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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 22, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news live from berlin. a manhunt is going on in munich after a shooting rampage that has left at least six people dead, ma more are injured. this smartphone video is set to show the start of a rampage outside a mcdonald's restaurant, a gunman shoots at passerby and police say there is an acute sense of terror. people have been told to stay in
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their homes and public transport has been suspended. the city is in lockdown. ♪ i'm sarah kelly, we begin with breaking news this evening. police are saying at this -- at least six people have been killed in a suspected terror attack in munich. a manhunt is going on across the city for three gunmen armed with rifles. citizens have been advised to clear the streets and stay indoors. shoppers were evacuated from the olympic shopping center where they shooting began. the area was cordoned off and were advised to go home. the transport system has been suspended and police have sealed off roads. city authorities have declared a
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special state of the. -- emergency. sarah: video from social media that we cannot verify the authenticity of has emerged. it appears to show a -- ann attacker on a rooftop and then firing shots. we have also h heard some repors that this man have been screaming i am german. our correspondent is following the story for us. we hear that police, what did they have to say? >> in this preress conference ty said a number of things. afterwards we had more information. what they said w was at this vey
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moment they can confirm six casualties. they said at the moment they can deny that there was ace second crime scene. they have also asked the public to provide video footage and more importantly that they have no indication for an islamist terrorist attack. they speak of a terrorist situation but they have no indication of islamist at the moment. sarah: we're looking at some live pictures there at the scene. we were looking at a fire truck there, we see people walking around. we also have heard reports that one of the attackers might be dead. can we verify that? >> no we cannot and the police
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have not verified this yet. we heard that from one source so far and i wouldn't really put an end to that source. at the moment we have to suppose that there are three attackers on the run somewhere in munich. the police are trying everything to narrow down the public transport. the train station was shut down and they have also increased security measures. they have also said that e ring of security was widened outside of munich. even if the attackers had managed to leave the city, there are also police out side in neighboring parts. sarah: thank you very much for
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that update. we're going to now to this journalist who lives near the scene. we understand that he spoke to a friend near the scene. what did he tell you? >> what did -- what he told me was the situation has called -- calmed down. there are no people on the streets. there is no other possibility. they are waiting to see what is going on. there were some helicopters in this area. maybe they are looking for the suspect there but we do not know right now. there were three peoplee shootig or maybe only one.
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sarah: where exactly was he in the city? there were reports that there may have been just one. it took place in the northwest of the city. where was your friend? >> he lives in the street, 1.5 kilometers away from the shopping center. he lives in the olympian part. it belongs to this bigger area. sarah: tell us a little more about this area. what would it look like on a typical friday afternoon #--? >> on a summer evening like that , it is an old and friendly city. all of my friends could never
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imagine that something like that would happen in munich. we have no big problems with crimes. munich is a rich city. this area is like a village and the town. there is a small church in this area. popeyou can imagine a small vile in the center of this village is a shopping mall. it is one of the biggest shopping mall in germany. 150 shops or so and there are thousands of people who were shopping there and there is one
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big street in the front of the shopping mall and on this street on a friday there were thousands of people. the suspects are reported that they were at mcdonald's and started firing. sarah: police mentioned that this might be a terrorist attack. with it come as a shock to people in the city? >> no, they y never did realize thth something like this could happen. my friend said that i was not surprised.
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in fact i think no one in munich thought this could happen. sarah: thank you very much. short while back a spokesman from the police spoke to the media. let's listen in to what he had to say. >> currently up to three suspects are involved. there are conflicting reports that up to three suspects are on the run. when someone with a rifle or machine that goes into a shopping center, it is a fight to presume the worst-case scenario. this at any rate is how we have been handling the situation. sarah: that was a police spokesman eking a short time
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ago. he has been monitoring the latest developments. what more do we know from the police? what do we know about the forced down there? >> they have mobilized massively right from the beginning. there is a number of police teams there and there is the federal holies often come to munich. they've come from the outside and there is the swat teams and another team that is specifically trained better trained for these terrorists situations. there are special units in munich now. police are doing their very best to narrow down the area where the attackers can do and check
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everything and check video material. they asked the public to provide their footage during the attacks to get a clearer picture of who is attacking munich. sarah: tell us, the reports we have been getting is that there is are as many as three gunmen and that they have long guns. it is not easy to get guns and journey -- germany. how will they have gotten it? >> it is not easy, not at all comparable to the united states where basic anyone can have a rifle. here in germany it is strictly limited. it is not easy to get a weapon
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but if you talk about criminals there is a black market. crimes like these were committed again and again and we are still at this area moment not clear at all about who these attackers might be. at the end of the day it three people who are sports shooters have those lines that. here speculation -- it is pure speculation. it is not easy to get one that is certainly possible if you definitely want to get one and if you have the right context. sarah: far beyond -- stay with us. we cannot confirm the authenticity of these images
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right here but it appears to show a man shooting at people outside. police have confirmed that it started at a mcdonald's. they are reminding people that they should -- they obviously say that some of these perpetrators are still on the run. there are also videos from social media that appeared to show an attacker on a topop attacking and firiring shots.. it seemsms as if t there was soe kind of heated exchchange goingn there. a lot of this is unfolding in
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social media. police are telling residents to stay away from public places. you are turning to social media for help. the #is being used quite a lot here. they tweeted to ask if there was any open door anywhere. others are off -- also offering their help. many users cannot believe that something like this has happened like this happened. #munich, #pray for the world. these are trending on social media. many artists regulating about an islamist connection that are
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contrasted along with this right now. we just want to give you a quick recap before we have to take a break. our main story is the police saying that six people were killed in a suspected terror attack in munich. we are back in a minute.
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sarah: welcome back, breaking news at this hour. ask people were killed in a suspected terror attack. a manhunt is going on for three gunmen armed with rifles. citizens have been advised to clear the streets. there are shooters on the run who are dangerous, shoppers in the district were evacuated.
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the area was cordoned off and local police were advised to go home or stay indoors. police have sealed off roads in the city and authorities have declared a spepecial state of emergency. barack obama has been responding to what is going on in germany. let's an interesting essay. >> this shooting -- the shootings in germany, we do not know what is happening there but our hearts go out to those who have been injured. it is still an active situation and germany is one of our closest allies so we will pledge all the support they need. sarah: let's cross over to washington now.
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germany and the united states are close allies. what you make of what the president had faded? -- had to say? >> he had an appointment say with law enforcement today at the white e house. he just a few minutes to save the unfolding situation that germany is one of the closest allies of the united states and that his thoughts were with the victim and that the situation is still unfolding as have details. he also reminded everyryone that the is an attack on freeee sociy , on our way of living.g. he speaks to law enforcement at the white house and we all law enforcement in the free world.
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sarah: police in munich say this is terrorism at this point. that is something that the united states have been -- knows very well. has there been any more response from the united states? >> no official response since it is still an ongoing situation. the press department had a saying they were in close touch with the german law enforcement and they were making sure no americans were among the victims that they do not know that yet. it is an ongoing situation and they cannot say more at the moment. interestingly enough we had of the conference here. we talked with 24 foreign ministers of defense for
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fighting isis as the international coalition that the united states is leading and also alleging money in order to rebuild those cities. everyone has been saying is that they are expecting more attacks around the world because they see isis on the defense of being defeated in iraq and syria which will cause more terrorism so this is a very serious concern that has been out there and it seems like they were right with their predictions. sarah: to be clear we do not have confirmation that islamic state was behind this attack. it is most likely terrorism.
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give us a sense of how germany and the united states in particular are cooperating at the moment. >> germany wasas part of the countries that were leading as they were trying to collect money. like tigre -- ticrit in iraq. they n need a lot of help in orr to statay there. germany is part of six countries led by the united is, japan and canada that are pledgiging money and helping to coordinate this message because they see it as very worth t that the effort nes to be made to help the united nations rebuild what has been regained.
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as i is about to be attacked in the city of mosul and r rk that, they are preparing t this right now. the ididea of creatiting a calie may not happen so this may spare moments of terrorism i in the world which is looks like what is happening now unit. one of the closest allies of germany. sarah: we have this video to sureties you from social media. we cannot confirm the austin -- city but it appears to show a man able outside a mcdonald's. police have that the incident started at a mcdonald's.
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(shots firing) there are also multiple videos that have been coming inin. it appeaea to show a an attacker onon a rooftop talkingng there is a bit o oan exchangnge between the attacker on the roof anand other people whoho weree standing beneathth him, we have heard itit reported that this mn was screaming i am german. other people reported that he had a weapon and you can see him holding his arms out there. javier is on our news desk. this has been a fast developing story. he is going to help us digest it all. >> thank you sarah. the events are unfolding edited difficult to assess what is true and what is not at this point. the most important figure is the number of casualties.
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police in munich cap and speaking of six casualties in there were reports by another newspaper that was talking about seven casualties. several police would have said that but a spokesman hasas confirmed t that they cannot confirm seven casualties so the official number is still sick. that can change. we do know that there are a huge amount of wounded people. that is what we have been hearing from the latest reports. what is also unfolding right now is the police operation, a widespread operation. police are now warning to avoid any type of crowd. there was a festival ongoing and it has now been canceled. they arere told to go home so as
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to avoid crowds. we show that the city is in lockdown especially the northern partrt of the cityty. it has been sealed off and the operations have been expanded to a neighboring state. there also -- they are also helping out the police department. we are reactions by barack obama that also by german president. he was told that he was horrified by the murder attack that happened unit. more of those reactions later. sarah: our correspondent is also following the story. i want to get more of a sense of what the police operation is on the ground right now. >> it is a manhunt.
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there are police from all different kinds, a special swat team and there are helicopters and police are also working with the footage that they get from the public. they are hunting those 2-3 attackers. they also have prepared to hunt outside the city is the shopping mall it is very close to a method stations. it is very possible that they have jumped into the metro station and has led from the con -- crime scene in a short time. this can also be checked with video footage so please are
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knowing what to do they are trying to take the options away since the train station was locked down. highways are controlled properly so the attackers not have much opportunity to escape. police can hunt them in the city were close to the city. sarah: thank you very much. a quick reminder of the latest developments. police are saying that six people have been killed in a affected terrorist attack and a manhunt is currently underway. you're watching gw. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> extremely difficult, impossible thing to do in the early stages of their arrival in this has added a huge headache to what security services are already struggling with, an existing threat. we don't know what's going on in munich at the moment. we don't know the nature, the motivations of the attackers who innocent, once again, in the shopping mall in munich. motivations, their we don't know their identities. indeed, they're not even in custody so many questions and all this is speculation. viewers tuning in, that's the scene in munich, a huge pe


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