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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 9, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back. you're watching "live from paris" on "france 24." the presidents of turkey and russia meet in st. petersburg with a pledge to restore ties cooperation.oost relations soured last year. rebels and government forces are battling for control of syria us second city. 2d workers say at least million people are without clean water, and a president trump would be a risk to national security. a former cia boss among dozens
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of republicans signing an open letter that condemns the party nominee. first, leaders in russia and been meeting today in st. petersburg where they have agreed to been meeting today in st. petersburg where they have agreed to restore ties and boost economic cooperation. utin for hisked p support during a failed coup attempt last month. alexander: a handshake that could change the fate of global politics. after months of it or hostility, russia and turkey have agreed to restore ties. priorities reaching precrisis level of bilateral
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cooperation, and it is a really pressing task. in just the first five months of this year, russian-turkish trade shrank by 43%. >> it's the first time presidents putin and erdogan russia's shot down a turkish jet last year. shut down akey russian jet. pugin accepted an apology from erdogan. the russian strongman has shown no issue with the massive made itn, but erdogan clear he feels let down by the united states and european union . russia also needs a new economic partner as it reels from western sanctions over ukraine.
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turkish-russian relations are not only important for bilateral ties, but our cooperation is very important also for regional and global peace, stability, and wealth. >> the relationship is not entirely straightforward. friendshortage of elsewhere, turkey and russia have found themselves needing each other. >> as turkey warms up relations with russia, ankara is cooling ties with the united states. the justice minister warned today that anti-american feeling .s rife the u.s. hit back and said inflammatory language was unhelpful. the crackdown continued in turkey. 22,000 people are currently being detained, and another 2500 today lost their jobs.
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to syria where the battle for aleppo rages on. the united nations is calling for an urgent cease-fire. it claims around 2 million people lack access to running water, and there is a severe shortage of food and medical suppli. ellen: the battle for aleppo continues, the humanitarian crisis is deepening. around 2 million people have gone without running water for the past four days as temperatures soared to nearly 40 degrees celsius. of july.on the 31st the eastwater comes to and west of the city. >> our concern today is really for the entire city east and west and the suburbs of aleppo where we have up to 2 million people who may be cut off from water and electricity. .t's critical
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as we have heard, temperatures are very high. the health risks are in norma's. >> civilians could be forced to resort to unsafe water sources if the pumping systems are not quickly repaired, risking waterborne diseases. young children are especially vulnerable to diarrhea. according to local health authorities, only 35 doctors remain in the facility following a series of airstrikes damaging hospitals and clinics this summer. the united nations has caused for a pause in the fighting. >> the united nations lifted its .all siege tactics constitutes a war crime. >> the united nations estimates some 2 million people are in
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danger of coming under total siege. 200,000 people in rebel controlled east aleppo and over one million in the government western part of the city as well as hundreds of thousands in the suburbs. >> saudi arabia has resumed airstrikes in yemen following the collapse of peace talks with rebels over the weekend. the airstrikes signaled the end of a fragile truce which was declared by the united nations in april. top lawyers and pakistan have launched a nationwide strike a day after a suicide attack killed more than 70 people. the blast happened at a hospital and was claimed by a fraction of the taliban. >> prayers continue across the country. many of them from lawyers in solidarity with the dead.
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the tears have turned into deep frustration. lawyers spray blood on their shirts. the beginning of a boycott. >> those who believe these scared orll become nervous, god willing we will stand shoulder to shoulder with the whole nation and flush these terrorists out of their last sanctuary. >> on monday, some 200 lawyers and journalists gathered at a hospital to mourn the fatal shooting of a top provincial lawyer. a blast devastated the hospital. residents are still in shock. here.itnessed doomsday dead bodies were scattered all over the place. some had no arms, others no legs, others know had. i felt as if the end of the world had come. >> others blame the government for turning their back on the recent violence.
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>> many such incidents have happened before this. our shiite brothers have been attacked. i am shiite myself. this incident occurred because the government did not take any notice. >> the bombing in the provincial byital was initially claimed a faction of the pakistani taliban group, but the islamic state organization also said it was responsible for the attack. the motives behind it are unclear, but many lawyers have been targeted in a recent spate of killings. >> forest fires are wreaking havoc and portugal. a series of blazes have struck the island of madeira where 400 people were evacuated last night. nine of the tires in the north
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of the country are said to be out of control. has promised to make america great again, but president donald trump would be a risk to national security according to experts. 50 republicans including the cia, have all signed an open letter to "the new york times" in which they outline their fears. trump dismissed the attack, saying it was the failed washington elite trying to cling to power. donald trump: we will make america safe again. >> they say he would be the most reckless president in american history. 50 republican security experts including the former cia director who served under george w. bush, have said they will not vote for the republican nominee, donald trump. in an open letter published in "the new york times," they wrote, "from a foreign policy perspective, donald trump is not qualified to be president and
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commander in chief." signatories say trump has shown little understanding of america's vital national interests. the republican nominee has in the past questioned it the u.s. should defend allies in nato if they were attacked by a foreign power. he has also called on tokyo to pick up all the expense of basing u.s. troops in japan. donald trump: i did not say anything about letting japan perhaps if did say we were unable to find the right deal, we would have to let them take care of themselves. in all fairness, eventually, they are probably going to want to do it anyway. >> security experts also condemned trump's endorsement of torture against terrorists and said he is inexperienced and unwilling to learn when it comes to foreign affairs. trump, who says he admires vladimir putin, claims that
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makean president would not a military move into ukraine, even though the russian president already has. donald trump: he's not going into ukraine. you can market down. you can put it down. he's already there. donald trump: he is there in a certain way. >> donald trump says those who signed the letter are part of the failed washington elite can to hold onto power. >> senators in brazil have started to debate impeachment theeedings against suspended president, who is accused of manipulating government finances during her reelection year. the debate is expected to go on into the night. has likenedsseff the process to a coup d'etat. outline for us what will be happening in the senate tonight.
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>> at this stage, the senate is debating if there is a case to answer on the accusation of crimes of financial irresponsibility. one of the senators has compiled a report concludes that there is a case to answer. the crimes of financial irresponsibility have taken place and the senate will vote on accepting his report and moving forward with the impeachment process or halting proceedings at this stage, which returnan the immediate of the president. it is expected to be a long procession, but it is expected to have a predictable outcome. all sites expect senator anastasio's report to be accepted, which means the impeachment process will continue. for this to happen, it only 50% margin of senators to vote in favor, and then the actual impeachment vote itself will happen either later this month or early in september. int will mean a 2/3 majority
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order for definitive impeachment. one thing to watch out for is the margin of victory, though. as the tide beginning to turn in her favor now that the standing is also deeply unpopular? and there could be an announcement in the next few days. sources say she is flirting with the idea of if the impeachment process against her fails, she is flirting with the idea of trying to press for immediate ofctions to get brazil out this political crisis. that is complicated and means a change to the constitution. it would mean a referendum, but that is the game that she is rumored to be playing at the moment. it's controversial event within her own political party, but that is a move which could, between now and the end of this month, help her win some votes
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and halt the process of impeachment. pretty significant events taking place in terms of brazilian politics. i wonder if brazilians are taking notice, given that the olympic games is going on right now. >> it is a lot of is happening at the moment, especially with brazil winning its first gold real yesterday in judo, a local girl come good story. but the crucial impeachment battle will happen at the end of august, i think, when the definitive voting takes place, and by that time, the circus will have packed up and left town. the olympic games be all over. >> we are staying with the olympics. anoeist donny go gold has won second metal for france. the first went to the equestrian team next with flawless round in
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show jumping. first goldhas their medal. she grew up in one of real's most notorious slums, and she has had a rocky road making it to the gate. triumph,io to olympic judo champion says winning a gold medal is a dream come true. >> i had to win. all i could hear was the crowd chanting. it helped me a lot. i could not let down the brazilian people. >> she grew up in one of real's poorest neighborhoods. quickly spotted her potential.
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>> judo has changed my life. if it were not for judo, i do not know where i would be now. >> she quickly got better and won her first gold medal at the 2011 world championship in paris. she was disqualified from the lending games in 2012 for an illegal leg grabbed and was then the victim of racist abuse on social media, receiving text messages calling her a monkey and telling her that her place was in a cage. in despair, she even considered quitting judo. is aays her victory in rio revenge on all of those who insulted her. she now hopes to inspire many herrs to follow in footsteps. >> a chinese tourists spent two weeks in a refugee center after accidentally signing the wrong form in germany. been tryinger had to report a stolen wallet but spoke neither english nor german
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and quickly found himself in a confusing situation. >> not quite the adventure he had been hoping for. realized he lost his wallet and tried to reported to police. sensing he needed help but unable to communicate with him, german officials took him to a nearby reception center where he filled out not a stolen goods report but an application for asylum. today the street of days later, he was taken to a shelter over 300 kilometers away, his passport confiscated. >> he thought he had been brought to a hotel. he was totally shocked. he did not want to stay here. the man spent 12 days trapped in germany's pure credit jungle. it took the translation app and the help available chinese restaurant to clear up confusion. a the authorities made
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mistake. they did not ask enough germany's and then efficient bureaucratic machinery took over. >> more than one million refugees have arrived in germany over the past year, most of them fleeing war and poverty in syria, iraq, and afghanistan. only a handful have then chinese. he told the red cross he was happy to be free of germany's asylum system and that so far, what he wasot expecting. >> this is britain's first nuclear plant in decades. a lot of controversy in britain and france and china as well. china's ambassador wrote in "the financial times" that the delay rentedove the plan had of countries to a crucial
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juncture. britain said it wanted to wait until early autumn to review the scheme. about 1/3 of the 18 billion pound project, the majority of the project coming from a french utility. there have been reports that prime minister theresa may is concerned about chinese and that being the primary reason for the delay of the deal. a prized british food like pork piejust like the is set to lose its regional distinction since britain voted to leave the eu. >> meet-filled pastries are sold at a premium because their name guarantees quality thanks to eu protection. now that the u.k. has voted to leave the european union, that legislation is under threat.
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>> once that occurs, we lose all he protection for the u.k. that is with over one billion pounds. anybody in europe could then copy our product. it is not being thought through, unfortunately. >> many british people voted to leave the eu over fears their sense of national identity was under threat, but producers of iconic british foods that many would see as being part of that identity now fear the dilution of their brands, particularly here in melton were pork pies bring millions of pounds into the economy every year through exports. >> if european protection is lost through coming out of europe, then we need in this country to formulate some
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whereation that picks up pgi has always been for us. >> it not just reducers who are worried. hope agriculture will remain a priority in upcoming trade negotiations. they currently race losing around 3 billion euros a year in farming subsidies from the eu. fell.survival to paris the biggest drops were among japanese, down by nearly half, followed by russians, down newly 30%. paris is the most visited city in the world, but it is bearing the drop test the brunt of the drop, but it is happening across the country. the tourism industry is an important driver of the country, and that is suffering. >> tourism professionals in
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paris are suffering from today's climate. hotels, restaurant owners who are receiving a lot fewer foreign tourists and cultural sites have fewer visitors than normal. the eiffel tower q is a lot smaller than normal. the same method for museum -- louvre museum.e n >> france has given kuwait military support since the 1990's, and the countries are also fighting together in the international coalition against the islamic state group. of 1.5 percent today earlier on the back of that announcement. let's see how the wider markets
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are performing. european stocks ended higher as earnings beat many expectations. the frankfurt dax up 2.5%. on wall street, the dow and s&p erased earlier gains. several were hitting intraday highs. only the nasdaq now in the green. time now for a look at some of the other headlines. it's official -- the -- brussels had threatened to find spain and portugal over their excessive budget deficits. the eu as the countries to keep it spending to 3% or less of gdp. they cited exceptional circumstances from brexit uncertainty to rising anti-eu sentiment. rejected al has takeover offer.
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value --davis said the the offer substantially undervalued his company. barclays has paid another $100 million in the u.s. over its role in the libor rate rigging a claim by 44tle states that it manipulated the rate between 2005 and 2009. libor is an interbank rate used .y banks the scandal has already cost barclays $450 million. uruguay is taking a novel approach to rehabilitation by encouraging inmates to become entrepreneurs. >> people playing music are a common sight across uruguay, though perhaps less so in the nation's prisons.
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however, when jail in the south is adopting a new approach to rehabilitation. inmates are encouraged to work and even set up their own businesses. >> this is like being outside. you are deprived of your freedom, but they let you show that you don't want to go out and be a criminal again. >> it now serves as a blueprint as the country works to reform its prison sentence -- prison system. most businesses owned by the prisoners themselves and hire other prisoners as employees. they can send their earnings to their families or exchange the money to buy goods. >> we do believe that people are shaped by their own circumstances. that is something we strongly believe. therefore, if the circumstances change, the person should change. >> two former inmates decided to set up a bakery inside the
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prison was a have an released. >> the only possibilities i saw could notew that i launch a business like this one outside. >> against all odds, the jail has helped the former convict establish a for themselves free from the confines of bars. >> the day after delta canceled 1000 flights due to a power outage, the airline has canceled another 300 flights for the same reason. experts say it will be until wednesday at the earliest before the schedule can return to normal. in some cases, delta is offering refunds for vouchers. the worst -- or the worst affected -- for the worst affected passengers. >> have a look -- it looks like a disney ride.
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this is the line. this delta delay is very big is for all of thes cafes and restaurants. there is thedqwueeewep@1@x
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♪ [captioning made possible by democracy now!] from pacifica this is democracy now! >> without security, there can be no prosperity. 51is at its lowest rate in years. as donald trump lays out his economic vision during his speech in detroit, protesters disrupt him over a dozen times. we will speak with one of them, a detroit auto


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