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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 9, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PST

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to ft re t link people in the united states have chosen donald trump as their 45th president in this special edition of nhk "newsline" we'll look at how his presidency could shape u.s. relations with the asian pacific region. following a stunning election
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victory donald trump has given a speech to supporters in new york. appearing with family and running mate mike pence called on americans to unite after a fierce presidential campaign. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. we have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. it's time. i pledge to every citizen of our land, that i will be president for all americans. and this is so important to me. for those who have chosen not to support me in the past.
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of which there were a few people. i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. as i've said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement. made up of millions of hard working men and women who love their country and want a better brighter future for themselves and for their family. it's a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs, who want and expect our government to serve the people and serve the people it will. working together, we will begin
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the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. i've spent my entire life in business, looking at untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. that is now what i want to do for our country. >> following a lengthy race where trump made many comments about drastic changes to u.s. foreign policy, trump also had a message to the world. >> i want to tell the world community that while we'll always put america's interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone. with everyone. all people and all other nations. we will seek common ground not hostility, partnership not conflict. >> trump said his democratic rival and former secretary of
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state hillary clinton called and congratulated him on his win. meanwhile clinton's campaign chair told supporters she would not speak on election night. clinton came into election day ahead in the polls. trump managed to surprise pollsters and many pundits by coming on top in the race for the white house. our correspondent is in new york and out on the street getting people's reactions. >> it has been one long night here in new york. we've seen the thousands of people who are here go home. crowds have dwindled and we were surprised it was quiet here in times square as people who did stay listened to donald trump give his victory speech. in the speech he did address many of the issues that came through in his campaign
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but because perhaps his tone was quiet, it was quiet here in times square as well. seemed as if the people were really absorbing each word and wondering where trump will be taking this country in the years to come. we too will be watching to see what the leadership will look like and it was a very tight race to the end. so of course we'll see how the clinton supporters will be taking the results. minori, nhk world new york. now let's take a look the trump's life. >> reporter: donald trump for years doing what he was known for, putting his name on big building. this one in washington, d. c., close to another building he'd like his name attached to. >> we turned a property that had been neglected for decades and loses sums of money fort federal government into a major revenue producer and job creator. this is what i want to do for
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our country. >> reporter: he was born in 1946 into a wealthy fammy in new york. he studied business at university of pennsylvania. after graduation he took over his father's real estate company in 1971. and business expanded. trump became known as flamboyant real eatate tyco,is name astere on skyscrers, lury condominiums, hotels and casinos. over the years he also bought golf courses and part or sole owner of a number of beauty pageants. companies have filed for bankruptcy four times. based on these experiences he published many books on business and politics, including the part memoir part business book and best seller, "the art of the deal." also a peek into trump's
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inclination into controversy. in the 2000s became reality tv star as host of the "apprentice." >> we don't want to change too much. season two is a big deal already. then in 2011, he jump under to the political spotlight. giving new life to what is known as the birther movement. the long debunked idea that president obama was not born in the u.s. white house eventually released an image of his birth certificate, showing born in hawaii. on the family side of things trump's life also been colorful, married three times and has five children. two divorces widely publicized in the tabloids. now in the studio we have professor of the university of tokyo, he's a specialist on american government and history. also nhk "newsline's" editor in
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chief. thanks for coming in. first of all, what is your reaction to this result? >> well, stunning come from the behind victory for mr. trump. i think this is also a clear repudiation by the ordinary people of the washington establishment. i think there are three or four losers tonight. of course, hillary clinton is loser. pollsters were losers and elite media also included in that category. but also the political establishment was -- might be the biggest loser. the biggest question is whether mr. trump can govern the united states without significant substantial help from these establishment people. >> okay. what stood out for you in his
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speech? >> first of all he called for unity. he knows how divided the country is so he knows it's a task to bring the country back together as the doctor also mentioned. it seems very, very difficult. another thing i wanted to note is that he said we will get along with nations that are willing to get along with us. it seems like he's sending message to the world but it's not. he's sending the message to domestic audience. making sure that america comes first. and you know that america will get along with friendly nations. >> okay. the obama administration pushed his signature pivot to asia policy. how do you evaluate the policy and what will happen to it under the next president donald trump?
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>> i basically welcome the reference to asia because it means that the priority for u.s. foreign and national security policy will be put on asia. we shouldn't be complaining about that. though, there might be some complaint about the details or how it is implemented. but we are facing even more serious problem under mr. trump because he has a very -- kind of different priority list for his foreign policy. so first i'm not sure he has some good idea about what the rebalance to asia is. his priority might be making money or taking some advantage in the -- what he says is unfair trade deals.
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and you know, he rarely mentions human rights abuses in china or the threat or potential threat of the military buildup or military activities by chinese government. he never mentions about japan as a good ally you know. and you know, when he talks about japan, japan is not described as a good ally but potential rival, like to take advantage of the current trade deal or defense arrangement. so there are a lot of unknowns about mr. trump. >> miki, give us a sense of what his asia policy might be. >> it's difficult to say.
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he has said about american allies in asia during his campaign, as far as japan and other countries we're being ripped auch by everybody, he says. we're defending other countries but spending a fortune doing that and said would pull u.s. troops out of those countries if they don't pay up. also accused japan of manipulating currency in order to boost exports to the u.s. and quote we are letting them get away with it. he's used rhetoric that's sounded critical or belligerent at times aiming to gain popular support probably. whether his actual asia policy will be as strong as his words indicate, we don't know. and that uncertainty is making the market react that way and making leaders around the region very unsettled. i interviewed two experts about the thought of the pivot under the trump administration.
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>> trump, if he were actually in office would inevitably be more caution than a lot of his rhetoric suggests. you know, there are people like wilbur roth, president of the japan society has been adviser to trump. khalilzad, former united nations ambassador, hard core supporter of the republicans and could go into a trump administration. >> worked as official assistant to president obama and senior director of asian affairs at the white house until last year. >> trump is difficult to decipher. he's very unpredictable. he says contradictory things. it's difficult to know what kind of policies he will pursue. he doesn't have a big team of advisers with a lot of experience to help us interpret what he's going to do.
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>> so basically both experts talk about his unpredictability. now how will his presidency impact japan? >> well, we have to see whom he will appoint for the pacific state or secretary of defense or secretary of defense or national security advisor and see how he ism mrment the foreign policy. will he do it himself or delegate the responsibility to surrogates and let them do that? if he is a hands-on president on foreign policy, he'll implement his protectionist isolationist policies which is bad news for
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japan. but if he is hands off president in terms of foreign policy and national security policy, and all that, he will choose a good high-quality expert in asia. we do not have to worry about the future of u.s. foreign policy too much. it depends on how he governs and how can -- what people he appoints. >> his staff. okay. now, let's get reactions out of china. we have our correspondent in beijing. naoki, tell us how the chinese view donald trump as the next president. >> china's foreign military spokesperson said at a news conference that beijing hopes new u.s. government will promote healthy and stable bilateral relations.
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state-run central television interrupted a news program to broadcast a live report on trump's victory speech in new york. the tv station showed trump promising to be the president of all americans and to improve the u.s. economic situation. chinese officials have been saying no matter who wins the white house, it won't have a major impact on the stability of its ties to the u.s. but they apparently see businessman trump easier to deal with than hillary clinton. trump has indicated that he'll review u.s. ties with allies japan and south korea. this suggests he intends to examine president barack obama's pivot to asia policy. an expert on u.s./china relations i spoke with said
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trump could take the u.s. in a very different direction. >> his overall foreign policy reputation is to -- how to say -- to reduce american intervention and obligation abroad. so that's why she said korea and other antiterrorist issues, the u.s. should encourage their allies to do more instead. >> if this happens china could exert greater influence in the asia pacific region and move a step closer to meeting the u.s. on an equal footing. >> do you think trump's election victory will have any impact on the south china sea? >> trump has presented more inward looking policies for the united states, but calling for beefing up the u.s. military, saying to chinese
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officials he's a diplomatic wild card. but they believe the u.s. will try to avoid major confrontations with beijing. china is the world's second largest economy and a key u.s. trade partner. so china eats leaders believe that to protect its own interests the u.s. won't make any bold moves. >> we expect he's pragmatic politician and he could -- how to say, do it in a more practical way. >> china may try to expand its maritime interest in the south china sea to test trump before he takes office in january.
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>> thanks naoki. in beijing. hillary clinton, secretary of state, dealt with china in quite a tough manner when it came to its activities in the east and south china seas and her stance on human rights issues was very clear. compared to that, what is your take on the outlook for u.s./china relations under trump? >> i guess his foremost priority is put on trade. so my wildest -- somewhat exaggerated fear is that if china agrees to restrain its export to the united states, mr. trump might concede on like east or even south china sea. this kind of deal is not a problem in his world. in his -- his world outlook is kind of one dimensional.
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consisting just of trade or who makes more money. and, you know, very different from mrs. clinton. he rarely talks about human rights problems in china or in military activities in the south china sea. so i'm hopeful that he will have good experts. he'll put -- surrounded himself with good experts and will listen to the advice of these people and he will learn a lot of the policy details. i suspect that he might be a pretty lazy person in learning the policy details and my suspicion is that he doesn't know article 5, article 6, treaties, you know. so there's a bunch of concerns. >> yes, he's a businessman and never served a government role
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before. miki, north korea's nuclear issue is definitely becoming more and more serious. how will that play out in future u.s./asia relations? >> it's a big security threat to the region and to the world, but the thing is, again, we don't know how mr. trump is going to deal with it. he's said he would speak to kim jung un to try to stop the nuclear program, which would be a major shift in the policy. also said put pressure on china to solve the problem. so suggests he sees it as a regional problem and not big enough to threaten the u.s. in order to tackle the problem, i do think consolidating japan u.s.
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what is happening in south korea at the moment with the president in weak position politically, that also poses a challenge. >> go to another issue that was hot during the campaign, transpacific partner-free trade pact. both candidates made it clear they strongly oppose it. member countries are anxious to know where this leaves the agreement. our senior economic correspondent joins us here for more on that. >> it took more than five years for the 12 pacific rim countries to reach an agreement. obviously japan and other tpp members don't want to see all that work go down the drain. so the talks started in 2010 with the u.s. and seven other countries. then japan and other countries joined making tpp one of the potential largest trade deals in the world. in fact, the party represents nearly 40% of the global gdp. the total market is 800 million people. after many rounds of talks member countries finally reached agreement last october and now
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the pact is awaiting ratification. japanese government officials want to minimize the impact of the election result on the tpp but not sure how trump will deal with the negotiations. the republican candidate has been fiercely opposed to the trade deal. >> i am going to withdraw the united states from the transpacific partnership which has not yet been ratified. >> japanese prime minister shinzo abe and ruling party have been trying to ratify the tpp during this diet session. hoping the deal goes through while president obama is still in office. and may be some chance that republican leaders, including speaker of the house paul ryan support it. some of the law makers might not want to see the tpp fail. in fact, one japanese official
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has told me that the bottom line for trump is that he might want to see that, too. people in trump's camp have told party leaders wouldn't necessarily block obama and other lawmakers. white house officials estimate if the tpp falters, it could cost up to 4.7 million jobs. and the other 11 tpp member countries are sure to question the credibility of u.s. diplomacy if washington fails to ratify the deal. but again the trade agreement has so far failed to secure the support needed to pass congress so will be interesting to see what happens in the immediate aftermath of the election. back to you miki. >> thank you reiko. so basically the next president is completely opposed to the tpp. this is bad news for japan, isn't it? >> yeah. i agree with you.
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i think this is really a good opportunity for japan and other countries, including the united states, to establish very high quality, high standard, good international trade system for the 21st century. but you know, given the election of mr. trump, it might be very hard for u.s. congress to ratify it unless they do it by the end of this year. chances might be pretty small. and tpp has also some national security implications. because we don't like to see state-owned companies, military-owned companies in china making money, you know, abroad, and using some of the profits for their military
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expansion. and under the tpp, that would not be for them to -- it would be pretty difficult for them to do that. so in that sense too, this is very good opportunity. so i'm not sure when the good time -- the chance for us to -- time will come but this might bring a great disappointment -- disappointing result. >> seems like there's unpredictability in all kinds of fields now that trump is going to be the next president. this might be a difficult question, but what is your prediction for 2017? >> well, you know, there's a strong -- kind of element of celebration today.
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but, you know, waking up tomorrow, we have to be aware that mr. trump is still surrounded by lots and lots of scand ldz. so media will be tough with him. so i'm not sure that he has a honeymoon period so-called next year, so let's just see what kind of people he will appoint for his cabinet. >> okay. miki, what is your prediction for 2017? >> i wouldn't predict anything. but i can say that we're literally sailing into uncharted waters. one thing for sure, american people made decision today based on the domestic priorities. bet on donald trump who doesn't have any experience as a politician but to see if -- they
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want changes and bet on trump to see changes that they want can be brought about or not. that's u.s.'s pivot back to their home ground i would say. >> okay. thank you both of you. tho#qñ
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