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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> hello. welcome back to the france 24 newsroom. you're watching live from paris with me, thomas waterhouse. these are the headlines. chanting not my president thousands take to the streets in protest after republican donald trump wins the keys to the white house. roadstrations song blocked, fires lit and several people arrested. human rights activist accused iraqi troops of unlawfully killing and torturing civilians
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in their bid to retake most from from the islamic state group. here in paris 400 migrants have some are new to sleep this thursday night as a brand-new reception center opens it doors. and after camps in calais elsewhere were closed by authorities. ♪ thomas: bonfires, burning flags and banners that read don't trump. trump.t trump -- dump anger in the streets of the u.s.
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from the streets of washington to donald trump's headquarters in new york as well as chicago, boston, philadelphia and many other cities. thousands turned out in protest. refusing to give up the fight, thousands of protesters gathered outside the trump tower in manhattan to voice their frustration at the election results. and chantingrs anti-trump slogans, many expressed worries the billionaires presidency foster racism and intolerance in an already divided country. >> i think donald trumps ability to mobilize racist thought is incredibly terrifying. insurgent to be out here today. urgent to be out here today. >> we want them to know that we're pissed. >> thousands took to the streets
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to express their anger at the elections outcome. around 1000 people were blocked by police as they attempted to gather around the trump tower in chicago. an emotional crowd also held a vigil outside the white house in washington. angry and shocked, many remain determined to make their voices heard. >> these next four years are a call to action to each and every one of us. if you have been sitting on the sidelines, it's time to mobilize. >> during his campaign, trump said he would build a wall along the mexican border and deport all illegal immigrants residing in the u.s. he also said he would temporarily ban all muslims from entering the country. a triumphant donald trump will head to the white house to talk with the current man in the job, barack obama. saidg the campaign obama the celebrity businessman was uniquely unqualified to replace
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him at the oval office. on wednesday he altered his tone by saying all americans should now, root for trump. talks will focus on the handover of power. let's bring in our international affairs editor. we saw pictures in that report of people protesting in hillary clinton's heartland. people clearly upset by trump's win and not ready to share obama's new spirit that everyone should now back donald trump. this meeting today at the white house should be a new chance to diffuse those tensions. suppose both men have tried to defuse those tensions in their respective statements yesterday. they obviously haven't succeeded yet because it's not something that just simply evaporates in the space of a day. --tainly they are learning
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laying the groundwork for some sort of reconciliation. trump and obama in their respective speeches yesterday also tried to preempt any awkwardness at this meeting today at the white house. ferocioussome very fo things about each other during the campaign. given the tone of their speeches yesterday we can expect at least a relatively civil tone at the white house. if you want awkward watch the encounter between melania trump and michelle obama. don't forget melania trump plagiarized some of michelle obama's speech when she addressed the republican national congress. this is just one date in the transition. there is still plenty of room for new bad blood to be created
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between obama and the trump transition depending on what president obama actually does with his remaining time in office. there has been a lot of comment that he may try to push through a free trade deal with the pacific region. that is something donald trump firmly opposes. if obama fully uses his power in the remaining time allotted to him that sets up tensions with the trump transition team. beens: world leaders have reacting. we heard the japanese prime minister has booked time with trumpet in new york next week. what other reaction have we had from asia? the japanese side of wasgs, prime minister abe one of the first foreign leaders to secure a meeting with the president-elect. he's going to be seeing him in new york next week. that will be very closely watched by allies and foes alike. japan is a traditional partner for the u.s.
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japan relies partly on the u.s. for its own security. these are the china, north korea. trump said some things during the campaign that were troubling for the japanese. japan not paying its share for the american security umbrella. we will have to see what comes out. will there be demands for japan to pay more for its own security? what will the future be of this transpacific partnership. that's a very important plank of program at's home. that will be a bellwether of how trump treats traditional u.s. allies. you can bet korea and china will be watching that meeting very
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closely. thomas: thank you very much. just a few months to go before he's officially inaugurated in washington. donald trump is already thinking about who he wants to have on his team when he becomes president in january. catherine clifford explains. >> while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning. [applause] we are going to work immediately for the american people. >> he will be the first u.s. president with no government or military experience and his plans for his administration are controversial to say the least. he says he wants to use his experience as a billionaire businessman to boost employment and create growth. and bring in others with background in trade and commerce rather than politics. for example, his campaign is considering the cofounder of the company lucas oil for interior secretary. ad his finance chairman,
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goldman sachs veteran as treasury secretary. mike pence could now become one of the most influential vice presidents in history, bringing the political experience trump himself lacks. he is also likely to reward those who supported him throughout his campaign with high profile. newt gingrich is a candidate for secretary of state. former republican presidential candidate ben carson is among names for how secretary. rudy giuliani is rumored to be a leading candidate for attorney general. chris christie is also a contender. sarah palin has expressed her interest in a cabinet position. officials aregn reported to be worried about finding high-profile women for his cabinet after the president-elect's past comments about women. against thefight
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islamic state group in iraq and syria may have killed 119 civilians since 2014. that's the admission of the u.s. pentagon after a month-long review of data. they were caused by 24 airstrikes in total. that death toll is far below the one that has been estimated by monitoring groups. they claim coalition bombing has killed over 1700 civilians in that same period. kurdish and iraqi forces continue their advance to retake the city of mosul from the islamic state group. hassty international accused government troops of unlawfully killing and torturing civilians in areas to the south of the jihadist stronghold. to six people suspected of having ties with the islamic state group were found dead in two suburbs, while 37 men suspected of being jihadist sympathizers had been detained
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and tortured as well. on tuesday kurdish fighters recaptured a town. that takes them one step closer to securing the eastern approach to mosul. the fighting and airstrikes have heavily damaged many buildings. our chief foreign editor has this report from the outskirts of the town. standing just on the edge of the center of the town. we have been told not to go any further. there is a lot of gunfire in the center. they are going to clear out each house one by one to make sure things are safe. we can still hear gunfire and apparently there is a sniper who is firing. there is still the fear of car bombs as well. the battle is over. at least overground. the need a surface is tunnels
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where i.s. fighters could still be hiding. >> they made tunnels under these houses. so they could escape to other parts. closethe day draws to a the kurdish fighters are in triumphant mood. theirave achieved objective and recaptured the town. it has taken them 48 hours of really hard fighting. for them that means this conflict is essentially over. they have secured what they set out to do, which is to take control of the border leading up to the edge of mosul. to it's for the iraqi army take the battle to the islamic state organization in mosul itself. thomas: robert parsons reporting. a brand-new reception center for migrants has opened its doors this thursday. the center will be home to 400 migrants.
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it's in the north of the capital. the opening comes a few weeks after the jungle camp in calais and a makeshift camp were both dismantled. >> this giant inflatable dome is paris's newest reception center. a place of transit where new arrivals will wait to be transferred to other camps. it was also set up to host up to 400 people. equipped with bedrooms, showers, bathrooms and on-site medical aim is toproject's offer a dignified alternative to life on the street. located in northern paris, the center is reserved for men. a similar one for women and children is set to open in 2017. french authorities cleared 3000 people from a makeshift camp near the stalingrad metro station last week. this followed the evacuation of another 7000 migrants from the
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calais jungle in october. most were relocated to centers across france. some more thought to have joined other illegal settlements. paris officials hope the project can help terminate an endless cycle of dismantling and rebuilding refugee camps. thomas: you're watching live from paris here on france 24. these are our top stories this hour. ,hanting not my president thousands take to the streets of the u.s. in protest after donald trump wins the keys to the white house. the demonstration saw roads blocked, fires lit and people arrested. human rights activists accuse iraqi troops of unlawfully killing and torturing civilians in their bid to retake mosul from the islamic state. we have a special report from the town freed from the jihadist grasp earlier this week.
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migrants have 400 somewhere new to sleep this thursday night as a brand-new reception center opens its doors. this after makeshift camps were dismantled by authorities. time for some business news. surprising result in the u.s. election. also for investors. how do the markets look? is reallyly continuing. right after the results came out yesterday asian markets suffered. those losses have recovered today and in some cases market gains more. almost 7%. here in europe markets also continuing to rally on top of stocks getting more than 1% yesterday. a sector doing particularly well, biotech and finance. as well as sectors anticipating construction.
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the dow index is on track to open at a record high shortly. trump's business in itself must be getting a boost from this election win. indeed. a few weeks ago residents of trump buildings saying their property value was decreasing because of the affiliation to him. nownishing as that may sound, they have changed their tune. it is not actually illegal for the president to run a business. he could move his company to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. a look at what plans are for his business. >> it's uncharted territory. a u.s. president with a vast business empire linking him to a series of financial and personal entanglements. trump's businesses including his hotels and licensing deals in the u.s. and
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overseas have benefited from tax breaks or governments subsidies. pose an ethical minefield for a commander in chief who would be overseeing the u.s. budget and the. for many, these entanglements are troubling. has investments in businesses in unfriendly countries and the businesses are often tied to those unfriendly governments. removing himself or his family from the perception of self interest will be difficult. >> even before he is inaugurated he will have to start dealing with these business conflicts. he will take the stand later this month in a class action lawsuit against him and the now defunct trump university over claims of fraud. unlike previous presidents, he has refused to place his business to interest into a blind trust managed independently. he has vowed to turn control over to his children and
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executives. attorneys say that would not put much distance between president trump and the companies. thanks to the ethics in government act of 1978 enacted , -- u.s. presidents are exempt from that role. one of the topics always on the radar of investors is oil . trump said remember he wanted to make the u.s. completely energy independent. that could put a dent in plans to cut down on production to .ush up the oil price the international energy agency said that opec production rose to a record high in october and is expected to remain elevated this month. opec members are planning to cut production when they meet on the 30th of november.
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talks ended in deadlock. let's take a look at other business stories. the drug unit of samsung group has gone public today. it is south korea's largest ipo in six years. samsung expects to supply pharmaceutical companies with medicine. biotech is one of the five businesses the south korean giant is hoping to expand in the next decade. pfizer is evaluating a potential spinoff of its consumer health division. the u.s. drugmaker will exit the consumer health is this which includes brands like chapstick and the painkiller advil. planning a public listing of its $15 billion health care business. it is a further step to focused
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on its core strength of energy technology. onto a initially hold majority of the business but has not said how much it might want to float. thomas: let's go back to the u.s. in clinton's heartland they have a new plan. >> it's got a catchy nickname. they are calling it calexit. this is in reactions to trump's victory. california voted solidly democratic. if the state of california were to secede it would be the sixth-largest economy in the world. it would be possible if an amendment were approved by two thirds of the house and senate and adopted by 38 states as well. although it's extremely unlikely, some tech types are getting on board. one has announced he would fund a legitimate campaign for california to become its own
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nation. thomas: thank you for that. now to some of the day's papers. it is all trump on the front pages of the world's press this thursday. we are breaking down the reactions to trump's victory yesterday. >> let's take a trip around the world. the wall street journal says trump's upset win sinks in. it's like the second stage of the grieving process. clinton supporters have now reached the acceptance phase. the new zealand paper has a great headline - wtf, why trump flourished. the british tabloid the sun's front page looks like a screenshot from the simpsons episode. that's a rather clairvoyant episode that predicted trump's victory. this illustration is from an
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israeli cartoonist. a very cheeky comment. clinton writing a bullpen. grab herrom shouting, by the ballot box. thomas: what about here in france? >> i would like to show you the left-leaning papers front page. it says american psycho, borrowing the title from bret easton ellis's book about a psychotic killer. in the background is a shadowy silhouette of trump. clearly in shock. you can see that in the articles this thursday. evoking a nightmare that has taken shape. headline, what changes for us for france? was shared onon facebook. you see lady liberty and the symbol of french liberty having lady libertyand
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telling her, be careful of yourself. an obvious warning ahead of french elections next year. what about other papers around the world. >> a conservative jerusalem paper raises a lot of questions about israel's relationship with the u.s.. we are seeing a lot of national newspapers interrogate themselves about what the future is between the u.s. and their country. let's look at the pro-iranian paper. on its home page it says israel is happy the little distrustful. t-shirt with on a the side curls symbolic of orthodox jews. thomas: you also have an interesting headline from a russian paper. a graveoscow times says
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new world, a play on the title of the aldous huxley novel brave new world, which is about a dystopian future. the syrian war and the international approach to that and ukraine and sanctions against russia. is an openly critical article about trump. it is very defined. ant. >> it is very defined. it says they will be members of the loyal opposition and they will stand up against efforts to deport undocumented migrants. they will oppose any ban on muslim immigrants and hold him accountable and push back when needed. a very serious warning from the
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daily beast. thomas: several americans have threatened to leave the u.s.. there is one website in particular that has been drawing a lot of u.s. visitors. after canada, new zealand seems to be the new destination for would the immigrants. the website is reporting a surge in u.s. visitors to the new zealand immigration website. received over 56,000 visits in the 24 hours following the election. that's an increase of 2000%. thomas: ouch. we will see just how many americans end up migrating to new zealand or canada. thank you for the international roundup of the press. you can rewatch this press review on our website.
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stay with us here on france 24. more world news and headlines coming up.
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