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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to the france 24 bedroom. it is 1:00 p.m. in the french capital. migrantlear a makeshift camp in northern paris. several thousand people being relocated to temporary shelters. germany summons turkey's envoy arrests a dozen pro-kurdish mps. the historic paris climate deal
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officially goes into effect. putting pressure on nearly 200 countries to slash greenhouse gas emissions. ♪ >> we begin in france where police and city officials have cleared migrants camped out on sidewalks in northern paris. people boarded buses to temporary shelters for processing. 2000 andsay between 3000 migrants have to move into the area. let's cross to france 24, joining us from stalingrad, the neighborhood where the operation took place earlier this friday. efforts have ended. do we know what his next?
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said, the operation has ended. it went on for six or seven hours. the camps are empty. all dozers have already started clearing the tents further down near the metro and underneath the metro. we expect them to make their way up. later today. around 3500 migrants were best way early this morning. around 300 of them were classified as vulnerable. that is women and children. they're are going to different reception centers. they're going to one of 74 reception centers open around the french capital. it is a temporary solution. 10 of those centers are gymnasiums opened for these migrants so they can have a dry and warm place to sleep. the next step for the migrants is asking for asylum in france.
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they will ask for asylum and have to wait and see if they are accepted or not. that depends on whether they are migrant coming from a place were a war is taken place. if they are not accepted, they will be asked to leave france. >> as this operation took place today, what are people saying? >> most of the migrants we are speaking to seem pretty resigned about the fact that they will have to leave this camp and get on the a bus. those who put up the most resistance where the afghans. they said they did not want to go to the reception center because they were concerned they would later get sent back to afghanistan. they do not want that. that is not something france doing. they're not sending afghan migrants back to afghanistan. i spoke to one migrant who had
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an interesting story. he has been here three months. he told me he had previously been at the calle camps. he said he was not going to go anywhere without his sleeping bag because he was expecting he would find himself back on the streets again, and he would not be happy until the day he got a key to a home, and only on that date with the field comfortable and happy and able to put down his belongings. >> thank you for that. claire williams reporting from central there is. paris. music will soon bring out again at the bataclan. sting will reopen the concert hall on november 12, one day before the anniversary of the terror attacks that left 90 people dead in the venue. the bataclan is one of several terrorist locations targeted last year -- paris locations
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targeted last year. suicide bombers also attacked bars and restaurants and the national stadium, leaving 130 people dead. with more, here is luke brown. the generaleard director of the bataclan giving a short press conference. he was still finding it an emotionally confiscated situation to deal with. he said this was the first time they have done in the past 12 months. up until now it has not been possible on a human level to do that. what they announced was the attention to move forward for the bataclan. he said that is going to change everything but change nothing. that was the phrase that came back and struck me during this press conference. changing the walls and ceiling, changing the entry hall of the bataclan. so there are no memories of what occurred one year ago.
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changing nothing is about the spirit of the bataclan. he wanted to be a popular place with popular music to hold concerts in the french capital. that is why the other key announcement of the press conference was that confirmation that staying, the british rock and pop or would be playing on november 12, the eve before the commemoration of the attacks themselves. onkets going on sale tuesday. the proceeds from the concert will be handed over directly to the victims associations. forward, it is not just a series of one or two concerts that are commemorating -- but really underlying a large array of singers and musicians will take stage over the next four or five months. 24 concerts are programmed until april.
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he thanked every single one of those individuals. he also thanked the businesses and individuals who have helped rebuild the bataclan over the last 12 months. a demonstration not only of their resilience but the resilience of the parisien nightlife and the french people reopening the bataclan almost exactly one year after the attacks of 2015. >> that was luke brown reporting. there has been a deadly car bombing in southeast turkey. according to the prime minister at least eight people were killed. scores more were injured after the vehicle exploded outside a police station. pkkcials accuse the militants group of carrying out the attack. hours earlier, police arrested dozens of pro-kurdish mps, including party leaders.
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the partyment accuses of being the political arm of the pkk. jasper mortimer joins us now. tell us more about these arrests and why they are significant. profit is to say the mps have been detained or their alleged terrorism makes. that is what the prosecutors are investigating. the central government says they had to be detained because they summonses respond to that called on them to testify about his alleged links before prosecutors. today thatister said legislators did not allow the legal process to proceed. they did not recognize the law. this refers to the fact that immunity legislators from prosecution was lifted in
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may, the leader of the pro-kurdish party said that the kurdish mps would not oblige the government by testifying. "if they want our testimony, they will have to force us to go there. he said. >> it appears we lost our connection therewith jasper, who is joining us. let us see if we can reestablish. are you there? >> yes, i am. can you not hear me? >> we briefly lost connection. continue. is if bigger question turkey is to solve its kurdish problem, it has got to do it right negotiations between the government and the leaders chosen by the kurds. what the government did today by arresting the kurdish political leadership was to say to the
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kurdish population, up to 20% of recognize yourot peaceful leaders. all of your leaders are terrorists. we will throw them into jail. that is a dangerous thing to say. now the pkk, the kurdish insurgents group can say, the government has closed the door on peace talks. the government only understands violence. come and join us. the kurdish party issued a statement today saying that these arrests were a dark day for turkey. democracy." d of >> just hours after those overnight detentions, we saw an explosion outside of a police station. tell us more about what we know. by a suicidedriven bomber detonated itself outside an auxiliary police building.
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--the dog are district strongholdrict, a of the government. eight people were killed. more than 100 people were wounded. that the pkksaid has claimed responsibility, though he did not say how he knows that. that has not been . lanes -- claims responsibility through their news agency. >> thank you for that. jasper mortimer giving us an update there. the south korean president has promised to cooperate with prosecutors amid a spiraling corruption scandal that is rocking the company. she said she could not forgive herself after a long time family
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friend was charged with influence peddling. we have this story. a tearful apology for her role in a political scandal that has engulfed her government and is now threatening her leadership. the south korean president said she was heartbroken after one of her friends was charged with fraud and abuse of power. myself. hard to forgive sad thoughts trouble my sleep at night. i will cooperate with prosecutors, and if necessary, i'm willing to be investigated. sayse south korean leader she put too much faith in her friendship. she denied rumors that her presidency as then influenced by a cult.
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>> there have been claims that i joined a cult and held rituals at the presidential palace. none of this is true. meanwhile, south korea's opposition accuses her of desperately trying to hold onto power. >> her speech lacked sincerity. the president should remove her hands from state affairs and appoint a new prime minister chosen by parliament. the scandal has sent her approval rating to 5%, the lowest for any south korean leader since world war ii. >> next the paris agreement on climate change comes into effect this friday. it is an historic moment that
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signals a global move to cap global temperatures. france 24. >> in the backwaters of southern india, the effects of climate change could not be clearer. rising sea levels aree forcing hundreds of inhabitants to flee their homes. >> their toilet system, everything -- water is coming up. >> global warming is a reality here. time is running out before the islands are completely submerged. it comes as a welcome relief that the landmark paris agreement is finally coming into force. the climate change pact was signed last december. it set the ambitious goal of limiting global warming to less than two degrees celsius.
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the united nations has warned the world is nowhere near on track to achieve that target. >> if we do not change our ways climate,rgently on there will be a lot more cyclones and droughts and extreme weather. killing thousands and thousands of people all over the globe. >> the u.n. report says global temperatures are on track to increase by 2.9 to 4.3 degrees celsius every year. track to be even warmer. it means the world will need to slash greenhouse emissions even further by 2030 to have a realistic chance of slowing global warming. >> it is time for a business update. we're going to start off with a big deal announced today that is
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an icon of u.s. televisions falling to one hands. >> china's wonder group has bought dick clark productions. viewers might know that for being behind dick clark's rocking new year's eve. and shows like so you think you can dance. it is not their first foray into u.s. entertainment. >> there seems to be a problem there with the package. >> let's move on. we're going to look at chinese businesses that are investing overseas. for companies saying they are having the same doing so in china. businesspean trying to get a foot in the door of that lucrative market. he brought up the issue well
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addressing thousands of people in hong kong. let's listen to what he had to say. all right, we appear to be having some major technical problems. we will try to hear from our producer whether or not we can images we would like to get on sets. let's go through the markets, because we will not need to play our server until we get it working again. how are markets doing? >> during this lunchtime, markets are all in red. this is after continuing uncertainty about the u.s. presidential election and about brexit. 100 still down that is despite yesterday's high court ruling that mps will have to vote on the brexit. that has sent sterling up.
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the ftse 100 is still trading down this lunchtime as other european markets are. we now have that package on china on that wonder deal and why u.s. officials are concerned about growing chinese influence. >> continuing hollywood shopping spree. for $1 billion, china's wonder group has bought dick clark productions, the company that runs the golden globes and the miss america beauty pageant. the man behind the purchase, china's richest man. he runs china's largest property developer. that is not all the company is known for. it is expanding into the u.s. entertainment industry. amcas bought the mc -- cinema chain in 2012. in september, it announced a partnership with sony pictures.
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he insists he is motivated by a business perspective. the u.s. broadcast industry is worth $134 billion a year. there has been speculation that his motives are political. >> it is more that the chinese government is looking to make a push throughout the world, and this is one of their key areas. >> u.s. politicians are concerned about the expanding grip of chinese firms on the u.s. entertainment industry. legislators recently asked the u.s. government accountability office to review chinese takeovers. they will have to move fast. this is not the first company to invest in the u.s. entertainment industry. another chinese giant, alibaba announced they would coproduce and finance films with cheney's -- steven spielberg. >> let's look at today's other
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business stories. google has again said they do not agree with the use objection to how they display shopping links. the technology giant unfairly promotes their own service and blocks rivals in online search advertising. google says they are serving their customers. if google is found guilty of breaching rules, they could be fined 7 billion euros. car wasf selling the briefly suspended. this comes amid media reports that the company is considering filing for bankruptcy in the u.s.. the largest recall in u.s. history over their airbags. perhaps if you don't want to take your car, this could be good news for those who like to take the train. you will soon be able to hop on
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one from london to amsterdam. >> new service coming our way by the end of next year. you will be able to take a train from london to amsterdam. they announced they are pressing ahead with that service despite the fact that they lost 10% of their customers as opposed to last year in the third quarter. that amsterdam route currently takes 3 million passengers a year by air. the trains are set to take off the end of next year. >> thank you for a look at that shaky business news we had right there. we got through it. it's time for our press review. -- > ♪ >> we have a look at what is driving headlines around the world. we have a lot of reaction to what we saw with the high court ruling yesterday. three judges ruled that theresa
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may cannot trigger article 50 until we have parliaments support. >> it is interesting to see how different u.k. papers are reacting. you have them backing the brexit and against the brexit, and they are reacting very differently to this ruling. let's start with the london-based business paper, they are saying, not so fast. this high court ruling threatens the plan to trigger article 50 by the end of march. that was theresa may's plan. this is the woman of the day. investment manager gina willer led this plaintiff's taking on theresa may in court. the guardian, also a paper that was against brexit, they talk about turmoil as the judges rule that parliament must decide on brexit. the guardian says, "there is no conspiracy. this is majority role tempered
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by the rule of law." >> it is very different or the pro-brexit papers. >> who do you think you are? the are calling gina miller loaded for an elite that is the fine the will of british voters. the sun is quick to point out that she was born in vienna and is a multimillionaire. there is also judge bashing going on. let's take a look at the daily telegraph. you can see photos of the three judges. the judges versus the people. the daily mail goes a step further. the tabloid goes so far as to call these judges enemies of the people. very violent vocabulary. it sounds like they are talking about the french revolution in a way. if the daily mail is echoing the french revolution, the daily express is channeling world war
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ii. they were vocally in favor of brexit. they say "today the country faces a crisis as grave as when churchill about we will fight them on the beaches are gone -- beaches." >> let's cross the united states. we have the presidential election a few days away. >> the new york times says it has been a historically ugly presidential election. the nation is so divided. there is only one thing it seems immigrants and republicans can agree on. that is that the state of u.s. politics is disgusting. according to one poll, more than eight out of 10 americans, 80% of voters say the campaign has repulsed rebels -- rather than excited. the majority says whoever wins the election will have a tough
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time bringing the country together. >> that is not just the u.s. campaigning. here in france we have the presidential campaign underway. last night we saw the opposition party of their second televised debate. thwho won? >> that is the question. the photos on the front page give you a little hints. consensus was that the second debate was much more exciting than the first debate, which was seen as a little too nice. they say in the first debate, the candidates were too polite and too well behaved. the glass finally came off last night. finally there was some fighting on that stage. the right-wing paper agrees with that analysis. there is one thing that is interesting, everyone was expecting a major showdown, a
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dual. that did not really happen. why is that? the outsiders to. but themselves get stepped on -- the outsiders let themselves get stepped on. >> in many ways, big end up. -- they ganged up. >> sarkozy was the main target in the second debate. after all, he is the only one who has been president. his track record became a punching bag. it is not all bad for him. is set even if he was getting attacked, it was still putting him at the center of the attention, and after all bad pr is still pr. you can see the president francois hollande looking closely at this debate. they are saying that they are
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really letting sarkozy have it. that is something to think about before running and the primary for the left wing. >> he will end with a topic close to my heart. our space. >>@8úxú following program is an
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