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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 22, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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hollande. >> probing into an alleged violation of state secrets by the president himself, the paris prosecutor's office said tuesday
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it had opened a preliminary investigation into the a french daily of classified military documents. an article published in august gave detailed account of planned airstrikes against the syrian regime which were to be carried out in cooperation with the u.s. in 2013 before being called out by barack obama. the journalist who wrote the article said it was based on a top-secret document shown to hollande.ançois next investigation is based on a complaint by the opposition. on the judicial front, things are a lot more complicated. president enjoys legal immunity and it's highly unlikely he will be the target of an impeachment before the end of his mandate. >> it was the latest in a series of scandals that erupted since the publication of a book containing dozens of interviews and private conversations
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between hollande and to journalists. of book contains a string controversial statements and was widely seen as political suicide ahead of the 2017 election. laura: there has been a dramatic rise in casualties in aleppo with the u.n. describing the situation is horrendous. 141 people have been killed in just one week, including 18 children. russian bombs continued to fall on the rebel held eastern districts and there are now no functioning hospitals. >> dust, shouts, and rubble, a reality for eastern aleppo rebels. the bonds have been falling on civilians here almost continuously for the past weeks and what's being described by the u.n. as a rent the situation. around 280,000 people are thought to be trapped under
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siege in the east of the city. >> the world has abandoned us. >> this footage from a security camera supposedly shows the moment a children's hospital waiting room was hit by a bomb. the world health organization says there are no more functioning hospitals left in eastern aleppo. says it's beeneu working with the u.n. to get humanitarian aid into the area and the wounded out. >> what are in constant contact with the city council of eastern aleppo as well as civic administrations and other parts of syria. we are helping them provide services to the local population in the areas where this is possible. >> meanwhile government and allied forces have been pushing deep into rebel held sums, taking back territory by any means necessary. the syrian army has been making significant advances since it was given help from allied russia a year ago.
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the regime held western aleppo has also suffered attacks on civilians. these images from russian sources reportedly show a school room bombed while children were in class. laura: thousands of people from soldiers and police officers to tax inspectors and midwives have lost their jobs in turkey. it's the latest purge in the crackdown in the wake of a failed coup. more than 25,000 people have been sacked or suspended since then, accused of having links to the xo turkish leader. the government has backed down over a proposal to target men who slept with underage girls if they agreed to marry their victims. critics say the law would legitimize child marriage and would let rapists go free. natioionwideotest
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and is internationally condemned. >> after several days of heated demonstration, the government has relented, agreeing to review a proposal that would allow child rapists to go free if they marry their victims in some cases. >> we are withdrawing the proposals to be reviewed by the parliamentary committee. it gives time for the opposition parties to offset. our honorable president. >> the bill would have pardoned men who sexually assaulted girls under 18 without force, threat, or anyny other restriction on 2005-2016, and where the perpetrator and victim are married, leaving the burden of proving rape to the victim. it means the perpetrator and the rapist with threaten families after their money and forced
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them to marry off their children. this would pave the way for , a legalild marriages loophole would be created for that. the age of consent in turkey is 18, although courts allow civil marriages for those as young as 16. but many marry in religious ceremonies. the turkish government had insisted the bill was a bit helping men married to consenting miners avoid jail. the majority say of girls are married before the age of 16. i'm joined by the deputy europe director at amnesty international. thanks for being with us on "france 24." the government said this bill was proposed because it was about helping the families of the men who were jailed for sleeping with underage girls. the children in those relationships were being punished.
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it is common in turkey for older men to marry younger girls. are some situations that are very heart-wrenching, where potentially that could be solved. is soly this solution incredibly ill-conceived, it will probably lead to other crimes of abuse and since the horrible message of condoning child marriage and being able to get away with this very serious crime of sexual assault if you marry the victim. that is never a solution, and the government needs to take that seriously. there's always a concern that poorer families might be coerced into marrying off their children to the men who abuse them. >> one of the things that worried us, it included a sentence where he said we are focused on those cases where
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there was clear consent by the family of the girl. now we want to see consent by the girl herself as well. was very unclear that there would be an individual assessment in each of these cases, that in fact there was full consent. it seemed to be a blanket pardon for a large group of perpetrators. absolutely the wrong message in the wrong mechanism to deal with some of those really big social issues. the turkish government needs to be a lot more careful and has to stick to some of the gains it made on women's rights in the country. >> president erdogan has been criticized in the past for comments he made about women. he said women are not equal to men. he said that childless women live incomplete lines. do you worry that he's trying to roll back women's rights in turkey? dexia certainly said a lot of things.
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he said a should have three children, etc.. but we have to take things as they are proposed and attempted to be put into law. so far we have also seen some progress. there's been some progress in , new laws being adopted, but there's such an incredibly long way to go. suchhis proposal shows is a disconnect between the thinking of the government and where the country is heading. protests, thearge strong reaction from what is a strong women's rights movement in the country. it shows your lack of understanding that these issues are quite absolute. when it comes to sexual assault, and cannot be any exception or any excuse. laura: are you encouraged that the government-backed down? it sent back to the commission, let's see what it comes back as.
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there's still a chance at it comes back as a relatively similar proposal, so we have to wait and see if it comes back in a similar form. to leave itll have there. thanks for talking to us. nga muslims have 86ived in bangladesh after have been killed and 30,000 displaced. >> they made the perilous journey to bangladesh and face an uncertain future. fleeeds have managed to after renewed violence across the border in burma. >> the military killed my husband. house andire to our we couldn't get any help to save us. we fled our land and we have come here.
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>> we just couldn't handle their torture anymore. a group of us cross the river by boat at night and injured bangladesh. , nineoctober night burmese police officers were killed in coordinated attacacksn three border post. in response, the government launched a counterterrorism operation against what it called islamist insurgents. human rights groups accused soldiers of raping women and burning down villages. the government has repeatedly denied these claims, but they are impossible to confirm. international journalists have been banned from the region. human rights watch has published photos showing entire villages like this one burned to the ground. the burmese leader has been criticized for her lack of action. she has said her government is looking into the abuses. last year the u.n. call the people in those persecuted minority in the world.
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they have been denied citizenship by burma, who considers him to be illegal immigrants. it's believed that 150,000 have been cut off from food and a since the violence began. two qatari women were making off robbers with their jewelry. earlier this year kim kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her luxury apartment in paris. some business news for you, kate moody is with us in the studio. it shouldn't come as a , the future of the transpacific partnership had
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been in doubt for some time. both hillary clinton and donald trump had expressed their opposition to it during the campaign. it took a decade to negotiate. the united states, tpp cannot come into force, but it may be opening the door to a new deal that by china. have been the largest regional trade accord in history. the transpacific partnership, ortega ep, was signed in february after roughly a decade of negotiation. it involved a dozen countries. the deal was designed to define the region's trading standards, putting pressure on other nations to play by u.s. rules, but it cannot proceed by being ratified by the united states. would not make sense without the united states. it is impossible to renegotiate. losing the u.s. would destabilize the basic balance of interest.
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>> for many countries who already have agreements with above all, this was an opportunity to trade with the united states. the failure of the deal is seen as hurting japan most, along with vietnam and malaysia. a pulling out could cost the u.s. political leverage. it had been the cornerstone of barack obama's so-called pivot to asia. beijing has already begun courting pacific rim leaders to participate in a tray pack in the region. >> the chinese president is getting countries that had toviously signed up to tpp look at the free trade area they are proposing that they will lead. >> u.s. president-elect donald trump has called the tpp a potential disaster, saying it threatens american jobs as well as the nation's sovereignty. it could meanned
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higher costs for u.s. importers and increased prices for consumers. >> the markets have been hitting records this tuesday. averagejones industrial broke above 19,000 for the first time ever. the s&p traded above 2200 for the first time. strong data in the u.s. has helped contribute to that rally. stocks have pared back slightly now although the major indices are all in the green. the dow jones leading gains after dropping below the flatlined earlier in the session, of .3%. strong gains earlier in the session did help the european indices as well. the german airline of times a has canceled nearly 900 flights because of a strike by pilots on
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wednesday. the 24-hour walkout is over a long-running pay dispute with the character. since aprilh strike 2014. ofther strike caused dozens flight cancellations. >> we've been in negotiations since the summer. the wage negotiations started in july. we already went on strike once and thought we were on the right path. whenre a little surprised they backpedaled and said they no longer stood behind the things they had agreed at the negotiating table. so now it is back to our demands. moving on to other business headlines, taiwan's airline has been closed down. the company failed to restore confidence in its safety record after two deadly crashes within
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two years. one near an airport in 2014 and a plane that came down in a river in taipei in 2015. taiwan's third-largest airline had artie canceled all flights. g group hasr snapple bought a brand for $1.7 billion. pepsi and coca-cola have also recently invested in organic and low calorie products. consumers are increasingly looking for food and drink options perceived as healthier. gm wants time to prove devices in the models and questions are say. millions of cars airbags have been recalled that a huge financial cost to the companies involved.
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dealing of carmakers with scandals, volkswagen is proposing to put its scandal to rest by rebranding -- by rebranding itself as the world leader in electric cars. seen as is widely hoping to turn the page on dieselgate. >> the future is electric. volkswagen has unveiled an ambitious goal, dominate the world of electric cars. least one to sell at million electric vehicles per year. >> by 2025 at the latest, we want to be the global market leader in electric cars. we want to make it a central, strategic element of our brand. operations are crucial part of its reinvention strategy. the german car giant is keen to give it away from the massive
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diesel emissions scandal that rocked the brands last year. the announcement that it would focus on the green car industry comes just days after revealing another huge revamp with plans to cut 30,000 jobs. the carmaker hopes the move will save 4 billion euros a year by 2020. >> the future deal will make volkswagen more efficient, more productive, and more competitive than ever. >> but the shakeup will still leave the manufacture lagging in profitability. it needs to find aliens of euros to fund the shift toward electric cars and pay fines and settlements stemming from dieselgate, a scandal that volkswagen may never truly leave behind. we're taking a short break, stay with us. more news and headlines right
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after this. c?c?h1
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