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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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hello and welcome to "live from paris." i'm and at young. president-elect donald trump says he will be scrapping the transpacific free trade deal on his first day in office. -- francois fillon is to battle it out with alain juppe.
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and in a surprise move, turkey's prime minister has withdrawn a -- that would annette: we begin in the united states, were donald trump has announced he will be scrapping the transpacific trade deal. he outlined a string of goals in his first day in office, production andy investigating abuses. our correspondent has the story. >> donald trump's first day in onice looks set to deliver key electoral promises. in a video released by his transition team, the president-elect said he would
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scrap the trans-pacific partnership, an ambitious free trade deal spanning 12 countries who make up 40% of the world's economy. mr. trump: i am going to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country. instead, we will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to american shores. >> the tpp aims to remove tariff barriers to trade between members, but trump argues it would harm american jobs but putting foreign interests first. the republican leader also wants to start -- restart energy industries, including coal and shale. this will be to satisfy blue-collar workers who backed him in the election two weeks
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ago. and his by his policies promise to keep jobs in america. trump: my agenda will be to put america first, whether it is reducing steel, building cars, or curing disease, i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here in our great homeland, america. annette: and now it is down to two. francois fillon and alain juppe will battle it out for the presidential candidate for the conservative labor party. former president nicolas sarkozy was knocked out of the contest, with francois fillon, a free-market republican, winning 44%. the two men will face off against each other in a runoff
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next sunday. >> head-to-head on french airwaves, alain juppe was on the offensive, attacking what he calls fence off the own's conservative and outdated views, particularly on the subject of adoption by same-sex couples. the traditionalist polygonal family. i, on the other hand, and more open to modern ideas. francois fillon immediately rebutted alain juppe's comments. >> he is attending to exaggerate to get back on his feet. i am not sure if he listened to or read everything. pope francis said the same thing as me. >> not to be outdone, the former prime minister blasted francois fillon's plans to overhaul the public sector. >> 500,000 civil service jobs cut in five years? that is simply impossible to do. risk teacher or nurse
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recruitment for five years. >> francois fillon extended his market friendly policies. reminding alain juppe of his 44% win. >> i am convinced we are not going to put the country back on track with hardhearted measures, with failed measures. different people agree with these plants. he and alain juppe will meet thursday for a final debate before the second round primary. annette: joining the in the studio is our french politics editor. marc perelman. what are francois fillon's chances? they are very good chances. obviously because of his stunning victory. ath 44%, he nearly got majority of the vote directly in run one. given the latest polls, which are showing that he would get 65% of the vote versus 35% to
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alain juppe. that is a major, major difference. he got those 44%, but he also got the support from the former , whodent, nicolas sarkozy is disappointed by the result. but nevertheless, garnered some 20% of the vote. clearly, the dynamic, the fillon'sis on francois side. he was not supposed to be in round two. he was not supposed to win that much. the favorite was alain juppe. alain juppe has been in damage control for all of the campaign. now he is obliged to go on the attack, which is not his nature. it is going to be very difficult unless something drastic happens during the debate on thursday or we learn something scandalous around francois fillon. he will win the primary. annette: whoever does at the end
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of the day when, it is a person who is going to be standing against marine le pen, the leader of the national front movement. marc: those are the odds right now. there are two rounds of presidential elections. there are lots of candidates, but in the run-up you only have two. just like in the primary. according to all the polls -- annette: if we can trust them. exactly right. if we can trust them, marine le pen is a shoo-in for the runoff. the most likely opponent is the conservative candidate, and the winner should be the conservative candidate because marine le pen still has the so-called glass ceiling, whereby she would not be able to get over 40%, 45% maximum of the vote. lots of eyes are on this primary because many people believe they are in fact choosing france's next president.
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so we will have to see what happens on the left. but for now, there is a left that is very unpopular. the french president is as haspular as a president been in the french republic, and also very divided. the odds are that the runoff between the conservative and the far right candidates, and the conservative candidate will win. on no one would have bet francois fillon a week ago, so we have to be very careful. this is why it is really a crucial moment not only for the conservative party but for france. perelman, an interesting six months ahead. thank you. in other news, egypt's court of appeals has overturned a sentence against mohamed morsi. revolving around accusations accusations of espionage. he is no longer facing
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execution. correspondent talked about this extraordinary backlit by the court. has twoppeals court that has overturned two sentences against mohamed morsi, accusing him of hatching a plan, sending militants to training camps, run by hezbollah. including the spiritual leader -- it is quite amazing, the turnaround, coming on the heels last week, when -- to perhaps showing a seachange here in egypt. the they are less afraid of power that mohamed morsi has and the political leaders have in the country. upheld ah, the court
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,0-year sentence against him using deadly force against protesters once he was in office. cases areese other overturned in a retrial. annette: with that in mind, does the muslim brotherhood still have any presence at all within egypt? >> certainly their presence has been massively curtailed since the 2013 military overthrows. tens of thousands of members have been jailed, including top leadership, not just mohamed morsi but his top brotherhood .eaders they have all been put in jail. -- onther leaders have the ground it is very small. in november resulted in people being rounded up. it looks like a regime that
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still -- they are feeling less threatened their group that has been decimated the last three years in egypt. annette: to turkey now, whether prime minister has overturned bills -- just before the controversial legislation went for a final vote in element, the proposed bill having being met with protests and international condemnation, as our correspondent reports. >> after several days of heated demonstrations, the government has relented, and to review a proposal that would have allowed child rapists to go three if they marry their victims in some cases. >> we are withdrawing the proposals to be reviewed by parliamentary committee, which has gained a large consensus across society. it is time that the opposition party should offer their proposals. our honorable president, recep
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tayyip erdogan, has also -- have allowedould -- where the perpetrator and victim are married, meaning -- >> it means the perpetrators and the rapists who have threatened this would pave the way for forced child marriages, local --- and a legal a legal loophole would be created for that. courts allowed -- many underage girls and men marry in religious ceremonies. the turkish government had insisted the bill was aimed at helping men mary to consenting miners avoid jail.
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15% of girls in turkey are married before 18. annette: in france, american he isoons has announced giving a city of -- the city of ulips asbouquet of two a remembrance of the victims of the terror attacks. >> two lips inspired by the statue of liberty, a colorful sculpture has yet to be built. to commemorate the victims of recent terror attacks. >> to solidarity, and to show an offering of remembrance to the victims of the terrible tragedies that have happened in france over the last two years. and at the same time, to give hope to the surviving family members. >> the project is the brainchild of the united states ambassador to france, jane hartley.
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at 10 meters high, this would be one of jeff koons' largest sculptures, at a whopping cost of 3 million euros. once completed in 2017, it would be set up. >> there is a message of peace, of openness, of optimism. we have to tell our youth, the under generation, that it is not true that the world of tomorrow will be worse than our world today. >> this is not the first time that he has displayed his sculptures outdoors. amongst them, inflatable rabbits. of what isreminder making news this hour. president-elect donald trump scrap the plans for the transpacific free trade
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agreement on his first day in office. the country's main opposition party -- in a surprise move, turkey's to has suddenly withdrawn a bill that would have pardoned men convicted of having sex with underage girls. if they married them. for on donald trump's plans his first 100 days with our business editor, stephen carroll. the key tradeng deal with asia stephen: it is really not much of a surprise. the transpacific partnership has been in doubt for some time. hillary clinton and donald trump expressed their opposition to it during the presidential campaign. it was an ambitious trade agreement by 12 countries on both sides of the pacific that took a decade to negotiate. without the united states, the it but maycommit to
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reopen a deal with china. >> it would have been the largest regional traded deal in history. the tpp was signed in february after roughly a decade of negotiations. it planned to group 40% of the world economy involving a dozen countries. it put pressure on other nations to play by u.s. rules, but it cannot proceed without being ratified by the united states. would not make sense without the united states. it is impossible to renegotiate. losing the u.s. would destabilize the basic balance of interests. >> for many countries who already have agreements with each other, the tpp was above all an opportunity to trade with the united states. the failure of the deal is seen as hurting japan's most, along with vietnam and malaysia. but pulling out could cost the u.s. political leverage. the tpp had been the cornerstone
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of barack obama's so-called pivot to asia, but with the u.s. abandoning it, asia-pacific leaders could have a trade deal of their own, toward china. beijing has already begun courting pacific leaders. >> the chinese president is getting countries which had previously signed up to tpp, which is american-led, excluding china, to look at the free -trade area they will lead. >> donald trump has called the tpp a potential disaster, saying it threatens american jobs as well as the nation's soccer team. but summit -- the nation's sovereignty. causeme warning will increased prices for consumers. stephen: the price of oil jumped by more than 4% on monday, and it is continuing to climb today. this as investors look ahead. to the meeting of the opec group of major oil producers next week.
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agreement tost limit oil supply since 2008. the cartel agreed in principle to cut in december in an effort to boost prices, but details are still to be hammered out. the gains continuing today on the oil market. brent crude, the international benchmark for oil, is up $49 a wasel back in january, it less than $28. so a very significant recovery. that has boost the stock -- that has boosted the stock market in trading today. european shares trading up, after the record highs we saw on wall street on monday. ,il companies could see gains the ftse 100 is up by 1% in trading. the stanza has canceled 876 flights because of -- lufthansa has canceled 876 flights because on tuesday.
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around 100,000 passengers will be affected. on the currency markets, the french bank societe generale is warning that the euro could go one for one with the dollar year. one euro is just over $1.06 at the moment. socgen thinks they will hit parity by march of next year over fears of france's elections , rising to $1.09 by the end of 2017. the turmoil in the currency market has been good business -- ite company, deller of produces bank notes. jump. a 20% it expects to boost its earnings. it earns 80% of revenue oversee. something good coming
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out of brexit. thank you so much for that, stephen carroll. next, the press review. to take a look at what is making headlines around the globe. for that i am joined in the studio by florence villeminot. this one story that is dominating the headlines in for leis the primary republican party. it is down now to two men, francois fillon and alain juppe. flo: round two is this sunday. let's take a look at the catholic paper. it says this final is not only going to oppose two men, it is going to oppose two political visions for the right. it is talking about the right wing, two projects. a business paper talking about the final match of two projects.
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if you are confused about the differences between these two candidates, the business paper .reaks it down in today's issue where they see to i and where they disagree. when it comes to the economy, they are pretty much on the same page. they want to cut back civil servants. what really distinguishes them is their ideas on foreign policy. alain juppe is seen as being more pro-european, where all -- where francois fillon is wanting to get closer to russia. they have big differences when it comes to the family and the ideas about society. francoise fiona is being much more conservative, traditional. he is close to hard-line catholic groups that want to scale back gay rights am aware as alain juppe is seen as more flexible when it comes to society issues. annette: papers are finally starting to pay attention to francois fillon, because he really did come up from behind. no one really saw him as being a leading candidate. flo: he certainly was a surprise
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winner in round one. it seems papers are finally paying attention to francois fillon. he is a very familiar face in french politics. he has been around for a while. a lot of papers say he has always been in the background. you can read this article. it points out that when jock sharat was -- when jacques chirac was president, francois fillon was always in the background. that begs the question, who is francois fillon? a paper says that he is the french equivalent of margaret thatcher. you can see this very clever use of photoshop, with francois fillon looking quite like margaret thatcher. you can see they are talking that francoisce fillon said time and time again. what would a president francois fillon be like? the left-wing
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paper is quite terrified by the prospect of his presidency. it would be ultraconservative and ultra free-market capitalism. annette: moving on, turkey is in the spotlight today. the prime minister there having withdrawn a very controversial men that would pardon accused of statutory rape if they married their victim. flo: this was a very controversial bill that has been called the child rape bill. it drew international condemnation, protests in turkey. you can see this article, published before it was withdrawn, calling the legislation mind-boggling. it says turkey is not only going backwards in leaps and bounds, it is starting to take a step toward the primitive. there is a similar announcement in an opposition paper, equally outraged, saying that on the one against have a fight
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ourphilia, and then government taking us back to the middle ages. annette: and the bill is said not to intend to parking rapists -- to pardon rapists, but to address marriage. a pro-government daily defends the government's position, saying in turkey the 18,l age of marriage is backing down to 16 with the consent of a judge. but according to religious laws, it is 12. the idea would be to exonerate men in prisons for religiously marrying an underage girl with her family's consent. this article says this is a practice that is quite widespread, particularly in southeastern turkey. annette: now for something completely different, american papers are completely focused on donald trump's victory. yesterday the president-elect met with representatives of various media outlets. it was a meeting that did not go
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down too well with certain people. flo: that's right. "the washington post" reports that the private meeting, in their words, that he let them have it. it was supposed to be a meeting where they were going to find out more about what his press coverage would be like, how much they let him into the white house. at them.lashed out "the washington post" describes the fact that in the meeting he reportedly told them that their campaign reporting was unfair and dishonest. he lashed out a lot at cnn and nbc. "the new york post" also has a colorful description. unfortunately, i will not be able to say this on the air, but it is quite violent. a firing squad. it was quite different from what tron's people had been saying. his spokeswoman, kellyanne conway, said afterwards that the meeting was excellent. annette: a new world order, i suspect. finally, trump's grandfather is
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in the spotlight. flo: this is the big story today. lots of articles on it. i pulled out one from "the wall street journal." this is a letter from donald trump's grandfather, begging to stay in germany. begged, friedrich trump local authorities in southern germany to revoke an expulsion order because essentially he avoided military service as a teenager. in his plea, it proves unsuccessful and he had to settle for life across the atlantic. this article is getting a tremendous amount of attention today. i think a lot of democrats would like to travel back in time to change that. annette: i can just imagine that. thank you so much for that. if you want to find out more about the stories we have just been talking about, you can go to our website. that of course being that is it for this edition. i will be back after a very short break.
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