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tv   DW News  LINKTV  January 16, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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brent: this is dw news live from berlin. tonight, the incoming u.s. president, donald trump, taking aim at germany plus chancellor. mr. trump: i think she made one very cap traffic mistake and that was taking all of these illegals. brent: and it's not jujust angea merkelel's migration policies, e is also skeptical on the future of nato and the european union.
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we will get reaction from right here in n berlin. and coming up, a cargo plane crashes into a village in kyrgyzstan, killing at least 37 people. the turkish and 737 was trying to land in fog. helena: and reporting live from the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos with a trump presidency and brexit looming large, local economic leaders have a lot on their plates. brent: good to have you with us. in just five days, donald trump becomes the 45th u.s. president and already, he's pulling no punches when it comes to criticizing one of the u.s.'s closest allies. in his latest interview, trump says the german chancellor,
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angela merkel, was wrong to allow hundreds of thousands of refugees into germany, describing them as illegals. trump says merkel possible open-door policy was a catastrophic mistake. reporter:: a familiar view froma comfortable office, the president-elect in trump tower, new york. as the interview kicked off, he soon settled into his familiar style, taking a dig at a political opponent,t, this time jeb bush. mr. trump: jeb would stand up, he's not a true conservative. who cares? i am a conservative. reporter: witith thahat settlede german journalist asked if he stood by previous commenents tht angela merkel's previous -- angela merkel's policy was insane. mr. trump: she made one catastrophic mistake and that was taking all of these illegals from wherever they come from. reporter: he did not have such
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criticism for vladadimir putin. >> who do you trust more? esthther trump: i ststart offf trusting both, but let's see how long that lasts. it may not last long at all. >> who is the most important your -- morse -- most important leader in europe right now? mr. trump: i would say merkel by far is the most important leader. if you look at t european union, it's germany. it's basically a vehicle for germany. reporter: trump told the two journalists that he would put out tweets under his twitter name. meanwhile, a pretend donald trump enjoyed his few minutes of fame at rehearsals on sunday for next week plus -- next week's inauguration ceremony. brent: one of mr. trump lost
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target in that interview was angela merkel. she use a news conference to respond to his protection that other countries would follow written path lead and leave the european union. chancellor merkel: i think we as european have our destiny in our own hands and i would strongly argue that we ought to stand together as a 27 member state and pursue a forward-looking policy, and economically strong policy, react to the challenges of the 21st century, that is fighting terrorism, securing the external borders of the european union and sharing internal security and working for a truly digital single market and meeting those economic challenges of the future. that is what we have to concentrate on. but let me be very clear. my position on the transatlantic issues are very well-known. the president-elect has outlined his views so long as he is in
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office, which he is and at this point in time, we will cooperate with the new administration and we will see what kind of accord we can forge between us. brent: that was the german chancellor, angela merkel. let's pull in our expert in our parliamentary studios here. what we saw was typical angela merkel, a very measured response . but behind that, the german government is wondering what will come next. guest: that is correct. behind that measured response, i'm pretty sure politicians in berlin, particularly chancellor merkel, are not happy about what mr. trump has been saying because this could open a lot of questions regarding the relationship between germany and the united states. that relationship is extremely important for germany and for the united states. i don't think the chancellor was
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surprised at the comments. their comments we have heard before. his words on her refugee policy or his words on exit. he called himself mr. brexit during the campaign, so from that perspective, most of what he said in that interview was not particularly new, but it does open a lot of questions for germany behind those comments, there's one particular question for germany and that is what lies behind this comment? what actual policy might come from donald trump once he is in office? that is probably why you heard from angela merkel thing she will wait and see when he is in office before finding out what kinds of agreements you can find between germany and the united states. brent: trump also criticized nato, saying nato is ready for the geriatric ward. what does that mean for angela merkel and german security policy going to work?
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guest: it depends what type of changes will come as a result of those words by mr. trump. i would say in a short term, probably not much for angela merkel and germany plus defense policy. but it is something other administrations have said that germany should be spending more toward nato, so we will probably see increased pressure from the u.s. administration so germany can increase its pending regarding nato. brent: our political correspondent on the story for us here in berlin. thank you very much. during the u.s. election campaign last year, fake news emerged as a worrying trend on social media. with germany gearing up for a general election this year, fake news is no less of a threat here. facebook germany says it plans to introduce new measures to
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fight. if you see a post on faith -- on facebook you think is fake news, click on the upper right-hand corner and you can market at stake. if confirmed as fake, it will be flagged, causing the post to appear lower down in the newsfeed. the fact checking would be conducted by germany's first nonprofit collecting newsroom. the team leader there said our democracy must not be abused by lies and liars. we know this is not an easy task. fake news, fabricated stories and propaganda, there are a lot of stories that may have started out true but have been twisted in a way that they become fake. my guest is an editor at a magazine that deals with politics and society.
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is facebook doing enough to combat? guest: i think it is a step in the right direction and it shows facebook is feeling the pressure got from politicians and the pressure to act as a media company. they want to outsource that clearly and that is why they have brought them on board. but i think there's a good point when he said not all fake news is what you would think -- propaganda -- ii think there is big incentive on facebook for media companies to twist and warped news so they become fake even though they started out true because you as a media company get rewarded with reach if your story goes viral. you do that on tugging -- by tugging on the emotional heartstrings of people.
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brent: you see that all the time where the headline implies one thing but when you read the story, you get completely different information. do you think facebook would be taking these measures if germany were not threatening legislation that would hold facebook accountable for being a platform where fake news can be disseminated? guest: i'm not sure if germany can threaten them so much with legislation. they can put pressure on them but in the end, facebook is a globobal company, a global network. they are not bound to the legislation here. but germany is the second country, facebook germany is the second franchise to cooperate with an outlet to check fake news after the u.s. and i think facebook is afraid of losing its user base because it is just
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going to be a platform for lilis and spreading lies, the lord going to move on to a different one like twitter. secondly, they are afraid of the political pressure. it shows that it works. brent: what about this political pressure? facebook is a global company and when we are talking about fake news, we are always talking about finding the source. are these platforms like facebook at the end of the day accountable to no one in terms of legality and in terms of the law? guest: you could argue they are only accountable to their advertising network. i think facebook is in a responsibility to her movies advertisers from their network and that's a step they don't
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want to tackle and that's why they are going to start by outsourcing the responsibility to a responsible fact checker. brent: these super editors as someone has been calling them today. thank you for taking the time to talk with us. here are some of the other stories making headlines around the world -- britain hasas announced early elections inn northern ireland after the region's power-sharing g assemby collapsed. the uk's minister for northern ireland said the province will go to the polls on march 2, forming a new government may overshadow the start of brexit talks and leaving the eu may hit northern ireland hard. in mexico, at least five people have been killed and many wounded in a shooting attack at a nightclub. officials say a lone gunman entered the club in the beach
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resort of playa carmen and exchanged fire with other person inside. authorities say it was not a terror attack. tonight in kyrgyzstan, at least 37 people are dead following the crash of a turkish cargo plane into a village near the capital. most of those killed were residents of the village on the ground. the boeing 747 was trying to land at the e airport in thick fog. reporter: it was shortly after 7:30 in the morning when the plane came down near the capital. the turkish cargo carrier was attempting to land in thick fog when it crashed, allowing into a residential area. smoking building, rubble, and wreckage littered the site. still reeling from the shock, the traumatized and injured are
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brought to safety. when the plane came down, many were still at home. officials say dozens of people have been killed. among them, at least six children. but some residents were lucky. >> my sister lives next to the house for the plane crash. she and her husband were not in the house at the time of the crash, thing god. reporter: the jumbo jet on route from hong kong to instant goal to make a stopover here the capital. ict airlines, a turkish cargo carrier said in a statement that the plane was one of theirs. it is too early to say what caused the crash, but authorities have suggested it could have been pilot error. brent: you are watching dw news. still to come, the world economic elite getting ready to meet in switzerland, but can they steer the world economy
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through the turbulence caused by brexit and donald trump off election? we will ask our correspondent. more news coming up. we have the business news as well. we're back in 60 seconds. >> when i organize a party, it's a real hearty b because there'so rubbbbish hananging about. everyoyone writes their own name on their own cup andnd we party. ththe great thing is, you u alry know her name.
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>> is all happening -- original aa afrfra league -- your link to african news in the world, your link to exceptional stories and discussions. >> for new -- for more news, visit our website. next join us on facebook at dw africa. brent: welcome back. you are with dw news live from berlin. our top story, the german chancellor, angela merkel, has given a cool response to criticism over policies from donald trump. she says the european union has its future in its ownn hands after trump said her stance on immigration would be catastrophic. on the domestic front, remarks
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from the election campaign are causing anxiety, especially in the african-american community. mr. trump last campaign with heavy on rhetoric people feel reinforced racist stereotypes. our washington correspondent filed this report. >> the metropolitan african episcopal church is one of the oldest african-american christian communities in washington to see -- washington, d.c.. no one here voted for donald trump. now as he is about to take office, many are worried about the future. >> some of us have been concerned by some of the rhetoric we have heard that we find to be anti-immigrant, to be racist, and we are hoping once he becomes president, he recognizes his responsibility to be president of all americans, not just those who m may have voted for him. >> donald trump does not have
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the best legacy of dealing with civil rights issues, nor do the people he has appointed in his cabinet. jeff sessions, reince priebus, steve shannon, these people have bad things in the records. reporter: the subject of today's sermon is martin luther king junior and the civil rights movement. the pastor reminds the congregation that even dr. king sometimes despaired and was tempted to give up the struggle. pastor tells the gathering to prepare for hard times. >> we do not know what america will look like with donald trurp as president. now we have a clue. we have a clue because he says he's for everybody and surrounded by him are billionaires and folk who have built the system and destroyed the houses of the poor. reporter: but that is no reason to give up.
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he reminds the faithful to trust in god. >> we have seen this type of this product leadership before. we've seen this kind of leadership before, this leadership that is defensive. when that happens, people of goodwill have to unite and fight. reporter: now is the time for the church to support all those who stand up for their rights and principles -- rights and principles that may have been taken for granted before but could be in jeopardy now. brent: now business with hobby air -- some encouraging perspectives for the global economy tonight. heavier -- >> the economic out look for global growth says things will pick up into a 1717. the u.s. and eururope would be e main drivers for growth. the imf predicts global growth
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to be 3.4% this year and 3.6% in 2018. some countries will perform better than others. the forecast for up -- the forecast for china was upgraded. at the same time, it downgraded india's outlook as consusumption in t the country slows due to te recent drive to reduce cash. the world economic forum is about to kick off in davos. this was town is hosting 3000 guests. it might also have more topics and ever before with a seemingly endless list of things from exit to populism -- from brexit to populism. reporter: the world economic forum is just kicking off but the chinese representatives have cause for celebration.
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there delegation has never been this big and a chinese president has never paid a visit to the forum, but that is set to change on tuesday. china is working to solidify its role as a great power and its embrace of free trade and globalization. but the latest signals coming ouout of the united states are worrying many of the executives meeting here. donald trump's promise of new tariffs are not the only threat looming on the horizon. >> ceos have that confidence because it is all about execution. while these new emerging themes are more strategic and proper weight medium and long term in nature, over the short term, the confidence is there. reporter: a surprising view given the globe -- the growing list of problems here.
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the world economic forum has taken contains two protect itself from external attacks, but you don't need to be a psychic to see the internal problems are there as foundation of the world economy starts to be questioned. reporter: we will have comprehensive coverage throughout the week. helena humphrey is joining us now. the world is a very different place than it was one year ago when the leaders met for the last conference. how is the sentiment on the ease -- on the eve of the conference? helena: what a difference 12 months makes. if you would've asked leaders a year ago if trump would be taking the white house, they would say unlikely and brexit would be unlikely.
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singer songwriter shakira was awarded and forest whitaker, the activist was awarded for his efforts on peace holding, but as for the atmosphere, there is a lot of uncertainty right now and as if right on cue, donald trump has threatened more tariffs. the u.k. prime minister is expected to outline a hard brexit, leaving the eu costs single market. one of the sessions here is pairing for a post-eu era. free trade is no longer guaranteed and leaders are starting to come to terms with that. reporter: the usual big players are not defending free trade as we know it, who is? helena: that's a good question and the unexpected answer is the leader of the chinese communist
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party. he will be delivering the opening address here at the annual meeting and is expected to make the case for globalization for free trade and efforts stepping up in terms of climate change. he's coming with a massive delegation and it's quite a turnaround from a year ago. the chinese government just sent to rather lowly representatives and now the tables are turned. they should prepare for two economic leaders and china is certainly clear to step up to the plate. the chinese have expressed great concern about growing inequality seen as a major risk here. reporter: thank you very much for that report.
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that's it from the business desk. back to you. brent: thank you very much. china is fast shaping up to become the world's biggest film market, a fact that has not been lost on hollywood. a new film marks a new landmark in cooperation between u.s. and chinese producers. it could hint at the future of busters. reporter: the great wall is the most expensive film ever made in china. set in the 15th century, it is about supernatural monsters attacking the great wall of chchina. it stars hollywood heavyweight matt eyman as a foreign mercenary. he attended the premiere in december and did his bit for the lavish marketing campaign.
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hollywood has been key to court the film market which is shaping up to be the world's largest. but for matt damon, the attraction wasas worki with one of china's leading directors. >> if people are not familiar with johnny, they are in for a treat because he's at a level few directors averaged. you cannot shoot this stuff any cooler than he does. we are all here for him. it's a great thing to be part of his vision. reporter: china also stands to gain from partnering with hollywood. the great wall will be seen as a test as to whether investors made in china can become a hit in the west. if they can, a new era could be dawning for the global film industry. brent: here's is a quick reminder of the top story we're following -- angela has given a cool response to criticism of
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her policies from donald trump. she says the european union had its future in its own hanands. it came after trtrump said her immigration policies be a catastrophic mistake for the eu. world economic forum in switzerland, survey says business leaders are optimistic about 2017. at least 37 people have been killed by a turkish airlines cargo plane that crashed near kyrgyzstan's main airport. after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day.
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a gripping our top stories this hour. we europeans have our faith in our hands, a response by chancellor angela merkel. in france, the hard left candidate following a second live television debate. and oxfam's grotesque that the eight worlds richest people have as much wealth as the poorest half of the world. critical point in the fact that co


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