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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 5, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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these volunteers await the arrival of food that's being provided by local restaurants. bread. is all >> proper meals will only arrive four hours later, with night all. dark, these hands
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distribute essential commodities. george's 26 or so. the engineer immediately volunteered to help the victims. >> in this bag you have toilet be usedd candles to when there is electricity. the convoy sets off for different shelters. families will eat their first meals tonight since the passage of hurricane matthew. >> the storm has been downgraded by the governor of florida has been warning that it could be catastrophic. florida, one of four u.s. states under threat by hurricane
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matthew, people are stocking up. >> i have lots of water, stuff that is not perishable. wipes.owels and basic essentials we need for the storm. >> the state's governor says authorities are preparing for the worst. >> protecting life is the number one priority right now. directly impact florida, there will be massive destruction that we have not seen in years. forecaststhe latest say the storm is slowing. it is expected on the east coast as of thursday. officials say one of the biggest concerns is complacency. >> the storm surges are not to be messed with. when you live on the coast, please heed caution and follow through with the evacuations we ask you to do. >> mandatory evacuations have been ordered for several counties in carolina and florida this wednesday.
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the eye of the storm is now just south of the bahamas, after hitting cuba -- after hitting cuba hard on tuesday. the national hurricane center has down graded the storm from category four to category three. afghanistan will receive more than $50 billion in eight over the next four years, halloween an international conference in brussels, with the u.s. and the eu agreeing to provide about a third of the funds. afghanistan remains dependent on foreign aid, and 15 years after the us-led invasion, the taliban is researching, mounting deadly attacks across the country with alarming frequency. but the foreign-policy chief was upbeat. to strengthen the progress achieved so far. the to sort the problems country is facing and finally
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bring peace to the country. >> the eu also wants afghanistan to accept and repatriate failed asylum seekers but refugees say that is unfair and they are being sent back to a war zone. today members of the minority community protested outside the meeting. the president of the world council said she is -- he is putting lives at risk. >> we know that a lot of people suffer in europe. at the same time, we want them .o understand the situation we know it is not easy, but we have to make sure that the people get back there save and the government can guarantee their security and safety.
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the international community should consider that very seriously. >> he told us a bit more about why afghanistan needs so much foreign aid. >> a massive amount has been spent and some will argue it has not been spent well because the end result shows very little. 15 years after the u.s. and then afghanistan inof 2001, the taliban is resurgent again. the fact of the matter is that without that money, afghanistan would not be anything like what it is today. they would not have the beginnings of infrastructure development, we would not have the roads we see today. 15 years ago there were barely in roads or electricity afghanistan. most of the population was not educated. even today, 75% of the population is illiterate, but it's still a big improvement rum 2001-2002.
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is, is it worth putting the money in, and you have to imagine how bad a situation it will be if afghanistan were to fail. we would have a vacuum, and the question is, who would fill the vacuum? criticism a lot of over the eu deal with koppel which forces afghanistan -- with kabul. >> there was some suggestion, there was a link between the eu offering 1.2 billion euros in year two afghanistan and the afghan shouldat take back 80,000 asylum-seekers. the pressure is on afghanistan to take back those 80,000 people. as representatives were pointing out in brussels today, why should they go back to afghanistan now?
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is that with the war continuing and getting worse in afghanistan, we will be seeing thousands more, rather than allison less afghans wanting to make it into the european union. >> police officers have been attacked in brussels in what prosecutors are treating as a possible terrorist attack. one sustained a broken nose at knifed.were ni brussels is already on high alert after a spate of bombings claimed by the islamic state group back in march in which 32 people were killed. our reporter has the latest from brussels. he is a belgian national born in 1973. is there for 43 years of age. the attack took place in the northwest of the belgian capital of brussels at around noon today.
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the man stabbed to police officers that were passing by. it seems it was a gratuitous attack. he managed to wound the two officers, one in the neck and one in the belly. he then tried to escape but he ught by ad and calle passerby who shot him down in order to arrest him. the federal prosecutor has announced that the investigation was in the hands of us rationalize investigating judge, specialized in terrorism, and the house in which the man has been searched during the course of the afternoon and no weapons were found there.
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there seems to be from the part of the belgian authorities but theuspicion motivation of the acts has not been published yet. they are not known for the moment, but it seems that the belgian authorities are taking the attack today very seriously. >> the founder of france's far court.s to appear in he is suing for damages of 2 million euros. his daughter kicked her elderly father at the part or after he made -- out of the party after he made a string of anti-semitic remarks. thomas waterhouse has more. thomas: he was on national television in april 2015 when marie le pen formally declared war against her father.
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>> he should face the consequences of the troubles he .imself has caused >> when the 87-year-old founder of the movement referred to the gas chambers of the holocaust as a mere detail of history, his daughter said enough was enough, accusing her father of trying to sabotage her by toxin find the national front. >> i share the same believe, that these remarks have gone too far and are damaging to the image of the party. is out, go and have a drink. >> but of course everything was not fine in the household. beganecutive committee proceedings against him. in august 2015, the party dealt his final blow, expelling the
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man who let it for him as for decades. as he left the party hq, he was still standing proud. >> as you can see, i still have my head on my shoulders. >> he argued his expulsion violated party procedures and ask for 2 million euros in damages. even if he is allowed back in the fold, the battle lines have been drawn. he said he will not be supporting his daughter's presidential bid. he said he preferred nicolas sarkozy's political mind to hers. next exit is a once in a generation chance to change britain for good. the words of british prime minister theresa may at a conference in birmingham. she promised to champion fairness and workers rights. she also said she would prioritize controlling .mmigration to the uk
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she said the brexit vote has been a quiet revolution for the british people. >> we need to change again. the referendum was not just a vote to withdraw from the eu. it was about something broader, something the european union had come to represent. was about a sense, deep, profound, and let's face it, often justified, that many people have today, that the world works well for a privileged few, but not for them. it was a vote not just to change theain's relationship with european union, but to call for a change in the way our country were, and the people for whom it works for ever. garnet atned by mark lancaster university in the united kingdom. angst for being with us tonight. as she famously said, brexit means brexit. idea of how clearer
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theresa may plans to disentangle britain from the eu? >> the main thing she would like, and this dates back to her time as home secretary, she would really like to feel that britain has firmer control over immigration. whether she would want us to remain within the single market, no real indication that what she is trying to do is show to her toty that she is committed brexit very much in principle. there are certain bits of it that she is very much in favor of and believes in it principle. that is a way of making sure there are no voices in the party that she is not really committed to brexit. she is making most of her own feelings to convince her own party that she is on their side. christ there was a lot of talk >>well about fairness, -- there was a lot of talk about fairness.
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conservatives stolen the labor mantle as the party of the working people? the think that is really key to understanding this quite remarkable speech. she has tried to's seize the opportunity when the main opposition, the labour party, is in disarray. she quite blatantly tried to steal some of their most popular lines. line she has been pursuing since she became prime minister and it links in very much to the brexit vote. she has interpreted the brexit vote as being a more general protest. you heard it in the clip there. if we had listened to people who feel they are being ignored, then maybe we would never have taken that step , we would never have voted for brexit, that somehow it's a much more general problem and as we be again -- begin to sort the problem, then maybe sometime
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down the line, somebody who has reached out to that kind of constituency in the country might just be in a position to say that actually, >> it is too difficult and let's have another doesendum or a deal that satisfy the more hardline brexit people. >> a quick reminder of the headlines, the bahamas and florida are bracing themselves for hurricane matthew. the strongest storm in a decade is barreling on after wreaking devastation in haiti. aid and a call for the taliban to make peace. dozens of countries have hammered out a plan for afghanistan and an international summit in brussels. police officers have been attacked in brussels in what is being treated as a possible terrorist attack. the attacker is in custody.
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business news for us. kate, we've just been talking about the british prime minister, theresa may, and her comments on brexit impacting the value of the pound. kate: the question is how low will sterling go? 31 year lowsh against the dollar this wednesday at the start of the european trading session. it has recovered slightly but is still trading against that low level. it could be setting a long-term trend. one unintended consequences that technically the uk is no longer the world's fifth largest economy but in fact, the sixth. at the current exchange rate, france has now surpassed written. economist don't consider this the best way to measure the size
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of the economy. more broadly, who wins and who loses from a weak pound? a blessing for some and a curse for others. >> what we have seen in the months after the brexit vote is a very sharp depreciation of sterling, which has intensified in the last few days as a timetable for triggering article 50 emerge. reporter: it's good news for british exporters. aircraft makers have profited because a lot of revenues in dollars and it reports its profits in pounds. the companies that rely on imports are feeling the pinch. one retailer expects sales to drop next year because of price increases.
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courseflation will of affect british consumers. the bank of england expects consumer prices to rise by 2% in 2017 compared to slightly over .5% in august. the details of the uk exit from the eu are likely to spell more market volatility. that itbeen suggested will be close to the uk. that maybee signs the door has been left open, starling will rise. quick some investors were beseeched. the ftse 100 reached its highest level since june of last year. >> that brings us to a look at the stock markets. a little bit of different picture for the ftse this trading session. the major indices all turning down at the close, recovering from that record high close of tuesday to close down about .6%.
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after it a big mover reported a rise in sales and operating profit. wall street is performing better, the dow is up triple digits as oil prices rally. u.s. crude closed at its highs level since june and the major indices there are all up about .75% each. in aorld is mired record-breaking level of debt according to the international monetary fund, which says that borrowing has outpaced economic growth in recent years. hit $152 trillion, more than twice the size of the global economy. the imf warned of growing medium term risk to financial stability as the imf holds its annual meeting with the world bank. those institutions have been facing criticism from emerging
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economies. they want more access to funds from the imf and world bank. >> they are fundamentally institutions that reflect the point of view, the interests and ideologies of the north atlantic powers. you have the eu on one hand and the americans on the other. they are having difficulty in facing the challenges of the current situation and they are losing trust. been signed with iran's biggest carmaker to open a plant producing 200,000 vehicles a year. they will showcase five models in a joint venture first announced in january. last week renault announced a similar deal. ingeot was a mayor player the car market before sanctions were announced. company was also a victim of the sanctions.
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we also were prevented from doing what we wanted to do with our partners and to a certain extent we had to respect those rules. had we not respected those rules, it would have very serious consequences for our own company. but amazon is expanding its presence in france, announcing plans for a new distribution center. 500 jobs are expected to be created there in the next three years and 250 more in a nearby sorting site. agreed to payhas a $90 million penalty in the u.s. and admit wrongdoing. found to have misrepresented how much money is attracting to private banks. the u.s. securities and exchange committee said employees were pressured by managers to insulate client assets to meet failed targets in 2011 and 2012. twitter shares have risen about
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5% as reports suggest it will receive takeover offers later this week. reportedly the cloud computing company salesforce, who saw its shares for stumble on wednesday. investors are unclear if the acquisition of twitter would be a good step. stock price has risen by about a third in the week since it was first reported that the twitter board would be open to a takeover. the new electric railway has opened in africa leaking the -- linking the ethiopian capital to djibouti. chinese staff will work on the trains. for now it will only be of great service. passenger trains are expected to begin running in january. it is expected to be an economic lifeline both for locals and the chinese investor. ask a proud day for ethiopia
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which now boasts the first electric railway. they believe the new train line will be a game changer for the economy. 90% of the country's export-import industry pass along congested, potholed roads. the connection from at tessa gobbo to the port city of djibouti will cut transport time to just 10 hours. abthe connection from addis aba to djibouti. many say the biggest winner is china, which financed 70% of ethiopia's $3 billion railway. >> there's a new aboveground rail line. people see that, and that is a new form of soft power. when we talk about hearts and minds in places like africa, the people surveyed indicate these type of projects produced
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dividends for the chinese in ways the west simply is not engaged in. >> with more projects on the horizon, the beijing presence in the region's growing. china plans to complete his first permanent military bases in the horn of africa by 2017. it is also constructing another intercontinental rail line. >> that new railway opening up in east africa. >> that's it for business. stay with us, more news and headlines right after this. ♪]0kxopopop'p'p'p'p'p8úxú
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