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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  November 10, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PST

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live from our studios here in tokyo, i'm james tengan. we start out with the hour's top stories. a new reality. donald trump begins to prepare for the united states and people in the united states and outside are coming to grips with his
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presidency. amid hopes the president-elect will spark the u.s. economy. while they become a step closer to freeing the tpp deal, the newly president-elect opposes it. donald trump is trying to show he is ready for the white house. he began laying the groundwork for his presidency. local media say trump has instructed his transition team, including new jersey governor chr chris christie to draft blue prints for his administration. the president will brief his successor on the transition process. >> i had a chance to talk to president-elect trump last night, about 3:30 in the morning, i think it was. to congratulate him on winning the election. i invited him to come to the white house tomorrow and to talk about making sure there is a
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successful transition between our presidencies. >> not my president! not my president! >> many of those who voted against trump are still struggling to come to terms with his win. >> donald trump said that all mexicans or hispanics are criminals and i disagree because i'm mexican and i'm not a criminal. >> it's scary to think they could completely undo any progress in the past four, eight years. it's just terrifying. >> the president-elect called on people to come together in his victory speech, but he will inherent a country deeply divided after the fierce campaign. president shinzo abe called him and they plan to meet in new
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york next year. asia pacific region is the center of economic growth and it is essential for sustaining regional stability. trump wants to fortify the partnership between the two countries and says he looks forward to working with abe. during the election campaign trump said if japan does not shoe, the southern japanese prefecture hosts more than 70% of military. >> translator: i hope the u.s. bases here will be reduced. but i wonder what will happen. >> he is insisting that japan pay more money because the u.s. is defending japan. i wonder if he really means it. >> translator: if the u.s. troops withdraw from owinawa we will lose many customers that
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support businesses here. would hurt our economy. >> translator: i gathered from mr. trump's various remarks he has new ideas of govererning th country. i will watch as he actually handles the issue of u.s. bases in japan. >> the governor plans to visit the u.s. by march. he wants to convey his opposition by his plans to relocate the air field within his prefecture. he wants the base out. people in the atomic bomb cities are closely watching trump's nuclear policy. he once said he won't rule out using tactical nuclear weapons and also suggested that japan and south korea might be better off with nuclear weapons to defend themselves against north korea. a representative of atomic bombings survivor association says it must be viewed from a global perspective.
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>> translator: i hope the u.s. president will approach the matter from a humanitarian standpoint. >> the head of a research center at nagasaki university is wary about trump, saying his nuclear policy is hard to figure out. >> we'll send messages from the atomic bombed cities to trump so he can fully understand the terror of nuclear weapons. >> he said trump should visit hiroshima and nagasaki as soon as possible. he's an expert on japan/u.s. relations. >> thank you for coming in to our show. >> thank you for having me. >> first up, broadly speaking, seeing the trump administration would shape its foreign policy.
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>> i think the trump foreign policy would be very pragmatic and cost efficient and very american centered. i think president-elect trump has said that he wants to make america great, again. one of his long held view is that many other countries are taking advantage of the united states and america is a crippled country that needs to be made stronger. one of the ways to make it stronger is to have our allies take better care of themselves and the u.s. to bear less of the burden. i expect those who want allies to pay more for the defense that the united states is providing them. he's been saying this since at least 1987. >> president obama is started the pivot nuclear agency reassignment. what is going to happen to this pivot in the trump presidency. >> i don't expect they're going to have any particular focus on
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asia. i don't think that mr. trump, himself, has had much experience or much knowledge about asia. i don't think the people around him have a particular strong focus or interest in asia. i don't expect that there is going to be any special attention given to asia. >> but it's a region of economic growth, right? >> yes, of course. so, i think that as a businessman he would expect that american businesses will try to take advantage of the opportunities. investment and trade and so forth in the region. i think he would be very interested in making sure that american companies benefit, but i don't anticipate that he's going to focus american government in that regard because i think he's basically a businessman that believes companies could take care of themselves and be profitable and be successful and especially spending government money, taxpayers' money on what he believes to be unproductive things is a waste. so, i think he wants to focus
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american government resources more domestically. he talks about creating jobs. >> as i just reported, prime minister abe is going to fly to new york to meet with him next week. why do you think abe is going there so quickly? >> i think two reasons. the first he did meet with secretary clinton in new york when prime minister abe went for the united nations general assembly meeting in the beginning of september. since he met with president clinton, he certainly needs to president-elect trump. he wants assurance with cttp. i think those are the two major issues. tpp and security that the prime minister will want to get some confirmation from president-elect trump because there will be continuities from the previous administration. >> talking about tpp, japan is in favor of it and trump basically wants to s scratch iti mean dump it. what is going to happen?
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>> well, mr. trump has said during the campaign that he thought that the tpp was a terrible agreement, just like nafta was a disastrous agreement and these both resulted in detriment to the united states. in some speeches mr. trump has said that he would like to scrap it altogether and get rid of tpp. in other speeceches he said he wants to totally renegotiatate e tpp. so, mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader said just within the last day that he will not bring up tpp for ratitificationn the lame duck session of the congress. so, that means it will not be ratified in the lame duck session during this administration. so t will be in the hands of the new administration, the trump administration beside what to do. so, he will either decide to scrap it altogether or to renegotiate it. >> trump mentioned that japan may have to pay for its fair share of defense costs and he also said japan and south korea
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may or should have nuclear weapons to defend themself. do you think the scenario is really likely? >> from 1987 on, he has been very consistent in saying that japan is a free writer on defense. allies, including japan, pay their fr share.e. so, i expepect thatt he will wa japan to play pay a bigger burden and either pay more assume a greater burden in terms of defense. that's one thing. i think he has said that north korea has nuclear weapons shouldn't we feel more comfortable with south korea and japan having nuclear weapons. he seems to be open to that possibility. >> that was glenn senior fellow at the center for american progress. and on financial markets we
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saw a big rebound from the plunge that followed the u.s. election outcome. we go to jean for the outcome on that and uth business news. >> investors have had some time to let it sito sink in. posted the biggest one-day gain for 2016. the details from the tokyo stock exchange. >> another dramatic day but this time things went the other way. investors are turning their focus to trump's platform including his plan for infrastructure spending and tax sxuts a cuts and deregulation. nikkei closing at 17,344 and the broader topix rose 1,376. the biggest point gain for the
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year for the nikkei. even more impressive, it came one day after the worse sell-off since the june brexit vote. the dollar has swung back to its highest level since july saying at the 105 level during tokyo trading. the best performers were insurance companies such as t&d holdings and dai-ichi holdings. got a boost from expectations that trump will ease regulations. mitsubishi ufj soared 11.2%. involatility in the near term as investors look to trump cabinet pick and last, but not least, trade. those details can sway markets. giang nguyen reporting from the stock exchange. kospi climbed 2.3% and the
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shanghai gained 1.4% to finish at the highest level in ten months and sydney's index advancing by 3.34%. 5328 the closing number there. commodity prices rose on expectations that trump's presidency will boost demand for metal. shares of the philippines gaining by 0.9, 7,181 is the closing bank. many economists expected. japan's lower house of the diet passed bills. a majority voted on thursday to approve the measures on the free trade agreement. the governing coaoalition and t opopposition innovation party ao gave support, but the opposition democratic party, liberal party and social democratic party boycotted the vote altogether. the japanese communist party
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voted against the proposed legislation. the tpp calls for japan to scrap tariffs in phases on 95% of its imports such assing a ingassi l ruturaltural product and settlement of investment disputes. a related bill calls for the government pig and farm cattle after the tpp goes into effect. the bills have been steent the upper house for final approval. the coalition wants to pass them into law before the current diet session ends on november 30th. the opzgz parties are demanding in-depth discussions and aim to have the proposed legislation scrapped. the minutes from the bank of japan latest policy meeting show that some members were skeptical about a new time frame for ac v achieving its inflation target. a two-day meeting that ended on november 1st.
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policymakers pushed bacack the forecast day for r reaching the bank's inflation target of 2% from dururing fiscal 17 too aroundnd fiscal 2018. the new time frame mayay come afafter the end of the boj governor's term. the report shows some officials said momentum towards achieving the new target was being maintained, but one said the 2% target will not be hit citing a cautious attitude among individuals and businesses. another said the goal probably won't be reached even beyond the projection period consumer price index for september was down for the seventh straight month. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. super low interest rates are changing japanese people's banking habits. they're takingore of their savings out of time and putting the cash in ordinary saving accounts. saving accounts allow people to get cash whenever they want.
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the amount of money in these deposits grew almost 9% in october. it totaled about $5.5 trillion, a record high. the doj negative interest rate policy is pushing down rates on time deposits. japanese companies are spending less on updating their equipment and facililities. officials at the cabinet office said machinery orders in september were worth $8 billion and down 3.3%. that's the second consecutive month of decline. orders for industrial workers and ship engines fell in the manufacturing sector. devices for computer systems and networks were done among nonmanufacturers. down ograded their assessment from picking up to standing still. the department store in central tokyo has unveiled a traditional japanese garden. workers created it indoorors duriring an especially bususy n. >> the attraction to promote
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japanese culture ahead of the olymymc games in 2020. 21 gardners started work aer the store c closed the d day be. the site featured 13 variety of trees, 70 stones and moss. the gardeners filled a pond with water during the final stage of preparation and then the store opened its doors. shoppers were surprised when they first spotted it, but then they started taking photos and appreciating the view. the garden will be on show through next tuesday. japanese consumers are shying away from mass produced clothes. instead growing demand for items made in small lots oknown by little known labels. >> reporter: a fashion trade show. japan's largest gathering and a window on the change is taking place.
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this year 100 young fashion designers are here to exhibit their products. that's twice as many as last year, all because of the rise of small brands. the boutique labels have found a way to compete with major fashion houses. taisuke kohji is one of the newcomers. he is hoping his designs will catch the eye of boutiques and department stores. >> translator: this suit is made of stretchy materials used in jerseys which h are really soft and comfortable to wear. for the first order, we can start with 30 to 50 cents. >> reporter: size matters in fashion. small designers face a major hurdle getting their clothes made. sewing factories view small labels as a financial risk. many refuse orders for small lot production. now a venture firm is offering a solution. small designers bring them their
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product idea and the company will find someone who can produce it in small lots. that's how kohji found a garmentmaker. the agency has hooked up with 150 sesewing factories across t country. desisigners can place an order online. staff at the placement company then begin a search. using their own databasese of factories, they can filter for materials, item type, gender and production volume. this factory took the order for kohji's stretch suit. it has ten employees. the owner is happy to do business through the middleman. the small lot orders keep her machines r running in slow periods, and the agency guarantees payment. >> translator: once we registered, they immediately passed orders to us. we are grateful to them for
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caring about us. >> reporter: staff from the agency travel the country to research production sites and keep their database updated. they want to know what the makers can and cannot do and what time of year they are free to produce small lots. one thing the scouts look at is the age of the workers. it might be a clue to the factory's longevity. >> translator: what's yourur hiring policy for sewers? >> translator: we recruit all ages. the youngest worker is in her early 20s. the oldest is 62. >> reporter: this matchmaker is also looking for diversity in skills. it's helped to fill orders for everything from fashion show costumes to restaurant chain uniforms. >> translator: the level of
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skill at some japanese factories is quite high.ororororororororo brands. >> reporter: japan's apparel industry has undergone some painful adjustment in recent decades. small lot production may offer a new stage of growth. yuko fukushima, nhk world. >> and you can catch our report again online together with a full transcript. thanks for joining us on business. i'll leave you with the markets.
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workers in western japan say they will have a huge sinkhole fixed by monday. a section in the main thoroughfare collapsed earlier this week. 30 meter pit opened in a busy commercial area of the city. officials say the earth crumbled due to work on a subway line. the water supply remains cut off in s some areas. officials say they're w workingo temporarily repair water pipes, electrical lines and other infrastructure. they plan to finish by sunday. >> translator: after fixing the gas, water and sewage pipes, we'll fill the hole so the ground is level and then we'll pave the road and reopen it.t. >> they plan to forfy the
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foundatitions of nearby buildin by piling up large sandbags at their bases. overcast skies is the forecast for us here in tokyo. jonathan oh from the weather desk joins us for this hour's update starting from northern japan. >> looks like we will be getting warmer as we head towards saturday and sunday and another day where we may be dealing with a bit of snowfall. take a look at this satellite perspective. you may notice the way that these clouds are appearing, if i give you the visible viewpoint of this, look very closely. notice how these clouds are a bit spotted and how they are located. notice the streak kind of view on this. that's an indicator of these clouds that are producing the sea-effect snow. because the water is warm but the cold air aloft running over these waters are helping to produce this and bring a decent
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amount of snowfall. notice the curvature of this cloud area. this is an area of low pressure that's really dragging the chilly air. if you look at this video, it was a nice sight to see but looks a bit chilly as well up toward the north where heavy snow and blustery winds battered northern japan wednesday. wind gusts up to 113 kilometers per hour and nearly 40 centimeters of fresh snow have been reported in parts of hokkaido. the current snow depth in western portions of hokkaido are two to three times higher than the average year. we also saw chilly weather on the western side of japan into it's not just the northern portions of japan seeing chilly conditions, we're seeing in other areas of country seeing temperatures below average thih time of year. some areas in hokkaido seeeeing the depth of around 77 centimeters. that's very impressive. so if you're a big skiing person, yoyou may be saying, who lolots of snowfall there.
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now, we do have a low pressure system coming alongside the pacific side of japan. as that takes place it's going to actually drive in some warmer air. that's going to change things over from more of a snowy story to a rainy story. sapporo going into the rain mix by saturday. temperatures jump up to 10 for the weekend, 8 on sunday. tokyo looking for rain on friday as that system moves through the area. then we go to nearly 20 degrees by saturday and sunday. a big warmup is in store as we go into the weekend, possibly even into the first part of the next work week. as we look at the forecast for north america, most of the united states staying relatively dry. and high pressure is driving in southerly winds into southern california. that's actually elevating temperatures into much warmer than normal conditions. we're talking about lower 30s. so definititely seeingng some v warm weather there. another low up t toward the nor is going to be moving across the eastern portions of canada. and that's going to help drive
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some more wintry weather in places, be on the lookout for that. ahead of that, warm temperatures into toronto, a high of 14. 13 new york. 16 chicago. then a big cooling trend is expected as a cold front moves through associated with that low pressure system in canada. so possibility of some snow in ottawa by friday. notice single-dimgt highs into new york as we go into saturday. as you wrap things up with a look at europe, a bit of a mess here. we've got a couple of systems rolling through the area. and a big dip in the jet stream is really opening the door for some chilly northerly winds to move into the picture. notice a little bit of trail way here. also along with that we're looking at some precipitation, some rain that's going to be scattered all throughout the continent as we go throughout the day thursday. that's extending from london into paris, as far east as vienna, then snow possibilities into moscow and kiev as we go through thursday. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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>> that wraps up this edition of nhk "newsline" visit our website and click on our contact usa a
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>> hello. welcome back to the france 24 newsroom. you're watching live from paris with me, thomas waterhouse. these are the headlines. chanting not my president thousands take to the streets in protest after republican donald trump wins the keys to the white house. roadstrations song blocked, fires lit and several people arrested. human rights activist accused iraqi troops of unlawfully
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