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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 10, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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♪ first, u.s. president-elect donald trump has been holding talks with president obama at the white house. trump called the media great honor while obama said the two had an excellent conversation. they have a tense relationship. trump questioned obama's citizenship. during the campaign, obama said that trump was fuunfit. trump will take office in 72 days.
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philip crowther is an washington, d.c., with more. philip: it is something none of us were expecting to see a few days ago with all the polls showing it was going to be most likely hillary clinton victory. all those people have been surprise, as has barack obama. he did not expect to have this meeting with somebody who he on the campaign trail called unfit to be president. the white house tells us today that u.s. president obama still believes exactly everything he has said on the campaign trail, meaning all of those criticisms of donald trump, including the fact that someone like donald trump should never even have access to the nuclear coats. that is one of the criticisms we heard from obama toward trump on the campaign trail. this shortou look at meeting, along meeting of 90 minutes but a short open moment to the cameras. diplomaticial to use language. these are two men who somehow
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have to get along. according to the white house, aboutmeeting was putting in place and orderly transition, meaning that president-elect trump knows more or less what he has to do and what his staff will have to do once they do take office after inauguration on the 20 of january. the body language neutral. the handshake at the end between the two. then a pat on the back from donald trump from president obama as a exited the oval office. >> george laughlin is a u.s. foreign-policy professor in the u.k. he joins us on the line. now, america and the world still very much digesting donald trump's day three and the focus is turning to what he will do next. one prospect is that he will tear up long-standing international trade agreements like nafta. we don't really know what he will do, do we? : [no audio]
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>> can you hear me? having a technical hitch. we will try to give up for you later in the program. let's talk more about the fallout from the election because trump's comments about women were widely expected to put female voters off. but exit polls suggest more american women did vote for hillary clinton in a different donald trump. but that is not the whole story. 53% of white women voted for trump, while 68% of latino women black women voted for clinton. a lot of women are asking what president trump means for them. mrs. clinton: i know we have still not shatter that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday someone will and hopefully sooner than we might
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think right now. she conceded defeat, hillary clinton reminded people that this presidential election was also about -- a battle for women. man lambasted as misogynist. women who supported her see sexism in the outcome. >> i actively campaigned to get obama elected and i realize that when is hated more than black men in this country. >> all the things that he did that was so incredibly degrading to women and he still won. it is amazing to me. >> every person who voted against hillary clinton didn't do it because she was a woman, but i think it was a factor. reporter: polls show, however, that while a majority of men voted for trump, a large proportion of women contributed to his win. meanwhile, clinton's own gender gap, the difference between the
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number of men and women who voted for her, was wider than ever. at 13 percentage points. >> i don't think the results indicate we are not ready for a female president, especially if the numbers hold up and hillary clinton does win the popular vote. but the numbers to reflect the fact that there is a large contingent of the population that is not offended by explicit misogyny. may not: clinton continue pursuing her ambitions that many of her voters hope another woman candidate will run for office in four years time. >> there has been a lot of shock and anger from clinton supporters about donald trump's victory. their have been protests in new york, chicago, philadelphia and washington, d.c. demonstrators often brandishing signs saying not my president. give you the wor d surreal. they are going to cross again.
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first shock, now anger over donald trump selection. hundreds of protesters interrupted freeway traffic in los angeles with police arresting a dozen. they weren't alone. demonstrations flared nationwide from the west coast to the east, including at trump's home in new york city. >> we reject the president-elect! reporter: thousands turned out. toat this point, he needs represent the entire america, not just the 49% that did vote for him. reporter: others railed at the two centuries old system that brought them the result. >> hillary did win the popular vote. we should count them as a whole, rather than, of course, we do not have control of, which is the elect or college. reporter: in chicago, 1800
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demonstrators expressed a fury at one of the nations most divisive presidential campaigns. >> he has been very vocal about who he is against. if you're going to divide and conquer, how are you going to unify the people again? promised trump building border walls and mass deportation and a total shutdown of muslim deportation -- muslim immigration. that pledge has disappeared from his website. >> people in eastern aleppo are running out of food. there are no more supplies for people trapped in the rebel held eastern districts. tens of thousands of civilians are trapped. they have suffered heavy bombardment by. russian forces. here's the u.n. official speaking earlier. >> the reports we have no from -- now from within east aleppo
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is that the last food rations are being distributed as we speak. tore will not be more distribute next week. any families have not had distributions, families in need of relief have not had any distributions now for several weeks already. >> our regional correspondent is in beirut. the u.n. painting a dire picture. there has been a three-week pause in bombing by the russian and regime forces. why are we seeing these food shortages now? >> the food situation has been going on for a long time no. no aid has been able to get in since july.
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that is when the humanitarian pause happened for long enough that the united nation was able to wild that - -wind that convoy down and bring food. since then, food has been rationed carefully, particular after several failed attempts over the summer to bring more food in. food supplies were not going to last very long. is saying that despite that stockpiling, the food supplies will run out within the week and they call for russia to make the break longer. at the moment there are hours of the time before fighting resumes. russia says they do not expect that the pause will get longer. they say the focus should be trying to target terrorist groups inside aleppo and extending the pauses is not productive. >> their been huge diplomatic efforts to get some kind of
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resolution. we have not been able to see any progress. >> i think that is exactly right. all the pauses in fighting we have seen this summer initially, they were negotiated between russia and the united states who agreed that pauses in fighting would occur. over time, though cease-fires have broken down if the rebels were beginning to shell government areas or bombing resumed in eastern aleppo. after those failed, then was started happening was russia and syria by themselves would say we are going to start having our own pauses, but there was no agreement from rebel areas. really a breakdown of trust occurred with the u.s. government. changesen, with the going on the united states, there has not been huge amount of focus on the administration on the situation of aleppo. it is not something that has been on the top of the international agenda. very little hope in the coming
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weeks that that is going to change. we don't expect that those people of aleppo are going to get any food relief in the coming days and weeks. >> meanwhile, across the border in iraq, the battle for mosul continues. iraqi kurdish forces have seized a nearby town, a final attempt in claiming the eastern part of the city. reporter: we are standing on the edge of the center of bashiqa. we have been told not to go any further. there is quite a lot of gunfire in the center. the peshmerga saying they are going to clear out each house one by one. we can still hear gunfire. there's a sniper firing -- [automatic gunfire] there is a fear with car bombs as well. [bgunfire]
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is overle for bashiqa over the ground but beneath the surface is a warren of tunnels where i.s. could still be hiding. >> they make these tunnels under these houses so they can go for kilometers underground and escape to other parts of bashiqa . reporter: as the day draws to a close, the kurdish peshmerga are in a triumphant mood. that's it for the peshmerga. they have achieved their objective, recapture the town of bashiqa for them, that means for this conflict is essentially over. they've secured with a set out to do wishes to take control of the border leading up to the edge of mosul. from now on, it is for the iraqi army to take the battle
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to islamic state itself. has opened in paris. the reception center can house 400 people and is designed to reduce the number of people sleeping rough on the streets of paris. it comes a few weeks after this dismantling of the so-called jungle camp in calais. paris' newhis is migrant shelter, and inflatable dome with beds for 400 people. >> 20 migrants came in this morning. the idea is to offer every newly arrived migrant safe, dignified sheltered so their situation can be dealt with appropriately. reporter: located near the gar the center is equipped with bedrooms, showers and on site medical services. it will be a place of transit where new arrivals will stay for up to 10 days before being transferred to other accommodations in france.
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the center is also reserved for men, a similar one for women and children as such open in 2017. >> as soon as people are identified as asylum-seekers by the police and provided they have nowhere else to go, they will be referred to charity groups who will send them here to this shelter. french authorities cleared around 3000 people from paris last camp in week following the evacuation of another 7000 migrants from the calais jungle in october. while most have been relocated to various centers across france, some are thought to have joined other illegal settlements. critics say the new center will attract thousands more young men from countries such as afghanistan and eritrea. >> people have been queuing at banks across india trying to exchange their 500 and 1000 rupi
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bills. they were withdrawn from circulation as part of the prime minister's crackdown on tax evasion. india's black economy makes up 1/5 of gdp. reporter: juice stretch out at banks across india. eues stretched out. their bills must be exchanged before the end of the year. after they stopped being legal tender at midnight on tuesday. banks were shot on wednesday to stock up on new notes. they arcing to get their currency swap as soon as possible. >> people are being told not to panic as the exchange can be done until the 30th of december. the banks will be open late every day so there is no need to worry. n waster: the currency ba kept secret until earlier this week when the prime minister announced the bulk of bank notes
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no longer held value as part of the government's bid to clean up a system that has relied on hard cash. about 80% of india's financial transactions are conducted to evade taxes. for millions of people, keeping cash is a necessity. as there are no bank branches nearby. >> why did the government have to do this? it is going to be problems for the common people. >> modi has done a great job with this move, but he should have planned it better. reporter: cash flow problems already mounting. locals have reported shortages of banknotes in shops across the country and economic activity is expected to slow in the short term. >> south africa's president zuma has survived a motion of no-confidence in province. he's embroiled in a corruption scandal including the most recent allegations he accepted bribes from wealthy businessman. zuma denies any wrongdoing.
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his african national congress has a huge majority in parliament and the opposition motion was defeated by 214 votes to 126. thirds zumz'a's no-confidence vote in the year. he was a rock legend but an avid art collector. more than 350 artworks belonging to the late david bowie have gone on sale at auction in london. the collection includes works by his graffitien, inspired air power is estimated to fetch $3 million. bowie who died in jan your had several pieces -- and had a keen interest in african art. time for a quick reminder of our international headlines. donald trump has been in the white house for the first time since the won the election. the u.s. president-elect met with president obama for talks
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on foreign and a policy and the best way to ensure a smooth transition of power. trump said the meeting was a great honor. tens of thousands of people in aleppo are running out of food. the rebel held part of the syrian city will face severe food shortages if new deliveries are not allowed in soon. hot mail and world -- a new center for migrants has opened in paris. to stop makeshift camps from springing up across the city. let's get an update on the business news with kate moody. checking in on the market and how they are faring in reaction to donald trump selection. kate: a roller coaster few days for the market and today was no different. an uneven trading day around the world after the shock waves of trump's unexpected victory, asian markets soared following the -- u.s. and europe. the nikkei rocketing 7%. the dow jones hit a new all-time
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high after the opening bell, trading up 270 points. you can see the nasdaq is still dragging behind. tech companies that trade there are starting to worry about what the new administration might have in store for them. the banking and financial sectors are welcoming trump's election. and that is helping to drive the other gains we have seen. major european indices turned downwards this thursday. the ftse losing 1%. the moscow stock exchange began the -- continued its gains as trump made overtures towards a partnership with russia. some of that market optimism donald trump as a pro-business leader. what has he outlined? we report on his pro-business policies. reporter: in the many speeches and interviews donald trump gave before the election, the real
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estate mogul state vague -- sta yed vague on his plans. he also believes the government will grow faster if businesses are freed from the long arm of the federal government. as president, he is likely to cut regulations across the banking, health care and energy industries. >> and trump being a businessman will actually promote pro-business legislation, cutting taxes, spending heavily on infrastructure like $1 trillion on infrastructure. 's pledge toump repair the country scrubbing infrastructure comes as a boon to construction and has talked about cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%> among his possible policy decisions, trump has hinted at making changes to the 2010 dodd frank reform act that says banks much have large -- must have large capital reserves and
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their ability to return capital for shareholders is limited. trump could see to dismantle or repeal it. the president-elect could also replace the director of the consumer financial protection bureau, richard cordray, an aggressive regulator with someone more industry friendly. record,his business however, donald trump has done little to act on his words and some positions favor small businesses over wall street. propose ae even one-time net worth tax to congress, suggesting that wealthy pay off the national debt. >> so that is what could be in store for some american businesses, but what about donald trump's own business and his brand? heike previous presidents, has yet to agree to places assets in a blind trust, managed independently. unchartedit's territory. a u.s. president with a vast business empire linking him to
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a series of financial entanglements. businesses,p's including his hotels and licensing deals in the u.s. and overseas have benefited from tax breaks or government subsidies. this good now pose an ethical minefield for a commander in chief who would be overseen the u.s. budget and foreign policy. for many, these entanglements are troubling. >> he has investments in businesses in on from the countries and the businesses are tied to those on from the government. removing himself or his family from the deception of -- the perception of self or family interest may prove difficult. reporter: even before he is inaugurated he will have to start dealing with these business complex. he is likely to take the stand class action lawsuit against him and trump university over claims of fraud and unlike previous presidents, trump has so far refused to place his business interests into a blind trust that is managed
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independently. vowed to turns control over to his children and his executives. but attorneys say that would not put much distance between a president trump and the companies he has spent a lifetime running. innks to the ethics government act enacted after watergate, members of congress fromrecuse himself government dealings that impact their financial interest. u.s. presidents are exempt from that rule. >> moving on to some of the day's other business headlines. a british man has pleaded guilty to actions that triggered the flash crash on wall street six years ago. he admitted to illegal manipulating the market from his home in london. his trays lead to a crash which led to a $1 trillion of devalued u.s. shares in 2010. sarao has agreed to pay the government $13 million he made in profit. the 37-year-old also faces jail
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time. opec oil producers have reached record levels according to the international agency -- energy agency. 14 member states pound 38 million barrels of oil of day in october. that could further increase pressure on opec to finalize a deal to scale back production in an effort to boost prices. int accord was agreed september. details will only be hammered out at meetings later this month. a war of words continues to escalate between the indian conglomerate and its ousted chairman. the holding company has accused -- of being responsible for falling income and rising costs and removed them from another position of power. he remains in charge of tata steel and tata motors. he accuse the family of interfering in his decision.
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tunisia's prime minister is in paris seeking a boost for his country's struggling economy. last week, the european union said it would invest 300 million euros in tunisia next year. prime minister said his country was ripe for growth. tunisia remains one of the most competitive countries in africa. we have the most developed pool of employment. we also have the legal framework, the business climate that is favorable for foreign direct investment. and we have been seeking our french friends, heads of business to come and invest in tunisia. at this critical moment, of economic transition, and tunisia's transformation. is one of the most recognizable and perhaps frustrating brainteasers around. the rubics cube is not that special. court has ruled that the shape of the puzzle does not merit a trademark to
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grant its permit detection against copycats. a german competitor argued that shapebik's cube's should be protected by a patent. anomehow doubt that rule has impact on the popularity of that toy. 350 million cube have been sold since it was invented in thes 1970's. kate: but i still cannot solve it. i've never figured one out. >> kate moody with the business week. do stay with us. more news and headlines after this.
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11/10/16 11/10/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> we reject the presesident-elect! amy: tens of thousands of people from oakland to boston h have taken to the streets to protest the e election of dodonald trum. we will air voices from the street and speak with the intercept's glenn greenwald on "democrats, trump, and the ongoing, dangerous refusal to learn the lesson of brexit." then as thousands gather in morocco for the u.n. climate


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