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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 25, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> this is "d.w. news" live from berlin. islamic state terror has arrived in germany. i.s. claims responsibility for last night's suicide bombing outside a music festival in bavaria. investigators say the man was a refugee from syria and had pledged allegiance to i.s. before killing himself. tonight, security across germany has been increased. bavaria's interior minister said
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the bomber vowed to take revenge on germany for obstructing islam. investigators found bomb making materials where the man lived. and chaotic scenes ahead of the democratic national convention. hacked emails showed the party blatantly favored hillary clinton over bernie sanders. his supporters saying this is one burn they don't like feeling. good to have you with us. tonight, germany is coming to terms with terrorism that is happening at home and on a regular basis. on sunday, a refugee blew himself up at a music festival in bavaria, the first-ever suicide bombing in the country. now, i.s. is hailing the bomber as one of its soldiers. german investigators say they have seen the video in which the man vowed allegiance to i.s.
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before blowing himself up. >> authorities are piecing together the evidence. the suspect was a 27-yeyear-old syrian. he came to germany two years ago but was refused asylum. his deportation was delayed because he was found psychologigically unsnstable. the young man was known to police with a record of drug related arrests and he became radicalized. authorities found a video on the attacker's phone in which he pledges allegiance to the islamic state and vowed retribution on germany for being an enemy of islam. i think after this video there can be no doubt that in the case of this attack, it is a terrorist attack with a corresponding islamist background and a perpetrator convinced of islamic ideology.
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germany's first suicide bombing. ansbach is asking why. >> we live in a little town so we thought we were safe here. when i heard that explosion, the first thing i thought, it's happening. i thought it was a nightmare at first and i got so scared. >> it was sunday night in the bavarian town when the avant tried -- assailant tried to enter an open-air music festival. he detonated h his devevice in a backpack. >> thehere were security p peope trying to see what was goingng . i saw a man on the floor, his head, there w was blood. i pushehed thrhrough andnd trieo get back into the concert and they let me in when i said my sister was in there. >> police searched the suspect's living quarters in an asylum hostile -- hostile and found
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bomb making materials and other evidence. an acquaintance was asked how he felt about the islamic state. >> he always said that, no, i'm not with them. i don't like them. but i think he had some issues because he told -- so often without reason. reporter: as the people of ansbach now know, even small towns are not safe from terrorist attack. >> we want to pull in our correspondent in the town of ansbach. good evening to you, aaron. you are there. the site of the first-ever suicide bombing to take place on german soil. what have you been hearing from people there? >> a lot of the people i have been talking to have been expressions anger and disbelief that an attack like this could happen in ansbach which is a
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picturesque community in bavar bavaria. people have never expected an attack like this to happen in a city like this. several people said when they first heard the news, they couldn't believe it. another woman told me, her first thought was not now, not here, and expressed that she's worried this is only the start of a wave of violence as we've seen in france recently. >> what's more striking about this story, it is -- ansbach is a town that seems very normal. it seems very german and it is a town that has taken in refugees. have people been talking about that? and what the attitude towards avenue -- refugees, how that may be affected by the suicide bombing? >> yes, they have. i've talked to several people in the street who express their anger saying they've welcomed in so many refugees, they didn't
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understand why a refugee could carry out an attack like this. they also expressed criticism of german chancellor angela merkel and her policy of welcoming in so many migrants. however, others were quick to point out that they still support the policy. they didn't want to blame all refugees for a violent action cacarried out by one and some ansbach residents have erected small signs around the square. one says in clear german, you won't get my hate, in a message directed at the attacker and i'm assuming the islamic state, as well. >> that's a real concern, that's a real fear, not only among policymakers and political leaders in the country, that attacks like this will actually drive a bigger wedge between germans and the refugees. do you get the sense that people are aware that this is exactly what terrorists want to see
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happen? >> very much so. even some of the people i spoke to who expressed anger about the german government's current policy said they didn't necessarily blame all the refugees. they actually were quick to point out that it was also a failing of the larger international community. while they said they were angry the attack happened here, many said you couldn't generalize and make general comments about all refugees based on the violent actions of one individual person. >> our correspondent, aaron tilton, in the town of ansbach tonight. thank you very much. in the studio with me now is our chief political correspondent, melinda crane. it's good to have you back on the show. let me ask you about what the about a -- bavarian state interior minister has said, he links this attack to so-called islamic state and we know the group has claimed responsibility for the attack. what does this mean for germany
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moving forward? >> technically it means what you said at the top of the show, that we're seeing first islamic state-inspired suicide bombing come to germany. but that said, i think we have to be very, very careful about the labels we apply because, in fact, they do predetermine certain actions on the part of the politician so when the bavarian interior minister said this is clearly an act of islamic extremist terrorism, he followed up by saying he thinks a number of things need to happen -- closer control on refugees, closer processing, surveillance, more police. so the labels you apply determine the political action you take. the federal interior minister was more measured in his words and pointed out that we don't know how close those links were and frankly, more and more, it appears that islamic state is ready to call as one of its own
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anybody who professes loyalty, whether there have been any direct contacts or not. the interior minister, the federal one, also pointed out that there's a blurring of the categories between terrorism, islamist inspired terrorism, and acts of mass violence against civilians by people with very grave mental disturbances and that was the case here. the blurring of those categories implies different action. if you think this is mostly about mental illness, you'll take different steps than if you stamp it as terrorism. >> it is interesting because here, and actually across most of europe, the talk has been about increased security, increased checks on refugees but we really haven't heard anyone talking about better mental healthcare for the people who do arrive. >> we've talked about the need to integrate many migrants who came last year, a million people entering germany. very difficult to process their applications, let alone give
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them the kind of services that they require, and clearly, mental health treatment for people coming from war torn countries, traumatized people, young men who are in their prime, who want to work, perhaps can't work for a long time, all of that is an explosive mixture so mental health is a big issue going forward. >> our chief political correspondent, melinda crane. thank you very much. munich is still trying to piece together the motives that led an 18-year-old to gun down nine people last friday before killing himself. authorities questioned an afghan friend of the killer about what he may have knonown about the plans to gun down people. they say that the two teenagers met last year while being treated for online game addictions. >> scenes that people in munich hoped never to see, mourning for the victims of a mass shooting. the city trying to understand how nine people came to die on
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its streets with dozens more wounded. >> since friday, the city has been dead quiet. you can sense that something's missing. >> a search of the killer's apartment revealed signs of a deeply disturbed young man. police say the 18-year-old german-iranian, ali david s., had been treated for psychological problems and he planned the attack for a year. investigators say he came to the site of a 2009 school shooting spree prior to his rampage. munich's police chief says he was obsessed with violent video games. >> he was an avid player of the first person shooter video games, including counter strike source. incidentally, this is a video
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game almost all mass shooters the have played. police are also looking into how he acquired the weapon used in the shohooting. it w was a prop handgun like the used in theater production that had been reactivated.. investigatorors say they found a chat log indicated he purchased the weapon on the dark net, an internet network used to arrange the trafficking and shipment of illegal firearms. mourners in munich are left with many troubling questions. how could this have happened here? and how could such an attack be prevented in the future? >> police in the u.s. state of florida say an attack that killed two people at a nightclub was not terrorism. more than a dozen others were injured after a gunman fired shotss outside ann eventnt foror teenagers in fort myers. police have detained several people and are searching the area for othther suspects. local media are reporting a
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large police presence. all of the wounded have been taken to the hospital, some in critical condition. the democratic national convention is just about to come to order in philadelphia. party boss debbie wasserman schultz will not be dropping the gavel. in fact, she has handed in her resignation, amid the release of hacked emails revealing a hatchet job on one of the party's own candidates, bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders supporters aren't happy, ahead of the democratic party convention, they booed party chief, debbie wasserman schultz after leaked emails emerged they believe proved party leaders intentionally undermined sanders' campaign. followowing the controversy, wasserman schultz announced she would resign but not before urging democrats to unite behind the party's presidential candidate, hillary clinton.
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>> we have so much to do and we have to make sure that we move forward together in a unified way. >> sanders seemed unsurprised about the email revelations, welcoming wasserman schultz's resignation and adding on his twitter account, the party leadership must always remain inpartial in the presidential nominating process, something that did not occur in the 2016 race. speaking to delegates hours before the opening of the democratic convention, he congratulated them on the political revolution his campaign set in motion. he called on supporters to helep clinton beat her republican rival, donalald trump. >> trump is a danger for the future of our country and must be defeated! >> clinton's nomination will be officially announced at the party convention. for her, the meet will be a crucial test. she's hoping to secure backing
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from sanders' supporters, crucial for the next leg of her race to the white house. >> still to come on "d.w. news," the democratic national convention getting underway in philadelphia but an embarrassing email leak is taking centerstage. we'll tell you about that. you're looking at live pictures right now of the convention in philadelphia. >> did you know it costs 50
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cents to feed one hungry child for one full day? >> 50 cents feeds one child per day. >> this is "d.w. news" live from berlin. our top stories, a syrian asylum seeker vowed to kill in the name of allah before blowing himself up last night outside a concert in southern germany. 12 people were injured. the german interior minister says security will be increased across the nation. at this moment, the democratic national convention is getting underway in philadelphia. you're looking at live pictures. but what should be a coronation
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for candidate hillary clint has morphed into a scandal after the leak of thousands of confidential emails. party boss debbie wasserman schultz has resigned her position. our correspondent, richard walker, is on convention duty again this week in philadelphia at the democratic national convention. good afternoon to you, richard. i'm glad you can still smile after a week there in cleveland. now you're in philadelphia. give me a comparison. compare last monday to this monday. what's the difference? >> yeah, well, i think you could say that both conventions got off to a pretty rockyky start. last monday wee w were in cleved talking, weren't we, brent, about melania trump supposedly quibing lines from a speech by michelle obama for her big speech at thehe republicacan
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convention in ohio. there are tussles going on betwtween delegates who are -- were trying to stop donald trump's coronation as the republican candidate but the situation with the democrats came out of the blue, this leae. it goes really to the heart of the concern that bebernie sandes supporters had all along, was the democratic party was biased against them, that it wasn't trtreating theirir candidatete y and it's claimimed the scalp off dedebbie wassermanan schultz. i'm sure many of our viewers haven't heard off her but if you look at the credential here, everyone has to carry around to bebe here in philadelphia, i its got her name at the top of it, the woman invitining people t to this convention is out and she's rumored to be flying home early to florida. so it's hard to think of a bumpier start. brent: i hope it means your i.d. is still valid.
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we don't want you kicked out of the convention. let me ask you -- >> -- >> a lot of people with problems if it's not. brent: what about bernie sanders' followers? he's said again, they have to elect hillary clinton. úbuy that now?ers going to even considering what's happened with these emails? >> it's interesting, isn't it? it's almost like bernie sanders has had to endorse hillary clinton all over again, over this, to kind of emphasize that he doesn't believe this is enough of a reason to disavow her as some of his supporters have been calling for. we heard earlier, a clip where he says donald trump is too dangerous to america, the democrats have to unite to beat him. i think a lot of bernie sanders supporters will go along with that but not all of them. we were in downtown philadelphia earlier speaking to some of the more hard core sanders
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supporters, not only signed up democrats, some of them from more fringe parties, many say simply, either hillary clinton is as bad as donald trump or nenearly as bad as donald trump and you don't accept the logic that have to support the lesser of t two evils and they want to vote with their conscience and they will, for instance, support jill stein, , the green partyty candidatate. the q question for clinton is hw many of these people are there? if it's a tiny number, it doesn't necessarily matter to her too much. but if it's a lot, and particularly if the election is close, then these people cocould be very, very important too her andd she doesn't really have a strarategy foror gettinghem back righght now. brenent: there are lots of hurds to be jumped this week. richchard walkeker in philadelp. we will talkk with you in a few minutes. stay where you are. it's time now to talk business news.
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it's the end of an era. >> who would have thought. after 20 years, who is losing independence. verizon, the american telecommunications company, is ready to take over the internet pioneer for $5 billion. how did yahoo end up this way and what comes next? let's have a look at the opportunities the company missed over the years. >> yahoo was a c colossus in the early days of the internet but has failed to adapt to changing times. while the takeover bid by verizon will be welcome, it marks a fall from grace. the company heat its peak in the early 2000's dot-com bubble, when valued at $125 billion. as google wooed internet users away with minimalist interface and fast search results, yahoo
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fell behind. microsoft offered to snap it up in 2008. today's offer is the full stop on a decade and a half of missed opportunities. as part of its catalog of errors, the company passed up chances to buy both google and facebook. while it did acquire a valuable piece of chinese e-commerce firm alibaba, this will not be part ofof the deal withh verizon. the takeover will unlock yahoo's advertising technology tools which verizon can combine with the data of their over 100 million customers. it's not the end of yahoo, but how its next chapter will looook is as yet unclear. >> how will the next chapter look like, nobody really knows. time to turn to our financial correspondent on wall street to learn the details, not only about this deal but really about how did this entire situation get so far.
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>> what i'm hearing on wall street quite a bit is thattia he he -- yahoo could not answer one important question. what is yahoo? is it a media company? an internet company? an investment firm? with their stakes in yahoo japan and alibaba -- it was not really clear. we had a lot of changes on the top management level and each c.e.o. had a new idea what direction yahoo should go. so at the end, a lot of turmoil and that pretty much means the end to yahoo! as we know it. >> yahoo is going to verizon apparently. why is verizon interested in a company that's not really going anywhere? >> first of all, 4.8 billion dollars, at least for verizon, is not that much money and it is not that that yahoo comes empty
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handed. there is content and users and the online app market where yahoo is holding 3.4%, almost double what aol holds. there are certain parts that do make sense and yahoo also comes with real estate so let's see what that is worth. we know real estate, that's where big money is being made here in the united states but not just here but, well, wall street expected the deal for quite some time so the stock of verizon did not react in a big way. yahoo lost 2.5% in value. >> thank you very much for your analysis. and staying in the u.s., when barack obama took office in 2009, the u.s. economy was gripped by the global financial crisis and becoming mired in what many called the great recession. he wasted no time getting to
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grips with the situation, adopting measures which came close to state ownership. many complained that by saving the banks and multinationals, he was practicing socialism for the rich, forcing the poor to endure bankruptcy. the overall picture has been one of rescuing the economy from near potential collapse and returning it to the driving force in the global economy. >> when obama took office in 2009, the u.s. economy was in freefall, in its worst crisis since the 1930's. the collapse of the lehman brothers bank tipped world financial markets into almost terminal crisis. the u.s. economy tanked along with the rest of the world. there's no doubt that barack obama's presidency can boast many successes on the economic front, an unprecedented $800 billion stimulus bill pulled the economy out of the worst slump since the great depression.
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obama and his team saved the teetering auto industry and bailed out failing mega-banks. however, there were blemishes, not the least, foreclosures. they hit record levels as the sub prime mortgage crisis tore through housing markets like a hurricane, plunging millions of homeowners into bankruptcy and homelessness. freddie mac and fannie mae had to be bailed out. on the plus side, the budget deficit has fallen steadily during obama's time in office. helped by the economic recovery, expiration of bush era tax cuts and reined in government spending. it's now 2.5% of g.d.p. in real terms, that's a trillion dollars less per year than it was when obama took office. the overall national debt has increased partly due to the stimulus spending. at the beginning of obama's term, u.s. unemployment had shot up to over 10%. now with over 14 million jobs created, the rate is under 5%, a
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level that economists consider full employment. but the number of americans who have left the labor force is growing and critics say many of the new jobs are low paid and impermanent. although the economy bounced back in 2009, growth since then has been at much lower levels than in previous recoveries. >> back to you. brent: thank you very much. here's a reminder of that top story we're following. the democratic national convention is now in order in philadelphia. you see right there, pictures. hillary clinton expected to be nominated on thursday. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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anchor: it is 9:00 in paris and you are watching "france 24." theme is unity but bitter divisions rear their head as the democratic convention kicks off in philadelphia. they mustders says elect his former rival to defeat donald trump. the islamic state group claims responsibility for a suicide bombing in germany. it is the fourth violent attack in the country this week. post-coup's


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