will have no major impact on the german economy. things change dramatically if we ask in britain. there, businessmen said the effect would be minor.
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but a majority expect they huge negative impact on the economy. one thing is for sure. the german and british economies are closely linked. reporter: britain is an extremely important market for german cars. 800,000 new german cars found buyers there last year, but besides that, britain is an important market for germany's energy and chemicals industry. germany exported goods worth 89 million euros to written, 7% of the total exports. in return, britain sold 38 alien euros. it not only trade, britain is a production location for many german businesses which also create jobs. more than 2500 german companies
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have ranges or subsidiaries in britain that employ 370,000 workers. but german investment began falling sharply even before the brexit vote. out of fear the country could actually leave the eu. javier: for a look at the trading session, we are joined by our wall street correspondent. you have been following the quarterly reports and microsoft posted some impressive numbers after a difficult time. how are those numbers doing? guest: we saw quite an impressive rally with microsoft gaining 6%. not all was great, profits and revenue dropped, but expectations were lowered. what mattered most was the cloud
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computing area which doubled in the quarter a year ago. there were a couple of questions about what happened with the acquisition of linkedin that the company agreed on and what happens to margin? the numbers were better and we saw quite a rally on wall street. javier: wall street has been breaking up one record after another, but at the beginning of the year, everyone was worried. how do you explain that in mark -- how do you explain that? guest: investors were concerned about what would be going on in europe. we had the expectation of at least three rate hikes in the u.s. and that has not happened
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so far. during the year, we had the brexit, a lot of things going on, but by now, no one is expecting a rate hike at least before fall. even earnings season, if it is not stellar, it is better than expected. for a seventh consecutive day, blue chips closed at a record high. javier: thank you very much. after months of struggle and massive protests, the french government has finally pushed a usually controversial labor built through parliament. the prime minister argued to the lower house of parliament that the bill is necessary to create jobs and make the economy more locally competitive. but economists say the economy cannot been brought under control. labor unions pledged to continue their campaign against the
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measures. reporter: just a couple of weeks ago, thousands were out protesting. the polls show most french people are against labor market reforms. there is a tense move across the country and the protests often boil over into violence. >> it is very frustrating. we have been protesting and protesting, but no one is with ink k to us. reporter: this woman planned and organized many of the organizations. >> we have made a lot of gains in workers rights that we do not want to lose. changing those laws would mean losing right for workers. reporter: the french government labor reforms would give companies more flexibility and improve job creation. companies are to be allowed to negotiate with employees to set new working hours that can be
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extended to a maximum of 12 hours of day and 46 hours or week. the 35 hour week will continue to be the norm. extra compensation is to be reduced from 25% to 10% and companies have the right to lay off of ways for operational reasons. it's unclear whether companies would apply these measures in france or abroad. france has been struggling with a 10% unemployment rate for years. resistance against these reforms is fierce. 12 national strikes have an organized without access. workers feel they are participating in a historic struggle. brent: thank you very much. now back to the u.s. -- community leaders in baton rouge, louisiana are calling for unity and healing aftera deadly two weeks. a black man was shot dead by police followed by three police
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officers shot by a sniper's bullet. america feels more divided than it has been for decades and of donald trump becomes president, some fear the divide could grow wider yet. reporter: they have come from all over the u.s. to baton rouge. they're not just motorcycle enthusiasts, they want to show solidarity with the law enforcement community and pay respects to the three officers killed on july 17. some of the bikers are retired police. >> we are trying to get this thing back together so we are all brothers again. there's a big separation here. a lot of lacks, african-americans, they support us. reporter: in the aftermath, moore became known about the shooter in his motives. the iraq war veteran wanted revenge for the killing of
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civilians by white cops. the state's governor praised officers who tried to stop the perpetrator. >> the actions of the law enforcement officers yesterday were not in short of heroic. they ran toward danger in order to protect the public. reporter: the situation in baton rouge is ted. out -- a man was shot dead selling cds outside of a convenience store. he had reportedly threatened a homeless man with a gun. police and him to the ground and shot him at close range. a graphic cell phone video of the shootings that quickly on social media and spark outrage. >> people should trust the police. you want yourr children to think they are safe with the police, bubut as a black person, when i see the blue l lights behind mei start inking about how to react,
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how to behehave, what to do and what not to do to stay out of trouble and stay alive. >> i honestly think racism has a big impact and is sticking with us. it's not going to leave. reporter: the events in baton rouge have left many sad and at a loss. hundreds come to commemorate the police officers who died. the church wants to get more involved politically as well. >> we want to work with city officials and people are coming together to come up with more than statements, to come up with action plans, whether it legislation or funding for certain things, to do things that make a tangible difference. that is one of the things we pray for. repoporter: this is what may hep change baton rouge -- black and white americans coming together, united. brent: here's a quick look at
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today's top story -- britain has new prime minister has held her first talks with german chancellor angela merkel right here in berlin. they agreed written should time the brexit strategy before talks begin for the u.k. to leave the eu. after a short break, i will be back to take uses a day. we will have more on the events of the purge in turkey and we will ask why is the devil in hillary clinton at the republican national convention? we're back in just a few minutes.
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catherine: hello there. you are watching "france 24." ofnce confirms the depths troops in libya -- depths of troops in the day. -- in libya. in turkey, the government crackdown on dissenters continues to thousands of private school teachers fired. president erdogan convening an emergency national security meeting. trump's speechwriter sat


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