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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 23, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> time for 60 minutes live around the world. these are the headlines. two former french prime minister's fight for votes in the final round of the conservative presidential primary. the previous favorite is trying to pick up to the a group -- trying to play catch-up to the big round one winner. u.s. president-elect donald trump seems to be backing off of his more controversial campaign positions, hinting at softening
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on climate change and leaning against the prosecution of his defeated rival, hillary clinton. we bring you the latest from just outside mose old -- outside fight to take back iraq's second-biggest city from the islamic state. britain's first budget since roxette, the government says willare -- their plan prepare the country for a new chapter. to prevental posters hiv have created a censorship storm here in france. this weekend in france, voters
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will decide which of two former prime minister's will be the conservative candidate in the residential election, next year. both of those men are trying to drum up more support, and each have massive rallies, tuesday night. the more socially moderate one went into the room -- first round as the favorite, but ended up losing by over 15%. both were remembered until recently here in france, as former prime minister's, increasingly sharpened days. throwing the first dagger, when he called his opponent's traditionalist social views outdated. the two candidates held rallies on tuesday, surrounded by supporters. he was shocked that i asked him to clarify his position on abortion. it was necessary, and i will be asking further questions.
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>> a me to show himself as modern and centrist in comparison, and attract the -- to win. me most about his speech were his comments about women, minorities and equality. >> he showed me he has incredible plans, compared to something that just is not feasible. the man leading the polls pushed back against his opponent. >> he is wrong in judging my proposals as radical or too risky. i say to him that if we are not radical today, when will we ever be? >> impressing supporters with his demeanor. >> i am convinced by his candidacy. he has some good ideas and with his manner, he will
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convince just as many people as he did in the first round. >> the pair will go head-to-head on thursday for a final tb debate ahead of sunday's vote -- final tv debate ahead of sunday's vote. >> president-elect beltran seems to be backing off some of his more controversial campaign promises. those tempe -- comments came after a meeting between trump and journalists from the new york times. tweets from the meeting tuesday night note quoted him as saying he thinks there is some link between human activity and climate change, also that he is keeping an open mind on whether or not he will withdraw from the global climate agreement. he also seemed to back off his campaign promise to prosecute his defeated rival, the clinton. -- hillary clinton. >> it was one of his campaign promises, during the hostile second presidential debate in
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october, republican trump threatened to jail his democratic rival for her privately mill know use, if he made it to the white house. >> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> it was a core theme of the campaign, and let the sections of trump fans to chant locker up at rallies -- lock her up at rallies. >> but now he has supposedly performed a u-turn and said it would be very divisive to the country if he was to prosecute her over the emails. the newspaper stated that he wanted to move beyond the issues of the campaign, but warned that he could face a backlash from staunch republicans. his backtracking has drawn praise from his allies. there is a tradition of
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american politics that after you win election, you put things behind you and that is perfectly consistent with the historical -- things things, and come up, you say a lot of things, some bad things might happen, but then you sort of put it behind you. >> the fbi launched an investigation into clinton's enough practices just two weeks before the general election, but cleared her does kay's that does could days before voters headed to the polls. days before the voters headed to the polls. >> reporting that donald trump has chosen south carolina as u.s. nikki haley ambassador to the united nations. she was an outspoken trump critic throughout much of the presidential race, and if confirmed, she would become the first female and worst nonwhite cabinet level official in the
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trump administration. next to iraq where iraqi forces are trying to take the city of mosul. that operation is well into its second month. >> heading in a vehicle of the iraqi's army -- iraqi armies -- iraqi army's ninth national and the road is not safe, and the soldiers's tension increases with every kilometer. this is the district, southeast of mosul. snipers on both sides maintain steady pressure on the other.
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it is in this area that the iraqi army seized one of the many access roads. >> that allowed us to cut the islamic state group supply line to the neighborhoods. >> to the children who have indoor the battle, the release is palpable, but the situation for the civilians remains precarious. this man says the jihadists had his cousin executed. >> is a you come back, we will not harm you, and if you do not come back, we'll torture your father. he returned, hoping they would leave him alone, but a week later, they took him. it was a hospital they gave us back his body. although liberated, the neighborhood is still far from secure, and sniper fire remains
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a danger. >> they are hiding, three of them, three of them on the other side and three in the other neighboring districts-. we areks to god, advancing, even if our progress has been slowed. >> at the current rate of advance, the iraqi army will need several months to retake the city. >> nouns used -- now to syria and the fighting that continues and aleppo. pro-government forces are pushing further into the rebel held east, or sing civilians to lead to southern neighborhoods. regime fighters are trying to recapture the entire city in what could be a potentially decisive blow to the opposition. to israel where a controversial bill to quiet the muslim call to prayer is going to go ahead with a vote, next week, after it was amended. the new version one applied to
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only overnight, between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. >> this bill aims to reduce the noise levels from mosques in cities where choose and arabs, israeli palestinians live together. it injured the parliament from two right-wing parties, it did not have major support, and that there was support from the prime minister, so to everyone's surprise, it got up to the first locked,nd then it was not being voted on at this moment. it was blocked by the ultra-orthodox party. the ultra-orthodox parties it could also apply to the sirens that are heard in their neighborhoods before the
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sabbath, every friday. we see the extraordinary situation where orthodox choose are stepping in to protect the muslims and their culture. we don't know if it will pass, there isn't a moment a suggestion of a compromise, the jewish exempt sirens, that would then be a discriminatory law and it is not clear that it would pass. there is another suggestion that would only apply to the nighttime call to prayer, but in that case, you don't need this will for any legislation on the books. it is not clear whether there was a right wing and religious -- then cut down or severed by the courts order will simply not pass at all. the political scandal in south korea has just taken another incredible turn. the president's office has
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confirmed that revelations by an opposition lawmaker that a purchased about 360 pills of viagra or its generic version. the office said those pills were bought to potentially treat altitude sick -- altitude sickness for presidential aides. as you can imagine, that report has created a frenzy on the internet. controversy surrounding the south korean president just keeps getting stranger and stranger. >> i don't know what to say. even by the standards of this scandal which includes allegations of the president is a virtual puppet of her confidant, this is pretty remarkable. the purchase of erectile dysfunction drugs, the staff --
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for the staff of the blue house, the presidential mansion. remarkable was the allegation that it was used as an altitude sick this treatment, people willing to believe any wild and crazy allegation and when the blue house staff respond, they don't do so very effectively. >> this is the latest twist in this scandal that has been growing. talk us through the latest in that scandal and in the investigation. >> her confidant is now being held by prosecutors and is being questioned and is facing trial on a number of charges, abuse of power, corruption and prosecutors have named the president herself as a criminal suspect. as this spiral more wildly than
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ever, the national pension service has been rated. these things happened today. there are allegations that the confidant had taken bribes to enable a controversial merger, earlier this year, so no one is untouched by this, i think pretty much everybody who has something with the presidency is coming out of the woodwork and the prosecutors are running in every direction. this is france 24, let's take a look at the headlines. in france, two former prime minister's vote -- fight for votes in the final round of the provincial primary. is nowvious favorite trying to catch up to the playground one winner -- catch up to the big round one winner.
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u.s. president-elect trump seems to be backing off his more controversial campaign positions, softening on climate change and leaning against the prosecution of his defeated rival, hillary clinton. we are bringing you the latest from just outside mosul where the iraqi army says they have a new foothold in the fight to take back iraq's second-biggest city. time now for business. we start in the u.k., or the finance minister is presenting his first budget update since the country voted to leave the eu. presenting a tax and spending plan, uncertainty hangs heavy over the u.k. economy. the british government says they are laying out plans for a new chapter for the u.k. economy. mr. hammond is it -- expected to announce increases in -- in the minimum wage, and also revising
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growth forecasts for the coming years and we will see more on this as we speak to the chief economist and -- preparing for brexit as britain goes to leave the eu. economic situations does he have on his plate? >> he has a complex and challenging one. the way the statement is set out is what is going to happen to the u.k. economy, and therefore within the next three or five years, the u.k. will leave the eu, and we do not know yet, which models the u.k. will follow for that exit. >> what sort of measures are you watching out for in his speech? >> we have been given a lot of
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health, personal releases from the government over the past few days. they told us there is going to be just over one billion pounds for infrastructure spending, on roads, that there will be 2 billion pounds a year by 2020 on improving the you k's broadband and also some -- improving the u.k.'s broadband. -- having voted for brexit and the government wants to give them some assistance, or to make sure they stay on board for the next few years. those the kinds of measures we are expecting. i am interested to see what happened to this growth forecast and what happened to the fiscal forecast and how much worse it is likely to be compared to where we were in march with the previous chancellor was sitting at his plan.
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>> the previous chancellor had a plan to cut the u.k. deficit, and that has been said to be abandoned. is that something we should be worried about. i think the abandonment of the deficit plan is pragmatic. even back in march with things were better in terms of the output, the former chancellor only managed to meet that deficit plan by some -- it was looking pretty tenuous and to be honest, and economic terms, that plan did not make that much sense. i think what the new chancellor is doing is very sensible and he is saying that because of all the uncertainty and the worsening outlook over the next three years, he is going to be getting that surplus out in the mid 20 20's and that is just as what is going to happen. one of the measures that has
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been talked about is the increase of minimum wage and we know that in patient is going to rise, is the idea is that that is the idea that they are going to try to balance out where people could be affected? >> i think it is part of an attempt -- it is about managing families, people who were voting for brexit that the conservatives want to keep on board. there is an issue with rising inflation over the next year or so, so increasing the minimum wage by an plug-in -- by above inflation makes sense. however, there is a headwind. george ford introduced a freeze , and that benefits four-year freeze means that any inflation in the u.k. bears down on the real value of those that of its, so a higher rate of inflation is likely what we are to see over the next year or so. that is really going to affect
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those households, so giving them an increased minimum wage, and some other benefits is going to be trying to partially compensate and i don't necessarily think -- >> chief economist at aberdeen asset management, thank you very much. that speech getting on in about 10 minutes. there is what's happening in the markets. shares of london trotting -- shares of london treading water. mining companies leading the games, the main markets in paris and frankfurt, in the red, dropping by .5%. >> in germany, another strike under way by pilots. >> 900 flights have been canceled as a result of the walkout. the strike extended until thursday evening after a frankfurt labor court ejected an application by the airline to
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block the industrial action. this is the 14th time pilots have taken matters into their own hands in their year-long dispute over pay. around the third of the airlines flights were canceled when pilots vowed to remain grounded for 48 hours, affecting some 100,000 customers. >> too many strikes at lufthansa, it is pretty annoyed zynga. -- it is pretty annoying. >> pilots need to have a certain income. i understand that, but it is the passengers who suffer. 14th is the pilots' walkout in two years, the latest in a long-running dispute over salaries and working conditions. they are demanding a 20% hourly wage increase.
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the union has rejected the airline's call to return to the negotiating table. -- werything they offer are not happy with that and we demand a negotiable offer. that is why there is this strike. >> despite record profit in 2015, lufthansa executives insist they have no idea -- no choice but to reduce costs if they want to compete with rivals. they may last-minute legal bid to prevent the strike, but it was rejected by a labor judge late on tuesday. >> the consummate funny offers, but the pilots -- consider going to arbitration, they preferred to go on strike. industrial action also disrupted lufthansa's budget airline on tuesday. chiefg to the airline executive, hc of striking will cost the company roughly 8 million euros. have rated the
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office of the samsung group and pension fund as part of the corruption investigation. the allegations coming in center on the president's chosen advisor charged with injured -- interfering with state affairs. big ray wants to know if parks office -- facebook has been developing special software to allow it to censor certain information for chinese users. they new york times reports the social network created the feature to help again access to the chinese market. the company says it is spending time learning about china and has made no decisions on whether or not to enter the country. unions for airbus say they are ready to cut 1000 jobs as part of a restructuring plan. they will announce details, next week.
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a french company has found itself in trouble over a fake press release. >> shares the construction firm fell almost 20%, yesterday after a statement apparently coming from the company claimed it was investigating accounting regularities -- irregularities. they issued a genuine statement saying the previous release was a hoax. share price recovered to finish the day, down 3% in trading on tuesday. they say they are investigating the illegal action. it was not the best written fake statement the confused millions with billions and seemed unclear about the year. much.nk you so stay tuned, i am back with just a few minutes with more headlines.
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